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Mirage listens and take the time to think about what's going on.  All she really knows is that things aren't making sense, and the she seems to be forgetting things or suddenly remembering something she doesn't seem to have remembered before.  "I really can't make any sense of this, Snow," she says as she geniunely calms down now that she decides on a way of rationalizing all this.  "Maybe we should just continue on our way?" *repose for Dusk*
Snow_Bolt probably wouldn't have remembered anything at all except that they were leaving had Dusk not done his little bit to preserve at least a bubble of the present. Chance must have been pretty gutsy to tell Dap what had happened in the neverwere. Apparently they are walking in the hoofsteps of the neverwere right now, "He doesn't ever tell you everything." He then turns his attention back to Mirage and shrugs his shoulders, "Maybe we should." He really has nother further to say to Chance, or Dusk for that matter, "Why should we go with you?" he asks Dap.
Dusk hmms and nods to Blue, looking where Blue is pointing to the various artifacts around.  Seeing that Chance isn't here now, it make some sense, "So he used some sort of artifact and is erasing or changing his past, it seems."  Dusk checks but doesn't see any particular artificts right where she says Chance had vanished.  "Did he get to tell you anything, Little Blue?"  Dusk isn't sure how to undo any of this, seeing as Chance is already gone, and Dusk doesn't yet know where or even if he is anywhere.
Chance gives Snow a rather serious look. "If you think any pony tells you everything, you're kidding yourself, young'un." He pauses for the last question, then "Well, Chance requested it. He said you were all his friends, and he'd make it worth your while. Also, if you don't come, he's under the impression you'll all forget about him. He wasn't even sure if you'd remember now. I'd have to try again later. I don't know if it'll be harder or easier if you no longer rememeber Chance."
BlueFeather carefully tucks two of the artifacts under her wings, putting them somewhere that she thinks is safe. She shakes her head a little, "No say anything, but, someting about say issa better this way. Still no is right. Forget he others that he effect over years. Don't know." She sighs softly and settles, "Is still wrong."
Mirage'ohs' softly as Dapple answers Snow's question.  "We actaully just left Chance's family house," she says to Dapple.  "And now we're going home.  I don't think a visit to Marishville would be a good idea."  She looks to Snow to see if he agrees before turning back to Dapple.  "And as you said, we're supposed to be in Ponyville."  Then she turns to go, taking a step, and then pausing with her foreleg raised to see if Snow Bolt is walking with her.
Snow_Bolt isn't under the delusion that anypony ever tells you everything, but some things are bigger when you leave them out than others, "Yeah. I've been kidding myself alot lately." he says in response to Dap's comment. If Dap had come to him a day previous with the same information he would have been on his way faster than you could blink, but after what he has seen of Chance lately there is little compelling reason to go to Marishville. And Chance saying that he would make it worth their whiles is all the more perplexing...and sort of creepy honestly, "I'm not going anywhere without Mirage, or some better answers than that." he says and follows off after Mirage.
Dusk nods to Blue and pats her head.  He checks around the place, and other than what's left of Chance's path he doesn't find anything useful.  "No not the right thing to do, Little Blue.  I think we best go look for the others, and maybe Mr. Chance too."  He lifts her up and puts Blue on his back, and heads back the way he came and looks to see if Mirage and Snow and any others have left yet.
Dapple lets out a light whuffle in disgust. "One bad thing occurs, and you want to forget about him? I think I'm going to have to have a talk to Chance about his choice in good friends. Apparently, it's missplaced." He turns off annoyed and trots up the path toward the mansion, muttering to himself. "Young ponies these days.."
Starfire is still squirreled away in Chance's master bedroom, just waiting patiently, looking out the window.
Mirage doesn't let Dapple's verbal barb get to her.  She still remembers helping to bury Dapple, or as they called him, Elder (since Chance didn't remember his name) not more than a couple of hours ago.  "Thank you anyway," Mirage says as Dapple trots off, with no trace of sarcasm in her voice.  Then she smiles reassurringly to Snow and goes back to walking along the road to the port.  "I wonder why this couldn't have been simpler," she says to Snow.  "All that needed to be done was prevent Chance from gambling that day.  And we're told that it can't and won't be done.  Then they go ahead and do something far more drastic without even a warning to us.  I just hope there's still a port at the end of this road."
