Namesort descending Image Description Updated
Mirage Female Unicorn

An adult female unicorn of average size but of lighter build than most other mares. Her body is a pretty medium gray while her full mid-length mane and long tail are perfectly white and carefully groomed.

4 years 5 months
Moon Mender Male Earth Pony

Moon Mender is a simple earth pony, or as it would seem. He has simple colors all around him and such. His skin color is a light grey, almost white. His mane and hair have a bit of a darker grey than his skin, and a bit of dark blue in them as well.

5 years 1 month
Nettleglum Female Earth Pony

~/How much is that Shoggoth at the window... the one with the waggly stalks.../~

5 years 2 months
Nightshade Female Unicorn

Nightshade is not the kind of pony that attracts many friends, and it shows. Cold eyes of deep purple are the first and most obvious feature that most ponies notice, specks of aloof intellectualism that match her dark, navy-blue fur.

5 years 3 months
Nimble Hooves Male Pegasus

Before you stands a chestnut coloured pegasus, yet this pegasus is certainly not normal.

5 years 8 months
Obsidian Night Male Unicorn

He has pitch black fur, a silvery mane and tail. his rear left leg is artificial, a prosthetic magi-tech limb.

1 month 3 weeks
Prince Solzar Male Unicorn

The Prince of another land, but from his appearance and humility, it'd be hard to peg him for royalty at first sight.

4 years 5 months
Pyre Sprite Female Unicorn

Coat.......: Coal Gray
Mane & Tail: Orange with Gold and Carmine Streaks
Eyes.......: Amber
Cutie Mark.: Stylized Phoenix
Magic Color: Fire and Flame
Image......: [DA Link]

4 years 1 month
Rainbow Dash Female Pegasus

You see before you a young pegasus mare, and what a mare! Her cropped mane is afire with the colours of the rainbow, a mosaic of light and energy that amazes from afar, yet amidst this splash of bright, almost gaudy colour a pony can discern eyes of living purple.

4 years 4 weeks
Shadow Mane Male Unicorn

A unicorn stallion stands before you, he is a fairly dark shade of grey. His mane and tail are flat black, and //at times// in a slight state of a mess, sometimes with a few knots and tangles in it.

4 years 10 months


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