Cherry Festival Proposal

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Cherry Blossom Festival - Day 4



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Cherry Blossom's orchard
As you step from the interior of the tea house proper, you feel your coat ruffled softly by a gentle cooling breeze. The garden is a sight to behold, during the day the sun sparkles on the narrow marble pathways that wind at random through the trees, well-manicured grass borders these walkways and provide a comfortable resting place beneath the carefully cultivated cherry blossom trees. Throughout the garden you may be fortunate enough to find a Koi pond or two, the fish lazily swimming about, at times rising to peer at you as if waiting to be fed. At night the garden takes on an even more romantic feeling as paper lanterns are lit, the moon and stars providing a most serene backdrop to the entire area. Tranquility seems to infuse the entire place, providing inspiration to those of an artistic bent, and relaxation for those who need it.
[      Exits: [TH] TeaHouse                                                    ]
[    Players: Snow_Bolt, Chance, Sharien, Match_Maker, Warm_Breeze,            ]
[            Cherry_Blossom, Nimbus_Dawning                                  ]
[  Sleepers: Sugar_Rush, Maplewing, Fleur_d'Lis, Eris, Memoire_Musique,      ]
[            Rainbow_Dash, Berry_Punch, BlueFeather, MoonRain, Crimson_Shadow,]
[            Gilda                                                            ]
Dusk walks over to the tea house with Mirage at his side.  He smiles, enjoying the lovely day.  "I hear the festival is suppose to be very lovely, with all the blossoms in bloom," he mentions.  They reach the tea house and step around to the back and Dusk looks around as he rubs shoulders with Mirage.
Mirage walks alongside Dusk, nodding as he speaks.  "It's been a while since we've been to the teahouse.  I've missed it," she says with a smile as Dusk touches his shoulder to hers.  She glances at the wall to see if the mural is still there as Dusk makes his way to the orchard.  "Oh, very  nice," she says as she steps out with him and sees the beautiful trees.
Snow_Bolt makes his way into the festival following after Mirage and Dusk. He hasn't really been to the tea house in a very very long time. This was, ironically enough, the very spot where Chance introduced him to Mirage and Dusk for the first time. The trees definitely have a wow factor to them.
Cherry_Blossom has learned from yesterday's mad scramble with Miss Merryweather and her team and today she has everything prepared and ready to go way in advance. The snack tables are fully stocked with plenty of extra treats inside behind the glass case of the counter. The various tea leaves are already placed and labeled on a long table situated beside the giant pots of heated water courtesy of her special somepony Maplewing. The koi have been feed, and her biwa is already perched upon a large pillow in the center of the garden. Cherry Blossom herself walks along the south wall of the back garden alone, a pink kimono adorns her as she watches the petals of her namesake float to the ground in a breathtakingly beautiful cascade. She does not notice her customers right away, so enthralled is she as she walks among her garden silently.
Dusk nods and smiles to Mirage, "Indeed, it's been too long!  And being almost right next to Lady Starfire and Mr. Chance's place, we really should drop by more often.  I'm still quite curious about the mural here too," he notes, seeing Mirage's glance.  But that will clearly be best for another day.  He glances back to Snow and Chance as well, glad to see us all back over here.  "Hopefully Lady Starfire will be able to catch up with us soon too," he comments to the group, smiling back to Mirage.  Looking out at the orchard as we come into it, "Wonderfully nice indeed!" he has to agree, taking in the blooming trees and cascading petals floating in the air, leaving a scattered blanket of them across the ground.  He walks out the rest of the way with Mirage as the petals fall around us.
Mirage nods to Dusk, and looks back to Snow Bolt and smiles to him.  "It's been a long time since I've seen cherry trees doing this.  And this is an entire orchard and garden.  Cherry Blossom must have put an incredible amount of work into all this."
Snow_Bolt couldn't agree with his friends more, this place is awesome. He can't recall ever seeing so many cherry trees in one spot. The blossoms are amazing and so is the way that she has set up the garden. Snow imagines that when the cherrys are in season there is alot of harvesting to do here. He moves over toward Mirage and Dusk, "This is where I met you guys." he says with a big grin on his face.
Cherry_Blossom turns at the sound of voices and heads towards the doors that open from the tea house into the orchard. She steps with almost spectral softness and so seems to not be noticed so much. She holds a fan in front of her face with a phoenix pattern painted across it's silken surface, she bows and her eyes smile even if her mouth cannot be seen, "Welcome my friends, I am so happy to see you could attend the festival. Please, make yourselves comfortable, and help yourselves to the food and the tea. All of it is free and self service. The tea leaves stand separate on a table by the hot water so that you may make it fresh. Most of our varieties are represented here, or feel free to blend two together and see what you yourself can craft."
Dusk nods and smiles to Mirage, admiring the lovely view.  He always enjoys natural beauty like this.  "It certainly must have been a great deal of work, yes.  Hmm I do wonder where Miss Blossom is, actually.."  The many petals obscure the view some, but he turns to Snow first and smiles, "Oh, that is correct, Mr. Bolt.  It's certainly great to have you able to join us today for the festival!"  As their host arrives and steps up he turns, "Oh, thank you and greetings as well, Miss Blossom."  He smiles and gives a gentle bow of his own head in turn.  "The garden is most beautiful today."  He smiles, and turns to glance and smile some more at Mirage.
Mirage nods to Dusk as she enjoys the beauty of the orchard, and blinks in surprise as Cherry Blossom seems to appear from out of the very air.  She dips her head to the hostess and her greetings.  "Thank you.  It all looks very lovely," she says to Blossom before giving a warm smile to Dusk.
Snow_Bolt also gives a polite smile to Cherry. It's been a very long time since he has seen her and its always good to bump into somepony you haven't seen in a long time, "You have done a wonderful job with this Cherry." he says to compliment what must have been many hours of hard work. The preparation must have been extensive for something like this. Especially the time it must have taken to work on keeping the trees themselves healthy. This will be a wonderful opportunity for all the ponies who attend this evening.
Cherry_Blossom beams and there are the hints of a faint blush just behind her fan, "Thank you all, I am very pleased with how this is all turning out. After today there remains only three days left in the festival. But even if those are slow, with the attendance we have had the past three days, I am not disappointed. If any of you need or wish for anything, please feel free to find me and ask. I have gotten better at this then I was when the festival first started, so I should have much more free time to help you all."
