Namesort descending Image Description Updated
Dusk Male Unicorn Your eyes fall over the fairly big and strong form of the unicorn stallion before you, Dusk's coat a deep black, but with a luminescent sheen to it, catching even the softest light, highliting the various shapes and contours of his body. 3 years 6 months
Emerald Star Female Unicorn

The pony before you is a Unicorn with a Bluish Gray body. She is of average height for her species but just a little stronger.

5 years 7 months
Falcone Male Falcon

Falcone is a typical Peregrine Falcon with the common feather color patterns that go with this species of raptor. He is a fast flyer and is as happy in the air as his owner is.

5 years 8 months
Freestone Male Earth Pony

The pony you see before you is strong and sturdy, as is typical for an Earth Pony. This stallion is strong with a coat that is a deep yellow almost to a yellowish-orange with freckles across his muzzle . His mane is of medium length that is a light orange with wide patches of reddish-orange.

5 years 7 months
Frosty Male Unicorn

Here stands an unicorn of average size like any other. His coat is a deep cold looking blue that matches that of his horn that twists up high on his head. The tip os his muzzle along with the end of his hoovs is a light purple color.

5 years 2 months
Glitter Storm Female Pegasus

Coat.......: Periwinkle blue
Mane & Tail: Bright Violet, Lavender Streaks
Eyes.......: Light Blue
Cutie Mark.: Purple Storm Cloud raining Sparkling Glitter
Image......: [DA Link]

4 years 6 months
Lightning Flash Male Pegasus

The pony you see before you is a pegasis stallion. He has a strong, sturdy build and his powerful wings easily show the potential speeds he could reach if called upon.

5 years 8 months
Mane Motif Male Earth Pony

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: Stallion pony height? Haven’t been sized in ages.
Weight: Goodness, have you no manners?
Species: Earth Pony
Eye Color: Brown
Mane Color: Blonde
Fur Coat: White
Hooves: Black
Special Talent: Inspiration

2 years 11 months
Medley Female Pegasus 5 years 2 months
Meteor Galaxy Male Pegasus

Here stands the stunning athletic toned pegasus known as Meteor Galaxy. His color is that of a deep, rich navy blue that completely covers his form. His mane is a dark purple, with edges highlighted in a lighter navy color, with a long tail mixed with streaks of blue and purple.

5 years 2 months


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