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The celebration lasts for the rest of the day. Chance gets time to catch up with his old friends.. or rather, have them catch up with him. Or something like that. Either way, he gets time! When evening nears, Dapple wanders up. "Chance, if you wish to catch the wagon train, they leave in an hour."
Starfire leans over and whispers to Chance. "Does this wagon train cross any bridges along the way to where ever we are going?" flicking an ear. "If it does, please let me know so I can fly over it."
Mirage has been partying soft through the day, enjoying herself in a relaxed way.  It's amazing to her that Chance's plan actually worked.  And it's such a relief to see Dapple Double as an aged town doctor instead of the corrupted pony he once was.  In fact, the townsponies only know from Chance that they and their little town going to become an almost forgotton memory if his Time Anchor didn't work.  Mirage and the others actually got to see a little of that future themselves, so seeing the town and it's ponies being peaceful and prosperous is a wonderful sight indeed.  "Wagon train?" she asks as Dapple talks to Chance and Starfire.
Snow_Bolt has also spent the day celebrating. It has been a nice thing to celebrate. The town is saved. The group of friends is saved and everything appears to be 'normal' again. The town is a pleasant place and he is pleased that they went to the trouble that they went to to save it. He is also curious to hear about the wagon train. Does this mean that they are going? "Where are we going Chance?" he asks.
BlueFeather is off by herself, fidding with the door on a cabinent, opening it, poking her head inside, then pulling out and closing it, again and again and again, allmost as if shes expecting to find something else there each time she opens the cabinent. There is a sudden and unexpected rush of water, as if she opened the cabinent door on the underside of a bathtub and all the water drained out, soaking her, and leaving her with a Memoire hat, oh dear, yes, that really is the foal of Marble and the DJ.
Memoire_Musique comes spinning out of the cabinet and onto Bluefeather's head. "Buufedder!" she chirps, still soaking wet. She buzzes her tiny wings, slowly drying herself off. "Hai."
Memoire_Musique says "Play time?"
Dusk is out side with the others enjoying the big celebration, happily spending a lot of that time with his beloved Mirage.  She is right too.  Most of the ponies here only know of what happened different in the past, or what might have happened now form being told it.  So it has to be quite the odd thing to them.  Fortunately they know and trust Chance now, and accepted it.  The effects of the Time Anchor as it was going into effect would have been quite noticable too.  "A mighty fine celebration!"  He nods to at the mention of the wagon train and listens in, rubbing shoulders in against Mirage.
Chance smiles and nuzzles Starfire. "No, not this particular train." he assures her. He exchanges glances with Dapple, at the wagon train questions, and Dapple defers the questions to Chance. Chance glances over to his friends. "There's no tracks that come through here, but there's a 6-pony wagon-train that's used for out of town transportion. There's usually around 5 or 6 wagons strung together behind the 6-pony team. As for where we're going, we'll be going home, unless anypony wants to go elsewhere. We can also spend a little time here, if anypony wishes." he offers. "We're not in a hurry. What do you want to do, my friends?"
Starfire giggles. "Good, though I DO hope they have good coffee on board." grinning to Mirage and the others, "NO bridges." flicking her wings. "I can sleep and not worry one iota."
Mirage rubs her shoulder back to Dusk's.  After all that's happened on this trip, it's good to spend a day of celebration with him and enjoy his company, especially now that Chance's problem is resolved along with the town's bleak history.  "Well, I don't know," she replies to Chance with a look to the Dusk and the others.  "I'm not quite sure where 'here' is in relation to your plantation and Ponyville.  But I don't have a perference as to where to go next."
Snow_Bolt also doesn't really have any hard plans on where he would like to go. He supposes that home is as good a place as any, "I would be willing to go home." he says to the assembled group. They have been away for some time now and it would be nice to see Ponyville again now that the adventure is done, "How long will it take to get there?"
BlueFeather trots carefully over twords Dusk, soaked to the bone, with a soaked Memoire hat still perched atop her head. Her own head a little cocked to one side. Her wings give a litle flick, sheding some of the water that she got soaked in, at lest it was warm! WHen she finnaly reaches Dusk, she turns, so that he can get a good look at Memoire, and perhaps recognize her, that should get everyones excitment up. "Dusk!" She chirps up, "Got more pony come with!" Mostly she seems to not be paying attention, or noticeing the other ponys for the momant.
Memoire_Musique giggles and happily snuggles up to Bluefeather... And once presented to Dusk, she transfers the hugs over to him, a sodden little filly with a wet mane.
