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( Chance's talent does help keep the carriage steady. Since Dusk is working toward the same goal, in much the same way, it works well with Dusk's magic this time. )
( Indeed the travel goes quite well.  Dusk makes sure Chance gets some regular snacks, as well as a little something himself along the way.  He also makes sure, checking on the carriage, that there aren't any issues with it.  It's not long this way that Trottingham shows up ahead of us and closing steadily.  But the sun is already well pass noon and moving across the sky even before we get there.  Dusk is already going over and over the different possibilities to get to the ship on time.  The issue is it keeps changing as so many ponies and other factors interact with subtle variations.  But he narrows down a few more probable routes.  "Let's take the next more Southern entrance.." he suggests, rather than the one this road heads directly towards. )
( Mirage is paying attention to the trip this time, and she notes how quickly the sun seems to be moving.  She shakes her head and sighs, but at least everything seems to be going well with Chance and Dusk working together this time. )
( Starfire is overhead again, once more tracking the sounds of the stage. )
( Chance glances down the different paths, then glances at Dusk. Dusk seemed to be confident in his selection, so he nods lightly. "Very well, southern entrance it is." He turns to head off in that direction with Dusk. "I wonder what I'll do with my carriage when I get there.." he muses. )
Dusk passes what seems to be a perfectly good main entrance for what instead is perhaps more like akin to a side street.  We turn down it and indeed end up going through a fairly residential area.  Fortunately the area seems largely empty.  And if anything, Dusk picks up the speed a little more.  One might get an occasional glimps to the right of the main road, which is growing increasingly congested as we move further into town.
Mirage meeps! as Chance and Dusk turn down a side street.  It's narrower than the perfectly good main road they've decided not to take.  Luckily, there is very little traffic to get the in the way of the barreling stagecoach.  And what traffic there is manages to scoot out of the way, just in time!  "Careful!" Mirage says, more to herself than to anypony else.
Chance runs along with Dusk, trusting him to get them through the city. After all, Dusk wouldn't chance Chance's chance-talent. Would he? .. Nah. "I wonder when the boat leaves.." he mentions to Dusk.
Dusk keeps us moving as Mirage notices we do indeed manage to time a few crossings well.  And once we get past one crossing, more of an alley than a street, Dusk slows just a little.  If Mirage were to look back, not long after an older stallion with a wide cart of goods slowly pulls out from the alley turns onto the street.  No, using Chance's talent would be more risky than dodging cross street traffic.  At Chance's comment Dusk glances up at the sun and back, "Oh.. pretty soon."  Up ahead.. are there carts and stalls?
Mirage is indeed looking out the windows, and begins to see what Dusk is doing.  Exactly how much Chance's luck is affecting Dusk's perception of immediate possibilities is impossible to say, but as long as their two talents remain in harmony there shouldn't be any danger.  Hypethetically, at least.
Chance glances around, watching the streets go by. "Been a while since I've been here." he tells Dusk. "Busier then the last time I was here. It's grown." He glances up momentarily to check on Starfire.
Dusk's perception of the probable paths shouldn't be much affected by Chance's talent, as it's not a spell and manipulation he's doing.  Just seeing what's there, or could be there.  Though it doesn't mean Chance's talent can't try manipulating things our favor, but Dusk is working to avoid that.  He doesn't want our road to be clear because a building collapsed on a pony before they could cross it.  In fact Dusk is specifically avoiding paths resulting from anything like that, to discourage that very possibility.  Not that that seems much of an issue so far.  "Left turn!"  And just before we reach the small local shops section, we turn down an unused service road.  "Yes, especially port towns, they do grow quick," he replies to chance, taking a look back to Mirage and the others.  In fact we take a number of curious turns, mostly seeming like planned ahead by Dusk.
Mirage makes sure everypony inside the coach is safe as the turns aren't well announced.  BlueFeather's cloud gets bumped from one side to the other with each turn, but all the others hold on and just sway with the turns.  Above, Chance can see NightRaven doing a nice job of flying in formation with Starfire, and guiding her along as they follow the coach from above.  Raven says something to Starfire, and Star waves down to Chance as he's looking up to her.
Chance says "Hi Starfire! Doing good!" he calls up to her. He notices the increasing curious turns. "We're getting close to the port.." he guesses. "We're seeing more of the old town here.." he notes, glancing about. "It was a sight to see when this city was young."
