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A black and white colorless unicorn that almost always carries an old saddlebag with him. He has a pair of dice for a cutie mark, and his talent makes him ridiculously lucky.. excessively so.


He was born 263 years ago. He got his cutie mark when he was a colt when a tree fell on him, and didn't hurt him in any way. He's traveled through many lands since then, and has a deep history with many ponies and cities, having seen many still young.

There's only three permanent things he carries with him. His saddlebag, an unusually tall book he uses as a picture-journal, and a rather old-style harmonica that he's modified for his own use, and he keeps that musical instrument in careful near-mint condition.

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Cutie Mark

His cutie mark is of 2 overlapping die. The pips on the die are small figures of atoms, due to his talent manipulating a myriad of tiny details around him to make him lucky.

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