Dusk enjoys Mirage's warm and caring smile as he looks back to Cherry and Snow with a nod.  "Yes things to look to be running quite smoothly that I can see.  And we will certainly enjoy the festival.  Feel free to keep company with us too, if you aren't busy with other things."  He turns and gives Mirage a little nuzzle, "Should we get some tea first before touring the garden, or have it after, my love?"
Mirage dips her head again to Blossom to thank her, and then smiles softly to Dusk.  "Tea first would be nice, love," she says as Dusk offers to lead the way.  The trees look beautiful from here, but to be among them with the blossoms will be almost magical.
Snow_Bolt gives a glance to Dusk and Mirage as they move off toward the tea. Good couple there! So cute. He is glad he is here, but he wants to give them space to be themselves tonight too. He stays back for a moment or two and gives a smile to Cherry, "How have you been?" he asks. He feels sort of silly for not having stopped by here more often.
Cherry_Blossom nods in reply to Miss Mirage and Mister Dusk, then turns and begins walking with Snow Bolt through her garden not terribly far from The other two ponies, the petals sliding off her kimono like the lightest of snowflakes. "Oh I have been doing wonderfully, how have you been Mister Snow Bolt?" her expression is largely happy, but there is a hint of worry in her eyes as she turns to look around the garden occasionally. She softly asks after a moment, "I hate to trouble any of you, but might you have seen Maplewing about in the past couple of days? I...have not seen as much of him as I would have liked. I had hoped he would be here today for the opening of the festival."
Sugar_Rush trots into the orchard once again. He waves a wing to everypony, taking a look to see who is here.
Dusk nods back to Mirage and smiles too, "Very well!"  He nods again to Cherry and does indeed lead the group over to where the teas are all set out, looking over the selection of tea leaves.  He looks to see what Mirage and Snow might like as he magics over some cups and one of the big pots of water to start the tea brewing process, but he notices Snow has lingered behind with Cherry and he turns back to Mirage with just a little grin she can catch without the other two seeing, giving her a playful little shoulder nudge/rub.  He starts making tea for just the two of them then, though pauses to look up as he hears a familiar voice, "Greetings, Mr. Rush!"
Chance trotted into the area a little while ago, but has been watching the proceedings, just relaxing. He finally wanders over to Dusk and Mirage, and Snow, and gives greetings. "And a good evening to you as well Cherry Blossom!"
Mirage smiles as Dusk prepares the tea.  He knows what kind she likes and she leans lightly to him as he picks out which tea to brew.  She glances at his smile and looks over as Snow stays back to talk to the hostess.  "And what is that smile for?" she asks Dusk with a smile of her own.  She dips her head to Chance as he arrives.  "Hello.  Good to see you."
Despite having been around the tea house quite a bit over the last several days, today, the biggest day of the event, MapleWing has been exceptionally absent from the tea house, at least as far as Cherry can tell. Upon first entering her garden today, she will have noticed that everything had been tidied, and everything is in its place. The food, at least the non-perishables had been laid out and the kettles filled. In short, everything was absolutely perfect. Maple knows he's late today, in fact, he intended it that way. He's had a BIG plan and its been eating at him quite a bit. He's waited for the perfect moment when the sun is still up, but low enough in the sky to create a vibrant haze of colours and a nice loaming of light in the garden. Cherry might recognize the hoofsteps as Maple steps from the tea house with slow, deliberate steps and makes his way toward her. His fur and mane are styled and in perfect position, his attire is significantly different, to the point it might elect a few giggles from those in the garden. He's wearing a stallion's Kimono, made of fine silk and coloured in a hue of brown that accents his coat. Should one look closely, a very fine pattern of muted rust-coloured maple leaves accent parts of the material, providing a bit of muted colour to the garment. He stops a few feet short of Cherry Blossom and gives a tip of his head in a little bow to the mare.
Snow_Bolt nods his head to Cherry and grins, "I've been doing well thank you." he says. Now isn't the moment to recount the myriad of things that have changed since he was last here, but he has had a wonderful life the last couple months to be sure. At Cherry's question he pauses. He doesn't really know Maplewing at all, "I'm sorry but I'm afraid I haven't seen him." he says as he then spots Chance arriving, "Hi Chance." he calls out to him. The gang is almost all here it seems, now all they need is Starfire and Nimble Hooves and they will be set. He then gives a grin over to Mirage and Dusk.
Sugar_Rush stands off to the side. He gives Maple a little wave of his wing as he sees his friend enter and watches carefully.
Cherry_Blossom Is standing beside Snow Bolt and her expression is one of understanding as she nods, "I see. it's just that...he has been such a help at the festival these last three days, and when I came into the garden this morning it was far more ready to be set up then I had anticipated. He must have stayed up late last night fixing things without me knowing about it and I wanted to thank him." She glances over at Chance, Dusk, and Mirage, wondering if perhaps they had seen the absent stallion. But even as she did that Maplewing stepped out from the back door of her tea house and she blinked, looking him over a bit as she hide her face just a fraction more behind her fan, "O-Oh...Maplewing. You look good...but you didn't have to go this far for the festival." If the flush from her ears is any hint of the color behind her fan, Miss Cherry Blossom thinks Maplewing looks quite a bit better then just 'good'.
Dusk grins back to Mirage, "Oh just nice to see him socializing some too.  He seems fairly shy usually," he comments quietly to Mirage.  He smiles and fixes up her and his own tea, magic hovering her cup over.  He looks up as Chance finally catches back up, "Ah hello, Mr. Chance.  I thought perhaps you got lost, or went back to your place."  He grins.  Though finds himself glancing over as Maplewing arrives too, and he's going to greet him, but sees the stallion looks to have something on his mind and something to do, as well as Cherry's reaction, so he waits for a more opportune moment with a smile of his own, turning back to Mirage and Chance.  He takes a nice sip of his own tea, "Mmmmm very good."
Chance glances over as he ears Snow call out for him, and gives his friend a hoof-wave. Glancing back to Mirage and Dusk, he gives them a light smile. "Couldn't let you two have all the fun. Besides, my home is just across the road, pretty much. Not exactly far to walk." He glances slowly over the teas, wondering which one to make..
