Before you is a crystal pony of course, she has a very light yellow almost white coat of the crystal hue that the crystal ponies are known for. Her mane and tail are neatly groomed in the traditional style and are a crystalline blue with a pink stripe running through them. Her eyes are almond in shape and are a medium blue, almost a blue-green with pink eye shadow on her eyelids. Her cutie mark is of a pink and blue weave comb crossed at the handles and she wears a white dress collar buttoned around her neck.


Citrine shared the same fate that all the Crystal Ponies had when the Crystal Empire disappeared after King Sombra's Rule, 1000 years lost due to his curse. But now that the Crystal Empire is back and safe once again, She has resumed her work as if nothing had happened. She is one of the Crystal Ponies that run and operate the Crystal Spa. After disappearing for 1000 years Citrine has decided to go and see the nearby cities and towns of Equestria, she is quite curious as to what had changed in that long absence and is anxious to see it all.

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Shocked Citrine

Citrine reacts to something, It must be horrifying.

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