CP: Postmortem

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Mirage is standing near the body of the Elder as Chance prepares to carry ProgrammerPony and everyone else gets ready to go back down the hill to where Wild Ana and the drivers are waiting by the wagon.  "We can't leave him here like this," she says to noone in particular.  "And we don't even know his name."
Snow_Bolt had been there with everything that went down, and had a relatively minor role in the chain of events that went down only a few moments ago. Though being in the presence of all of that magic was something else. This is precisely the reason that he has such a dislike for it. So unnatural and all that. He blinks as he looks at hte body of the pony. He hasn't really ever seen a pony get killed before. Granted he seems to have done most of it to himself, but it is just all so shocking. He nods absently to Mirage.
BlueFeather gives herself a shake and just watches for the momant, not sure at all whats going to happen now, readying herself, just in case. SHes lived in the forest, just cause you kill something, does not mean it stays dead, well not allways, so she keeps ready.
Dusk does help Chance with both of the down ponies, seeing as he wants to give the twisted elder one a burial also.  Dusk nods to Mirage, "Yes, Mr. Chance says he wants to give him a proper burial."  Dusk glances over to see Chance somewhat lost in his own thoughts and Starfire with him.  And Snow's lightning strikes sure didn't look like anything small to him.  He pats Blue on the head and smiles, "Everything is okay now, Little Blue.  Thank you for your help."  She is looking a little better, but helps her up if needed too.  He then turns and goes back to the wagon with the others as well.
Mirage looks over to Snow Bolt.  "Did Wild Ana have any shovels, or something we can use?" she asks.  "Chance said there'd be a burial, but I don't think we should just leave him here in the meantime."  She glances over as Chance carries PP while Starfire hovers next to him.  Star's front hooves are still injured from kicking the old pony during the fight, and being affecting by his magic.  Dusk is carrying Bluefeather as he heads back to the wagon.  Mirage waits here to see if any tools are available.
Snow_Bolt isn't really sure what to do. He hadn't really paid any attention to if any ponies had brought shovels or anything. That wasn't high on his priority list, "I don't know." he says to Mirage. This is going to take a long time to get over. He doesn't know if he should be happy or sad or what? He is pleased that the pony was stopped. He would have preferred not killing him to do it, but he didn't really leave much choice.
Mirage isn't undecided as Snow is.  She doesn't share in any happiness over this.  "He wanted revenge on Chance for destroying his town and killing his family, along with almost all the other ponies there too.  He should have gone to Princess Celestia for justice, rather than seeking revenge."  She pauses again. "Or was the magic he copied from Chance already corrupting him?"
BlueFeather leans against Dusk a little, but otherwise, for the momant remains silant, sucking up the love he offers to her, and any she can get from mirage as well, her head tilted to one side, mostly just watching.
Dusk thinks burying him here, at the site of the fight, would be somewhat fitting.  The magic and the corruption from it has left the area marked for what will probably be generations.  Though at least the toxicity has cleared away in short order.  Grass and plants will probably grow back within the year.  But the ground itself is leveled in the area of the blast of the magic release.  Dusk waits, keeping Blue with him then, if ponies aren't going back to the wagon yet.  He uses his magic to extract chucks of earth to make a grave.  Like when he helped the Apples with making some new cellars.  "And at least the device is no more, and don't have to worry about it."
Snow_Bolt listens to Mirage as she explains things. He had been able to gather that from the fight, and he agrees that the pony should have gone to Celestia, but he isn't sure that Chance is completely blameless here either. He doesn't really know how to confront him about that, and maybe this isn't the right time. There will be pleanty of time for that later. As for the burial here is as good as any he supposes. Still he just sort of stands there...
Mirage has no doubt the pony we're burying is as much a victim as was his family and neighbors.  She nods to Dusk and waits patiently as he digs, and then she helps with her magic to place the old pony and then to cover him over.  Next, she finds some larger stones and sets them, rather like a cairn, to mark the place. "We'll need to find out more about all this," she says to Snow Bolt and Dusk.  "There must have been a panic when other ponies found Marishville in ruins."
