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Ponyville Square
#=#=#=#=#=#  PONYVILLE SQUARE  #=#=#=#=#=#
At the heart of Ponyville stands a proud and massive pavillion known as Town Hall.  Around it lies the town square, a well-kept ring decorated with tall banners and the occasional picturesque bush.  A fountain sits before the entrance to the hall with a joyous, reared-up earth pony statue as its ornament.  Various municipal officials have pitched colorful, conical tents in the square from which they run their operations.  The town square is lined along one side by a stream crossed by a broad stone bridge, while on its other sides it's surrounded by a combination of commercial establishments and some of the oldest houses in Ponyville.  The mood here is generally cheerful but officious.
[  Buildings: [T] Town Hall, [CL] Clockwork's Clocktower,                      ]
[            [C] Magic Research Center, [LI] Ponyville Library                ]
[      Roads: [MAP] Maple Street, [R] Road to Canterlot                        ]
[      Areas: [S] Saddle Lake, [TR] To the Train!, [WO] Whitetail Wood,        ]
[            [M] Ponyville Market                                            ]
[    Players: Fluttershy, Spike, Bardigan, Forge, Marble_Memory, Skyheart,    ]
[            Nightshade, Sugar_Rush, Twist, Jonagold, Shadow_Mane            ]
[  Sleepers: Cypress_Snow                                                    ]
[  Vehicles: Small hot air balloon, Wagon of Wonders                          ]
[  Contents: Ballot Box                                                      ]
Jonagold trots up to Shadow Mane "G'day. Shadow Mane, roight? Drum is yer the bloke in charge of this 'runny sauce' scream. Any need for jackos? I'm lookin' fer a yakka if the quid's roight."
Sugar_Rush starts to tip over. Further....further...THUD! He falls over and wakes up with a start "WHOWHATWHENWHERE...?" He looks around and blushes. "Err....hello, folks." He starts to get up slowly, obviously embarrassed.
Nightshade has dropped the casual attitude and slipped through the crowd, padding right towards the fountain. "Ah...Mr. Memory, is something the matter?"
Nightshade wonders if he's missed a few medications.
Twist picks up her bucket again, dragging it in steps over to the side of the faountain next to Marble.  Setting the bucket down, she pokes Marble soundly in the nose with her hoof.  "That'pbbbth right.  Junkeepbbbth lige you who ca'dd candy repbbbthponpbbbthibly deed to gib it up.  I'b glad you fidally hit bottom.  It'pbbbth public dipbbbthplaypbbbth of pbbbthugar rupbbbth like thipbbbth that caupbbbth pbbbthtupid public depbbbthenthy lawth to be pabbbthed.  I wapbbbth up till dawd all ober town lapbbbtht tibe tearig dowd 'pbbbbthugar ipbbbth banned' popbbbthterth before addypony pbbbthaw them."
Spike walks over to Sugar Rush, a bit slowly so as not to make any sudden moves around the other dragon.  "Are you okay?  You seemed like you'd been asleep a long ti..." He hears the splash and turns to see Marble losing his balance.  And possibly his mind.  "What is going *on* with everypony tonight?"
Skyheart hears the splash and almost immediatly turns to see what's the matter. "I... think this might not be a normal episode, Bardigan... He wouldn't get his good vest THAT soaked in the fountain like that unless he really /did/ have a problem..." He heads over to the fountain to try and help the haggared stallion up. "Hey, Marble. Are you okay? What happened?"
Twist sighs grumpily, and pulls letters out of her tail, laying out subtitles.  [That's right.  Junkies like you who can't candy responsibly need to give it up.  I'm glad you finally hit bottom.  It's public displays of sugar rush like this that cause stupid public decency laws to be passed.  I was up till dawn all over town last time tearing down 'Sugar Is Banned' posters before anypony saw them.]
Jonagold trots up to the soaked pegasus, a concerned expression on his face and a dire tone in his voice "Ya can't give up NOW, mate!" His expression softens into a smile and his tone becomes casual as he continues "I mean, ya just got in. Ye'll never learn to swim with a shonky attitude like that, fair-dinkum."
