Rainbow Dash






You see before you a young pegasus mare, and what a mare! Her cropped mane is afire with the colours of the rainbow, a mosaic of light and energy that amazes from afar, yet amidst this splash of bright, almost gaudy colour a pony can discern eyes of living purple. Stark, vibrant cyan fur shrouds a lithe and athletic form, compact muscle stretched over a delicate frame giving the impression of sheer agility. Her lean, lithe flanks bear a rainbow-hued lightning bolt surging forth from a cloud. If she happens to stretch her sky-blue wings a little, a pony can have a glimpse of aerodynamic perfection and, inevitably, begins to realize why she's named 'Rainbow Dash', the fastest pony in Equestria!


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Rainbow Dash

The fastest pony in Equestria!

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