BlueFeather alows Dusk to park her on his back, making sure to carefully hide the artifacts that she took, after all, DUsk would probably want to take them, just as she hides the 4 bottles of wine she has left. If she has the chance, as thay exit, she trys to snag another botle of wine, even if she allready reaks of the stuff, she wants to be drunker than she is.
Snow_Bolt also hopes that there is still a port at the end of the road. He does hope that they know what they are doing. If there is time being re-written around them what happens when they leave the island? Although if the time ripples are that extensive it probably won't matter where they are in the end, "Someone is throwing a time tantrum." is his response. And his bits are on Dusk. Dusk is the only pony that could have pulled anything like this off, "We didn't really give them a chance to tell us...not that I would have wanted too." he response to Mirage.
Dusk will take care of any items Blue shouldn't be stashing away in due time.  But right now he tries checking on who all is still around.. hopefully.  Blue was still here.  He finds Starfire and PP and even the others besides Mirage and Snow.  And he knew they were already heading out.  Other than them he lets the rest know that Chance has vanished, and seems to be trying to change or erase the past.  "We need to find out what's going on, and if anything we can do about it.  This isn't right."  Chance is probably going to have a lot of upset ponies, unless he has a really really good explanation.  "If you're experencing weird feelings or memories, this is why.  We need to see if we can find Lady Mirage and Mr. Bolt and at least make sure they're okay.  I'm not sure what to do from there.."
BlueFeather holds two bottles of wine in her magic, and offers one to Dusk, keeping the other for herself, not minding that shes allready got wine splashed on her from when she tried to strike at Chance with it, her wings giving a little flick. Shes rather good at hiding stuff when she really wants, it helps that she can put things elsewhere, rather than having them in regular space.
( Dapple 'parks' his wagon at the house, and with the blessing of the lady of the house, he heads inside, looking for any of the others. He's searching around as Dusk is searching the personal wing. "Dusk? Starfire?" He pauses and checks the names for a moment. "Programmer Pony?" )
Starfire is still sitting quietly tucked away in Chance's master bedroom, just gazing outside. There were noises outside, but she doesn't respond to the calls, even as her name came along. She would wait for Chance and didn't really feel like speaking to others yet.
Mirage tilts her ears back in a shrug.  "I don't know," she replies about the time tantrum.  "And what do you mean we didn't give them a chance to explain?  I thought they explained very well during the meeting.  They said they'd visit the Princess about what happened in Marishville, and that going back to keep Chance from killing Dapple's family was not going to happen.  Or did I misunderstand?"
Snow_Bolt gives his head a shake, no that was what he gathered from the meeting too. She didn't hear it wrong, at least if she did he heard it wrong too, "No you got it right." Mirage is nothing if not a good listener, "I just mean that we didn't really stay long at the house. It seems that whatever happened happened about the time that we left or shortly thereafter. I don't honestly know that it matters too much at this point." Obviously whatever is going on is happening without their input anyway, "I guess once we get to the port we find a boat and figure it all out later. If we need to we can write to the Princess and see if she can set this right. Because if Dusk is trying the impossible then we might all be in big trouble."
Dusk shakes his head a Blue, "I know Princess Luna gave you and Lady Fluttershy some drink before, but young ponies are not suppose to drink that, Little Blue."  He does clean her up some before they get upstairs.  Looking around he does check PP's rooom but finds he is still out.  He goes to Chance's and Starfire's and knocks on the door, calling out, "Lady Starfire?  Something has happened with Mr. Chance and we need to figure out what to do."  But there is no answer so he goes on and finds Iris and NightRaven..  He lets them know that Chance has vanished, and seems to be trying to change or erase the past.  "We need to find out what's going on, and if anything we can do about it.  This isn't right."  Chance is probably going to have a lot of upset ponies, unless he has a really really good explanation.  "If you're experencing weird feelings or memories, this is why.  We need to see if we can find Lady Mirage and Mr. Bolt and at least make sure they're okay.  I'm not sure what to do from there.."  He starts to
... head towards the door when runs into the older gentleman, "Hello.  Can I help you?  I'm afraid we're in a hurry."  He doesn't recall seeing him at the house.  But it is a rather big place.