Sugar_Rush nods to the small dragon, "Sorry, Spike. Afraid I've been feeling rather exhausted lately. I...just couldn't keep my eyes open." He reaches into a saddlebag and pulls out a paper sack. "Would you care for some rock crystal candy." He then turns to Fluttershy, "I'm sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting..." He then spots Seraphina. "Oh. Um. Hello, miss..." He offers some of the rock crystal candy to the new dragon.
Autumn_Breeze wanders over, rubbing the sleep from her eye.
Nightshade walks closer and whispers: "You've had their attention for quite some time now." Indeed, it seems everypony in the area is gawking at Marble, wondering what sort of weirdness he's up to this time.
Spike watches Marble attentively, with a look of concern on his face.  He fidgets with his hands, a little nervously.  He's seen more than one total freak-out -- he lives with TWILIGHT, after all -- and he sees the tell-tale signs of another one.
Twist grimaces, putting her hoof over her face.  "Thipbbbth ith pbbbtho hubiliadig."  She shakes more candy corn out of her hair, flinging them at Marble one by one.  Sure she can't clearly see him and her forelegs are like rubber bands, but this is candy so she's a dead shot and they fly like sling bullets.  Besides, she just has to track the smell of bran and fling her kernels into his path.  "I PBBBTHAID GED PBBBTHUB REHAB, YOU LUPBBBTH!  I CADD TAGE THAT IDIOT PBBBTHANPBBBTHELOR IPBBBTHUIGG ADUDDER BRAN LOLLIPOP DEGREE!"
Bardigan is standing by the fountain, amidst the knot of other concerned citizens standing around Marble. How to avert the oncoming catastrophe? Well, from what he's heard, there's only one thing that calms down Marble, but without the real thing, they need to improvise. Quickly. This is probably not going to work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained... "Marble," Bardigan says, "calm down. Your wife is here to see you." And then, from the Stage Magic Space(tm) that all actors like him are equipped with, he pulls out a little Vinyl Scratch hoof puppet. Waggle waggle.
Jonagold pats Marble on the shoulder "Allow me, mate." He reaches into his satchel and pulls out his trusty didjeridu, freshly polished, cleaned and bubble-gum free. He takes a DEEEEEEEP breath... And BLOWS! The result is somewhere between a flugel horn an a sonic-boom that causes several window-shutters to fall from their foundations. Looking around satisfied that he has now garnered everyone's attention, he nods to Memory "All your's, guv."
Sugar_Rush nods to the dragoness. "Um...I hope you enjoy them. Spike seems to like them, but...well, I'm afraid I know little about what dragons like in candies." He speaks in a respectful tone, but his body language belies his nervousness. His tail flicks about and the tips of his wings quiver a bit.
Jonagold says "Yer 'resin-wah'? That one o' them funny French words?"
Twist rears up and props her forehooves on the edge of the fountain!  She has a plan!  "Ogay!" she barks at Bardigan, "I god him dowd!  He trupbbbthth you, pbbbtho wedd he pbbbthaddpbbbth up pbbbthove hith head id here!"  Leaning around, she grabs her bucket of steaming, foul-smelling goo and hauls it up next to Bardigan.  "Everthigg will dapbbbthte lige licoripbbbthe for a MONTH.  He'll debber ead caddy aged.  Problem pbbbtholved!"
Nightshade peers at Bardigan, then at Marble, then at the puppet. Something strange has happened: she's at a loss for words. She...must take notes of this.
Bardigan glances down at Twist and her bucket of goop. He's not entirely sure what they're doing at this point. All he knows is that Marble's eyes are still locked on the puppet. And also he's damp with something that isn't water. "Well, I can't claim to be a doctor, and desperate times call for desperate measures," he says with a longsuffering sigh. The lengths they go through just to keep their Chancellor from going insane... "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, Chancellor," he says, and without waiting, quickly dunks Marble's head into the licorice and pulls it back up.
Autumn_Breeze goes home.
