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The Miracle Mare from Manehatten! The Fantastic Filly! The Impossible Pony! Yes, that's right, it's Diamond Dancer, the one and only! Worlds Record holder for highest flying pegasus, the little crystal pony stands before you with a bright silver coat, and crystal blue eyes. Her mane is styled back into spikey tufts of silvery blue, and her muzzle gleams with a bright white smile. Aside from the (faintly) glowing pendant around her neck (A shooting star) Her body is none to remarkable- aside from the blotches and splotches of dark ebony that are splashed over her muzzle, ears, arms, legs, neck and wings, and a single 'droplet' under her eye. With a shooting star across her flanks, this little filly is eagerly awaiting autographs and pictures- what you haven't heard of her?


So, here's the basic scoop on Diamond Dancer.

Diamond is a ten year old filly born and raised in Manehatten. She's a 'nudge' which is a slang term, (derogatory) for any pegasus that's an orphan. Usually a baby pegasus that was 'accidently' nudged off a cloud to a supposed death. The parents fly away, no one is the wiser, and they don't have to deal with the 'unexpected' bundle of joy a wild night of passion might have.

Diamond was found in a field as a baby on the outskirts of the city, without a scratch on her and was taken to the orphanage. As she ages, she discovers her body is an oddity of nature. Her skin is incredibly durable, and she heals from wounds at a highly accelerated rate. When she was 10, she ran away, in hopes to find her real parents. Instead she ran into another orphan by the name of Star Strider. Star Strider taught Diamond Dancer how to steal and how to survive on the city streets, quite a bit like Oliver Twist, as it were. They eventually meet a run away named Sunfire, and two additional homeless fillies; Punchline, the earth pony, and Criss Cross, the unicorn.

One night, Star Strider remarks to Diamond, that if she wishes on a shooting star, her wish will come true. Well, at this point, all Diamond wants out of life is a real family, so she starts wishing extra super hard every night, but has no luck. At this point, Diamond becomes obsessed with the idea and decides if she can't wish on a shooting star, maybe she can catch one instead. She begins training to fly into space (no one said Diamond was a particularly bright little pony) with wing push ups, and endurance training. Her obsession drives her to work her body to exhaustion but her determination is unshakable.

Unfortunately, Diamond and company receive a horrible realization that eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in makeshift beds in dirty alleyways is no way for fillies and colts to life. Criss Cross becomes life threateningly ill, and with no money for medicine, the group face the prospect of a real loss.

Diamond, however, discovers a flyer for "Highest Flying Pegasus" contest sponsored by the Wonderbolts, and decides she's going to win. Begging Criss Cross to hang on for her, she puts her all into flying as high as possible to receive the prize money needed to save her friend's life. To help Hype Diamond, and get the crowd on her side, her friends launch a tiny campaign to paint Diamond as the 'under dog' giving her nick names such as "The Miracle Mare" and "The fantastic filly" and "The impossible pony" using her highly durable body as proof she is 'indestructible' and she was 'made to win' In the long run, Diamond manages to win through sheer determination and the oddity of her genetics. This nets her a cutie mark: a shooting star, which symbolizes determination. However, while flying so high wins her the prize money needed to rescue Criss Cross from his illness, and grant her the title of "Highest Flyer in Equestira" Diamond contracts the disease "Icarus Syndrome" which is received from flying far to high for extended periods of time.

The disease starts out as a cold, stage one, and starts it's work weaving into a pony's immunity systems. At stage two, it mutates into a bad fever, with flu like symptoms. Stage three has the body losing color, as Diamond's coat is slowly being marred with black and nasty blotches like ink. Stage four is the last stage where the disease is curable. At this stage, the circulatory system is effected, leaving the extremities of the body without feeling and the senses start to waine. While not paralyzed, Diamond has lost her senses of smell, taste and touch in her limbs (adding to her 'durability' as she can no longer feel pain)

The fifth level of the disease is when it effects the brain, and the sixth, and final stage is death. While still capable of thought and function, Diamond leaves Manehatten to seek out Princess Luna, creator of the stars in the sky to bid her thanks. (Not wanting her friends to mourn her incoming death, Diamond refuses to tell them why shes leaving, prompting an argument and less Diamond leaving the group, but more so getting kicked out and abandoning them.) She seeks Princess Luna, for It was the stars and her obsession that let her do all that training, and thus, allow her to save Criss Cross. She feels she owes Princess Luna a personal thank you. She strikes out to Ponyville to visit the famed Everfree Forest and hunt down Princess Luna.

While there she meets several ponies, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy specifically. Pinkie Pie while friendly and hyperactive, touches Diamond's heart when she offers Diamond a free cupcake. Diamond refuses, recanting that she cannot taste anything, and Pinkie counters by offering Diamond a bowl of Oatmeal instead, saying "It doesn't really taste like anything, so we can share it together, and you aren't missing out!" Fluttershy, offers Diamond a place to spend the night while she tries to figure out how to get in contact with Princess Luna. While there, Fluttershy discovers how sickly Diamond is, and realizes she hasn't much time. She decides to visit the palace and beg for an audience for the sickly little filly. While in Fluttershy's home, Diamond is seduced into Ever Free forest by a voice promising her a reprieve from her sickness. Diamond follows the voice, terrified at the prospect of dying without being able to talk to Princess Luna, and discovers it's source: a nightmare.

The little filly is possessed and begins a campaign to destroy Ponyville but it is short lived. She is rescued by Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, using the powers of Kindness and Laughter and overall, the power of friendship to free Diamond of the nightmare's grasp. While the creature was driven away from the filly, it left a curse upon her body, leaving her in a state of perpetual undeath. In such, a way for it to return once it was recovered and sieze her body once again- using Diamond's youthful appearance and her genetic oddities to be a fearsome weapon.

Diamond, now cursed and unable to die from the disease killing her, nor live life as a normal pony, continues her quest to hunt down Princess Luna. She succeeds and approaches Luna with the intent to thank her for the stars in the sky. In conversation, Princess Luna discovers of Diamond's past and the incredible events that lead her to the castle. Instead of a simple thank you, Diamond finds herself suddenly, in the employee of the Princess: Royal Night's Errant. An invincible little filly with a cutie mark in sheer determination might prove useful, and the princess sends Diamond all over Equestria to recover stolen artifacts or missing items of importance.

While Diamond is nothing more than a glorified errand girl for the Princess of the night, she is beside herself with joy, now that her life has a purpose, and she's working under the princess of the stars. In thanks for Diamond's services, Princess Luna has promised to help Diamond find a cure for her curse and her disease, in addition to a tiny, glowing pendant. A star from space from the princess herself!! Diamond's life is a mish mash of ups and downs, and death is never more than one day away, but the little filly is slowly finding out that no matter what happens friendship is magic, and it's a magic she's come to rely on.

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Yay, Diamond Dancer! I was just thinking of her on my drive back from Canada today. Black Sabbath's "The Sign Of The Southern Cross" was playing, with the lyrics (at about 6:40 in):

``Eight miles high, about to fall
And no one there to catch you
Look for the sign, the time
The Sign of the Southern Cross
Fade off''

And the Southern Cross is a constellation of stars. So it all made me think of Diamond. :-)

I didn't know she was a crystal pony though! There are even a couple of references of "Break the crystal ball" in the song too, as it happens. :-)

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Also Weird

I was just looking on Google Earth just to see what eight miles up would look like (and it's really high), and I inadvertently moused over a symbol that turned out to be a music note, and it was for "Diamond Dance and Fitness."