Dusk ahs and nods, listening to Chance and Dapple.  He's good with whatever the group wants.  He figures once the celebration is down and ponies get some rest, they'll be more than ready to move on.  He chuckles at Starfire, and smiles to Mirage, glad to be spending some happy and pleasant time with her, and his friends too.  He nods, "Perhaps at least some rest before we go traveling again, I figure.  But when we do, Ponyville indeed sounds nice.  With its simple monsters, magic disasters, and routine phenomenon."  He chuckles.  He looks down hearing Blue chirp up his name, and blinks as he looks at the two wet foals, and Mem comes up and hugs him.  "Well well!  Little miss Musique?"  Marble's daughter?  He uses a hoof to give her a gentle hug.  "And brings you way out here?"  He immediately looks over to Blue.  At least the air here is warm and dry, and the two should be dried and not chilled in short time.
Chance glances over to Dapple, giving a light grin. "I suppose we'll be spending the night here." Dapple nods. "I know of a good place. The Desert Oasis." Chance nods, and leads his friends to the place. It's a nice hotel, but has an old style to it. Simple, but everything is done with care, especially the customer service. We get a few different rooms for the groups here. Green grass-like carpet, a nice little dining room area, downfeather beds with pillows, and a nice view of part of the town. "This is a small gift from the town for Chance's work with the disease." Dapple explains.
Starfire noses Chance and smiles. "Ohhh, the Desert Oasis, is that some fancy resort hotel you have hidden in the lost world somewhere?" giggling as she lifts up and hovers. "It sounds ritzy too, like one of those places that serve your fruit punch with the little umbrellas."
Mirage sees that Snow, Dusk and the others have made a consensus to return to Ponyville.  "Back to good old 'normal' problems?" she says with a little laugh to Dusk.  But she can see that Snow Bolt does look eager to return.  And while Marishville is pleasent, Mirage wouldn't want to take advantage of the town's hospitality.  Who knows?  If things go bad in Ponyville, being a modest hero in Marishville could open some doors should she decide to return.  Mirage can't help but chuckle as Starfire teases Chance about the hotel.  "It almost sounds like one of the Las Pegasus places," she says.  Then she tilts her ears at Dapple's commment.  "Chance mentioned the disease.  Just what is it?" she asks, trying not to be distracted as Dusk deals with BlueFeather and the new little freind she's picked up.
Snow_Bolt has not done a great deal of traveling in his life. This certainly is the most adventure that he has had and it was /almost/ too much for him. Being home will be a nice change of pace. Though it seems that they have a stop off point before they begin to head in that general direction. The place certainly does look very nice, "It does sound like Las Pegasus." he says, though he has never been there.
BlueFeather excpects Chance has not realized that someone new is preset, yet, still, she stands infront of Dusk, and lets him take in the fact that Memoire is actualy here, after all, its quite a distance for a foal to get from Ponyville to a town that is out of time. She dips her head, and lowers herself to the ground, to give Memoire a chance to get off, if she wants, then looks up at Dusk, her wings giving another litle flick, spreading a fine sprey of water all around her. "Was looking for cupcake, found a sweetie instead."
Name set.
Memoire_Musique smiles and happily trots in a circle around Bluefeather before exploring the ponies she's with. "Hello! Memmy!" she says as she points at herself... The motion causes her to unbalance, and she rolls onto her back, kicking her tiny hooves in consternation.
Memoire_Musique also happily winds up nuzzled back agianst Dusk and Bluefeather. "Where's mommy?"
Dusk does think the name sounds perhaps even like a fancy gambling establishment.  But suspects Chance wouldn't be having us stay at such a place, after what started all this to begin with.  He grins to Mirage, "Yes, that does sound nice 'for a change.'"  And he has to smile as Mirage has the same idea of the hotel name as he does.  But then they often do have the same idea on things.  And even Snow thinks so too.  But he can't head off quite yet as Chance hurries off to the hotel, having the foals here that the others don't seem to be noticing.  Dusk did ask how she got here too, but guesses he has to be a little more directly, "Well it's nice to see you, Miss.. Memmy."  He smiles.  But he looks to Blue as well, "And how did your friend get here, Little Blue?  Don't you think her family will be looking for her?"
Starfire gets the keys to her and Chances room, then gets something to eat befoire heading up to get some sleep....not been to many decent sleep ready nights on this trip until the mansion, and now here.
