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<OOC> Nimble_Hooves is still stuck as a breezie
<OOC> Midnight_Snack says, "hey"
<OOC> Mirage blinks at Nimble.  "Maybe we can help?"
<OOC> Mirage noses Midnight.  "Did you want to have a scene tonight?"
<OOC> Midnight_Snack says, "yea are you having one"
<OOC> You say, "Ahh greetings as well, Midnight!"
( There is a tapping at the door, quiet enough that most ponies would miss it. The tapping becomes more urgent and the door jiggles very slightly, as if being rattled by a breeze... except that the weather outside is still. There is tiny voice too, barely above a squeek. "(h-hello?)(m-mister Dusk? m-miss mirage? a-are you in there?)" )
<OOC> Dusk finds a way to help change Nimble.. But turns out it just makes him into a pony-sized Breezie. :-)
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves grins to Dusk
<OOC> Mirage nods to Midnight.  "We're just starting.  Please join in."
Suddenly there came a tapping, as of some pony gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.  Dusk looks around as if perhaps he was imaginging it.  'Tis the wind and nothing more?  He still gets up and looks around seeing where the sound might be coming from, then heads towards the door, glancing over to see if Mirage had heard it too.
<OOC> You say, "had heard"
Mirage is working on some reports when her attention is finally caught by something going on by the door.  She looks, wondering if somepony is going to step in.  After waiting a few moments, she tilts an ear and is about to get up herself when Dusk goes to answer.  "It sounded like someone put something on the door," she says to Dusk.
Midnight_Snack comes trotting in as he opens the door he doesn't see the breeezie as he looks around.  He pick up a beaker of something but puts it down knowing how bored he would be
<OOC> You say, "SO Midnight just goes right through Nimble fluttering at the door? :-)"
<OOC> Mirage nods.  "yes."
<OOC> Dusk chuckles, "Okay. :-)"
<OOC> Midnight_Snack says, "oh I thought he was flying around above"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves nodnods
<OOC> You say, "He was trying to open the door as I understood. :-)"
<OOC> You say, "But too small to do so."
<OOC> Dusk guesses we let Nimble decide what happened. :-)
Nimble_Hooves tumbles in through the air as the little colt opens the door. He is barely larger than a hummingbird, with large iridesecent wings with hints of blues and yellows. His body is clearly much smaller than normal, but also rather unrecognisable. His legs are long and skinny and his yellow mane quite an intense hue. He finds himself drifting above the other ponies' heads. "(h-hello)"
Dusk nods to Mirage, "Yes it does sound like that now that you mention it.."  But just before Dusk can reach a hoof to open the door it comes popping open!  "Oh what have we here!  Ahhh, Mister Snack!  What were you tapping about?"  But then carried and tossed about on but the tiniest of breezes of Midnight's passing comes the tumbling Breezie.  "Oh what have we here?  A Breezie I believe?"  He can just hear the voice well enough without having to strain, up close.  "Oh greetings!"  Perched upon a rafter above the door sits a raven quietly.
Mirage smiles as Midnight Snack comes in, not minding as he examines a beaker.  "Oh, hello, Midnight!" she smiles, quite pleased to see him.  "And how are you doing?  And what would..." she hesitates as she suddenly notices the little winged creature that's drifted in after Midnight!  "What - what is that?" she stammers, not quite frightened at the sight of somepony vagely familiar but also so strange.  "A breezie?" she asks Dusk.  "I thought they'd all migrated away?"
Midnight_Snack looks to the breezie then to Duck he says "I just come by I was bored out of my skill in your place
Nimble_Hooves flitters down to eye level. His eyes are much larger in proportion to his body, with large eyelashes at the corners. His large antennae twitch about. "(i-it is s-so good to see y-you mister dusk...a-and y-you too miss mirage...)" He then notices the raven and squeeks in surprise. He flits over to Mirage's mane and hides. "(i-i'm not a breezie... n-not really... i-it is me. nimble.)"