BlueFeather is much less concerned about victom or vicomizer, she thinks more in the terms of us or them, not much else, yet. She gives a little chirp and looks at Mirage, even as she leans on Dusk, keeping herself close to the ponys she trusts
Dusk agrees how this should have been handled, but it's true perhaps the pony was already being corrupted from long ago.  He good bit of that story from long ago, having looked back to it with Mirage and Chance.  But they didn't take the time to go into every detail and is sure there is plenty more to the story than we had gotten to know.  He thanks Mirage for her help and assists with moving the earth back into place as well.  "I don't recall if the entire town was in ruins.  I thought it was just when ponies had tried to stop him from leaving."  He glances over to where Chance and Starfire are off talking to each other.  He imagines Chance will want to come back and have a moment at least before we leave.  In the meantime he smiles over to Mirage and Blue, giving a shoulder rub and pat respectively, glad we're all safe, and that PP should be okay.
Weird is one thing, but this is way beyond that. Way way beyond that. The MRC has fought againts many sorts of problems in the time that he has known them. Vines...that was odd. The thing in Nettleglums house, the stuff in Everfree, but fighting other ponies has never really been on the menu. He just sort of looks at his friends. How can they all just sort of talk normally after seeing something like this? Burying a pony..while it has to be done..is not a normal event in Snow's life. Dusk is acting like he has done this before, "This is..." Snow says. Not directed at anyone in particular.
Mirage isn't at all comfortable about this.  At least the burial is complete, and like Dusk, she looks to see if Chance has anything to say.  She catches Snow's expression and gives him a little nod, showing she's in agreement with him.
BlueFeather is a predator now, at lst partly, to her, the evil pony was not really even a pony, but a monster that had to be put down. Of course she does not see something special about it, its what shes had to do to servive, and shes not in the lest bit sorry for serviving. She nuzzles lightly up at Dusk, and returns to watching whats going on, her wings giving a little twitch.
Chance has gone off to the side for a few personal moments. He locates a rocky outcropping and rams his horn into it. He drags the horn through the rock, and it 'digs' a tomestone-shaped path, until he has one carved out and smoothed. He uses his horn-tip to carve an inscription into it. It takes some effort, but he's successful at it. He drags the stone over and looks around to the others. "Because of me, he never got the chance to have a life of his own. My very presence took something from him, so I want to give something back." He sets up the stone. It reads: 'Here lies a dedicated pony / His life spent in healing a disease of the land / A doctor he shall be in the next life'.
Dusk perhaps has seen it before.  He is happy his friends are safe, but not about the old pony.  Unfortunately ponies do sometimes lose their mental grip, or become hungry for power.  And to extents he can understand that, and would be willing to work to set them right.  But if they are going to threaten other ponies, and especially his friends and close ones, he has little hesitation in stopping them.  Perhaps not unlike how Blue sees it, minus the predator part.  He gives Snow a nods too, and as Chance comes back he helps with teleketically hoisting the tomb stone and, once a spot is made for it, settling it into place.  Dusk nods, "It's a good headstone, Mr. Chance."  It works along with the stones Mirage laid out.
It was the putting of the gravestone down that did it. It just seems so 'final' now. And the inscription is something that is sort of the last straw. As the shock begins to wear off he finds his voice again, "But its a lie.." he protests about the gravestone, "He didn't clear any disease from the land." What the poor pony gets in the next life thankfully isn't up to him or anyone else here. Snow is clearly conflicted about this. While he has some pretty strong beliefs about most things, he seldom shares them. Certainly not with his friends. This group has become like a family to him in Ponyville and so its not easy to have your understanding of that shaken on such a deep level, "Is what he said true?" He's more than willing to give Chance the benefit of the doubt. Chance hasn't hurt a soul since he met him. But he does know that there are real horrors in his past that he hasn't talked about. But he does want to know, "Did you kill an entire town?"
BlueFeather does not even pay the question any mind, after all, stranger ponys are not really that important to her. Lest, so she thinks now, rather, she lifts a wing, and magics out a couple cupcakes, offering one to Dusk, one to Mirage, and saving two for herself, she starts to eat.
