Cassandra is a gryphon in that awkward state between young and adult, not quite belonging in either world and without much help guiding her through the transition. She tends to drift around with others in the same situation, being delinquent.

Rainbow Dash


You see before you a young pegasus mare, and what a mare! Her cropped mane is afire with the colours of the rainbow, a mosaic of light and energy that amazes from afar, yet amidst this splash of bright, almost gaudy colour a pony can discern eyes of living purple. Stark, vibrant cyan fur shrouds a lithe and athletic form, compact muscle stretched over a delicate frame giving the impression of sheer agility. Her lean, lithe flanks bear a rainbow-hued lightning bolt surging forth from a cloud.

Pyre Sprite


Coat.......: Coal Gray
Mane & Tail: Orange with Gold and Carmine Streaks
Eyes.......: Amber
Cutie Mark.: Stylized Phoenix
Magic Color: Fire and Flame
Image......: http://fav.me/d6vjne0 [DA Link]

It isn't difficult to guess where this unicorn mare's special talents lie. If it isn't obvious by her fiery mane, the burning phoenix on her flank, or the smoke trail that flows from the tip of her smoldering horn, well.. Somepony clearly needs to pay closer attention!

Diamond Dancer

Diamond_Dancer's picture


The Miracle Mare from Manehatten! The Fantastic Filly! The Impossible Pony! Yes, that's right, it's Diamond Dancer, the one and only! Worlds Record holder for highest flying pegasus, the little crystal pony stands before you with a bright silver coat, and crystal blue eyes. Her mane is styled back into spikey tufts of silvery blue, and her muzzle gleams with a bright white smile.



Before you is a crystal pony of course, she has a very light yellow almost white coat of the crystal hue that the crystal ponies are known for. Her mane and tail are neatly groomed in the traditional style and are a crystalline blue with a pink stripe running through them. Her eyes are almond in shape and are a medium blue, almost a blue-green with pink eye shadow on her eyelids. Her cutie mark is of a pink and blue weave comb crossed at the handles and she wears a white dress collar buttoned around her neck.

Starlight Eclipse

Starlight's picture


A unicorn filly, full of curiosity. Maybe too much curiosity. Starlight Eclipse has a pale blue-lavender pelt, bright yellow eyes, and a fluffy black mane with a few hints of dark brown. She is completely fascinated with the world, especially magic, but she is also oddly shy and sad, strange in such a young pony.



Nightshade is not the kind of pony that attracts many friends, and it shows. Cold eyes of deep purple are the first and most obvious feature that most ponies notice, specks of aloof intellectualism that match her dark, navy-blue fur. Her improbable silver-blonde mane is the only splash of light on her shadowy exterior.


Bluefeather's picture


You look apon Blue Feather, she is a small pegasus foal, her fur a cool sky blue, as are mot of the feathers on her wings. Her mane is blue as well, yet darker, tasting more of the colour of the night sky, dark purples and blues, even a few strands of red mixed in, a windswpt embodiment of the evening sky.


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