Mirage nods lightly to Dusk.  "Yes, he does.  Maybe he overcome that with some time," she almost whispers back to Dusk.  And it is good to see Snow having some fun and visiting.  Mirage looks with interest as Maplewing appears in a handsome kimono, complimenting Cherry Blossom's own outfit and adding more to the spectical of the festival.  "Very impressive," she nods to Dusk.  She sips her tea along with Dusk, and gives a polite wave back to Chance.
( It seems that the pony that Cherry was waiting for has arrived and was just being fashionably late. It's true that Snow Bolt is a shy sort of pony and he certainly hasn't overcome it, but he doesn't want Mirage and Dusk to feel like they have to be with him all the time. They need some couple time too and he wants to respect that. He lets Cherry depart to Maple and moves off toward Chance, "Is Starfire coming?" he asks curiously. He thinks she would probably love this. )
He offers a return tip of his head to his friend, Rush as he makes his way over to where Cherry is standing with her guests and smiles to Cherry Blossom when his eyes meet hers once his head raises from the bow. He says little for the moment other than to tip his head to the ponies she is with and smiles "I apologize for the inconvenience, but.." he says, letting a wing extend and rest lightly on Cherry Blossom's shoulder as he speaks "...I require a moment of Miss Blossom's time." he says politely, but sternly enough to indicate that he wasn't asking permission, not this time, at least. He uses his wing to gently urge Cherry Blossom toward the back of the garden, positioned where everypony in the garden could see the couple as well as situating them both beneath a pair of cherry blossom trees, their blossoms raining down in a steady stream in an almost dream-like sort of way. The scene is almost as if it had stepped out of a water colour painting "As do you, Cherry, the most beautiful blossom amongst them all. But I did not do this for the festival..." he says, his voice trailing off a little "...I did this entirely for you." he says as he lowers himself into a pony equivilent of a kneeling position and gingerly takes one of Cherry's hooves in his, his eyes locked onto hers with a passion and intensity burning in them as he speaks. "Cherry Blossom.... would you make me the richest stallion in all Equestria and take my hoof in Marriage?"
Seek and you shall find or at least wait for this pegasus to wander aimlessly as she flies above. Moonrain after a run to Cloudsdale to see her parents as returned to Ponyville and further has decided to drop in on the Blossom tea social or whatnot. Landing in a safe spot she trots towards the snack tables pulling out a rainbow colored package setting it down. Undoing the ivory bow she opens it up to reveal an array of cupcakes all decorated in different colors and in line with the flavor names at the back to allow others to see which is which. There is french vanilla cupcake with cherry frosting, dark chocolate cupcake with blue creamcheese frosting, maple cupcake with marshmellow whipped topping, and coffee cupcake with chocolate frost and carmel drizzled over the top. Once this is set up she looks around smiling as she trots over to Rush's side giving him a nuzzle of greeting before now watching the scene unfold.
Sugar_Rush watches Maple propose to Cherry. He looks on nervously, waiting to see how Cherry answers. Fortunately, he is distracted by the timely arrival of MoonRain! He goes over and nuzzles her back. "You are just in time!"
Cherry_Blossom is a little bewildered and worried by Maplewing's behavior. Concern showing in her eyes as she bows her head to Maple, looking up at him for a moment and asking in a nearly frightened tone to her voice, " everything okay?" As he guides her away from the others the pit of fear in her stomach only grows, Maplewing never acted like this as far as she knew. Her head is spinning and then suddenly they are beneath a pair of trees and he is kneeling in front of her, taking her free hoof in his and... *clatter* her fan drops from her hoof and hits the ground, a startled look on her face, she can barely believe what she is hearing as her eyes start to shimmer with tears. A slight tremor in her voice as she tries to make sense of this, "W-What? Maplewing...are you serious? Are you serious?" Unable to hold back the tears any longer she covers her eyes with the hoof that had been holding the fan and begins to weep softly. Leaning forward she presses her chest against him and wraps her hooves around his neck, sobbing out finally, "O-Of course I will!"
Dusk nods and smiles as Mirage quietly answers him.  "Also very good, yes."  He can't help chuckling to Chance, "Yes it's pretty convenient.  I was saying earlier with you and Lady Starfire being so close, we should come by here together more often."  He gently leans in with Mirage as we enjoy tea and he watches Maple and Cherry together.  He notices the new pegasus and wonders quietly to Mirage, "Is that the same pony we saw at the pond with Mr. Bolt too?"  But after a while his attention is brought back to the other couple as Maple kneels and proposes, and he waits and waits for Cherry's response.  He finally can take a breath and applauds with his hooves, "Congratulations!"
Mirage sips her tea, enjoying the moment with Dusk amid the beauty and friends.  She looks over at Dusk's question and has to try to remember if she's seen this pony before.  "I'm sorry, love, but I don't remember.  I've only seen her the one time."  She had admired Maplewing's kimono, and that he and Cherry Blossom made such a beautifully matched pair in their outfits.  She doesn't notice at first that Maplewing is leading Blossom away to a place where all can see.  When it becomes obvious as to what is going on, Mirage watches quietly, her full attention on the scene.  She's never seen Blossom actually -drop- anything, and has to contain herself until Blossom gives Maplewing her answer.  She grins stamps her hooves in applause as Dusk does!  "L'amour est dans l'air," she says to Dusk amid the applause.  *repose for Dusk*
Chance tilts his head to Snow and just has time to tell him "When she finishes up with the garden." before he glances over at Maplewing proposing. He gives a soft smile as it's accepted, then his attention turns back to the trio of friends. "Well, now this is an interesting night." he decides, and picks out a blueberry tea. <repose for Dusk>
Snow_Bolt listens to Chance out sort of, but most of his attention is focused on Cherry and Maplewing. He hasn't really seen a pony propose to another pony in a very long time and Maplewing went all out for this one. As Cherry starts to cry he grew sort of concerned. What if she says no? That would be the worst thing in the world. Something like that would be his worst nightmare, but it turns out his fears aren't justified and Cherry says yes. A wide smile breaks across his face and he joins in the applause of Dusk and Mirage. What a wonderful thing to be here for!
MoonRain smiles broadly as the question is finally asked and Blossom accepts. "CONGRATULATIONS!!" she shouts out now hopping a little bit in place a few times. Turning to Rush she gives the pony a full kiss on his lips without a second thought. Whether she heard it or not just by the actions she could tell what happened.
