Nightshade is not the kind of pony that attracts many friends, and it shows. Cold eyes of deep purple are the first and most obvious feature that most ponies notice, specks of aloof intellectualism that match her dark, navy-blue fur. Her improbable silver-blonde mane is the only splash of light on her shadowy exterior.

Like many unicorns, she has a wiry, delicate build, but in her case the effect is particularly pronounced. She seems to be somepony who doesn't go outside very much, from the uncommon sheen in her fur to the noticeable lack of muscular definition. Even the unusually long strands of hair above her hooves are regularly well-kept. Her cutie mark defies description, an arcane alchemical sigil superimposed by a nightshade flower in the centre. Other ponies may find interpreting her personality to be less mysterious.

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Elder brother