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Wildheart Female Earth Pony

A young filly, perhaps 12 years old. Her coat is white; her mane is unkempt, and consists of two shades of red. Her tail is boyishly short and sports the same colors. Her eyes are cobalt blue. She usually wears a pale green stetson hat and has a determined look on her face.

5 years 8 months
Weyland Male Pegasus

Weyland is a brown pegasus pony standing on par with most earth stallions. His wind-swept mane is a rich auburn flecked with a few minor streaks of gray, indicating he might be older than he looks.

5 years 2 months
Thunderfire Male Earth Pony

A child pony with a calico type coloring to his pelt. The colors are jet black with orange shining through in different areas. His jet black mane hangs partly in his light blue eyes and stops at the base of his neck. His tail is rather unruly and almost touches the ground behind him.

5 years 3 months
Starlight Eclipse Female Unicorn

A unicorn filly, full of curiosity. Maybe too much curiosity. Starlight Eclipse has a pale blue-lavender pelt, bright yellow eyes, and a fluffy black mane with a few hints of dark brown.

5 years 1 week
Starfire Female Pegasus

Starfire is a pegasus. Unlike most of the pegasi seen throughout Equestria she seems to be slightly larger than most and lacks bright colors, being almost pure white. Another thing noticable right off, she seems to have much better muscle tone overall.

5 years 8 months
Squirrelly Male Flying Squirrel

Squirrely is a cute little flying squirrel! He pauses from all his scampering about as he sees you looking and gives a cute little squirrelly smile and matching little chatter, before he's back on his way. He is currently helping Dusk with his many tasks!

5 years 8 months
Solar Solstice Male Earth Pony

Solar Solstice is a young Earth Pony of very light gray with a brown mane and bright, hazel eyes that seem distant, even expectant.

5 years 2 months
Snowy Male Unicorn

Special Talents: Making snow cones
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average unicorn pony with blue coat and lighter blue mane. Chipped horn and ragged ear.
Occupation: Confectionare
Hails from: Unknown
Current Location: Ponyville

4 years 11 months
Skyheart Male Pegasus

Skyheart has a rather lean stature due to not being particularly active. However, he keeps himself very tidy. His wings, in particular seem to be very well groomed and taken care of. He doesn't fly much on them so they are nigh pristine.

5 years 3 months
Shadow Mane Male Unicorn

A unicorn stallion stands before you, he is a fairly dark shade of grey. His mane and tail are flat black, and //at times// in a slight state of a mess, sometimes with a few knots and tangles in it.

4 years 10 months


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