Sugar_Rush claps his hooves and gives out a HUZZAH! at the proposal and Blossom's acceptance! Somehow, Rush has the same reaction as MoonRain, and turns to kiss her at the same time! He wraps his wings around her as the embrace, his tail flicking behind him.
Maplewing's expression remains as strong as he can, even as she presses for him to tell her what's wrong. In fact, nothing is wrong, but in a few minutes, he hopes everything will be better than alright. As Cherry's expression changes and her eyes begin to well with tears, his lips purse a little as he resists smiling too much, at least until Cherry actually answers the proposal. His heart is already welling with the answer he is certian she'll give, but one never knows for sure until they're spoken. His eyes don't even flinch to the falling fan, the emerald green eyes remaining locked onto Cherry's as a little smile grows as his words sink in. "I haven't been more serious in my life, dear Blossom." he murmurs lovingly, his other hoof raising to gently claps hers in both of his as he remains kneeling before her, his heart pounding in his chest and pulse racing. As she begins to weep, a faint hint of concern crosses Maples expression, discernng happy tears and sad are sometimes hard, but, he prays to Celestia that they are happy. It's not long before he finds out as the mare that has his heart presses forward to wrap her limbs around him and embrace him tightly, his own releasing her hoof and embracing her in return, squeezing her tight in a loving, protective embrace. As she speaks, and accepts his proposal, Maple's breath releases in a relieved little sigh, his eyes closing as he holds Cherry and his smile grows with tears beginning to trickle down his cheeks as well. "I love you so much Cherry." he says quietly in her ear.
Cherry_Blossom can't seem to stop crying, but even as the tears fall she is smiling so widely her face hurts. She holds on to Maple in the same way a drowning pony would cling to a life raft, she feels as if she is shaking from the shear shock of the moment. Here she had been so distracted making plans for the festival she had never suspected that her stallion was making secret plans of his own. Her heart pounds in her chest as she hugs him tightly and looks over his withers at their friends, giggling softly and waving a hoof at them. Normally she was a shy and retiring mare, but this...this was too much. It overcame all her embarrassment, and she was just thrilled that so many of her friends could be here to share in this moment with her. Turning her head she rears up and kisses Maplewing's ear, whispering softly, "I love you more then words can tell Maple. I-I'm so happy to share my life with you."
Dusk nods to Mirage and smiles, "Quite alright.  I wasn't sure either," he answers back prior to all the applause for the newly engaged couple.  It is indeed a wonderful thing, and he imagines all the applause causing even more petals to rain down over the new couple, as if the trees themselves were cheering the couple with their own praise.  It is indeed much like something out of a picture story book, and thinks this was indeed the perfect moment for Maple and Cherry.  He smiles back and can't help giving Mirage a warm and pleasant kiss, feeling rather happy at this moment for everypony.  He doesn't even notice the other kissing ponies either, just glad to have Mirage there with him.  It's a few moments before he finishes smiling to Mirage and looks back to the couple at the center of attention here, seeing all the love and happiness between them.  "So wonderful an event!" he agrees with Chance and others expressing their enjoyment of it all.
She could die a happy mare right now as the kiss from Rush is returned. Moonrain though does break it a moment while her pale fur becomes darker and she giggles almost like a little filly. "Hold that thought." she tells Rush and turns facing the tea house with loud whistle. Two ponies come out balancing a large cake made to Maple's specifications with a figurine of Maplewing and Cherry Blossom on top. Once its settled on a table that was quickly set up by another she smiles, "Come on every pony. This is now an engagement party!" a banner seems to magically appear with [Congratulations Maple and Cherry!] on it. Now turning back to Rush she kisses him again and then hugs him tightly with her forelimbs.
Snow_Bolt does notice MoonRain and Sugar Rush as well as Cherry and Maple. Love does seem to be in the air this evening and he finds that to a wonderfully amazing thing. He was incredibly lucky to just be here to see this. This is certainly doing it right. He wanders back over toward Mirage and Dusk and stands by them again. Its then that the cake arrives. Thats another amazing moment. Maple had this all planned out clearly and did a brillant job of it.
Sugar_Rush blinks as Moonrain's cake and the banner appears. He gives a wry look over at the mare, "So, he tells you well in advance, but he only tells me today? Now I look like a piker for not having anything for the couple!" He gives Moon another kiss, showing he is not really sore. At least, not that much.
Mirage gives Dusk a sideglance as the little herd applauds Cherry Blossom and Maplewing, and she gives Dusk a tender kiss in return.  "I think Maplewing picked the perfect time.  There should be a mural in the teahouse of the two of them, in their kimonos amid a swirl of cherry blossoms," she smiles to Dusk.
"I didn't make that.. I only helped deliver it." Moonrain tells Rush standing right next to him. "We can figure out a gift to give them later." she noses his cheek. "You know, Rush, I know we haven't really gone out on an official date but.. You've become a very dear one in my life. I would never just kiss any pony like I kissed you unless well.. I felt that I love them." her ears lay back a bit nervously.
Jonagold enters the orchard and quickly looks around for a familiar face. Spying the stark-white pegasus from earlier he clip-clops his way over "G'day again. 'Sugar Rush' innit?"
Maplewing's embrace slowly softens, his prior fit of joy turning into a strong welling of delight, the feeling of his now fiancé against him, the hug somehow shifting from being close to one he cares about, to being... complete. His hooves brush along her back gently as he feels her tremble in joy, doing his best to try and soothe the mare, though he imagines hess fighting a losing battle. He smiles broadly to her as she reasrs back to press in to kiss his ear, surprising him a little, but when she draws back he presses forward, returning sign of affection with a firm kiss to the lips. WHe nthe kiss breaks, his hoof raises to gently brush the tears from Cherry's cheeks and chuckles "And I you, my dear Cherry Blossom... I know we'll blossom together." he says lovingly. He turns with Cherry and settles in against her side, his wing draping over her lovingly and protectively as it were as the pair turn to face their guests. He tips his head in a light bow at all the congratulations. "Thank you, everypony." he says, laughing softly, especially as he notices Rush and MoonRain kissing. He winks to Cherry to draw her attention to it. "I think our friends approve." he laughs, which grows deeper when Moonrain abruptly breaks the romacne with her own special somepony to call out the engagement cake. "I... I hope I did everything... well, wight." he murmurs to Cherry "You have no idea how nervous I was." he adds sheepishly.
