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Before you stands a chestnut coloured pegasus, yet this pegasus is certainly not normal.

There is an obvious difference to this pony's wings. Seemingly taken straight out of an antique store, these wings are a curious assembly of wood, metal and cloth. Thin polished wood slats have been carved to appear as feathers. These feathers attach back to a metal frame with polished brass gears, springs and armatures. Sewn in place around the frame, and beneath the wooden feathers is some kind of silken cloth. The whole assembly appears to attach directly back to the pony's body, where leather straps hold it in place.

In its current folded state, these wings don't appear as if they'd be useful for flight. Yet, as you look closer at the mechanism, you catch a glimpse of what may be scars beneath the harness.

Your stare is suddenly met by bright sapphire blue eyes, rimmed with round gold-framed spectacles. His gold and copper toned mane is long, its loose curls framing his face. There is a hint of apprehension there. He then smiles to you, somewhat shyly.

A glance to his flank reveals a cutie-mark: a pair of horseshoes, each of which is composed of an intricately woven Celtic knotwork. The hair of his tail is a match for that of his mane.


Nimble Hooves was born in the small town of Withersville, situated in southern Equestria, somewhere between Hoofington and Stableside. The town itself is small, bordering a forest near the coast.

Born from a unicorn father and a pegasus mother, Nimble inherited his father's technical aptitude and his mother's gift of flight.

His father, a talented blacksmith, tried his best to pass his knowledge to his son. His mother, a well-regarded healer, was there to tend his cuts and burns when his lessons went awry. Despite his fascination for his father's forge, above all else Nimble loved to fly. His passion for soaring was undeniable even at his young age. However, that passion was to lead to tragedy.

As a young pony, before he had yet discovered his cutie mark, there was a massive storm that hit the town. His father ran outside to secure the doors on the forge. Nimble, in an attempt to be helpful, ran outside despite being told to stay. The moment he stepped outside, and lifted his wings, the wind caught him and swept him away. Both of his parents went to search for him. His father never returned. When he was found, his wings had been ruined, torn by the winds and burnt by lightning. The healing skills of Nimble's mother were pushed to the limit, and she was barely able to keep her son alive long enough to get him to a hospital. There, lacking any means of advanced healing, his wings were removed.

Fearful of losing her only child so soon after losing her lifelong mate, and conscious of his new disability, Nimble's mother quickly became overbearing and overprotective.

After months of being coddled, and still shattered by his loss, Nimble isolated himself in one place he knew his mother wouldn't venture: his father's forge. It wasn't long before he began to tinker with things he found there. It was not easy for him at fist, lacking a unicorn's ability to manipulate objects with magic, but he caried on with firm determination. Whenever a lack of magic ability held him back, he soon crafted a gadget or gizmo to accomplish the task.

Unfortunately, after his return to school, Nimble's new disability was seized upon by bullies. Being a pegasus without wings soon made Nimble into a schoolyard joke. This increased his isolation, and drove him to spend more and more time locked away in his father's forge. He embarked on a new project, one that would consume his life for the next years: to build working wings to replace the ones he had lost. To fund this project, he did odd repair jobs for neighbours and it was not long before others started to take notice of his works. The detail and ingeniousness of his designs took local ponies by surprise. Despite increased demand for his work, he never lost sight of his dream to fly again.

More recently, stories of the defeat of Nightmare Moon and the return of the Elements of Harmony reached Withersville. These stories captured Nimble's imagination and he sought out and collected what information he could about the Elements of Harmony. Being quite the fancolt, he resolved to travel to Ponyville once his wings were complete in order seek out the Elements of Harmony.

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Looks good!

You really did a nice job on the finished color version. The pony creator one is cute too, and I think I see better where some of the textual description came from, like the "thin polished wood slats" as feathers seems to stand out more on that one.