BlueFeather holds tightly to one of the bottles of wine, but alows Dusk to take the other, after all, she figured he would want some too. She keeps tucked away the other things shes taken, expecting to keep them for another time. Her head tilts a little to one side as Dusk rushes around the house to try and find ponys, gradualy becoming more and more drunk as she matabolizes the wine shes allready drunk
Dapple looks over to Dusk and the others. "Dusk?" he asks, checking his book real fast. He glances to the others as well. "Hmm.. Well, yes. My name is Dapple Double. Chance sent me." he answers, trying a bit more direct approach. Perhaps a shock approach? "I'm the crazy pony that died not too long ago. You.. do remember Chance, right?" he inquires.
Starfire sits quietly,  rather relieved it seems the searching party has continued on.
Mirage nods to Snow as they walk together.  "I didn't want to take their hospitality after finding out Chance never even offered restituition or took responsibility for what he did," she replies with a frown.  "And that message from Dapple was strange:  He'll make it worth our while.  Not, You're my friends and I need you.  Not, Please come and see me, friends."  Mirage looks to Snow again.  "I'm sorry but I'm having problems understanding all this.  It makes no sense."
Snow_Bolt isn't willing to disagree with anything that Mirage said. He sort of feels the same way. Everything that this plantation is built on is sort of blood money, "I just didn't want to be around and have to deal with it all myself." He was very frustrated at hearing that too. It wasn't so much that it happened it was the reaction that he had after it happened, "Yeah...I don't want to be a part of some scheme. I think we've all been used enough." he says to her, "It doens't make any sense to me either. But you are probably right. Staying here probably isn't going to bring us any more knowledge."
Dusk thanks Blue for the bottle and magics it away safely, giving a little shake of his head.  He doesn't have time to really deal with trying to explain further to her, seeing as she's not even in a good state.  He'll probably have to magic up an antidote for the alcohol too for her.  He blinks and looks at Dapple more closely... "Dapple Double?  So that was you?  Hmmmm.. Things are really messed up.  No offense, Mr. Double.  So Mr. Chance sent you?  What's going on?"
BlueFeather tilts her head, and lifts the second botle, not opening it yet, just holding onto it, her wings giving a little flick as she lets Dusk carry her around.
Dapple lets out a breath. He's hoping to have more luck with this one. "Chance went back in time, apparently, to fix a wrong. Well, what he claims is a wrong, which apparently was true. Anyways, he's been trying to keep our town alive. He's been trying to keep out of the way of history, as he explains it, but says it's safe to ask for your help now. I don't really understand it all, but Marishville is in possible trouble if he can't keep things fixed. I dunno. Something about everything going back to the way he remembers it, or something. That really doesn't appeal to me. Apparently his friends are mad at him, so.. if you don't do it for him, would you do it for me? I don't want to lose the life I have. Come to Marishville with me and see Chance?"
Mirage nods again to Snow Bolt.  "Then let's get to the port, and then home to Ponyville from there.  Right now that's all I want," she says as she walks at a steady pace.
Snow_Bolt would like to be somewhere safe and secure too and right now that is wherever Mirage is. His little family in Ponyville seems to have cracked and Mirage is the only part of it that remains so he is going to follow wherever she goes. He isn't going to let her out of his sight until they get safely to the ship. The rest of it they can figure out later, "Ok." he says to her.
Dusk is really wondering now.  So now if we bring Chance back, does that mean we have to kill Dapple and all the others over again?  He deals with this sorta thing on a constant basis and his head is still reeling with it all.  This is why he's so careful with anything he touches, even tiny little parts.  And why he wouldn't touch pony paths even if he could.  In part.  And in part he wouldn't /want/ it to work.  And as Dapple explains things, it comes to exactly what he was worried about.  "Well it figures.  The past doesn't want to be changed, and usually finds a way to revert to its true path, or never change in the first place.  I doubt you'll get any of my friends to go.  Even I am reluctant to mess with this.  But for my friend and others in need I will go and see, myself.  Just where is he now?"  Oh this is such a mess.  He'll have to bring Blue to Mirage and Snow, to get her safely back home as well, then go see Chance.
BlueFeather for the momant, she stays right where she is, and watches, and trys to make sure that her own memories are not being father mesed with.
Dapple perks up a bit. This is more promising. "Well.. He's in Marishville. Been there for the last 80 years. He's told me he can't leave for some reason. He told me to tell you that he has a way to, um.." He checks his book. "'..to anchor Marishville to another timeline.' I think the other timeline is our original one, where I guess I went a bit crazy. .. Okay, alot crazy." he says, giving a light, false chuckle. "Anyways, he needs your help with that, and wants his other friends to come."