Mirage was about to ask some questions, but Snow Bolt asks them first.  So she listens to see what Chance has to say.  "Yes.  It all seems to be such a waste," she adds.
Chance looks over to Snow, and lets out a soft sigh. "It.. was a small town. The kind where everypony comes together for things. I was trying to win some money for another pony to help them out. They thought I was cheating.. and I suppose in a way I was. Some stallions took me out of the gambling room to another room, and one attempted to attack me for cheating, I suppose. Things were done the old way there. But.. when my talent protected me, the other stallions took it wrong, and turned into a lynch-mob. I tried to get out, but.." He takes in a deep breath. "To get me away from the growing mob, my talent apparently took down some buildings, and one caught on fire as I was leaving. I.. I couldn't go back after that. I didn't want to know what happened." he answers quietly, closing his eyes as he recalls in guilt. "As for the headstone, it's true.. as far as that old pony knew. It's my fault he turned out that way, I'm sure. I have to give something back."
Dusk pauses at Snow's suddenly quite blunt inquiry into Chance's past.  Yes, the stone isn't exactly accurate.  But it's not really a place to put: "The guy went crazy when his family died horribly and he suffered for decades until he met a horrible end of his own."  They do say if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  But at the same time, he gets what Snow is getting at.  After the pause he bows his head a little and looks over to Chance to let him answer for himself.  Afterwards he nods again, "That's about as I thought.  It was a horrible thing to have happen.  But you were attacked and tried getting away.  Even if you had just sat there and done nothing, your talent would have kept protecting you and probably much the same would have happened, except you'd walk out of the burning building afterwards.  Even if you knew of your talent, getting away would probably be the best thing to do the least harm."  He looks over to Snow though, so see how he feels about Chance's explanation.
Snow_Bolt had hoped for a different answer but it appears that a different answer isn't forthcoming. This is one of those moments where you could have a good lecture about just exactly good intentions pave the road too, but the bottom line is that Chance basically murdered and entire town and then just waltzed off scott free. No wonder this pony went mad. If somepony had done something like that to him or his family he might have done the same thing. Though hopefully not. Still it sort of sickens him. This pony, however misguided, was looking for some kind of justice and he didn't get it. Which sort of makes the case even more pathetic. He just stands there trying to take it all in. Ok. So Chance murders a town because he wants to cheat. Town gets mad (naturally) and tries to do something about it and then they die...Chance runs off. Then years later a survivor comes out of nowhere to try to get justice and nearly kills all of them in the process. All because Chance couldn't go back and face some kind of consequences for what he did, "You didn't want to know what happened?" he says back in response. Then he hears Dusk try to white wash the whole thing. This isn't exactly something that you can just brush under the rug and say oh well about. A nice layer of cold begins to creep into the area, not exactly icy but certainly chilled, "I think maybe you have lived too long."
BlueFeather tilts her head a little to one side, not even understanding why its an issue, but then, shes not exactly right in the head eather, and shes not really a pony anymore eather. She shrugs her wings a little and just leans on Dusk, listening, and watching, her horn glowing faintly green, though not the same sickly green as when she was trying to hurt the evil pony.
Mirage frowns as she listens, and nods in agreement with Snow's reply.  "This isn't acceptable," she says after some thought with a serious look to Chance.  Then she looks to Dusk.  "You've been over this event with your talent, Dusk.  Isn't there possibility for a different outcome?  Say, one where Chance decides to do some work to earn the money he needs, instead of using his talent to get the money dishonestly?"
Chance glances between Snow and Mirage. He nods slowly. "It.. wasn't the best outcome, no. The mare needed money soon, and my presence there created disaster instead. If your very existance is a problem for a town, would it be wise to even get involved further? That's always a fear whenever I go somewhere, or know somepony. I am a danger to others, and until I reached Ponyville, I always ran from my problems. How can a pony that will never die ever truely pay for a curse he didn't even understand?" He nods slowly to Snow. "I have lived too long. Though now I have a reason to live.." he says, glancing over to Starfire. He furrows his brow at the chill though, and glances about.