Dusk believes ware are in his place right now.  He presumes of course Mirage's apartment.  It is rather small and not with a lot of activities for a young pony to get into.  "No by all means it is good to have you over, young Mr. Snack.  I'm sure we can find something interesting.  And looks like we have another visitor who came with you?"  He watches Breezie-Nimble flutter over to Mirage's mane as Dusk nods to her too, "Yes they had.  It was quite a sight.."  He's just about to consider if one got left behind when the little creature gives his name.. "Mr. Hooves?  What is this we have?"
Mirage's eyes go wide as the breezie flies over to her to hide from the raven sitting above!  "Nimble Hooves?" she asks, looking at Dusk since the breezie is hiding in her mane now.  "How can that be?"  She nods lightly to Dusk, since this is more in his area of expertise than hers.  But Midnight Snack gets her attention quickly.  "Yes, there's not much to do at the apartment," she smiles to him, echoing Dusk's remark, while regaining her composure for the colt's sake.  "How would you like to help us here, Midnight?"
<OOC> You say, "Mirage hoofs him a broom. :-)"
<OOC> Mirage nods.  "His cutie mark is a broom and dustpan."  ;)
Midnight_Snack looks as he smiles to her then sits down by the desk.  "I. I have no idea where to start.."
Nimble_Hooves peeks out oif his mane, wary of the raven. In his short time as a breezie he has clearly discovered the dangers of birds who would try to make a meal out of him. Feeling somewhat safer he look around and sees something else that makes him tremble. "(i-i came into contact w-with s-some of those flowers... a-and this is w-what happened)" He points his tiny hoof at the Poison Joke potplant.
<OOC> You say, "We we have..  Oh I guess we do.  Wonder who left that. :-)"
Dusk smiles to Mirage and Midnight, "What do you normally like to do, Mr. Snack, when you're not in school?  Anything interesting?"  He is rather surprised about the breezie too.. Well not breezie as Nimble points out, coming over close to Mirage and gives her another reassuring smile.  But then Nimble points out the plant, "Why?  Now why is that here in the Center.."  Then he looks back to Nimble, now having more of an idea of what happened.  "Ahh.."
Mirage is careful not to move her head too much, not wanting to make things even more unpleasant for Nimble Hooves.  Her eyes go back to thier normal almond shape as she smiles back to Dusk before talking to Midnight.  "Well, we have many things to do here," she replies to the colt.  "What do you like to do?  Or, what sort of things interest you?"  She glances up at the raven.  "Could you get that raven back outside where it belongs?"
Midnight_Snack shrugs a bit.  "I usually be watching mom's moves or eatting candy at the corner.."  He then shrugs
Nimble_Hooves nestles into Mirage's mane, now finding it quite comfortable. "(fluttershy s-said that it w-was something called p-poison joke... i-i'm not finding th-this very funny... sh-she said that zecora c-could help me, b-but nopony h-has seen her in weeks. c-can you help me?" He looks down at the little colt and waves a tiny hoof in greeting. There is something familiar about him.
<OOC> Midnight_Snack says, "I think her nplayer quit"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves awws
<OOC> Mirage wondered about that.  "I think Tijani quit, too."
The raven simply perched, and sat, and nothing more.  Dusk nods to Mirage and goes over and opens the front door, then magics up a broom to usher it off, and it seems to leave rather agreeably, and Dusk lets the door close.  He turns back to the others as Mirage helps with Midnight's ideas, he turns to Nimble, "Oh?  Well Princess Sparkle had a copy of the antidote recipe at the library, but I believe that was lost..  Oh!  Perhaps the Lotus sisters still have some, or the recipe to make it."
Mirage hmms as she considers.  "Well, we don't have movies here, Midnight.  And we only have candy for the researchers, since they tend to get the munchies while they're working.  Can you fly yet?" she asks quite seriously.  She frowns a little as Dusk convinces the raven leave and return nevermore...  "I was hoping Midnight might help," she sighs.  "But there's other things, too."  Then she nods to Dusk.  "Yes, with the Golden Oak library ruined, there's no telling if some books were saved."  Then she nods again about the Lotus sisters who run the spa.
