Moon Mender

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Moon Mender is a simple earth pony, or as it would seem. He has simple colors all around him and such. His skin color is a light grey, almost white. His mane and hair have a bit of a darker grey than his skin, and a bit of dark blue in them as well. If you were to know him a bit more you would notice that he is fairly nice, a very big gentle-colt indeed. Though if you knew him even more you would seem to find that he could have the head bandage or such here and there. It is because this pony probably has the worse of luck in all of Equestria, though he seem to live threw it. His family of anything is unknown. His cutie mark is confusing though, it is a gold gear, with a heart for axle.. None is sure what it means, neither do they know what the mystical rune on his left forehoof is..


Moon Mender's history/background is slightly unknown to most. Though some of the history is he was found in some bushes outside of Ponyville, just sitting there, oblivious to what is going on. So he was taken in by the citizens of Ponyville in open arms, they would ask him why he was just sitting out there, all that was known is that he woke up in a hole in the way outskirts of Ponyville, near Sweet Apple Acres. Though they noticed something, this pony had no cutie mark.. A point from that he knew nothing.

After 2 years of confusion and questions. They really never knew much about this mysterious stallion. But after those 2 years he finally received his cutie mark. Most are not sure what it means. Any or all family are not known, or who are related to this mysterious pony. He really does not have any friends, as most people are scared of his background and mysteriousness.

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