Dusk gives Blue a hug too, keeping close with Mirage as well.  But he has to raise a brow at Snow's statement, and the sudden growing chill.  "Lived too long?" he asks, shaking his head a little.  "This did happen quite some time ago at that.  And you make it sound like he wanted that to happen?  Mr. Chance didn't even /know/ what was happening.  Yes we know it now.  But then, to him, he was just playing a game, and was winning.  And then some ponies wanted to beat him up for it, and he ran away and 'luckily' managed to get away.  That's how it would have been to him, as I understand it.  If that had happened to you, and that's how you saw it, would you go back to the ponies that wanted to beat you up?  Mr. Chance had no idea he was 'cheating.'  I know from when he arrived here in Ponyville he was sure he had no talent and certainly no magic at all.  It's what I and others helped him to discover.  Only now would he understand what happened back then in the past."  He nods to Mirage, "Yes I'm sure there could be other ways.  Today Mr. Chance does avoid playing games like that because he knows of it.  But he didn't know that back then.  It wasn't like 'Oh I have a talent that will make me win no matter what.  Let me see if I can take some money away from these helpless ponies.'  I understand, with the knowledge we have today, how we and even Mr. Chance can feel about what happened then.  And yes, it was him and his talent that did cause the things to happen.  But it wasn't a knowing or conscious choice, and I won't have others treating Mr. Chance as if it was.  Now if there is something he can do to make restitution for it now that he knows, or the like, I would be for that.  But it's not yours or any other pony's choice to decide when somepony has to die, which is basically what you're saying.  You suggest we kill Mr. Chance, or that he needs to do so at his own hooves because you decided it was so.  Yes, things have gone bad in the past.  But Mr. Chance here is my friend, and for all that I have known him he has always tried to do what is best more for others than himself.  He is not a bad or evil ponies.  Even from what I've seen in his past.  If you think he needs to make up for things he's unwittingly cause in the past, or face some form of official judgment with the full story known, that is one thing.  But if any are going treat him as acting with malice for things he had neither knowledge or control of, or wish him undue ill, that is another."  He sighs and shakes his head.
Snow_Bolt isn't exactly going to just let this go. He's rolling now and you can't walk away from something that is rolling once its started. It's already too late for that. He finds himself, unsurprisingly, in total agreement with Mirage. It's nice to see that she is just as horrified by the whole thing as he is. This whole situation just stinks. On so many levels. What do you do when a friend disappoints you? Everypony makes mistakes sure? But this...Its just a bit too much to take in at one sitting, "I don't think your name should be Chance." he says as the chill continues to hang in the air, "You never have to take any. It's those around that take the chance. Its those around you who pay the price for your mistakes." he says with a deep frown, "Just how many ponies have you killed?" he asks, "No reason to be shy anymore." It's in that moment that Dusks speech catches his attention. If Snow was less angry some of that speech might have had some kind of effect, but not in the state he is in right at the moment. The last thing he wants is some kind of lecture. There are few ponies that he respects and loves more than Dusk. But in this Dusk is just /wrong/, "You just don't see it do you?" A nice mist begins to creep into the area as well, "How could a pony as smart as you be so stupid?" he asks, "It seems that we all just decided when a pony should die...all of us. We all have blood on our hooves! Don't you see...we couldn't kill him if we wanted too." Snow isn't advocating Chance's death, but yeah something has to happen here, "He used us. Turned us into weapons." This fight didn't involve any of them. It should have been Chance and the old pony. It was their business. Not anyone else here, and for one Snow regrets his part in it. Not the part where he helped protect his friends. He would do that anyway, but regrets getting involved in something that was clearly not his business.
BlueFeather tilts her head, contemplating, considering what she can, or perhaps should say. Chance is a friend of Dusk's, but, if shes honest about it, she does not think of him as a friend. Its not that Chance has not tried, its more that she is not a normal pony. Shes not very good at interacting with a pony she does not trust. Still, after a momant she bobs her head, as if making a desision.