Dusk mainly needs to let Chance know so the two don't try turning different ways.  But it probably wouldn't hurt for those inside to be prepared for any of the quicker ones, yes.  Fortunately Blue did have a tie string for her cloud that helps.  "Indeed we are, Mr. Chance!  Perhaps we can talk more about it shortly," Dusk says with a smile.  He would enjoy talking about the old city.  We come to yet another intersection and Dusk announces a right turn.. but then skids to near stop.. "No.."  He looks looks looks.. then he ahs and looks forward, moving again, skipping this street and taking the next right, which is about half alley, half back yards behind homes.  But besides some complaining ponies hurrying out the way, and catching one laundry line complete with laundy, we make a slightly bumpy but efficient progress.  The carriage is even holding up well.  There are even some signs of sun reflecting water and pier pillars visible ahead.
Nutty_Bullet is of course unaware of anything going on other then dusk is not  paying her any attention, what ever he is doing is of no real importance. After all what could be more important then given her treats, so she rectifies this by jumping out of his bag in which she was hidding.
Mirage gasps! as the stagecoach is suddenly stopped and then starts again.  Time is of the essence, of course, but it still makes for a willy-nilly ride.  Mirage and the others hold on and hope that the coach doesn't tip too much in any of the turns as it bounces and rattles down the streets behind Chance and Dusk.
Chance spots the glimmering light and gives a small smile. "It'll be nice to see the ocean again." He trots on, watching one street go by, another street go by, a clothes line on his head.. "Gah!" He sputters and shakes the clothes line off. Finally we take the last turns and the ocean comes into view.
BlueFeather expects it might get more than a few odd looks, walking around with a cloud tied to a string to serve as shelter from the heat and sunlight, but then she has never been very ordanary, and sense coming to ponyville, well, ordanary is not something that fits her at all. She twitches, an ear flicking at Mirage's gasp, yawning and lifting her head to see whats going on thats so exciting, and looking around the inside of the carrage
Dusk apologizes for the crazy ride, up here with Chance as well as in back for the rest of the ponies.  At least the pegasi just have to keep from losing us, which isn't too hard with an aerial view.  But as we go through the backyard allies Dusk if anything picks the pace up even quicker.  We're so close!  The ocean does come into view, but it's largely obscured by not one, but two ships in port, and a large raised pier of heavy wooden pillars.  Ponies can be seen coming and going well up above us.  We need to be there.  But can't just go cut in at head of the line, which can be seen more than several streets away with heavy traffic.  Dusk takes us along the base of the pier until there is a larger space and a heavy planked path, which turns out to be some sort of service route under the pier.  It has a bit of an upward slope at first, requiring a little effort, then levels out, traveling under all the other ponies above.  One ship is not far on our left side.
Nutty_Bullet waves to blue as she tries to get someones attention, clearly she is not one to be ignored like this.
Mirage gets concerned as Chance and Dusk start resorting to using narrow back allies, and at times the stagecoach scrapes one side or the other on a fence or wall of a building.  By now, everypony can easily smell the sea air as we reach the piers.  When Chance and Dusk leave the regular roads for the planked service route, the the stagecoach reverberates as the big wooden wheels make a racket on the old heavy planks!
Chance is looking over at the ships, trying to find an entrance. Dusk has probably already found one, but he wants to double check anyways. He looks at the ship comming up. "There it is. Our ship. Looks like it's already loading. At least we don't have to wait for the boat for long."
Dusk does seem to have something in mind.  It does look like this was used for loading ships.  But seeing as there is nopony using it currently, it appears after a turn to just lead towards the ship, and then nothing.  The ship is not only loading, it's the last of the loading.  Dusk adjusts his speed, not going too fast, but not stopping, even as Chance glances over to him questioningly, to which Dusk nods, "Yes," he answers as the plank road runs out into open space!  Here's hoping he has this timed right!  He'd ask Chance to wish us luck, if had the time.  There's that familiar moment of weightlessness.  But unlike the train it's very brief and we quickly land on something solid, the stallions skidding to a hard stop.  A rising platform being hoisted by cables up towards the ship.  We can see all the other ponies as we get high enough, including ones being turned away as the main plank is drawn up to the ship as well.  The group gets a strange look from a couple of crew ponies not expecting a carriage.
