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( Dusk feels confident Mirage would be willing to at least give Blue some pancakes.  Dusk feels tired of struggling through and is getting ready just to decide to bring Blue to Ponyville himself and drop her off there, then go to Marishville.  But then Blue slips off and he has to catch her first.  As for Dusk, he's not paid anything for this.  Not from Ponyville or the Princesses or the like.  Though that seems to be the perception.  Rather it is coming out of his own pocket to be in Ponyville and look into what's going on there.  Which he chooses to be, and is perfectly fine with.  But not that he's getting paid for it.  He'd so much rather be back in Ponyville, having a picnic with Mirage or such. )
Mirage watches as Dusk struggles with BlueFeather, who seems to be more and more difficult as she becomes more a changeling than a pony.  Not that BlueFeather didn't have more than her share of problems ever since she fell from Cloudsdale and crashed into Ponyville.  But more, watching Dusk causes Mirage to think of something she hadn't thought of before.  She's upset with Chance for him not even realizing he'd caused the death of innocent ponies.  But she's known Chance for a couple of years now, and he's not the type of pony who would run and hide if he'd known what he'd done.  And she thinks there is more to consider.  "I'm sorry, Dusk," she says as she tilts her ears down a bit.  "I forgot that Chance must be suffering, too, and that must be why he's decided to do something dangerous to try and change the past.  The safe thing now would be to go back to Ponyville.  But the kind and generous thing to do is to go to Marishville and help Chance make amends."  She pauses and dips her head to Dusk.  "May I join you
( "May I join you in going to help Chance?" )
Dapple looks around for Starfire, calling out for her in the main Chance wing. "Starfire! Are you around here? Please come out. Chance requests that you come along! He wishes to see you. He misses you a great deal." He has another way to 'find' other ponies that may be in some sort of pain, but he tries this way first.
Starfire lifts an ear, hearing Dapple's words. She takes goes out into the hallway and goes over to Dapple. "Oh, where is Chance?" she asks a little anxiously.
Snow_Bolt isn't exactly fine yet. The last few hours have still been horrible, and in his opinion he still has some justifiable anger about it, both at Dusk and at Chance. Mirage seems to be wavering a bit on this. He glances back and forth between Mirage and Dusk before finally his gaze rests on Mirage, "Are you sure?" he asks.
Dusk sees BlueFeather has finally passed out from her earlier drinking and before his antidote has countered it yet.  He catches her as she falls off from where she was holding his neck.  Well once issue solved.  He can have Mirage and Snow take her back to Ponyville now.  He's all set to tell the two he'll meet them in Ponyville when it's over, hoping that will be true.  But he has to stop and recalculate, "I...  You wish to come, my love?  It will almost certainly be quite hazardous there."  Not that it's necessarily safe for any of us anywhere with the past being messed with.  "But yes, of course you may."  He looks over to Snow to see how he'll handle this.  He wasn't expecting anypony besides himself to go, and probably for the best.  But he won't tell anypony they can't go.  Well Blue would still be best at home, of course.
Mirage looks thoughtful and then nods to Snow Bolt.  "No, I'm not sure at all," she says with a heavy sigh.  "But if I'm going to make a mistake, I'd rather make it while trying to help a friend.  And Chance has been a good friend, even if  he's done some terrible things in the past.  Now Dapple Double is how he would have been if Chance hadn't killed his family.  Chance went back and did -something-, and now Dusk says he needs our help.  I don't understand it.  All I can do is try to accept it as the truth for now."  Then she gives a little smile to Dusk.  "I know it will be dangerous.  And I'll try not to panic too much," she replies.  "
Mirage looks thoughtful and then nods to Snow Bolt.  "No, I'm not sure at all," she says with a heavy sigh.  "But if I'm going to make a mistake, I'd rather make it while trying to help a friend.  And Chance has been a good friend, even if  he's done some terrible things in the past.  Now Dapple Double is how he would have been if Chance hadn't killed his family.  Chance went back and did -something-, and now Dusk says he needs our help.  I don't understand it.  All I can do is try to accept it as the truth for now."  Then she gives a little smile to Dusk.  "I know it will be dangerous.  And I'll try not to panic too much," she replies.  "But I also said I wouldn't let you be alone anymore, even if you're saving the universe single-hoofed."  Then she leans close and gives Dusk a tender and reassuring kiss.
( Dapple looks relieved. That's one huge goal done. "He's waiting for you in Marishville. He can't come to you, but wishes for you to come to him. I can take you there. Would you allow me to do this?" He glances about for a moment, then back at Starfire. "Also, do you know where.." He checks his book. "Programmer Pony, Iris and NightRaven are?" )
Starfire lifts into a hover. "A would appreciate being taken there, I don't remember where that is, having never been here before." smiling. "Last I knew, we were getting off the wagon...I didn't wait to see where they went, I went to Chance's room to wait for him. I did hear Dusk searching also, so they may have left already. I am not sure though."
