Canine Theology


Clara, Virga


<OOC> Clara says, "HellOo, aGeEnt."
<OOC> Virga blinks.
<OOC> Clara says, "WhAt is on youR miiNd, ChAmpion of the MoOn usUrpeR?"
<OOC> Virga blinks again. "Moon Usurper?"
<OOC> You say, "I...what"
<OOC> You say, "I'm not a champion! Oh..."
<OOC> You say, "You mean the mark on my hoof. It's just a mission c.c"
<OOC> Clara points to Virga. "AacTuallLy, I meant tHAat one."
<OOC> You say, "Oh, um"
<OOC> You say, "I said nothing. You heard nothing o_o"
<OOC> Clara clears her throat. "LuUna was nOt the fIRrst oWner of the mOOon. OnnNce, it belOonged to the cANniNe peEople."
<OOC> Hollyhock , standing behind Clara, rolls her eyes theatrically, then opens and closes her mouth in mocking imitation of the diamond dog.
<OOC> You say, "You know that would explain a lot of things n.n"
<OOC> You say, "But...I thought that the moon was a gift of the Elder Star during it's 12th procession"
<OOC> You say, "That's what Nightshade says anyway"
<OOC> You say, "Unless...are the Diamond Dogs /from/ the moon?"
<OOC> Clara shakes her head. "We are frOom the EaRrth. Other caAnines are frOm the foOResst. But the MoOn was alLways our BEeacOn. In the dAyYs of old, it was the seEat of ouR GoDdeSs, Fifi. BUt LuUna striPped it froM her in the dAays of DissCorD and bAanisshed heR to SiiRiUs, the DOg StaaR." She crosses her arms, as if challenging Solar Solstice to dispute the truth of her tale.
<OOC> Virga blinks. "I know little of deities...I"
<OOC> You say, "((GODDESS FIFI XD ))"
<OOC> Solar_Solstice now imagines Fifi as an eldritch horror of some kind, fated to return when the stars, er moon, is right.
Clara frowns at the earth stallion, legs relaxed and arms still crossed. "SheE is stIill aAble to guIde us, but it is difFicult to ReEach heR. OnLy a skilLed prIieSt can doO so, and yeSs, the stArs musst be riIghT."
<OOC> Virga says, "Fifi..."
<OOC> You say, "That would also explain this creepy noises I've been recording from that part of the sky o_o"
Clara stares at Solstice, her ears rising and body tensing. "YoU have been reCoOrRding the skYy?"
<OOC> Solar_Solstice <snip> "Yep! Sometimes I do it to help Nightshade commune with the Elder Star, but mostly it's for me. I'm really interested in astronomy and stuff."
<OOC> Virga eyes Solar...
Clara <snip> Turning her attention to Solar Solstice, she shifts forward. "WhaAt is this EldeR StAr of whiCH you spEeak?"
"It's the source of the universe," Solstice explains. "Before there were many stars, there was the first star, the Elder Star, which begat all the others, each more pefect than the last, until it begat the sun."
Hollyhock yawns quietly, "My dad always said that Celestia an' Luna were a curse wished on th' world; continuation've The Chaos, an' only the work've ponies could r'store things t' how they was b'fore discord." She snuffs and rubs her nose, "M' mom didn't like him talkin' like that though."
Virga craned his neck upon hearing that sort of Talk. Insurgent record allocated.
Clara looks from Solstice to Holly. "That is NoT what I was tAUght," she remarks. "JusSt as the MoOn belonged to CaAnineS, the Sun once belOonged to draAgons." She blinks and reflects. "But our PeEople do not clAim to know hoW it was mAade. It seEms just poSsible that the EllDer StaAr could be ReEaaL."
"A curious note, as I once slayed dragons," Virga said. "...For Empire." That wasn't ominous at all now, was it?
<OOC> Virga says, "what a conversation killer x3"
Hollyhock says "I donno nothin' like that. He said that things was like a great machine b'fore, where sun an' moon moved on track, an' weather an' whatnot tended itself too, but th' fightin' what brough th' windigos upset ... uh..." She trails off, and blinks slowly at Virga, "Yeah."
Clara turns to look slowly at Hollyhock. She props herself on a balled fist, leaning. "The wOOrld has AlwAys beEn greaT," she says, "but iT was nEeveR a maCHine." Her ears flick toward Virga. "YoU are a drAagonslAayer?" she asks, interested.
<OOC> Solar_Solstice wonders if Hollyhock's dad subscribes to the 'Equestria is a simulation' theory X3
Virga sat on the platform, waiting for nothing in particular as he was oddly here to spend the time. "When required," he answered. "The younger ones at times require a not cause trouble."
Hollyhock scrunches her mouth up, "Ne'er said it were 'zactly, but that..." She scruches her mouth up, flustered, "That th' spirt inherent t' the -- uh... I..." She looks down and scuffs her hoof against the floor, her voice getting smaller "Don't r'member it all." Then almost inaudible, "Ne'er said I b'leived it. He only talked like that when he was drinkin'."
In the passing of a single train, its arrivals and departures, the black pegasus vanished as if he never were. Creeeeepy.
The head conductor quietly inspects the station.
<OOC> Clara says, "He left lIke an amMbient noIse."
<OOC> Hollyhock says, "Still think he's some sort'a witch. Don't look 'im in th' eye. He'll take y'r soul."
"The Earrth spIiRit?" asks Clara, eyebrows rising. "ThAat we belieEve to be reEal. SomMe calL her GAiA, but we call her GrrEen TaAra."
<OOC> Solar_Solstice has to do astrochart stuff. Later!

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