Mirage blinks at Chance as he tells more of the story.  "The town ponies didn't attack you because you simply 'existed', Chance.  You said they attacked you because they realized you cheated them at gambling.  That's entirely two different situations, whether you were aware of your talent at the time or not," she says with a glance to Dusk.  Mirage finally notices the chill in the air as she sees the mist beginning to creep in.  She knows it's much too warm for this to happen.  "Snow, don't let your anger get the best of you," she says to him, walking over to him to touch his shoulder with her hoof.  She turns back to Chance and Dusk.  "Alright, so Chance didn't know about his talent at the time.  And he never took responsibility for what his talent did that day.  And for argument's sake, let's say his talent kept him from being noticed by the official investigation into the fire and the deaths of families. I propose," she says with a meaningful look to Snow, Chance and Dusk, "That we have two options:  either present the facts to Princess Celestia and abide by her wise judgement, or..." and Mirage pauses carefully and almost theatrically to let everyone consider and wonder,  "we find a way of making the other possibility Dusk sees for that day eighty years ago to become what happened.  Thus, no ponies die.  And this pony," she says as she points to the fresh grave, "does not go mad with grief and waste his life in torment."  Then she looks to each of you, gauging your reactions.
Chance looks between Snow and Mirage. To Mirage he shakes his head lightly. "I realize that. I meant that it was my existance there that threatened the ponies once one tried to attack. If I had stayed there, perhaps move ponies would have died. And I would have been killed, or the attempt would have been made, if I had ever gone back." He looks over to Snow, giving a more serious gaze. "I've lost many during my time due to many different means. I have no idea how many may have been because of my talent, though most were certainally of more natural causes, such as age. And I would never use my friends as weapons. I could not have foreseen this tonight. I wish he didn't die. He never gave any the chance. As for my name, I take a chance every time I see another pony, or live in another town, or care for another. There's always a chance that something could happen to them. It's a fear I have to deal with every day of my life, and it might very well never end. The horrors of my past is not something for you to dwell on. I have to pay for my past every day, trying to help as many ponies as I can. I can never pay for the past. My continued life is at times a gift, but it's still constantly a curse to never die. I would give my own life if it meant healing that which I have helped destroy." he states, rather firmly.
Dusk watches Blue from the side, seeing her taking this all in.  He'd rather she didn't have to be a part of all this, reaching down a hoof to stroke her mane.  He raises his brow as Snow calls him stupid about it.  More surprised than upset.  Dusk has certainly made his share of mistakes and paid in quite a variety of ways.  "I agree what happened was horrible, Mr. Bolt, and I said so.  I even agreed something should be done.  But my problem is you accusing him of *knowingly* doing things he didn't know.  That you seem to somehow know he must have known.  He asked us here because there was a banana issue.  You knew what he knew at the time and you chose to come.  But you accuse him of knowingly bringing you, and us, into a fight."  He shifts and smiles over to Mirage, to whom he loves and knows is very smart and respects too.  "Well they didn't 'know' he was cheating.  Even today, just because you're winning 'too much' you get accused of cheating, even with no evidence to support it.  Much more so back then.  So as I see it, they were attacking him because he didn't lose as the skilled gamblers expected.  They didn't catch him with loaded dice or such.  He just kept getting winning rolls with their own dice.  You don't just have some young punk come in and beat you unless he's cheating or a shark, even if you can't prove it.  So losing their money they just weren't going to let it go.  And in their case they were right, indirectly.  But they also should have just either stopped playing, or asked the law.  But that's now how such ponies handle these matters.  The make an example of you.  And that's what they wanted to do with Mr. Chance."  He pauses, then, "But regardless, yes, it resulted in a terrible situation."  He listens to Mirage's suggestions, at first nodding with a smile, "Yes, speaking with the Princess would be an excellent way to address this.  I mentioned facing a proper judgment as well earlier."  But to her second suggestion he looks a little fallen.. "I...  It can't quite work that way, my love."  He had a similar dilemma with Diamond Dancer's 'illness' before.  "I only change things at the present moment.  I can go there and change what remains of the building with what would be there if it had never burned down.  But ponies would still also remember the fire and what happened before.  And.. I can't.. won't directly change a pony's path.  The poor pony here is dead, and it is not something in my power to reverse, my love."  A bit of worry crosses his expression for a moment.  "Nor the life he lived until now.  I'm sorry."  He bows his head.  Dusk then listens to Chance and nods understandingly, thinking he explains it even better.
