Always Warm Here


A spring day



Marble Memory, Fluttershy, Skyheart, Blueblood


It's a nice day today, so Rainbow Dash is taking full advantage of her break by hanging out in her favourite-city-that-isn't-Ponyville, eating a gyro and chillaxin' on a bench just off a fountain square. Doing nothing was great, and doing nothing when you were actually allowed to was even better.
Whereas Marble is back to the town... he doesn't really like but grew up in. Yeah, well, he still often finds reasons to be sent up there. More audits, it seems. And again, his quest for coffee and a bran muffin: He's at a kiosk in the market district. "No, I don't want whipped cream. I want a PLAIN BLACK COFFEE."
And Fluttershy. Fluttershy is there, dressed in a scarf and a hat and a set of little winter booties. It's still kind of cold up here yet. She strolls down the cloud-street, eyes down. Cloudsdale potholes are infamous.
Rainbow_Dash is quick to notice. "Yo, Fluttershy, wrong season!" she shouts, waving at her friend from where she sits.
Marble flails when instead of a black coffee and a ran muffin he's given a latte and a coconut creme cupcake. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"
"Oh. No. I-I mean, yes. I mean, I know, know. It's been a while since I was up at such a high altitude. I just thought I shuold come prepared." Fluttershy trots over beside her friend. "Did you hear something?"
Rainbow_Dash smirks. "C'mon, Fluttershy, you know it's always warm here because we can keep it that way forever," Rainbow Dash states. "And I think that's somepony having a conniption or something. No big. So, uh..." She sits up straight. "You hanging in there?"
Marble sets the coffee back down and takes a deep breath. "I want... a black coffee. No cream, no sugar, no foamed milk, and a bran muff--" The pony closes the kiosk suddenly. "HEY!"
"N-not for me," whispers Fluttershy, taking a seat. "But I'm okay. I was just, um...taking a walk. I guess?"
"Walks are always good. Flying is better, but I would say that." Rainbow Dash finishes off her gyro, smacking her lips loudly together, and leans back against the back of the bench. "Yeah, they kinda put most of the Patrol on break after we helped the princesses clean up town after that...thing that happen just a while back. I heard that something happened to one of your birdhouses?"
MArble looks around the kiosk, "Hey! Hey! I know you're in there! I CAN SEE MOVEMENT! I DEMAND COFFEE!"
Fluttershy giggles softly. "Yes, Rarity really made it over. ...actually, the animals and I decided to keep that one and open it up a little. I've never had a feeder with a foyer before."
"Me neither!" Rainbow Dash observes facetiously. "Yeah, I just...blew off the thing that happened around me, so no big." Well, more like stuffed it into the back of her closet, but she's not telling anypony about /that/. "You know, the Equestria Games are coming up in, like, a week. You all set to relay?"
"Relay? Oh, right!" She totally forgot. "I-I don't know. I have a lot of training left to do. I...are you sure you didn't hear somepony screaming?" She looks around.
"Yeah, I was thinking of doing a few practice runs," Rainbow Dash says. "And...yeah, I said that earlier, but I don't think we have to worry about him." Or do they?
Marble grumbles and trots away from the kiosk, carrying a latte and a cupcake. He can't believe this! Who is the mayor of this fakakte city anyway? He's going to get a talking-to during the audit. Marble is imagining all the ways he'll tell them off. He's so preoccupied he walks right into Fluttershy, getting coffee and cupcake all over her.
"Eeek!" Fluttershy rears up - if she was cold before, she isn't now! "Oh no! I'm sorry! Please forgive me, I-I didn't mean to spill it!"
Rainbow_Dash tries to shove Fluttershy out of the way, but it's too late. "Whoa, hey! Watch it, you...hey, it's you!" She gawks at Marble, recognizing his uptight mug from his days as Chancellor. "Uh, I mean...yeah." Rainbow_Dash turns to Fluttershy and tries to help her dry off. "Hey, hey, no big, I got this," she says, taking out of her spare napkins from the gyro and patting her off.
MArble flails and shrieks. "AAAHHHH! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" He just dumped coffee (Okay, a LATTE.) and cupcakes all over his daughter's godmother! "I'm so sorry!"