Snow_Bolt can't stop smiling that all this has happened. So many ponies finding happiness. Those that he doesn't know well, and of course his own friends. He wanders away from Dusk and Mirage for a moment to get some of the tea that was set out. Its good to get something to drink before digging into the cake, given its size, it will surely last many ponies most of the evening.
Cherry_Blossom's face for the second time that evening expressed pure shock as she looks at the banner and the cake. Then, strangely she takes a step back away from Maplewing. picking up her fan again and then regarding him with a rather suspicious look. letting the moment stay for a single heartbeat before she smile and lightly taps his nose with her fan, "I am going to have to keep an eye on are far sneakier then I ever imagined." The tea mare then giggles softly and presses back in against her future husband's side, "Birthday's, Hearth's Warming, anniversaries...I'll have to be sure to hide presents in places you'll never find." She lightly flicks her tail against Maplewing's and nudges under his chin with her nose, "Come on Maple. Lets go get some cake and celebrate with the others." She beams at the other ponies, giggling into a hoof as she spies some of the others kissing, "Told you this time of year was romantic."
Sugar_Rush smiles to MoonRain, "I know, and I think it is clear how I feel about you." He blushes a bit, "I do hope we get to have a real date, soon, though, so we can spend more time together." He gives her a nuzzle, then wraps a wing around her, "Let's go talk to the bride and groom to be..."
Jonagold notices Sugar Rush in conversation with a rather pretty mare and backs up "Ooer! Sorry, mate. Didn't realize you were busy."
Dusk mmmms at Mirage's kiss too, and smiles happily.  He gets a look as she mentions a new mural idea, "That is a brilliant idea, my dear Mirage!  It should certainly be done."  He hmmms and ponders, "I'm sure between the two of us we could arrange it."  And with the talent of the two them, they can render a perfect image for the artist.  He seems serious about having it done.  He looks up and smiles, "Ah hello there, Mr. Bolt," as their friend rejoins the little group.  Indeed, just a couple more and we'll have the whole 'gang' here.  He sees the cake arrive and the couple heading over that way.  He looks to the others, "Shall we go join them?"
MoonRain smiles at Rush before glancing towards Jonagold, "Hello." she says just now noticing him there. "You are fine, Sir! I take you know Rush. I am Moonrain."
Mirage seems surprised that Dusk likes her idea so much that he might go through with it.  "Um, I was just thinking out loud?" she says to him with a shy smile.  But if Dusk thinks it's a good idea then seeing what can be done certainly won't hurt.  Then she nods to Dusk.  "Of course," she says at his suggestion to join the others.
Jonagold bows his head politely "Fair charmed, mum. Jonagold's the name, and yes, we met earlier today over a bit o' tucker."
Sugar_Rush smiles as he turns to the stallion from Down Under, "Hello, Jonagold! Sorry, didn't mean to ignore you there. How are you? Good to see you came to the festival. Our friends there just got engaged, so it is even more festive. Care to join us in congratulating the couple?"
Jonagold lets a smile come to his face "Too right! If'n yer don't think they'll mind it comin' from some cocky they don't know from Dischord."
Snow_Bolt follows after Dusk and Mirage as they move toward where the rest of the group is gathered. He has found the tea here to be good and the company to be wonderful and the event itself to be legendary. He is very pleased he decided to come with his friends this evening and was able to be here for this special moment, "They make a very cute couple." he says to Dusk, Mirage and Chance with a wide smile.
Maplewing's expression shfts to concern as Cherry's expression turns to shock, his head not moving, even as she reaches out to give him a playful little bop on the nose with the fan once she retrieves it. He laughs softly and shifts toward her in return as she sidles up against him and his wing returning to her back. "Well, lets just say I had significant motivation to be sneaky." he says grinning, letting his tail flick with hers in return, occasionally mingling with hers from time to time. As she rambles off various gift giving occasions, a playfully devious look crosses his muzzle as he turns to her. "Oh? Good luck with that. My parents had a nightmare of a time hiding things from me as a colt." he says daringly with a light nosing to her cheek followed by a gentle peck. He nods softly to her suggestion and smiles. "Let's." he says simply, his eyes twinling with joy as he walks his finacneé back toward the party. "Thank you everypony for making this day so special!" he says aloud, his voice full of sentiment, and a bit of concern about making sure everyone knows their being here is appreciated. Seeing Rush and Moonrain approach, he tips his head to his friends. "Thank you both for the help." he says, pausing a little on the way to the refreshments, motioning especially to the cake.
MoonRain now trots off towards the couple giving both a hug if allowed, "Congratulations my sweet friends!" she backs up a step looking to Rush and the new pony  to see if they are coming.
Jonagold waits for Sugar Rush to make a move, deciding it best to follow his lead.
Sugar_Rush chuckles, "I'm sure they will welcome well-wishes from any friendly folks. Come along!" He trots over to Maple and Cherry, "Congratulations! I'm sure this will lead to a long happy life together!"
Jonagold, having inherited the typical Apple-family sense of shyness trots right up and flashes Maple a wide grin "So yer the lucky begger, are ya? Well g'donya mate, that's right ripper!" He turns and nods to Cherry "And you as well, mum."
Cherry_Blossom sighs happily as she walks side-by-side with her special stallion over to the group, letting her tail twist with his for a moment before stepping away from him to distribute hugs to all the others, "Yes, thank you all for being here and the applause and well wishes. I'm not entirely certain how many of you all were in on this, but rest assured I shall get those parties back." She laughs softly at the mock promise of revenge. Then she grows a little more serious, still smiling her words are far more heartfelt now, "But honestly, thank all of you. I had no idea this was coming and you have all made it such a special day. I will never forget this." tears begin welling up in Cherry's eyes again as she begins hugging everypony a second time. pausing to introduce herself to the aussie pony, "I am Cherry Blossom, thank you for coming to visit during the festival, and thank you also for wishing us well. You've no idea how much it means."
Mirage nods to Snow Bolt.  "Yes, they do make a wonderful couple," she says before going quiet to listen to Blossom give her thanks to the guests.