<OOC> Dusk chuckles to Mirage and smiles.  Yes, nevermore. :-)
<OOC> Mirage knows The Raven.  :)
<OOC> You say, "And oh, I misunderstood your earlier pose.  I thought you were asking Dusk to take care of it.  Sorry. :-)"
Midnight_Snack looks to the others as he hums.  "The library..  Haven't they rebuilt that thing yet.." he crosses his hooves
<OOC> Dusk nodnods and smiles.  He thought it fit in nicely with Nimble's start. :-)
<OOC> Mirage nods.  "It did."
<OOC> You say, "Thanks, hun. :-)"
Nimble_Hooves sighs, somewhat relieved as the raven leaves. He doesn't make any move from Mirage's mane, but he does look really concerned at Dusk's words. "(th-the antidote w-was lost? h-how long will i-i be like this w-without it? i-is this permanent?).
Dusk turns back to the others, catching Mirage's little frown.  Ahh she was asking Midnight to help with it, he realizes a bit too late.  He must have thought she was going to have him sweep the Center or something perhaps.  He shakes his head to both Midnight and Hefty's questions, "No they haven't rebuilt it.  I know it came up that it turned out she had it in a book there, before it was destroyed.  Well Lady Zecora certainly has and knows how to make it, if we can find her.  Might have to go to her home.  But as I said the Lotus sisters at the spa house may be of help too.  They mixed up the last batch used here in Ponyville that I'm aware of."
Mirage sighs softly at Midnight's comment.  "No, I'm afraid they haven't rebuilt the library.  I suppose there's a library in Princess Twilight's new castle, but the tree that held the library is nothing but a stump now."  Then she looks to Dusk as Nimble wonders about his condition.  "And even if the Lotus sisters have the recipe, do they have all the ingredients?"
Nimble_Hooves sighs
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves oops
<OOC> You say, "And that's his entire pose."
Midnight_Snack looks then out of the blue he says "Had you try Fluttershy, I know mom once had contact with it and she went to her for help.."
Nimble_Hooves sighs and nods to Dusk, "(i-i suppose i-i could try the spa... b-but what if that doesn't work? d-do y-you know a-anything I-I can do t-to get back to normal?)" He look to the little colt. "(lady fluttershy w-was there w-when I stepped o-on the flowers... princess celestia too... sh-she was the one who told me t-to go to zecora.)"
Dusk nods sadly about the library.  "Oh though it looks like they even took out the stump, my dear."  He smiles to Midnight, "She had?  Then that's a wonderful idea.."  But then Nimble points out she was right there at the time.  "Hmm then I guess she doesn't have it anymore.  And I am surprised Princess Celestia could not help."  He nods to little-Nimble, "Well worse case, if they have the recipe, we will just have to find the needed ingredients."
Mirage tilts an ear, careful not to tap Nimble as she does so.  "Or go to and find Zecora for the antidote.  I suppose seeing the Lotus sisters first would be more sensible than searching through the Everfree Forest."
Midnight_Snack shrugs to Nimble.  I say go mto the spa or go see Twilight at the castle is your best bet.."  He then yawns.  "Well I better head =back I am tired
Nimble_Hooves nods to the little colt and flutters into the air, "(i-i suppose i-i should head t-to the spa then, w-while th-the wind i-is still calm.)" He flitters down to the colt's eye-level. "(th-thank you f-for your help... i-it was nice t-to meet you....)"
Dusk smiles to Midnight and Mirage, "Yes, going to check with Princess Twilight at her new castle is another good option to try.  She probably even has it memorized at this point."  He smiles to Midnight, "There should be things to eat in the fridge.  Or you can grab some of the snacks we have here if you like.  We'll see you back there soon.  However, Mr. Hooves, we'l be glad to see you over to the Spa at the least.  We don't want anything to happen."
Mirage nods along with Dusk.  "We'll see you soon, Midnight.  If there's anything you need, just let us know.  And thank you for coming by.  We could use your help here," she adds before nodding again to Nimble Hooves as Dusk mentions walking him to the Spa.  "Of course," she nods to Dusk.
