Adult (Stallion)

Prince Solzar

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The Prince of another land, but from his appearance and humility, it'd be hard to peg him for royalty at first sight. A fairly tall stallion, his greyscale coloration allows him to blend in and draw less attention, but his radiant eyes and long mane work against this, as both are the first things to draw the attention of other ponies.


Cobalt Cloud


Before you stands an adult unicorn with deep golden eyes. His mane and tail are both dark gold feathered into a lighter shade and tipped in sky blue. His fur is teal in color up to his spiraled horn and over pointed ears and muzzle. Being a dentist his teeth are nice a white and his cutie mark is a group of clouds with a black circle over them with a clouded tooth in the middle. When working he wears a light blue scrub top.

Shadow Mane


A unicorn stallion stands before you, he is a fairly dark shade of grey. His mane and tail are flat black, and //at times// in a slight state of a mess, sometimes with a few knots and tangles in it. Normally he wears a number of rustic outfits that are fairly practical with lots of pockets, often with saddle bags. His outfits often cover not only his chest and withers, but at times his flank and hindquarters. Covering his cutie mark, should it be seen, it would be a shield with a sword behind it pointing down with the blade buried with the shield resting against the sword.


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Special Talents: Making snow cones
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average unicorn pony with blue coat and lighter blue mane. Chipped horn and ragged ear.
Occupation: Confectionare
Hails from: Unknown
Current Location: Ponyville
Personality: Patient, Quiet, Calm
-Good traits: Cool under pressure, Likes to help others in need.
-Bad traits: Does not like people touching his back. Sometimes mentally checks out. Can't always tell when something is better of not said.

Moon Mender

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Moon Mender is a simple earth pony, or as it would seem. He has simple colors all around him and such. His skin color is a light grey, almost white. His mane and hair have a bit of a darker grey than his skin, and a bit of dark blue in them as well. If you were to know him a bit more you would notice that he is fairly nice, a very big gentle-colt indeed. Though if you knew him even more you would seem to find that he could have the head bandage or such here and there. It is because this pony probably has the worse of luck in all of Equestria, though he seem to live threw it.

Meteor Galaxy


Here stands the stunning athletic toned pegasus known as Meteor Galaxy. His color is that of a deep, rich navy blue that completely covers his form. His mane is a dark purple, with edges highlighted in a lighter navy color, with a long tail mixed with streaks of blue and purple. Being into aerodynamics he is a flight engineer, his cutie mark is a light blue meteor with a orange tail of fire that arcs as it grows smaller at the end. Overall his appearance shows him a stallion of mystery, his glittering violet eyes gaze upon all with perhaps just a touch of cockiness embedded within.



Weyland is a brown pegasus pony standing on par with most earth stallions. His wind-swept mane is a rich auburn flecked with a few minor streaks of gray, indicating he might be older than he looks. On the top of his forehead are a pair of glossy flying goggles with scratched off lettering on the side. His deep indigo eyes contrast to his goggles rather intensely, giving his eyes a more piercing look. The rest of his figure seems indicative of a flyer; athletic build with a lean frame.

Solar Solstice


Solar Solstice is a young Earth Pony of very light gray with a brown mane and bright, hazel eyes that seem distant, even expectant. As is common for his race he is well-built and strong, suited to heavy work, but the bag of delicate tools that hangs by his flanks and the goggles lying around his neck seem to suggest that he has far more esoteric interests than field work. One hint of his odd talents is his cutie mark, an arc of white that ascends to a half-sun, presumably at its zenith.


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