Snow_Bolt has never really felt so used in all his life. It isn't even all the bad business that happened those many years ago that bothers him so much, its more personal than that. Its what Chance did to him by involving him in this mess. He's seen things that he can't unsee, and been involved in the death of a pony. For Chance this is probably something that is just normal, but its not for Snow and it hurts. It hurts bad. How do you move on from something like this? He feels angry at himself too. And while most of the time he is content to be quiet and not speak up this is just too much. His first response to Chance consists of just two words, "Poor baby." Its easy to make grand sweeping gestures when you are immortal and can't die like the rest. He isn't even sure that he believes him. He might have been content to just not give any other response, but when Chance says that the horrors of his past aren't for him to dwell on he can't stay silent, "Excuse me...I think the horrors of your past just came back and bit us all. So yeah. I think we all are paying for your sins here. It isn't exactly a private problem anywmore." When Dusk chimes in takes a moment to see what he is going to say, and after just a few sentences he notes that its another lecture. He isn't in the mood for another lecture. He has been listening to lectures in one form or another all his life, and today...if only for today...he isn't going to listen, "I don't care why it happened. It happened. I care about the results. I agreed to come fix some banana trees. I didn't sign on for murder. And you are being /knowingly/ obtuse." he says to Dusk, as a little crackle of thunder can be heard over his head, "No more lectures." he states bluntly, "You honestly aren't qualified. None of us here are qualified anymore." he says with a sigh. He hadn't even really been aware of the chill in the air or the mist. His talent had always been based in emotions and sometimes he doesn't have complete control. Mirage touching his shoulder does sort of snap him out of the tunnel vision he had been experiencing. Though he's angry on her behalf too. She got dragged into this just as much as he did. She didn't want to come even. They'd had that conversation on the train those many weeks ago now. Her idea is interesting. But he doesn't see how you can just fix something like this. He does consciously vaporize the mist but the chill remains.
BlueFeather gives another little bob of her head, before starting, in a soft voice, "Falt no is Chance alone." A wing flicks and she points at the grave, "THat one holds falt, and other ponys hold falt." She looks at Mirage, "Chance say not know have talent, not know he was make cheating at this gambling. Not know what talent do. Evil pony hold falt, anna ponys that attack, thay hold falt too." She sighs a little and dips her head, "Allaways pony wanna make simple, make issa easy. No issa easy, issa many many thing all together make hard, anna make no easy to say who issa falt." SHe lifts her head and looks each of you in the eyes a momant, "Monster."  "Horrable thing."  "Evil changling."  All three statments delivered flatly, very coldly. "Understand fear, understand want to run away. Understand why want to make like no happen, like no exist." Her head then tilts to one side, looking at each of you once more, "Is plenty falt, more than is one pony falt."  She knows too well of being the outsider, of being the one hated just because. Oddly enough, this does cause her to atempt to defend Chance. In a way, she has been there, hurt because of things that she had no reconing of. This might not be a good thing though, shes far more agressive than most ponys, and will stand up to anypony at all to defend one she feels needing to be defended.
Mirage listens carefully to Chance, although he simply rewords his previous statements.  And she nods lightly as she listens to Dusk.  She'd suspected his time manipulation magic could do much more than he'd already demonstrated to her.  "I see," she says at his explantion and refusal to be proactive.  She listens to BlueFeather as well, as the half-changling foal makes the most coherent point Mirage has ever heard from her.  "Yes, you're right about your condition," she says to Blue.  "Hopefully you'll be able to solve your problems without causing pain and suffering."  Finally, and after some thought, Mirage looks to Snow Bolt.  "I'm afraid the business meeting is over, Snow," she says with a sigh tinged with sadness.  Chance and Dusk are both entrenched and aren't going to budge, so there's no sense in continuing this debate.  There's nothing we can say to change their minds."  She tilts an ear at the thunder and touches her hoof to Snow's shoulder again.  "We should be going back to Ponyville.  At the very least, we have a lot of research to do."