Twist has been asked a question about candy!  "Liquoripbbbth ipbbbth flavored frob da rood ob da liquoripbbbth pland, bud apbbbth everypody dothe the caddy that repbbbthultpbbbth tapbbbthtepbbbth like battery apbbbthid inpbbbbthted.  Id by effordpbbbth to either mage liquoripbbbth edible or rid Equepbbbthtria of id forebber, I have dipbthtilled, nod da original liquoripbbbth, bud da horrible epbbbthenpbbbth id BECOBBPBBBTH wed mikpbbbthed into caddy.  Ride dow, that chemigal ipbbbth biding itpbbbthelf do your mugupbbbth membranepbbbth WHIJJ WILL TEAJJ YOU DEBER TO OBERDOPBBBTHE IN PUBLIG ADD THREATEN BY CADDY BUPBBBTHINEPBBBTH AGAID!  What if that dufupbbbth Chadpbbbthellor wapbbbth here?!"
Twist's beaming delight and hoof-waving joy in lecturing the whole world about candy immediately sink into shoulder-hunched resentment.  Muttering under her breath, she lays out her subtitles.  [Liquorice is flavored from the root of the liquorice plant, but as everypony knows the candy that results tastes like battery acid instead.  In my efforts to either make liquorice edible or rid Equestria of it forever, I have distilled, not the original liquorice, but the horrible essence it BECOMES when mixed with candy.  Right now, that chemical is binding itself to your mucus membranes WHICH WILL TEACH YOU NEVER TO OVERDOSE IN PUBLIC AND THREATEN MY CANDY BUSINESS AGAIN!  What if that dufus Chancellor was here?!]
Bardigan watches CD Scratch go off on her husband, shaking his head. "This is why good communication is essential in a relationship," he says as an aside to the ranting Twist.
Derpy lands lightly at the end of her long shift, empty mailbags flapping.  She happens to settle right in front of Marble Memory just as he's announcing his resignation to a puppet.  One of Derpy's eyes rotates with due ceremony while the other plays hookey.  She steps forward and reeeaches out to tap Marble on the shoulder.  "But Chancellor Mar-ble!  Worked so hardly to eleect!"
Nightshade scribbles rapidly in her notebook as the scene unfolds. 'Must test new anxiety-reducing spells on Marbs for max effect' she writes.
Twist hops down off of the side of the fountain, nodding in satisfaction.  "Odpbbbthe more caddy hapbbbth repbbbbthcued a lopbbbtht thoul."  Reaching way up, she pats Bardigan on the shoulder with a flabby hoof.  "You were a big help, pbbbthitipbbbthen.  Loog udder your pillow when you ged hobe tonight.  Twipbbbtht alwaypbbbth paypbbbth her debtpbbbth."  Picking up the handle of the bucket again in her teeth, despite the shaking of her scrawny neck muscles she saunters away smugly into the night!
Bardigan glances back at Twist, trying to ignore the fact that his hoof is being violated. Oh sweet Luna the puppet does nothing why is this happening. "... You're welcome," he yelps in a strained voice, standing as still as possible. He wants to leave, but that would shatter poor Marble's happy illusion. Oh well, he can't be *that* long until he decides to go home. Yep. Not long at all...
Twist nudges Bardigan's cutie mark with her elbow on the way past.  "Jupbbbtht leab da puppet.  He wode dotipbbbthe."
Derpy, still looking confused, waits a few moments to process the situation in case it becomes clearer.  Sometimes that works.  But when that fails, she steps forward and picks up the puppet, letting it dangle upside-down from her teeth.
Fluttershy appears from the edge of the frame. She leeeeeans in...
Fluttershy . Touches. The puppet head.
Lime_Light quickly reaches out to tug Fluttershy back off-camera. "Shhhh. You'll ruin the surprise!" he says, passing her some popcorn.
Derpy, still looking confused, waits a few moments to process the situation in case it becomes clearer.  Sometimes that works.  But when that fails, she steps forward and pulls the puppet off of Bardigan's hoof, or at least attempts to.  She doesn't even look at Bardigan--her attention is all on Marble. (repose)

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