BlueFeather lets out a sound, well, its rather like a loud squee, and pounces, unless Nutty is very very very lucky, the little squirrel is going to get snatched up and draged up onto Blue's litle cloud. Before anyone can start to complain, well, Blue has allready started trying to play 'dress up' with the poor critter.
Nutty_Bullet actually jumps onto blues head when he pounces and escapes captor by running aroung the body of the little pegasus, hoping to search for ticklish spots, knowing the exact weakness of little ones.
Mirage is watching from the side window as the stagecoach barrels along the wooden service route.  And it's quickly apparent the route is actually an extended part of the pier itself.  Mirage has just enough time to see that Chance and Dusk have suddenly reached the end of the pier, and show no signs of stopping, when the coach ungainly lurches into the air!  Landing with a heavy thud! and groaning loudly as Chance and Dusk hit the brakes and force the coach to stop on the rising cargo platform, everypony in the coach gets a good bounce in their seats, and a few loose things go flying about.  Then it's quiet, as the coach sways on the platform as it's lifted to the ship.  Mirage simply wears a teeth-gritting grimace and stares with wide, beady eyes as she has a death grip on her seat...
Chance runs along, wondering where Dusk wants us to load, when he notices the ship's plank starting to get retracted. "Oh no, we're too late!" Only a brief moment passes before he says "Oh." when he spots the platform. He jumps with Dusk across to the platform, glancing back at the stagecoach, grimicing a bit as it just makes it with a rough thud. He comes skidding to a stop alongside Dusk, and the first thing he does is call to Starfire. "Starfire! We're loading on the boat!" The next thing out of his muzzle is, "Is everypony alright?" he calls back to the carriage.
Dusk is breathing a bit of relief himself.  For such a short range probability it's generally pretty certain.  But one can never know of some freakishly unlikely occurance.  That and how tight even this had to be cut.  The service route was a part of but actually under the main pier, the sounds of other ponies above.  The swaying at least stops quickly, helping keep ponies from getting any more queasy than already are, as the platform uses multiple cables and not just one that splits into the four corners.  He looks too as Chance calls out, and we can now see the sky and NR and Starfire once more and they spot us, with a bit of surprise.  But the platform is loaded onto the ship, and Dusk unhooks himself and passes out a few bits here and there to make sure we get properly logged onto the ship.
BlueFeather is not exactly like other little pegasi, other than her enitial exclamation of excitment, she is rather oddly silant, her little horn lighting up, trying to use magic, her wings, and her hooves to catch the little squirrel. SHes got this litle outfit shes made for Squirrely that shes sure will fit just fine on Nutty, its pink, with lots and lots and lots of ruffles and frufru enough to choke an elephant. She is a little girl, reguardless of what else she might be, her fasion sense is not exactly the best. If she has to, she can and will chase the little squirrel all around the inside of the carrage. SHes so distracted with squirrel catchin, that she is oblivious to the stoping of the carrage, and the cloud shes perched atop of hides the movement of the lift.
Nutty_Bullet is rather manuaverable and hard to pinpoint with magic or hoof or wing darting all arund bluefeather body she avoids capture, prefering to make the little girl work hard to get her into the fru fru dress, yet eventually she does allow herself to be caught. At least the little pegasus might have treats if she does what she wants.
Mirage doesn't even begin to relax until the the unnerving (to her) swaying of the platform stops when it's finally on the deck.  Once there's a solid feeling to everything again, Mirage takes a few seconds and composes herself before finally breathing a sigh of relief.  A quick glance shows that Iris and ProgrammerPony are just fine.  And BlueFeather is busy playing dress up with her new friend, and has barely noticed what's happened.  Mirage experimentally opens the coach door and looks carefully to make sure everything's solid before she steps out.  She almost smiles as she sees Dusk busily bribing, um 'tipping' the ship's crew so they won't throw us all overboard after a stunt like this.  Above, NightRaven guides Starfire down in a slow, gliding hover, carefully missing the masts and lines before landing on the deck.  "Chance!" says Starfire with a wide grin.  "You've got to do that again after I get my eyes fixed!  It sounded awesome!"