Chance listens to each of the ponies, and smiles lightly over to Blue as she defends him. "Thank you, Blue." He looks back to Snow and sighs lightly. "You're right. This time my past did come back to haunt me, and by extension, my friends." He looks over to Mirage and shakes his head lightly. "No, Mirage. Snow.. may not understand, but he does make some valid points." He looks back to Snow. "You didn't kill the pony, or even help." he says, realizing something about the situation, and what Snow said. "You only helped distract him to stop him from harming a friend, which any of us would do for the others. What killed the pony was his need for revenge, to 'cure' the land of me. My magic got corrupted, and it looks like that's what killed him." He thinks for a few moments, then asks Snow "If I had been punished in any way, tossed in jail, say, the need for revenge would still be there. There's no way for me to accept a permanent form of punishment, because my life won't allow it, so the revenge would never be quenched. He didn't even come to me directly. He obviously laid a trap here. I don't think it could have ended really any other way, except for my death, then there'd be a mad pony with a corrupted magic out there, free." He then looks over to Mirage. "I shall talk to Princess Celestia about this. I believe that's a good idea, as she has the perspective needed for something like this."
Dusk takes a deep breath and pauses.  "I agree with much of it, other than what Mr. Chance couldn't have known.  And I am very much sorry you had to experience this, Mr. Bolt.  Absolutely.  Or that my Dear Mirage or Little Blue, or anypony here, even myself and Mr. Chance, had to.  If I had known, I would have gone to help my friend, but would have kept the rest of you from going."  He gives a bit of a sad sigh.  He does refrain from giving anymore lecturing.  He tilts his head as little Blue gives quite the insightful speech.  Of course he's know she's older than she appears, and very smart and well booked learned.  And unfortunately many rough experiences dating back to before she ever even got to Ponyville.  But he never heard her express it so well in Pony-speak and at such length, to which he is impressed.  He smiles and gives her a hug with his hoof.  He doesn't see why Mirage though didn't think his agreeing with her first suggestion, of talking to Celestia, was good though.  But Chance reiterates it and he nods, "Yes, I can only see that as a solution that has any possibility of satisfying the most ponies."  He turns to Snow, "What do you think, Mr. Bolt?  Would that be okay?  Or any other suggestions?"  But yes, once we're settled we should probably get heading back.
Snow_Bolt can see Mirage's point. They aren't going to change their minds. Even if they did at this point it doesn't sound like it would make too much difference, "Yeah. Lets get out of here." he says in response to Mirage. At least somepony here seems to understand. He doesn't feel half as crazy knowing that Mirage shares his thoughts on this. Though certainly a rift does seem to have formed in the group. This is something that Snow would not have expected in a million years. He really does wish he could believe what Chance said but he doesn't. And Chance isn't the most trustworthy source of information in his mind right now. So he just ignores him. Let him sit here with the lying tombstone...let him rot for all he cares. Dusk too recieves very little attention. Its all a bit too little too late at this point, "Whatever. Do what you want. You always do anyway." he says having already turned away to walk down the hill. He's had more than enough. Blue was indeed surprisingly articulate, but Snow is in no mood to respond. He isn't going to argue with a foal anyway.
BlueFeather sighs softly and shakes her head. SHe looks up to Dusk, tilting her head a little to one side, "Is why no bother talk. No pony want listen." She leans on Dusk and says nothing more, going back to just watching, her eyes shadowed, wing wings slumping tell the wingtips drag on the ground a little.
Mirage tilts her ears back a bit, shelving the meeting with a great feeling of disappointment.  The only result was the status quo.  She then turns and walks past Chance and Dusk to follow Snow Bolt down the hill to the waiting wagon.

Log date: 

Saturday, August 31, 2013