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Welcome to EquestriaMUCK.com! Home site to Equestria MUCK (imagine that). The MUCK (a text-based online Role Playing service) is based on the new animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The server can be found at: equestria.kaitain.org port 2700 You can use telnet to connect to this, but there are a large number of clients you can use that work much better. Recent updates (newest first):
  • Added a Calendar section for new events type of content (for special upcoming events on the muck (major RPs, game nights, etc.) or off-muck that would be of interested to players (new MLP episodes coming out, online streaming events, etc.). Add new entries as Event Dates under Add Content. Be sure to Set Your Timezone so times will show in your local time. Or if just visiting, know that this site is currently in [site:current-date:custom:T] -- [site:current-date:custom:e] (currently [site:current-date:custom:g:ia]).
  • Say hello to our new favicon (the little graphic by the web browser address bar or tab) for the muck, Bubble Gum!
  • Added a Newspaper section for In-Character (IC) news! Add newspaper entries under 'Add content' like anything else.
  • Added a Place data type and a Places page to the main menu.
  • Updated the Character data to now optionally include Very Special Someponies, Pets, Friends, and even Nemeses! They can even include links to those if they are in the system as another Character.
  • Revamped the whole theme. I think the other theme looked a little 'sharper' but had some layout issues on smaller windows. I'm trying this new style. Took a bunch of tweaking to fix up as well. Feel free to suggest style, color, or other changes. Some things aren't easy to change, but others are.
  • Added a Recent content page with a link to it in the Navigation menu.
  • Added Private Messages. Can now send mail to each other. There should be a Messages link up at the top next to the Log out one, or viewable from your Profile. You can also send a message to another user from their profile, or if you know their name.
  • Made a new in-progress Logo based on the idea so far (under To do below). Will add ponies as we get new ones listed here. May still make a totally new logo at some other time if we get another idea and/or an artist to contribute one. :-)
  • Moved the "Characters" menu to the top "tabs."
  • Fancy URLs. Now instead of just getting something like /node/381 you'll see /character/nimble-hooves for example. Easier to remember and give out.
  • Added 'Category' selections for Characters: Player Character, Featured Character (FC), Original Character (OC), Pet, Staff, Wizard.
  • Added OOC info to the Character data.
  • Added a new Character type of content that users can add and a Characters page to list them.
  • Added personal icons and 'About me' info to your user profile.
  • Admin notification of new user requests (so we'll know to activate you).
To do:
  • New site logo image (obviously just tossed in the only thing I had for now). I've had the suggestion of showing a bunch of muck-specific OCs which sounds good so far to me. Open to others as well.
  • Add a "About us" page with info about Equestria MUCK itself.
  • Add a "How to connect" page with information on how to get online with Equestria MUCK.
  • Add an image gallery, for general images, not just character ones.
  • Log posting with automatic formatting.
  • Expand User Profile: Links to your home page and art sites.
  • Expand Places, adding more to the data type (categories, points of interest, etc.) and making it more searchable.


Bubble Gum Logo

Possible logo alternative.