BlueFeather has not quite passed out, she just sliped and fell and knocked herself rather silly and is rather more than a little drunk at the momant. SHe might just pass out soon, but, shes not passed out yet. Anyways, even if she gets left behind, thats not saying shes going to stay behind.
Snow_Bolt isn't sure what he should do. Mirage doens't seem all that sure either. That at least is comforting. He was following her back to Ponyville and figures he might as well follow her where she is going now. Even if Dusk and Chance aren't on the good list right now. Mirage certainly remains on the good list and he can't let her do something dangerous without all the help she can get, "Fine." she says to her with a sigh.
Dusk's heart really warms as he listens to Mirage, even before the wonderful little kiss with so much feeling.  "You did say that, didn't you?  Well minus the universe part."  Though that would be something if she had said exactly that before.  He grins a little, but smiles again, "Thank you, Love," he says with a well-felt warmth.  He presses and returns the short but loving kiss.  He gives her a nod, and then turns to look to Snow, not asking him to join or anything.  But it looks like he may be coming along too.  Dusk nods again, "You don't have to come, Mr. Bolt.  I'm neither asking nor expecting you to.  Though you are welcome to go if you wish, of your own choice."  Dusk had caught Blue when she slipped off, so hasn't knocked into anything at least.  He helps settle her on his back again too.  Seems she doesn't have to worry about going with Mirage and Snow though.
Mirage nods to Snow, knowing he's as upset as she is about all that's been revealed about Chance's past, the suffering Chance caused other ponies, and that somehow he was never aware of it until a revenge-mad Dapple Double started killing trees at the plantation to draw Chance to him.  "I know.  And I didn't believe Dapple when he told us.  I mean, we'd just buried him a few hours ago.  But Dusk says Chance needs our help.  And I think that if we're not sure what to do, then acting as a friend is the best thing we can do."  Mirage hopes this isn't another deception, or a lie by omission.  But she trusts Dusk, even when they have thier differences.  She kisses Dusk again before smiling to him.  "I'm glad you remembered I said that," she smiles.  Inwardly, she's hoping she won't regret this decision to go back in time to Marishville.  But it was her idea to begin with, after all.  "Snow, I want you to know you're a very good friend to me, and I don't want to see you hurt.  But I think you'd be a great help with thi
Mirage says "But I think you'd be a great help with this."
Dapple nods softly to Starfire. "I've ran into Dusk, which is heading to Marishville, and Snow Bolt and Mirage, which are going to Ponyville." As far as he knows. He continues the search until he finds NightRaven and Iris in one room, and then PP quite out of it in another room. "Oh dear. Looks like Chance was right. This one's going to need a kick of magic." He takes a device out of his bag which looks rather like the magic power battery that his crazy self used. He trots over and places the chain its attached to around PP's neck, and uses his magic to 'link' PP's magic and the battery. A few moments later PP starts de-'aging', and starts looking better. Dapple gives a satisfied smile, still using his magic actively on the battery. "That'll make things easier." PP wakes up a few moments later, wide awake, like he just had a gallon of coffee. He stumbles up to his hooves, his hair splayed all over. He looks like he has the jitters. Dapple chuckles a bit. "Now now young'un, calm down. It's just a tempor
( "Now now young'un, calm down. It's just a temporary fix. You'll probably feel wiped out at the end of the day, but it'll probably help with your recovery." He explains the situation, and PP agrees to go, though it's largely out of youthful curiosity. Since Starfire and PP are coming along, NightRaven and Iris decide to also come along. Dapple leads them to his wagon, and gets PP to help him pull the mares down the plantation road toward the docks (though he may lose one or two mares if they decide to fly). )
Starfire nods and watches Dapply energizing PP. "Would the magic battery in my music player be of any help? Dusk fabricated it for me after he melted mine." she follows the others, flying along until they got to the wagon, then she flies a bit higher, not wanting to make any extra work for the pulling ponies.
BlueFeather offers the botle of wine to Mirage, after all, every pony probably wants to get drunk considering what all has happened! Relaxing when shes set back atop of Dusk's back, her head giving a little bob.
Snow_Bolt isn't going to not go if the rest of the group is going to go. Especially since Mirage has decided to go. He trusts her judgement and she hasn't failed him yet, "Ok. I'll go." he says to her first though clearly he is speaking to Dusk as well. He isn't being forced or anything, but he doesn't want to get on a boat by himself. That would just be horribly lonely.