Midnight_Snack huffs as he smiles headibng home or at Mirage's place
<OOC> Mirage waves good night to Midnight!
Nimble_Hooves blinks at Dusk's offer and then smiles in relief. "(th-thank you, mister dusk.)" He settles on Dusk's head, between his ears. "(i-i never quite realised how d-dangerous it is t-to be so little... o-otherwise I-I won't mind s-staying like this f-for a while.)"
<OOC> Dusk hugs Mirage tight!
<OOC> You say, "Good night, hun!"
<OOC> Mirage isn't leaving just yet.  "I was waving good night to Midnight."
<OOC> You say, "Ah even better!"
Dusk smiles and nods, seeing Midnight off as he leaves for the apartment.  He nods with Nimble, getting ready with Mirage to head off.  "Indeed most certainly, Mr. Nimble.  We wouldn't want you getting gobbled up by any ravens or princesses," he says with a bit of a smile.  Well it's not Nightmare Night, so he should be safe from at least one of the two.  "Otherwise you might have go live at Fluttershy's to stay safe even."
Mirage gets read to go along with both of you.  "Nimble, how did you become afflicted with the poison joke?  Where you in the Everfree Forest?  Or did somepony have some already?"
Nimble_Hooves blinks at Dusk's comment, "(p-princesses eat breezies?)" Completely missing the joke, he gives a tiny little shudder. "(i-i was helping princess celestia a-and fluttershy take d-down the fence around the e-everfree forest. th-then this manticore chase me into a patch o-of those flowers.)" He doesn't mention that the manticore was just a kitten and that he tripped into the patch out of clumsiness.
Dusk looks up and grins at Hefty purched atop his head, "Yes from what I hear at least, every Nightmare Night ponies get gobbled up if you don't leave some candy out."  He says with a grin, careful not to shake his head.  "And oh, so Lady Fluttershy decided against the fence idea?  That is good to hear."
Mirage gives Dusk's shoulder a bump with her own.  "Don't tease too much, love," she says with a little sigh.  She gives Nimble a reassuring smile.  "Then she listens as Dusk asks more about the story.
Mirage gives Dusk's shoulder a bump with her own.  "Don't tease too much, love," she says with a little sigh.  She gives Nimble a reassuring smile.  "At least you got away from the manticore," she replies, never suspecting the truth.  Then she listens as Dusk asks more about the story.
Nimble_Hooves hmms, "(th-the fence w-was pretty solid w-when i-i saw it, so i-i don't think she decided a-against it. w-when princess celestia heard o-of it she did d-decide aganst it... i-i was just helping t-take it down.)" He blushes at the mention of the manticore.
Dusk gives a little grin to Mirage, now all set to head out and opens the door, holding it for Mirage, with Nimble atop of his head.  He smiles and gives Mirage shoulder rub back as well, "I'll try not to, my love."  He nods in agreement, "Indeed it is good you all at least survived the manticore attack!"  Of course as a breezie, even a normal little kitten can be a terrifying beast.  We're soon walking down the road towards the spa.  "Ah so it was Princess Celestia that decided against it.  I had suggested it was best without it too."
Mirage gives Dusk a quick but affectionate nuzzle as he holds the door for her.  "Why would someone try to fence off the Everfree Forest?  You'd need a huge fence.  Tejani just had a magic fence around his camp, but he didn't try to seperate the forest from everything else."
<OOC> You say, "Don't worry.. She made the Everfree monsters pay for it. ;-)"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "Maybe she sold some off to the circus?"
<OOC> Dusk chuckles and nods. :-)  Though he was also kind of making a Trump reference too. :-)
Nimble_Hooves chuckles softly at the sensation of riding on Dusk's head, peeking in on another pony's point of view. "(i-i'm not sure wh-why she th-thought it was a good idea... m-maybe pressure o-of being acting princess got to her a-a little to much. th-the fence w-was pretty big th-though.) He ponders quietly for a few moments. ("i-i don't s-suppose th-there is a way to keep th-the wings w-when i do change back?)"