Dusk chuckles a little at Mirage's surprise to his reaction of her own idea.  He leans in, "Perhaps a wedding gift, early or otherwise."  He smiles to Mirage, then nod as she, Snow, and Chance agree to join the others, so he nuzzles Mirage just a bit again and turns to head that way.  He leans his head and nods to Snow, "They most certainly do, and such a lovely setting for it all!"  The day here started out so quiet, with just him and his friends arriving, and not even seeing Cherry around.. and now has.. well.. blossomed into all of this.  Indeed quite a day!  "Congratulations again, you too!  May you have the most happiest of life together!" he says, shaking their hooves and even a hug or two with a smile, before waiting to get some cake with the others.  It looks very good!
Jonagold give a dismissive smile "Aw, no worries mum. Be right wowser of me not to."
Snow_Bolt also offers his congratulations to both Cherry and Maplewing, "I'm sure this is only the begining of a wonderful story that will be written over the course of many many wonderful years." It certainly will be a joy to watch as Maplewing and Cherry prepare for their marriage and then all the wonderful years that come after. Ponyville is filled with wonderful loving couples. And good cake.
Sugar_Rush chuckles, "Cherry Blossom, meet Jonagold, a relative of the Apple clan. He does have a way to turn a phrase, doesn't he?" He then nuzzles MoonRain again before turning back to his friends. "I hope you don't mind my telling him about the festival."
MoonRain smiles as Cherry gives her two hugs. A nuzzle is then given to Rush in return while listening to them speak.
Mirage smiles and dips her head to Cherry Blossom and Maplewing as Snow Bolt and Dusk give their best wishes.  "I'm sure they'll be very happy together," she says to Dusk and Snow as they head towards the celebration cake.
Jonagold says "So, er... What usually goes on around here besides engagements?"
Cherry_Blossom nods to Sugar Rush and Jonagold, "Of course it's fine! I am always happy to meet new ponies. And any relative of Miss Applejack is more then welcome here." She then turns and walks over to the table, picking up a large serving knife as she tucks her fan away in the belt of her kimono, "Now...who would like some of this amazing cake?" It seems Cherry has the idea that she is going to be serving everypony.
Maplewing can't help but feel like a million bits walking along with his fianceé, of course, the silk kimono doesn't hurt either. Far fancier than he'd /normally/ wear, but it does have a certian... empowering elegance to it, as it were. He shivers lightly feeling her far longer tail intertwine with his shorter one a little, sending a little shiver through him as well as earn her a loving glance. He plants a little kiss to her cheek and smiles as he senses the inner hostess in her surfacing again. He lets her drift a short distance away to greet and thank some of the other guests as he gravitates to Rush and MoonRain, giving them both a deep hug. "Thank you both especially for being such a part of this." he laughs. "Dont know what I would have done without either of you." he adds, just as Dusk congratulates them both again. "Thank you kindly, Dusk, its an honor to hve you /all/ here." he says back to him, returning a firm hoofshake, while letting Cherry handle the hug. His ears flush a little when Snowbolt steps for forwrd to offer his congratulations, Maple tipping his head to him as well. "Such kind words, thank you." he says, offering a hoof as well "You all made this day as memorable as being here with Cherry did, thank you. In the process of thanking ponies, Maple drifts his way back to the group with Rush, Moonrain Cherry and Jongagold, who is just being introduced. "Well, nice to meet you." he offers with a hoof as well. "New to town I take it?" he asks. When Cherry takes up the serving knife, he smiles, shaking his head a little. "Dear... why don't you let sompony else do that and enjoy yourself?" he suggests, motioning to the two ponies who brought out the cake, both looking as if they're waiting for Cherry to let them take over.
Jonagold nudges Sugar Rush with a smile "You 'eard the bloke, let's give the sheila a hoof!" He makes his way toward the cake, awaiting instructions, more than eager to help.
Dusk chuckles and nods to Maple, "You are both quite welcome!"  He then smiles to Mirage, Snow, and Chance as they all mill about together and each get some of that wonderful cake once Cherry starts serving it out, Dusk hoofing out slices to each of his friends.  He finally gets to try some of his own, finishing up some tea first, then trying the cake.  "Mmm as delicious as it looked!"  He smiles over to Mirage and nods, "I am sure they will as well, my love!"  He then asides more quietly, "I wonder if asking Miss Blossom to play something for the occasion would be appropriate?"  Perhaps she has too much to think about and do at the moment.
MoonRain nods her head, "Yes let them do it." she insists waving the two ponies that made the delivery over. "Is their job afterall! This is BlueBella and her sister GreenBella from Cloudsdale. They works for my father in his bakery."
Cherry_Blossom blushes slightly at Maple's words and she laughs softly, "O-Oh yes, of course." She hoofs over the serving knife and steps away as the other two ponies take over the serving, then she murmurs still smiling, "Sometimes I forget that I don't always have to be the one serving. But I guess this is one of those times." She trots over to lean against Maplewing once again, seeming to be okay with leaving his side now and again, but never straying terribly far away. Her ears perk and she glances over at Dusk, "I wouldn't mind playing something for all my friends, while we eat the cake I'll think of something that would commemorate this evening, and play it for you all after the cake." She then slips over and sidles up to MoonRain, looking left, then right, then pulling out her fan, opening it, and using it to shield her muzzle from view as she whispers something to her friend.
Mirage is glad that Dusk was able to get some pieces of cake before the good natured discussion of just who is going to be serving the cake gets started.  "Thank you, dear," she says to Dusk as she steps back to see how things go.  "Oh, very nice," she says to Dusk, Snow and Chance after nibbling a bit of the cake.
Sugar_Rush smiles to MoonRain, "So, baking is your family's business, like mine is candy making? Very nice!"
MoonRain takes a moment to listen to the whisper of her friend. Tucking her muzzle behind the fan she whispers back to her and then grin broadly afterwards. "Yes." she glances to Rush, "They own a shop in Cloudsdale. was owned by my grandparents before my dad took over."
Maplewing tips his head to Dusk with a smile. "It's very much appreciated." he says and turns to Moonrain in agreement. "Yes, see, even Moonrain agrees." he says lovingly, leaning in against his finacneé once she reliquishes the knife, planting a loving kiss on her cheek again. "Thank you. Your job is to enjoy yourself, espeially after working so hard all week." he assures, giving her a little squeeze before she slips off to speak quietly with MoonRain. he flashes Rush a 'What are they up to, do you suppose" glance. Shrugging it off he joins his friend. "Lets grab some cake. Thanks again by the way." he says fondly.
