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A unicorn filly, full of curiosity. Maybe too much curiosity. Starlight Eclipse has a pale blue-lavender pelt, bright yellow eyes, and a fluffy black mane with a few hints of dark brown. She is completely fascinated with the world, especially magic, but she is also oddly shy and sad, strange in such a young pony.


Starlight has only recently moved to Ponyville with her Fillydelphian-born mother, Lunar Eclipse. She was born and until the move lived on a farm some ways outside of Dodge Junction with Lunar, her father Sunshadow, and her older brother Moonshadow. Sadly, two years ago, there was a terrible accident in which Moonshadow died; since then, her parents - who always valued slow, steady work over 'frivolous' creativity - have become extremely overprotective and sheltering.

Eventually, the memories were too painful for Lunar, and she had to move away. She settled in Ponyville and opened the pharmacy, Maple Street Medicines. Sunshadow refused to abandon the family farm and stayed behind, but visits his wife and daughter during the winter months.

Because of all this, Starlight is very sheltered She is smart and an avid reader of books, but before moving to Ponyville she had no idea who the mane six were; she barely knows who Celestia and Luna are. She tries to use her magic fairly often, but it hasn't really grown in yet. She was close to her brother and still misses him; that taught her that life can end at any moment. So between her parents' work ethic and sheltering and her brother's death, Starlight has ended up thinking that she is ordinary and uninteresting - and that trying to escape this destiny is a waste of her short, short time.

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  • Family

Lunar Eclipse is Ponyville's pharmacist and Starlight's mother.

  • Family

Sunshadow lives and works on the family farm outside Dodge Junction. He is an earth pony, and Starlight's father.

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Nicely done, and interesting!

Nicely done, and interesting! May want to see Dinky, for another sad young pony. Maybe can commiserate on your long sad lives together over a drink of punch. ;-)