Mirage is looking over the town a little more closely as Chance leads the way to the hotel.  The celebration seems to be breaking up a bit as the sun begins to set, lighting the horizon with a beautiful deep red sun that slowly sinks behind some hills in the distance.  "They must get some visitors here," Mirage remarks, noting some other places for travellers to stay, such as The Comfy Cone Inn and The Wheel Well Motel.  When we get to the hotel, it's not all fancy like the Las Pegasus hotels you see in the post cards.  It's a squarish wooden building three stories tall.  And it looks like it belongs in one of Screenplay's western movies.  Or Dodge Junction, take your pick.  She nods to Snow Bolt, chuckling.  "A good night's rest will be nice.  Then we can leave in the morning and maybe be back in Ponyville in a couple of days.  Or, you could just fly," she smiles to Snow, teasing him good naturedly.  She glances back to Dusk and tilts her ears.  "You mean this new little foal isn't one of the locals?"
Memoire_Musique yawns quietly and flits over to the nearest Mommy-figure. Unfortunately for Mirage, she's been elected! "Nini aunty." she says with a cute little yawn as she curls up on Mirage's back... And promptly going to sleep.
Snow_Bolt is perfectly content to spend the night here before heading back home tomorrow. He could fly but wouldn't want too. It would be lonely flying by himself and probably a bit dangerous considering the distance. Mirage is the pony that he is going to stick too because she has all the maps and knows how to move from one spot to the next. A couple of hours wont' hurt, and the place looks nice. Its not like tomorrow they will wake up and no remember anything about where they have been or what they have been doing and end up stuck here forever as they figure it out, "I don't think she is." he says to Mirage as he watches Starfire wander away.
Dusk figured ponies would want some rest before another long road trip.  He new he would enjoy some rest at the least.  He shakes his head to Mirage, "No she is Miss Memoire Musique, the daughter of Mr. Memory and Lady Scratch.  From back in Ponyville."  He gathers up the two foals and will put them to bed at the hotel.  "I will have to send word back to her family."
Starfire has found the lobby of her and Chances hotel, intent on some nice sandwiches and some lemonade. She looks around to see if any of the others are still around or if they had already headed up to sleep.
Mirage ohs as Dusk explains.  "I didn't know they had a daughter," she replies as we enter the lobby behind Chance and Starfire.  "So, what is she doing here?  I don't think any ponys from Ponyville would be..."  and she trails off, having to remind herself that Marishville has been here all along, and wasn't a ruined ghost town for the past eighty years.  "Are her parents visiting?"  She looks over to Snow, wondering if he knows the foal, too.  And she catches his glance to her.  "I'll have to buy some updated maps," she says with a tilt of her ears.  "None of my maps show this town."  Then she tilts her ears at Starfire.  "Sandwiches?" she asks.  "Where?"
Snow_Bolt is indeed still around and just as puzzled by the arrival of the little pegasus, "I suppose its possible that Mrs. Scratch and Mr. Scratch are here somewhere." That would be the most likely explaination, though given that she just popped up it has more to do with Bluefeather than anything else. She seems to be able to pull things out of thin air, "Yeah. All of Equestria will have too...unless the maps updated themselves." Given that the events that they remember never really happened there would be no need to update the maps since they were never inaccurate. Time travel is messy, "I could go for something to eat." he says too.
Dusk finds our room and gets the two foals settled in and comes back down.  He nods to Mirage, "Ahh yes they do, my dear.  And I suspect they are not, and why I will be sending a message back.  I suspect Little Blue somehow got her here," he informs Mirage and Snow.  Well at least she's relatively safe.  But she shouldn't be this far from home he agrees.  He grins as Mirage notices the sandwiches and walks with her and Snow over to where Starfire has gotten a seat and enjoying the hotel's food selection.  "Would you like anything, my dear?"  He gets her order and he waits for Snow to go up and get some food with him.
Mirage listens as Dusk explains.  "Well, I hope BlueFeather learns some control over her ability, or Princess Luna or whoever gave it to her may decide to take it from her," she says with a sigh.  After Dusk gets back from the room, Mirage gives him a nuzzle.  "I'll have whatever your having," she smiles and then she goes to sit by Starfire.  She pauses to check her map, and notices the map does indeed show Marishville, where once it showed only an empty space.  "Remind me not to do this too often," she says to Starfire.
Starfire wingwaves to Mirage and the others. Yes, and quite a selection, and they will make anythng you want on the spot. laughing. I think the only maps not updated are the ones we took with us....the rest of the world would have come along as it is now, so new maps should be good. I think....my head muscle hurts when I havent eaten.
