Pyre Sprite






Coat.......: Coal Gray
Mane & Tail: Orange with Gold and Carmine Streaks
Eyes.......: Amber
Cutie Mark.: Stylized Phoenix
Magic Color: Fire and Flame
Image......: [DA Link]

It isn't difficult to guess where this unicorn mare's special talents lie. If it isn't obvious by her fiery mane, the burning phoenix on her flank, or the smoke trail that flows from the tip of her smoldering horn, well.. Somepony clearly needs to pay closer attention!

Pyre Sprite is a pyromancer Unicorn. Her coat is a deep coal gray, easily resembling the burnt heart of a fire pit. It's sleek, well groomed, and provides the perfect backdrop for her more vibrant characteristics. Mane, tail, cutie mark, eyes.

Long, black lashes ring each of her eyes. They do well to border each amber orb. It may simply be a trick of the light, but.. one could swear the amber of her irises simmer. Juuust a little.


Formerly: Fire Sprite

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