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Your eyes fall over the fairly big and strong form of the unicorn stallion before you, Dusk's coat a deep black, but with a luminescent sheen to it, catching even the softest light, highliting the various shapes and contours of his body. Depending on the lighting, at first you might almost mistake his mane and tail to be black as well, but you quickly notice they are a deep shade of violet. Both are fairly basic in style, free flowing, and full. The loose "bangs" of his mane somewhat obscure his face, but you can easily make out the reflective, much brighter violet eyes beneeth, as well as the protruding black spiral horn. Glancing further back, upon his flank is a horizontal line, above it is the last remnants of a setting sun, with several specks of stars above that. Dusk wears his usual pair of classy looking red anklet cuffs on his rear hoofs, each of sharp, clean material, and shiny like his coat.


Dusk grew up in Canterlot, born and raised in the high class life. But he had a much deeper interest in the workings of magic. Not just the acts of magic they taught in classes, but what made it work at all. That lead him to studying of arcane books on his own, and that lead to an act that affected nearly all of Canterlot, if briefly.

He left Canterlot, sure that he would be in trouble and unable to learn the things he wanted. He traveled quite far and wide, and indeed learned with a much deeper understanding than he had before. And maybe a little less dangerous. Well, he was more careful at least.

But those travels have brought him back around to Canterlot, or at least as far as Ponyville. His studies and practices have lead him to see there are forces and events focusing there, and he would be amiss to ignore it. Even if he has to risk trouble for his past. Perhaps in Ponyville though, he will be fine.

He does practice quite a variety of magic. But of a different bent than other unicorns. Being almost entirely self-taught away from the schools of Canterlot, and with his passion for a deeper understanding of magic, his magic works on a more fundamental level. Often changing the very way things work, altering some element of reality, or changing things on scales that wouldn't normally seem possible. But at the same time, those are things he doesn't do lightly. He learned his lesson the hard way before.

For example though, of the more common magic ponies are more likely to first notice with him, is should he happen to teleport. But he does not "pop" in and out. Ponies just notice that he is there, or not there anymore. How long was he standing there? When did he leave? You just must not have been paying attention. [A fun exception, and RP idea, would be Derpy, who would notice a ripple at least.]

And Fluttershy came up with the term "theoretical magician" which I think fits quite well!

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Dusk.. at dusk.

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  • Very Special Somepony (VSS)

They met pretty much since Dusk first arrived. However it wasn't until Heart and Hooves Day that they really started to hit it off when Dusk got his first kiss from her at a charity kissing booth. Soon after they were on their first date and things have gone great since then.

  • Pet

Squirrelly almost got to be Rainbow Dash's pet. But luckily for Dusk he didn't. Dusk met the little squirrel over at Fluttershy's and the two got along ever since.

  • Friend

Dusk met him the first day Chance arrived in Ponyville. Dusk noticed there was something rather unusual occurring in town. Something other ponies might not notice. While trying to track it down he ran across Fluttershy talking with a new pony in town -- Chance. And it didn't take long before Dusk found what the unusual thing was.

  • Friend

Dusk wasn't in Ponyville long when BlueFeather fell from Cloudsdale. Fluttershy, Mirage, some others, and myself all rushed to help little Blue. Fluttershy and myself did a lot of the care for Blue after that.

  • Friend
  • Friend
  • Friend

Snow Bolt - Dusk met Snow over at the MRC, wanting to be a part of the weather team. Along with Nimble Hooves and Chance, Dusk helped with getting Snow a usable pair of mechanical wings. And Snow still hangs out at the MRC as one of the regulars.