Namesort descending Image Description Updated
Arum Male other

Arum is a bold male peacock. His plumage is comprised of deep purples, mulberry, and violet. His long tail feathers are dark, the 'eye' spots on them brightening to almost a vivid pink in some places. The comb on his head is tall, regal.

4 years 5 months
Blanket Male Earth Pony

Name: Blank It : Known and Introduced as Blanket
Occupation: None
Talents: None

4 years 4 months
Bluefeather Female Pegasus

You look apon Blue Feather, she is a small pegasus foal, her fur a cool sky blue, as are mot of the feathers on her wings.

5 years 2 months
Bubble Gum Female Earth Pony

Bubble Gum is our happy little Favicon for the site! She's not really a character on the muck, but I think she makes a much cuter icon than that the old default one.

5 years 7 months
Cassandra Female Griffon

Cassandra is a gryphon in that awkward state between young and adult, not quite belonging in either world and without much help guiding her through the transition. She tends to drift around with others in the same situation, being delinquent.

1 year 10 months
Chance Male Unicorn

A black and white colorless unicorn that almost always carries an old saddlebag with him. He has a pair of dice for a cutie mark, and his talent makes him ridiculously lucky.. excessively so.

5 years 7 months
Citrine Female Crystal Pony

Before you is a crystal pony of course, she has a very light yellow almost white coat of the crystal hue that the crystal ponies are known for. Her mane and tail are neatly groomed in the traditional style and are a crystalline blue with a pink stripe running through them.

4 years 7 months
Cobalt Cloud Male Unicorn

Before you stands an adult unicorn with deep golden eyes. His mane and tail are both dark gold feathered into a lighter shade and tipped in sky blue. His fur is teal in color up to his spiraled horn and over pointed ears and muzzle.

4 years 5 months
Derpy Female Pegasus

Derpy is a derp! Maybe is derpdrop. Hopefully beauty! Is mailingpony of Ponyville. Gray coat, yellow mane. Bubblemark be-hind: POP Pop pop!

5 years 7 months
Diamond Dancer Female Crystal Pony

The Miracle Mare from Manehatten! The Fantastic Filly! The Impossible Pony! Yes, that's right, it's Diamond Dancer, the one and only! Worlds Record holder for highest flying pegasus, the little crystal pony stands before you with a bright silver coat, and crystal blue eyes.

4 years 2 months


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