Sugar_Rush turns to CherryBlossom, "Oh, I just remembered. Um...about that brew you made me last night? I think it may have worked too well..."
Cherry_Blossom listens to Moonrain's reply and then giggles and flankbumps her friend, using the fan to hide her next whisper as well, beaming as she does.
Jonagold gets down to business cutting and serving bits of cake. Of course, being the son of a farmer from the Outback of Horse-Trailia, his methods are more focused on efficiency than finesse, but at least everyone's sure to have enough on their plate. After arranging them in a... Semi-orderly manner on the table, he calls out. "Right, nosh up all!"
Cherry_Blossom looks with a touch of concern at Sugar Rush as he mentions the special tea she brewed him, "Too well? You haven't started having bad side effects have you? What happened Rush?" Even as she asks she begins to enjoy her piece of cake, not realizing that she has a rather large bit of frosting on the side of her embarrassing.
Dusk smiles to Mirage and his friends as they all enjoy some of the wonderful cake, and is just the slightest bit embarrassed as Cherry overhears the quiet aside, not having meant to put her on the spot.  But he is glad of the result, "Oh thank you, Miss Blossom.  I was thinking it would be so fitting to have something for this special day and all.  Perhaps a song to remember and play at other special times in the future.  Or perhaps one that already means something special to you."  He smiles.
Maplewing glances over his shoulder to the two conspiring mares, suddenly feeling a bitnervous. "Two, please." he says motioning to Cherry and offering a tip of his head to the helpful Apple "Appreciate all your help and congratualtions". Once he has a couple pieces of cake, he wanders himself over to where Cherry and MoonRain are chatting, doing his best not to 'sneak' up but doesn't try to not overhear at least a little. "And what are you two giggling about, hmm? Should I be worried?" he asks, offering one of the plates to Cherry. "I can vouch for that. Compass and I found him under a pile of blossoms." he adds to Rush's comment.
Sugar_Rush notices Moon and Cherry whispering to each other. Now, he wouldn't claim to be an expert on female behavior, but even he knows enough to be nervous at this. His wings flick a bit as he makes his way over to the cake table...
Jonagold shakes his head at Maplewing "Ah, no worries mate. Coo! Almost fergot a piece for meself." He grabs a plate and starts chowing down "Mm, bonzer tucker! Yer work, Rush?"
MoonRain grins at Cherry giving her a hug, "You will never know." she teases Maple following along next to Rush towards the cake table. "Did her tea put you to sleep?" she questions rather curious now.
Cherry_Blossom giggles as Moon teases Maple and nods in agreement. Flicking her ears back then forward again, "But I hope Rush was alright? I just wanted to help him relax, I didn't mean to brew it that strong. Maybe I overestimated his weight a that he's heavy! I mean...o-oh dear." Cherry laughs again, "I think I just put my hoof in my mouth."
Sugar_Rush notices Moon and Cherry whispering to each other. Now, he wouldn't claim to be an expert on female behavior, but even he knows enough to be nervous at this. His wings flick a bit as he makes his way over to the cake table. He first answers Jonagold's question "No, I'm a candy maker. Moonrain here is the maker of fine baked goods." He then turns to MoonRain, "Well, you see, I overdid it working yesterday, so I was completely exhausted and my muscles were sore. Blossom said she had a brew that would relax my muscles, and so I tried it. I'm sure it was case of her simple underestimating how tired I really was..."
Jonagold nods to Moonrain then "Well ripper work on this cake 'ere, mum."
Dusk hangs about, watching the happy couple and friends.  He eventually slips away with Mirage and walks out among the lovely cherry trees and falling blossoms enjoying a little time together, but ready to come back and join the party shortly too.
MoonRain nods her head, "Perhaps you need a nice massage." she tells Rush. Then glancing over to Jonagold, "My dad made it actually. But I'll tell him you said that."
Maplewing chuckles to Jonagold "Yes, do make sure you save a corner piece for yourself for all your wonderful help." he says to the apple stallion. When he joins Cherry and MoonRain he laughs, frowning playfully at MoonRain. "Translation: 'Yes, you should be worried." he says with a smile. "Somehow I don't think Cherry is as shy as she lets on to be sometimes." he admits, giving a little bump to his fiancee before settling nextto her and sampling the cake. "Mmmm, now this /is/ scrumptious!" he exclaims. "Its often hard to tell who did what, Rush." he says to his friend, letting him explain the tea, waiting ot see if he mentions where Maple found him earlier.
Cherry_Blossom flankbumps her fiance in return and leans in to give a little nip to his jawline, Then she turns her attention to her own cake again and finishes it off in between frosting laden nuzzles to Maple's neck and cheek. Playfully giggling while she considers what to play once the cake is finished.
Maplewing lets out a soft little "Mmmf!" as hes flankbumped just as he is about to take a bite of cake, smearing agood daub of icing on his nose. "See, I ask you to marry me and NOW you get all bold on me." he quips playfully to Cherry, returning a frosting coated nosing to the mare's nose in return before giving his an awkward lick off. "THis is definitely the happiest day of my life... I can only think of one day that could /possibly/ be better." he says with a sigh.
Dusk is enjoying the wonderful cherry blossoms with Mirage as they all but vanish at points amongst the trees and falling petals.  But he does see other ponies are finishing up their cake and such and makes his way back towards the others, just in time to watch the couple get silly a little.  He smiles, giving Mirage a friendly little flank bump too.
Cherry_Blossom looks up curiously at her special somepony, leaning against him a little and mmmming? curiously at him, "What day is that Maple?" she asks before glancing up and giggling softly when she witnesses Dusk bump Mirage. She waves a hoof at him inviting him over to talk.
Maplewing Mmms softly to Cherry and is quite content leaning in against Cherry, though the Kimono is a bit to get used to. The sleeves especially. "Well, our actual wedding day, of course." he answers cherry and looks down at himself. "So, what do you think of the Kimono?" he asks, "I was rather nervous that it might be an offence or something if i didn't get it just right... or something." he admits, chuckling softly to himself as he too notices Dusk and Mirage getting a bit playful as well.
