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The Prince of another land, but from his appearance and humility, it'd be hard to peg him for royalty at first sight. A fairly tall stallion, his greyscale coloration allows him to blend in and draw less attention, but his radiant eyes and long mane work against this, as both are the first things to draw the attention of other ponies.

His black mane and tail are incredibly long. While the former brushes the very tips of his hooves in a heavy blanket of tresses, his tail carries some drag on the ground when he's not taking care to lift it. The stallion seems to be quite taken with caring for his fluffy locks and flowing tail, as both usually carry the smell of springtime and freshly trimmed flowers, all evenly brushed and groomed, never a strand out of place. It's not uncommon for the length of his mane and tail to get him into trouble, be it a door closed too quickly or a bit of soup spilled. The male is quick to repair the damage.

His cutie mark is a sun, but shaped a bit like a buzzsaw. It seems rather simple by design, plain white, with an orb in the middle seperate from the outer "saw", but it could carry some hidden meaning.

Normally, Solzar dresses for the occassion, and doesn't carry many accessories. He's very humble about what he wears, if anything at all, and will try not to don any attire that could be taken as "showing off".


This prince may hold the title, but he's not affiliated with Canterlot's nobility. Solzar comes from a land away, the Temple of the Burning Bird: a colony of fire-affiliated unicorns that live in a patriarchal society. Foals earn their name by undergoing a trial by fire.

Solzar was the prince of the Temple, the son of the chieftain, but his special talent didn't have anything to do with fire. He eventually left his home and decided to find his older sister, who had left some time earlier.

His special talent is a bit mysterious, but his abilities with magic revolve around lightweaving, based upon manipulating light.

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Solzar's Debut

Take a bow, pretty boy.

Art by Glitter Storm. Or Rivermoth. Both, actually.

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Image-Art by Rivermoth of DA, and Glitter Storm


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Nice character, and a

Nice character, and a stallion with a longer mane than Dusk. A lot longer. :-) Though Dusk doesn't have to do much to maintain his. :-)