Mirage continous walking along the road to the port, talking with Snow Bolt as she goes.
Snow_Bolt follows after Mirage. There really isn't much that he can do at the moment. He just hopes that when they get to the boat things well be better.
Dusk has almost forcibly keep himself from rolling his eyes.  What does Chance think he's doing?  Messing with something like this, trying to split two parts of reality and keep them both active and stable?  But then messing with the past as much as already has been shouldn't be possible either, yet here we are.  "Yes, that would be the other, original reality, Mr. Double.  I will go to Marishville though and find out what Mr. Chance is trying to do.  I need to hurry then."  He waits for anything further of import from Dapple then he has Iris and NightRaven stay behind.  He quick travels with Blue to catch up with Mirage and Snow, calling out as he catches up with them, the port not too far ahead.
BlueFeather does not seem to mind the quick travel, but then, she is a bit weird all around. Still, she mostly keeps quiet and lets Dusk do as he needs to
Dapple doesn't really have anything to add. He's just happy that somepony is coming. And the most critical pony, too. "Do you think this.. um.. Starfire can come? Chance really wanted to see her. Never seen a pony wait 80 years for a mare before. She must be something special."
Dusk nods and lets Dapple know before he leaves that she's still somewhere about, perhaps in her room, but she isn't answering.  Or he's welcome to tag along as catches up with his friends.
BlueFeather just watches, after being ignored earlyer by everypony, shes not going to be too interested in talking, anyways, shes pretty drunk at the momant, though still managing to hold onto that bottle of wine
Dapple perks his ears. "I'll check for her, and catch up with you. I may be old, but I'm not slow." he says with a grin.
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Dusk nods to Dapple, "Very good.  If you can't catch me here, then look for me in Marishville."  Then as Dapple searches for Starfire at the house, he has Iris and NightRaven stay behind.  He quick travels with Blue to catch up with Mirage and Snow, calling out as he catches up with them, the port not too far ahead.
BlueFeather of course does nothing really, her head cocking to the side as she continues to watch everything goin on around her, her wings giving a little flick
Snow_Bolt had been continuing down the road and so when he heard Dusk calling he gives a glance over to Mirage. He doesn't really have anything to say to Dusk that he hasn't already said. Especially now that time is all funny and he is a pony who messes with time. He gives a glance to Mirage to see what she is going to do.
Mirage is finding the walk is calming her nerves and soothing her frustration.  At least she feels she's getting something useful accomplished.  And putting the problems behind her, and looking forward to the next few days helps very much.  Her ears tilt up at the sound of Dusk's voice, and she catches Snow's glance to her.  And honestly, she doesn't know whether to feel exhasperated, angry, or relieved.  So she keeps walking, knowing Dusk can effortlessly outrun her and Snow Bolt whenever he wants.
Dusk along the way has cast a minor detox on Blue.  Not unlike he used that night Luna gave her one.  But won't be as fast as using it on the drink directly, so will be a little while to wear completely off.  He does catch up, but didn't want to just pop up surprisingly either.  He nods to each, "Hello..  I'm not here to stop you or anything.  But Mr. Chance has done something.  Used artifacts to try removing himself from the past or something.  For better or worse, I've kept our own pasts from being altered, for now.  I spoke with a Mr. Dapper Double, who claims to be the pony we fought with earlier.  Seems Mr. Chance is in that town of Marishville now."  He doesn't know that he's already spoken with each of them or what they know of what's happened.  "I will go see what is happening.  I don't expect either of you to want to come.  But at the least could you bring Little Blue here back to Ponyville?"  He asides more quietly, "Seems she has gotten into Mr. Chance's wine cellar too.." and gives a little roll of h
( ... his eyes.  Regardless, if he at least glad to see the two of you, and especially Mirage, before she goes.  "And I am sorry, if I upset either of you earlier." )
BlueFeather does not seem to want to be so easily gotten rid of, she wraps her forelegs around Dusk's neck and holds on tight, giving a sharp little shake of her head, "YOu no make me go away!" Before she falls silant once more, wings giving a little twitch.
