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Name: Blank It : Known and Introduced as Blanket
Occupation: None
Talents: None

His name is Blank It, however when he introduces himself. He goes by 'Blanket'.
He is always seen wearing a blanket while out and about. No pony has ever seen him without it... and for good reason.
Blanket covers himself because of an embarrassing secret which lies underneath. He is a ^Blank Flank^, and as an adult pony he still has yet to discover who he is and the special talent he most excels at that which would make him unique setting himself apart from all the other ponies around. Due to his little secret, he hides his humiliation under a blanket.

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Blanket {aka: Blank It}

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Cutie mark

Perhaps his parents shouldn't have named him Blank It, resulting in him being a blank flank. :-) Or maybe he /does/ have a cutie mark, but it's just a blank the same color as his coat. And if he does, then what does it mean and what is his talent for it? :-)