Falcone is a typical Peregrine Falcon with the common feather color patterns that go with this species of raptor. He is a fast flyer and is as happy in the air as his owner is.


Falcone grew up near Ponyville in Whitetail Wood and as a young hatchling fell from his parents nest. Fluttershy discovered him and nursed him back to health and raised him to be a pet. Since he was raised and trained by Fluttershy he dreamed about becoming a pet. He almost succeeded to and was so very close to becoming Rainbow Dashes pet. He won the race that Rainbow had devised but in the end lost out to a tortoise who rescued Rainbow Dash after an avalanche. Since then he has continued his search of becoming some pony's pet. Finally the time had come and as a nameless pet was chosen by Lightning Flash and then given the name Falcone by the pegasus. He loved the name and has happily been a devoted pet since.

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