Snow_Bolt joins Starfire and the others as they sit down. He's actually pretty full, there was food at the party and so he might just hang out and talk with the others as they decide to eat something, "Yes. Blue will have to learn to do better." he agrees. He never really liked her much when he first met her, but over time she has grown on him. She's certainly a unique little creature, "I full intend never to time travel again." Of course what one intends and what actually happens are very differen things, especially when you are with the MRC.
Dusk mmms at the gentle nuzzling.  He nods, "I will pick us something up."  He steps over and picks up some sandwiches and drinks and some fresh fruit.  He brings it back to the table and takes a seat as well himself, setting a plate over for Mirage and one for himself.  Snow is free to have some too if wishes.  "Well technically none of us /did/ time travel.  Just Mr. Chance, and we then felt the effects of such.  But I agree, it is best to mess with the past as little as you can."  He grins and takes a sip of his drink.
Mirage is finding that, like Starfire, it feels better not to think too much on the details of what she remembers, since parts of it aren't right anymore.  "So the train doesn't have a line here, but there's coach service.  They must not have a need for moving loads of things, like Dodge Junction does for the cherry farm," she says to the others.  She can't help but chuckle at Snow's comment.  "Agreed," she says before sighing.  "But I'm glad it happened this time.  Not only is the town safe, Chance has one less bad memory now.  And that's worthwhile too, isn't it?"  Then she looks to Dusk.  "I had no idea Chance knows so much about magic."
Starfire giggles as she eats ehr sandwich. Hes had ages to collect books and read them,..I wonder if going back and re-living up tp now let him read and learn even more.
Snow_Bolt wouldn't be surprised if what Starfire had said was true. He's had a really long time to study. It might seem like a short while to the group but it had to be ages for Chance. Though he probably considers it a small price to pay for saving the town, "I'm happy about it too." At least this way he doesn't have to feel bad about everything that happened. Even if it sort of /did/ happen in a way. Yes. Better not to think about it too much, "So Dusk...when the time flash happened and I got my wings. What was with the change of clothes?" he asks him. He'd be curious to learn more about it.
Dusk grins and nods to them both, "I deal with a multitude of timelines regularly, and it can still be confusing to deal with something like this.  So don't feel bad."  He chuckles.  He was fairly resistant to the memory changes.  He largely remembers it as it originally happened with the town being lost and all.  Which hopefully won't lead to too much confusion when he talks about it with others later on.  "Well previously Mr. Chance /has/ collected and explored things, trying to alter the way his life was, or even to see if could become 'mortal' again."  Not bringing up perhaps trying to end that life too.  "But yes, I believe Lady Starfire is correct, in that in the last 80 years he relived, he dedicated to learning and finding a solution to this particular issue that he had not gotten into the previous time he lived it.  He looks over to Snow, "Wings?  Clothes?"  He thinks back, but at time he was very focused on the machine, the magic, and the altering paths without actually seeing the ponies around him.
Mirage tilts her ears in a shrug to Starfire.  "I don't see why not.  He's obviously been busy the whole time he was here," she says with a little shake of her head.  "But I think we shouldn't mention this when we get back to Ponyville.  Ponies would think we've been in the desert too long," she adds with a look to Snow Bolt and Dusk.  "Ponyville is a little too close to Canterlot, and maybe it's for the best that what didn't happen in Marishville stays in Marishville." Then she listens as Dusk explains to Snow.  And she finds herself glancing around, too, trying to see what Snow is talking about.
Starfire nods. I find it best not to mention much of anything you magic sorts do. nodding. It just leads to more annoying questions,
Starfire says "Mee?"
( "You know...when the time flash happened. Right after we started up the anchor thing." he says. He had gotten wings...real wings for a moment or two. Others had also experienced oddities and he was curious to see what the others expeirenced, "You didn't notice anything?" he asks Dusk, though the others are free to jump in as well. As for Mirage's idea of not talking about it back home thats probably for the best. This is truely one of those 'you had to be there' things. Snow nods and smiles, "No one would believe us anyway." )
Dusk grins at Mirage's motto for the town.  What didn't happen in Marishville, stays in Marishville.  And grins at Starfire as well, "I don't disagree.  The less you have to mess with the better.  Just some things don't always give you much choice, unfortunately."  He listens to Snow and nods, "Yes I certainly recall the device powering up, and your display of lightning power to largely help doing so.  Though.. at the time it was peaking and fluctuating.."  He can't really describe what it was he was seeing just then.  Perhaps not even with Mirage's assistance.  "I'm afraid I was not looking to you or the others.  I did feel time shifts and changes about myself."  Perhaps we were looking at different moments in Dusk's life, actual or possible variations.
