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Special Talents: Making snow cones
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average unicorn pony with blue coat and lighter blue mane. Chipped horn and ragged ear.
Occupation: Confectionare
Hails from: Unknown
Current Location: Ponyville
Personality: Patient, Quiet, Calm
-Good traits: Cool under pressure, Likes to help others in need.
-Bad traits: Does not like people touching his back. Sometimes mentally checks out. Can't always tell when something is better of not said.
Abilities: Can make snow from the moisture in the air as well as survive in cold temperatures
Weaknesses: Is rather susceptible to heat waves.
Hobby: Inventing new flavours for his frozen treats


Snowy doesn't know who his parents are or where he is from. His first memories are from the farm. Forced to work 18 hours a day and feed just enough to keep him fully functional it was not a happy childhood. He was taught to talk in secret from the fellow ponies at the farm. One day after seeing another pony whipped to unconsciousness, Snowy ran and didn't stop until collapsing from exhaustion. Spending a few years unaware of where he was or where to go, Snowy ended up climbing a mountain. Overcome by the sheer amount of his trauma and hopelessness Snowy prepared to just lie in the snow until he died. When the snow was up to his neck he stared up and saw light hit an ice crystal separating and projecting colours among the snow covered walls. The beauty of the colours inspired Snowy to push on and granted him his cutie mark.

Walking down the other side of the mountain Snow came across a earth pony family running a small farm. Even though they were isolationists the family took him in for the upcoming winter. Over this time Snowy was taught to read and write. he learned about Equstria's history, about ponies and gained a taste for discovery. Since he didn't have a name he just took a nickname the family's young daughter called him. When the spring came Snowy hugged the family goodbye and left to search for a family of his own.

He Eventually came upon Ponyville. Asking to be taken to the Mayor he told her that he was an orphan from the Everfree's and wanted to do whatever was necessary to join Equstria. The process was long since he had nothing to provide the Mayor be he eventually gained citizenship. Working odd jobs and living outside, Snowy settled on working at a near by snack shop find himself enjoying making the sweets. During the Winter round up, Snowy discovered his love from the white stuff and decided to use it for his own snacks. Taking a small loan and renting an unused shed for his first home and work place, Snowy struggled to make his dream a reality. His work paid off and he was able to buy a modest building to live and work in by the end of his first year.

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