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You look apon Blue Feather, she is a small pegasus foal, her fur a cool sky blue, as are mot of the feathers on her wings. Her mane is blue as well, yet darker, tasting more of the colour of the night sky, dark purples and blues, even a few strands of red mixed in, a windswpt embodiment of the evening sky. There are streaks of black though her mane as well, sometimes blending with the darker blues as to be unnoticable, at other times, sharp and clear, yet at the same time, there are small streaks in her mane that shade allmost to white, at times, the light and dark streaks might look as if thay are at war with each other. Some say that the eyes are the window to the soul, if so, her eyes are a cold looking blue, with a rather large shadow of darkness lurking withen, a taste of pain and loss, yet still, the coldness of her eyes hide the faint hope she still holds withen. She looks very young, maybe about 2-3 years old, its hard to tell for sure, after all, she could just be small.


A foal that has been through a lot in her short number of years. She is also older than she looks, having been youthened by oneof the princesses.

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  • Friend

Dusk was one of the ponys that helped Bluefeather recover after she fell from Cloudsdale.