Dusk sees Cherry gesturing them over and turns to nuzzle and say something to Mirage, the two of them making it the rest of the way back, some petals in their manes and such, but not seeming to mind at all.  He smiles and nods to Cherry and Maple, "I've always enjoy the garden here.  But with the blossoms it is all the more beautiful to explore."  Mirage smiles and agrees very much, clearly having enjoyed her little walk with Dusk.
Cherry_Blossom nods and takes a moment to glance around her own garden, "It always makes me feel good to hear ponies say things like that. I have put so much work into my trees. Miss Applejack seemed extremely fond of them last night. I imagine it's because she herself works with trees as much as she does. She laughed when I told her what Maple does. Well she didn't laugh so much as sound astounded." She giggles then and looks at her friends and fiance again, "She had a very disbelieving note in her voice and said "He milks trees?!" If I remember her words correctly. If I had been drinking anything I think it would have come out my nose when she said that."
Maplewing chuckles lightly To Dusk's thoughts on the garden, his ears flushing a little at his own somewhat skewed take on the sentiment. "I can entirely relate... kind of." he says, adjusting the folds of his kimono for a moment. "Came her first out of curiosity, kept coming back for the Cherry Blossom." he says, deliberatly leaving off the plural. His head tilts with curiosity a little at Cherry's retelling of Applejack's visit and the discussion had, laughing a little himself. "Well, I suppose you /could/ put it that way. I really must stop by and give the Apples a proper visit, or at least invite them out to the sugar bush in the spring. Would be nice to kind of talk shop." Imagining the sight of Cherry snorting out a beverage out of laughter causes Maple to laugh a little as well. "I entirely shouldn't have ahd such a clear mental image of that." he says to her, smiling.
Dusk smiles to the two and listens as Cherry talks about Maple's job.  Of course Dusk has known what he does, and even been over for the maple festival he had.  But he never really considered the contrast between Cherry and her trees, and what Maple does with his.  He has to chuckle and nod, "Yes, I could see that!  Of course, Mr. Maplewing wants to keep his trees just as healthy and well I'm sure."  He smiles and nods, then has to chuckle at Maple as he plays with the wording for why he kept coming back.  He smiles to Mirage at the though, catching her own smile, then turns back to the other couple, "Yes, an excellent reason to come back!"  He grins.
Cherry_Blossom smiles at the stallions and lightly swats Maplewing on the flank with her tail, "Yes, and I never had a clue. I just thought Maple was even more fond of tea then I could imagine. And you look wonderful in that Maplewing. Very handsome." She says, reaching out with a forehoof to smooth the front of his kimono a little. "And I now know what I am going to play for you all...a song about a very passionate love, a love that transcended every possible bond."
Cherry_Blossom has disconnected.
Maplewing grins to Dusk lightly and shrugs "For the most part, the trees take care of themselves, but, I do try to give them a hoof up as far as health goes. Even abit of extra rain now and again before winter... you should have heard the weather team when I asked to essentially 'water the whitetail wood" he laughs. Looking to cherry he smiles "I keep saying I've done the impossible and found the perfect Cherry Blossom." he says, nosing against Cherry gently, even though he's speaking to Dusk. He playfully shy's away from Cherry at the swat, and chuckles with amusement. "hey, that reminds me, you're not allowed to half bury yourself in your shelves and cupboards anymore, alright?" he remarks, still remembering the lovely views he had upon his first visits. His ears flush a little, but smiles when Cherry flattens the robes over his chest, puffing it out a little. "I'm glad. I had it impoted just to make sure it was authentic and perfect." he says. "Mmm that one sounds perfect my love... I can't wait to hear it."
Dusk chuckles to Cherry, "Oh I'm sure he was very fond of it."  Then he ohs and smiles, "That sounds like a wonderful and very fitting song, yes!"  He smiles as she starts to prepare for the music, and he turns back as Maple comments about the woods, and he ends up chuckling all over again, "Yes I can imagine them being rather perplexed at that!"  He has to smile at the two though, and rubs himself against Mirage affectionately some more as well.  "I think you two do make a wonderful couple."
Maplewing shifts closer as Cherry excuses herself to prepare to play, moving himself closer and sitting next to Dusk and Mirage. "Oh they were. There was more than one "are you nuts?" or something of that ilk brought up. Took a bit to get them to actually /listen/ to why I needed it. Sometimes I fear us pegasia have our heads too far into the clouds sometimes tha twe forget what lay below." he grins. "Of course, I'm something of an oddity, I suppose."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "I dont think Cherry is going to be back hehe."
Mirage and Dusk smile as Maple comes over to join them while Cherry gets set to perform for the group of ponies at the festival / engagement party.  Dusk nods and grins, "Well I think lots of ponies get stuck in their own routine and don't quickly think of things outside of it, yes.  Though at the least I don't believe you're the first pegasus to have a fondness for the earth," he comments, thinking of Fluttershy.
<OOC> Dusk nods, "I was thinking that too, seeing as after 4 here now.  Maybe we'll have to pick up later.  Though I won't be on as early as today.  Back to work for me, alas."
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<OOC> Dusk nods, "I think we might as well, as we're mainly waiting for the performance, and kinda need Cherry for that. :-)"
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<OOC> Maplewing says, "Awesome, thank you very much!"
<OOC> You say, "And can figure out what song she had in mind from what she said. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "sorta kinda yeah ;)"
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<OOC> Dusk nods, "And welcome again!  Likewise, once you actually got to do some free RP. :-)  And a wonderful event!  I'm really glad I got to see it!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "yes indeed :) Im glad folks were around for it. Ive been kinda planning it for awhile. Not even cherry knew about what i had planned :D"
<OOC> Dusk grins and nods, "Yes she seemed quite surprised by it all. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "Im glad about that. I have been kind of subtly urging her to actually get around to doing this for awhile"
<OOC> Dusk chuckles, "Ahh, yes how to get her to do something for a reason you don't want to mention.  Tricky. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "exactly. She mentioned it but it kind of kept getting 'side burnered' so I had to subtly kind of "You should do that, it sounds like lots of fun!""
<OOC> Dusk nodnods and grins, "I bet she's pretty glad she did now!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "I certianly hope so! :D"
<OOC> Dusk chuckles and nods!
( to be continued )

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