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An adult female unicorn of average size but of lighter build than most other mares. Her body is a pretty medium gray while her full mid-length mane and long tail are perfectly white and carefully groomed. Her eyes are sea green and seem almond shaped due to her normal expression of half lidding her eyes. The color of her eyes matches the color of her magic, a pretty sea green sparkling shimmer around her horn, and around any objects she magically manipulates. Her cutie mark is a tan and green palm tree next to a small pool of blue water. She moved to Ponyville from Manehattan not too long ago, and is still learning to adapt to the more rustic and open village.

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From the Hub World pony creator.

New loose and flowing mane and tail style.

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  • Very Special Somepony (VSS)

We'd seen each other in passing a few times before, but on Hearts and Hooves Day I was helping Salsa Verde run a kissing booth in Ponyville Square. Dusk and Outlaw arrived with large stacks of bits and mischief on their minds, and after all was said and done (and all the bits collected for charity), Dusk asked me out for a romantic evening of dinner and dancing. We've been going steady ever since.