Obsidian Night

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He has pitch black fur, a silvery mane and tail. his rear left leg is artificial, a prosthetic magi-tech limb.


He's a unicorn ember of the Night Guard, professional when on duty but when he's not he's a crazy nut who loves to invent anc things in his spare time. He and his crazy family built an him an artificial leg, with him being born with only 3. He's has been tweaking it ever since.
His specialty is runes and enchantments, his personal guard armor has been heavily modified far from the standards of your usual Meat Shi--- I mean Royal Guards.

He is married to a lovely mare. A white shelled Gear Head of a Changeling Proto-Queen, Princess White Rose Cog-Flora, Heir to the White Hive. She often is wearing a bat pony disguise that matches her normal colours.

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White Rose Cog-Flora

The Wife of this Nutter

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