Chance helps Dusk with the bits in order to help with the storage of the stagecoach itself. He perks up as Starfire calls over, and chuckles lightly. "I don't think the others will agree." he answers. He trots onto the deck and asks a crew member where their rooms are, getting directions and a simple itinerary for passengers. We all have our own room.. but it's just one single room we all have to share. He heads over to the carriage to check on the others and get some of the luggage, slipping some on his horn to carry. PP on the other hoof has had a bit different perspective. He's been laying on his blanket on the floor, and things get rather bumpy, shaking his body against the floor like a drumstick. When Mirage goes death-grip, he pulls himself up, a bit sore, and peeks out of the window, in time to see us settling down on the boat. "How'd we get on here?" he asks, quite confused now. He practically stumbles out of the carriage along with the others.
Dusk is actually rather glad when that's all finished.  It was quite a lot of on the fly details to work out.  He's done it plenty before, but usually just for himself where mistakes can be more easily handled, not hauling his friends and dear Mirage in a coach behind him.  Speaking of which, helping everypony, he particularly goes to Mirage and lends her a hoof as she finally first steps out, "Sorry, my love, for the bit of a ride there.."  His view is draw over to Blue and the squirrel.. Nutty?  When did she get here?  He shakes his head and back to the others, "Are you okay, Mr. Pony?"  Dusk will help with any luggage as well, once everypony is good.  He waits for Iris and all, even Blue and Nutty.  Hopefully there won't be an issue with 'pets' aboard.
BlueFeather can allways play dress up with any pony that wants to complain about 'pets' She has done it before. Still, shes so distracted trying to dress up the little squirrel shes not really paying a whole lot of attention, it would probably be easyt enough if Dusk wanted to grab the string tied to the cloud, and drag her along, or, give her another momant to tie the last bow to Nutty's tail, then she will start paying attention to the rest of the universe again.  Nutty might think herself lucky, Blue only carried emergancy supplys with her, so shes not got more than maybe 100 or so outfits to try and Nutty.
Mirage is doing her best to calm her nerves, and standing on a firm deck helps a lot. "How'd we get on here?" she repeats Programmer's question back to him.  "Dangerously," she says with a wry grin as she watches Chance starting to unload the coach.  Mirage feels better when Dusk comes over to check on her.  "I'm fine, love," she says, easily glossing over rattled nerves.  At least she knows Dusk couldn't have seen her inside the coach.  Mirage then helps with unloading the coach.  "Dusk?  Chance?  Should we keep the food supplies?  Or donate them to the ship's cook?"  She knows as well as the others this is a no frills voyage.  Even as we unload the coach, some crew ponies are lashing the coach to the deck for the trip.
Nutty_Bullet holds her paws out for payment, holding still for dress up requires at least something to snack on, with all these ribbons and bows she wants something to munch on while she acts as a doll
Chance pauses as Mirage asks her question, and considers it. He glances to Dusk momentarily, then back to Mirage. "We're going to have limited space on here. And we'll have fresh food anyways. I say we donate the food. It'll help smooth things over further." he suggests. PP blinks lightly as Mirage tells him they got here 'dangerously', looking even more confused now. He perks his ears at Dusk. "I'm fine Mr. Dusk!" He takes a few steps and mumbles, "..and sore."
Dusk is sure Blue would give any pony a run for their money.  But at the same time we don't need to be getting kicked off the ship already.  He did catch Mirage's look when he was 'tipping' the necessary crew for our.. additional supplies.  He thanks Chance for his help too, pulling and covering for the carriage itself.  "I am certainly glad you're well, Mirage dear."  He glances at the supplies and back to Chance as well, "That works for me too, if supplied with food by the ship."  But he does take a quantity of nuts and raisins from the supplies, and magics them over to Nutty, seeing her with her paws out.. and dressed up.  So pink.  He looks back and grins between Mirage and PP.  "Excellent to hear, Mr. Pony.  You're looking vastly better too.  As for getting here, we caught the lift on over," he says with a nod, rubbing his shoulder up against Mirage's.  He can tell she's a bit nerve wracked from it all too, but he doesn't point it out.  Really it's to be expected for most anypony.
BlueFeather tisks at Nutty, tucks under a wing and pulls out a cupcake, wich she sets on Nutty's paw, her head cocking a little to one side, then a small basket of nuts are also offered.
Nutty_Bullet takes the nuts and sets aside the cupcake, she a squirrell not a little pegasus. She mmunches on the nuts and decides to let bluefeather do as she wishes though all this frilly pink does seem a little uncomfortable

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