Snow_Bolt is still not sure what to make of this whole situation. Its just been a complete mess from the time they left the banana mansion to this moment and things seem to keep spinning out of control. What is a pony to do when the ponies that usually tell him what is going on aren't around anymore? Or aren't seen as trustworthy any longer? You have to sort of work things out for yourself in that moment. He listens as politely as he is able too to what Dusk has to say. He does permit himself a pessimistic thought or two about the motivations for the apology, but dismisses them. Dusk to this point has been kind and caring. Everypony, even smart ponies should be permitted a moment or two of complete stupidity. He still thinks he was wrong about what he said and there is more to be fixed in this relationship, but you have to start somewhere and an apology is the best place to start, "I accept your apology." he replies. Best to keep things short. The more he says the more he is likely to say something that isn't helpful
Mirage glances from Snow Bolt, to BlueFeather, and then to Dusk.  "I can't force her to come with us," she says to Dusk.
Dusk looks up at Blue and pats her head, rubbing her mane.  "I don't want to get rid of you, Little Blue.  But this will likely be very dangerous and if my Dear Mirage and Mr. Bolt are going safely back to Ponyville, you should go with them."  He turns to Snow, not sure he was expecting any reply at all, much less this.  He does give a soft and sincere smile to Snow, "Thank you."  He then turns to Mirage, and nods, "Of course.  I wasn't expecting an issue of it."  Seems nothing can be simple at all today.  "I can't take you to Marishville, Little Blue.  Why don't you go home with Lady Mirage?  You're upset with Mr. Chance anyways, so I'm sure you don't want to go there."  He was also maybe hoping for maybe a little more from Mirage.  A hello, a smile..  But she must still be unhappy with him.
BlueFeather shakes her head, shes not about to let go of Dusk, her forelegs tightening a bit, to hold herself more firmly to Dusk, her wings giving another twitch, "No." SHe chirps up sharply, not willing to let go.
Snow_Bolt was pretty sure that Blue wouldn't want to leave Dusk's side, but like Mirage he isn't going to force her to do anything. Not like he could. Or would want too at this point. As for Dusk and Mirage. He isn't touching that with a ten foot poll. As far as he is concerned Mirage has more reason to be upset than he does, and they all have very good reason to be upset. Still Chance is another story. Messing with things as he has is dangerous and who knows what sort of worse things he could have caused or be causing for that matter. Since he isn't here he isn't going to comment on that. Snow nods to Dusk's thank you but that is about all he is willing to give at the moment. The whole day has been traumatizing on so many levels.
Mirage waits as Dusk tries to explain to BlueFeather.
Dusk feels as if he has to fix the whole universe himself, even down to getting a little foal to go home.  Nopony wants him putting anypony in danger, but nopony wants to take any responsibility of helping prevent it either.  He gives up on reasoning and looks to his talent, seeing different paths might lead to success.. What conversations or actions..  He raises a brow and shrugs.  If that'll work, "Well that's too bad, Little Blue.  We were going to have a pancake breakfast for you there.  I guess Lady Mirage and Mr. Bolt can eat your share for you, if they're hungry enough."
BlueFeather has been taking responsability, and has been trying to help, in her own little way, shes just not really understanding what the problem is. Her head tilts a little to one side as Dusk mentions pancakes, her ears perking, then slicking back, and giving a sharp shake of her head, a forehoof lifting to poke Dusk with it, "No issa true!" Her head turning to look at Mirage for proof. And without that death grip on Dusk's neck, her unstableness from being drunk makes it rather difacult for her to remain her balance apon Dusk's back, causing her to slip and fall.
Snow_Bolt has his own issues to deal with at the present moment and just doesn't have the strength to deal with the problems of the universe. Thats of course why Dusk is paid the big bits. To deal with the tough stuff. Like getting a foal to go home and stuff. He certainly doesn't want to see anyone go off into danger, but at least Dusk is going in with his eyes open, and has the skills needed to fix it. As for Blue, he is pretty sure she doesn't much like him so he is just not going to try to convince her to do one thing or the other.
Dusk feels confident Mirage would be willing to at least give Blue some pancakes.  Dusk feels tired of struggling through and is getting ready just to decide to bring Blue to Ponyville himself and drop her off there, then go to Marishville.  But then Blue slips off and he has to catch her first.  As for Dusk, he's not paid anything for this.  Not from Ponyville or the Princesses or the like.  Though that seems to be the perception.  Rather it is coming out of his own pocket to be in Ponyville and look into what's going on there.  Which he chooses to be, and is perfectly fine with.  But not that he's getting paid for it.  He'd so much rather be back in Ponyville, having a picnic with Mirage or such.

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