<OOC> Sky_Blue loves how pathetic Marble is. <33
Skyheart isn't entirely sure why he wound up heading all the way to Cloudsdale, but sometimes a change of scenery is really really nice. He flies overhead, keeping his bags nice and secure. Then he sees three ponies he recognizes. Deciding that it might be a good idea to not just pass by them, he lands a few feet away. "Hello there, um... Oh dear. What's going on?"
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "I think it's just a bit of a Cloudsdale Exile curse of sorts that those who leave Cloudsdale to live elsewhere end up being very strange ponies, socially."
<OOC> Sky_Blue says, "Iunno... Fluttershaw and Rainbow Dash and Gilda seem good enough. Ah think it's just y'all. <3"
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "A socially repressed introvert, an overcompetitive sports-obsessed tomboy, and an antisocial sociopathic griffon. ... Yeah. I have all the problems. :P"
Fluttershy's covered in coffee, that's what's going on! "Oh, no. Thank you, Rainbow. I-I'm sorry, Marble Memory. I didn't mean to get in your way. I don't even drink coffee..." In fact, her nose is all wrinkled up from the smell. "Hello, Skyheart. W-watch out for spills..."
<OOC> Sky_Blue :D
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I'm COVERED IN BEES! ...that's normal."
Rainbow_Dash tosses the damp napkin into the garbage and peers as Skyheart approaches. "Hey, looks like we've got a party! Wassup, Skyheart?"
"I am so sorry, Flutters, I didn't see you." Marble fidgets. Well, now he has NO breakfast.
Skyheart shrugs at Rainbow Dash. "Nothing too much, Rainy," He begins, using that nickname the poor girl utterly disliked, "Just decided to come up for some new inspiration. I can see the sky without interuptions out here and it's been a while. Wasn't expecting to see friends." He chuckles as he looks over to Marble. "The wife couldn't come up here with you, eh?" He asks him.
"It's okay, Marble, really. I - thank you, Rainbow - it's my fault. I-I'm sorry you lost your food. Can I buy you another cupcake?" She smiles back at Rainbow Dash; Flutters' coat is shiny again.
Rainbow_Dash has decided that maybe one of the ways she can't get Skyheart to stop using that name is to ignore him when he does. "Yeah, neither was I, really, but it's all cool."
Skyheart tilts his head. "So if everypony's okay, would it be alright if I took care of whatever replacements you all seem to need?" He asks.
"Marble Memory?" Fluttershy inches away. "Do you want another cupcake? I-I...I'll go get you another cupcake." She turns and starts to walk away. "I couldn't ask you to do that, Skyheart..."
"Yeah, let spilled cupcakes lie!" Rainbow Dash declares. ", I think I got that one mix up somewhere. Uhh..." She scratches her head, taking a moment to recover her train of thought. "Uh, yeah." Well.
"NO!" Marble says, flailing and pointing to Fluttershy desperately. He can't stand cupcakes! "No, that's okay! Really!"
Skyheart shakes his head. "Oh, it's no trouble at all, I mean it." He heads over to where they were all getting their coffee, cupcakes, etc. "Now, what did you all want again?" He smiles, seeming somewhat insistant.
<OOC> You say, "Pegasus party woot!"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Well we ARE in CLoudsdale."
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "Party up in this here... um... burg?"
<OOC> Marble_Memory is a white pegasus.
"Well, I, um...I wasn't having anything..." Fluttershy scuffs a hoof, making a divot in the cloud. "I was thinking of getting a spiced chai tea, though..."
<OOC> Bardigan says, "It's ALWAYS a party in Cloudsdale."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "When it's time to party, we will party hard!"
<OOC> Sky_Blue says, "(Raise the wubs)"
<OOC> Marble_Memory hasn't had Chai in ages.
"I /could/ go for another pita," Rainbo Dash states, knowning exactly what she's into, especially since Skyheart is offering. "And a salad, and olives, and a glass of juice, and..yeah, you know."
"Bu-bu-bu...!" MArble's voice then gets quiet and sheepish. "I'd like a bran muffin and a black coffee..."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I have some liquid mix in the fridge. n.n"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "It goes with milk."