Dusk mmmmms and smiles at the nuzzling, quite happily.  "And yes, Mr. Tejani's fence was very simple and magically warded against hostile creatures.  Not a large barrier closing it off.  Though, as Acting Princess, she perhaps had access to funds to have it created.  Or the magic."  He smiles to hear Nimble sounding happy as best he can tell from the small squeaky voice.  He does give a very slight nod though, "And yes, I'm sure there were plenty of pressures to deal with.  It's not as easy as one might think.  And not that I know of, about the wings.  And even if you did manage to keep them, what if they were still this size?" he asks with a bit of a grin.
And we arrive at the Spa just ahead of us now.
Mirage listens as she walks alongside Dusk, and she frowns as Nimble asks about the wings.  "On the other hoof," she offers gently, "perhaps being a breezie wouldn't be too bad a thing?  I mean, you can probably cure the poison joke any time you want.  Couldn't you?"
Nimble_Hooves looks to Mirage, "(i-i don't know i-if it can be cured... n-not if the antidote w-was lost.... i-i wouldn't mind i-if i-i were j-just a little larger. i-if i-i were a bit bigger, bird w-woudn't want to eat me.) He sighs. "(i-i might have to get used to being a-a breezie)"
Dusk nods to Mirage and Nimble, "Yes it does have to be hard being this size.  Not just the dangers, but just managing to get around."  Dusk is glad to see the place is open today as we arrive.  He goes to hold the door open for Mirage but the two spa sisters already are there and showing in the new guests.  He smiles and gives them each a bow of his head in greeting as they ask how they might be of service.
<OOC> You say, "Dusk instead finds that enlarging spell for Nimble.  But instead of being around pony size, he ends up 50 feet tall, trodding across Ponyville with long slow hoofsteps that shake the very earth. :-)"
<OOC> Mirage says, "And his breezie wings stir up windstorms!"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves ooo :)
Mirage dips her head to the sisters as she steps in with both of you.  "I've only been here once before," she says to Dusk and Nimble.  Then she lets Dusk speak to the proprietors about the cure for the poison joke.
<OOC> You say, "That would be quite a sight. :-)"
Nimble_Hooves holds on tight to Dusk's horn as he bows. After Dusk is done, he bows to the two spa ponies as well. "(i-i was hoping th-that you could help me... i-i have b-been told you m-may have a recipe for the--)" He pauses, trying to remember the name. "(--poison joke antidote.)" His antennae twitch and his wings flitter hopefully.
<OOC> Mirage sorries and needs to go now.  "have a good night, you two!"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves awws and hugs Mirage, "Thank you."
Dusk does of course try to be careful when he gives the bow.  Though even a small bow to him may seem like quite a ride to the much smaller Nimble.  The sisters are surprised at first when they realize there is a Breezie, then find out what the cause is.  "Oh yes!" says one.  "We do have that antidote," says the other.  "But,," the first says a little more sadly, "we are out of some of the ingredients.  They're not easy to get."
<OOC> Dusk hugs Mirage tight!
<OOC> You say, "Have a good night, hun!"
<OOC> You say, "Well I think we made some progress at least. :-)"
Nimble_Hooves sighs and sits down. "(w-what ingredients d-do we need to get? w-where d-do we get them from?)" He looks down to Dusk, concerned and then back to the spa ponies. "(a-and, h-how much w-would the antidote cost?)"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "Should we come back to this another time?"
<OOC> You say, "Yeah let me give one more pose so can have something go with.  But nodding off here too. :-)"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "Sorry... but thank you for the RP :)"
The two sisters, after over the surprise, find Breezie-Nimble very cute.  "Oh, says one of them.  Miss Zicora supplied us with everything originally."  "Yes," says the other, "we don't know here or how to get them."  One goes and getst some notes, "Here is the liast, if you can find what all is needed.  If you can supply the materials, we'll be glad to make it!"  "No cost for something like an antidote."
<OOC> Dusk smiles, "Most certainly!  Glad we got to do some.  We hadn't in a while now I believe. :-)"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "We should do more"
<OOC> Dusk nodnods, "Yes that would be good."
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "For now, sleep well."
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves heads off for now.

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