Mirage ohs softly, smiling to Starfire and Dusk, and then looks serious as she answers Snow.  "Well, I felt like I was... revisiting some of the turning points in my life.  I'm not really sure what happened.  But for a few moments it was as if I'd gone through magic school.  And then it was as if I'd stayed with my career in Manehattan and never moved to Ponyville.  It was odd.  Sort of an introspective look at how things could have been?" she says with a puzzled expression.  "I don't remember it too well.  What about you?" she asks the three of you.
Starfire ponders. "Skies. I just saw lots and lots of skies....with some clouds, but always fair weather." nodding. "I don't think anything in my past has changed, I still rememebered Chance, so we still met...then again, he would have made sure we met because he's have known where and when we met."
"I briefly was changed into a pegasus." he says. As to why and how exactly that went down, he has absolutely no idea, but the sitaution was very real indeed. It sounds like the experience was different for everyone, and considering they each brought their own time stream to the event that isn't shocking. After all Snow could just as easily have been a pegasus but for a bit of DNA here and there.
Mirage considers Starfire's comments.  "That would make sense.  I remember meeting Chance at the Center.  Dusk introduced us," she smiles, trying to remember as best she can.  She knows Dusk anchored them into their old timelines, but she's still checking to see if what she remembers is correct.  Then she nods slowly as she listens to Snow.  "Yes, that would make sense.  And maybe you'd have been happier?" she asks.  Then finally she smiles to Dusk.  "Yes, you were busy.  And maybe you're firm enough in your 'time-line' that you didn't have any alternatives.  Rather like Starfire," she smiles gently.
Dusk hmms listening to what the others had experience at that time, nodding.  "Quite interesting!  But I certainly don't find it surprising, considering what all was actually going on at that time.  Very interesting!"  And talk about seeing changes in him?  Now he wonders just what all had been seen.  Maybe he'll have to look back to that moment.. If he could possibly find it in the inconceivable number of paths that existed at that moment.  He nods to Mirage, "That might be.  I was also working to keep myself on my correct path too.  It was as if almost every possibility that could have been existed all at once, right there.  I wonder how far the effect might have reached.  If anything back to Ponyville or such."  And indeed he had anchored our lines.  "Will others recall Mr. Chance having been to Ponyville?  Or maybe not."
Mirage thinks about that as she eats some of her sandwich and drinks a little fruit juice.  "Well, Starfire said she remembers her past with Chance, and that Chance could have recreated it.  But with the patching the Time Anchor does, he may have had to leave here."  Then she shrugs again.  "I couldn't say, really.  I don't really understand it all.  But if the effects were strong in Ponyville, then I would imagine Pricess Celestia would be aware of what we've done.  And she's not here now, so maybe the effects didn't go that far?"
Dusk ponders that and nods with a smile, "That is a very astute consideration, my love.  I believe you are correct.  She would have at least come and seen what happened, if she had known, I am fairly sure.  But as for what version or versions of history they recall, I'm not as sure.  Will they recall Marishville being here all this time?  If so, would it be the version where he lived here all that time and not gone to Ponyville?  Or will they recall him having been there instead?  Or both.  I had protected Lady Starfire's and the rest of our paths, as you know, so we may not be typical of what others will recall."  He rubs a little against Mirage besides him and has a bit of sandwich.
Mirage smiles softly as you rub, and she magicks over a bite of fruit for you, hovering it just before your muzzle.  "I'm sure we'll find out, love," she says as she leans againt you.  "On the other hoof, the town has been around and apparently not changed very much.  So maybe it's a bit of an economic backwater. Maybe what we did is of so little significance beyound this town that no pony even notices the change."
Dusk ohs and smiles, accepting the offered fruit and eating it, offering a piece back to you and grins.  He nods, "Indeed we will.  Just we should at least be prepared for whatever the reaction may be.  But I suspect you might be there there, that a small town like this which doesn't have much contact with outside towns of any distance may not have much noticeable change outside.  Except maybe to historians, and princesses."  He grins.  He enjoys the post celebration snacks and winding down until we're all ready to get some rest for the night and shows Mirage up to our room as Chance and Starfire and Snow go their own ways eventually too.

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