Skyheart nods with a smile. "Alright then," He turns to the stall. "Okay, a spiced chai for Flutters over there, bran muffin and black coffee for Mr. Memory there, a samurai chai for myself and a fresh pita with a side salad, olives, and orange juice for dear Rainy over there." He was clearly screwing with Rainbow Dash at this point. He chuckles a bit to himself as he puts a large sum of money on the table to try and sort out what to pay for it. It winds up costing most of what he brought with him. Then again, he doesn't seem to mind. He turns around and smiles at them all, wings spread out.
<OOC> Sky_Blue has chai teabags in her tea cupboard. U.@
Fluttershy smiles softly. The chai warms her feathers and her heart, and the scarf flutters in the wind while she sips it. "Thank you, Skyheart. You didn't have to. But, um, I guess since we're all here, we might as well relax together..."
From below the clouds there is a sudden rumbling noise. It grows in intensity from a low growl to a loud drone as something big and bulbous breaks through the cloud layer. A massive balloon painted royal purple breaches the city limits, rather rudely cutting off air traffic at Fourth and Downfeather crossing. Following it is the graceful gilded curves of an airship's hull. That it's an airship is obvious, but something is off - it seems to be generating its own cloud. No, not cloud: steam! Steam is coming from great pipes across the hull, billowing and hissing. A fleet of pegasi erupt from the ship and descend on the cloud layer to stitch it back together once the ship passes all the way through, creating a nice soft layer for the ship to descend once again and land upon. On the side in great big gold letters is the word "Marvelous." Whoever does a stunt like this? Its owner must be important. Rich. Not to mention interesting! And then Prince Blueblood appears at the railing. Never mind, then. "LOWER THE GANGPLANK! PREPARE MY PALANQUIN!" he screeches.
"Whoa whoa, you're actually going through with this?" Rainbow Dash says, impressed. "I definitely owe you. I mean-" And then /it/ appears right at the edge of town. Rainbow swivels her head to look and stares, her mouth agape.
Marble INSTANTLY recognizes the flying monstrosity and gives a facehoof to end all facehooves. All of civilization shall envy this facehoof, for it's a symbol of Marble's disgust and incredulosity. "For Celestia's sake, Blueblood." Now he has to worry about this audit AND making sure Blooblood doesn't foment some sort of rebellion just off of how insufferable he is.
Skyheart flashes a smile at Rainbow Dash and waves off the food. "Oh, it's no big deal I just- What the hay...?" He look on as the large imposing vessel makes its way upward. "Um... What the...?"
Fluttershy looks up and up and *UP* as the balloon cracks the sky and keeps on rising. Her wings give a little flutter of excitement, lifting her up off the cloud an inch or two. "It's gigantic! It's amazing! I-it''s...that guy."
<OOC> You say, "Flutters XD"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "n.n"
<OOC> Sky_Blue says, "XD"
<OOC> Bardigan says, "Fluttershy you're amazing."
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "It's time for me to go to bed."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Aw. You're too kind."
<OOC> Fluttershy seriously just thought it was a throwaway line. o.o
<OOC> Fluttershy puts a bird blanket over Marble Mem'ry.
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "Zzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Blueblood makes a great show of standing around doing nothing and being amazingly stupendous and handsome at the same time. A crew of ponies appear to slip an airpony's jacket on him (extra fluffy at the collar) and slip on sunglasses over his magnificent eyes to protect them from Celestia's own sun. "It's far too bright up here, the atmosphere is too thin, and my delicate sinuses are offended by the change in air pressure," Blueblood declares. "The brightness index must be lowered above five thousand feet. Make a note of that." As he walks down the gangplank, a four-poster palanquin waits for him to step onto, which he does with the utmost grace and poise. They - a team of unicorns all enchanted to walk on clouds - lift him up above the treacherous surface and turn him, strangely, directly towards the group Marble Memory is with. He's coming right at them!
<OOC> Bardigan says, "We can say Marble ran for his life when he saw Blueblood coming his way."
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "That works. He wants to avoid more Blueblood paperwork. XD"
<OOC> Bardigan says, "And yes, Blueblood is dressed like a stereotypical expert pilot despite doing nothing of the sort."
Rainbow_Dash/could/ be diplomatic about this, save herself some trouble,, not this guy. "Yo, pointy-head! What're /you/ doing up here?" she says gratingly.

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