Dusk only knows what he's experienced and what Dapple has told him, and that's what he has passed on.  What Chance has told Dapple and asked him to tell may be another matter.  But Dusk certainly knows the timelines are messed up, and not stable.  He nods, "I'm glad you did too, my dear.  Well then perhaps we should go let Mr. Double know what our plans are.  Though I'm pretty sure he's going there too."  Dusk grins at Blue and nods to Mirage to accept the bottle.  At least that's one less one for her to try and drink.  So the groups eventually get together, eventually finding the end of that endless repeating background, and off to the ship together.
Mirage smiles to Snow, and step over to bump his shoulder with hers.  "I'm glad," she says to him.  "And if nothing else, perhaps we'll find out the truth of everything that's been happening."  She's about to refuse the bottle BlueFeather offers, until Dusk nods at her.  Tilting her ears in a shrug, she takes the bottle and puts it in her suitcase.  "Thank you, Blue," she says with a gentle smile.  Then she looks once more to Snow, before following Dusk.
( Dapple catches up to Dusk's little group. We get down to the docks, and he gets us all tickets on a nice passenger boat. Next comes a nice train ride, that thankfully doesn't end in crashing. The entire trip is made as comfertable as possible. The last leg to Marishville is by a large 6-horse-drawn carriage train (train in the 'wagon train' sense). Finally Marishville comes into view. It's like a town out of the last century, but a fair size for an old town, spread out across the land. The ponies in Marishville are of a nice friendly sort, and seem to have a good sense of hospitality. )
Starfire rather enjoyed the boat ride, being able to se the whole thing, though the train leg of the trip she opted to fly overheard the entire run, just to be safe. Trains were not on her top trusted list anymore. But luckily, she could rest while riding a wagon the last part of the way into Marisville. For it was the last wagon train to marisville, they'd all meet at the station....yes the last wagon train to Marishville.....
BlueFeather rides atop of Dusk, and mostly stays quiet
Snow_Bolt has spent most of the trip keeping to himself. He has had a great deal to think about. There were times when he said to himself 'No. I shouldn't be going. I shouldn't just follow the crowd and riding the wave of what is popular. No.' Of course five minutes later he would say to himself 'How couldn't I not go and not try to at the very least help Mirage?' This whole thing has been an experience. He has learned that the friends that he idealized to some degree aren't perfect, and when you find that out it really throws you for a loop. Still he is here. And they are arriving in the last place in the universe that he has any desire to be, but is anyway.
Dusk enjoys the easy and thankfully problem free trip to Marishville, along side Mirage, and is rather impressed by the town.  We may not actually be going back in time, but the place looks close enough to think you had.  He lets Dapple show us to where we need to go.  He is glad to have Mirage and Snow along.  He just hopes everything works out for the best, and that Chance had something in mind.  He doesn't want to be the one to tell the folks here that history is going to wipe them from tbe books, once again.  Or what issues might result for the rest of us.  But Chance has had quite a while now, so hopefully he is prepared with something.
Dusk keeps Blue close too and ruffles her head, which should be well cleared by now. :-)
Mirage is outwardly calm and and hopeful, though she conceals serious doubts about this trip and what they'll find.  The only evidence the group has is that Dapple Double does look like the Elder, and has the same magic battery the Elder used to enhance his corrupt magic.  And if Dapple knows what Chance has told him, then Dapple's, and Chance's knowledge of what happens in current time stops at the point where Chance left the 'now' and went back eighty or more years to change his actions in the past.  Mirage feels a dull, sinking ache in her stomach as she considers.  Will there be two Chances?  And how did present day Chance deal with his past self?  Mirage's idea was to simply stop the past Chance from gambling that day, thus preventing the attack and the fires.  What did Chance do?
Dapple leads us through town, showing us the sights. The park, the court, the restaurants, many of which are small outdoor styles. We see two firehouses, and an unusal number of lumber yards, and pass by a number of buildings getting fixed in some way, as well as one on fire. Fortunately, there's fireponies putting it out already. Around roughly the center of town we come to a quaint little row of houses, one of them a loner, with a neat little yard and white picket fence. Dapple leads us up and knocks on the door. After a few moments a pony of black and white shows up. It's Chance, except he's changed his garb a bit. Instead of the perpetual saddle bag, he now has a form-hugging tool bag to one side, and a storage bag on the other. His legs and horn are wrapped in decorative brown leather wraps, though his mane and tail are still left wild. "Yes?" He stops as he notices who's there, his eyes growing wide. For a moment he's not sure what to say, but then, "Please, come in. All of you." He welcomes them
He welcomes them into his home, a small but neat house. He gets out seats for the others, placing them in the living room. He keeps an eye on Starfire though, and the moment he gets a chance he trots over to her. "I'm so glad you came. I've.. I've missed you so." He would probably pounce her out of joy, and looks like he still might, but he restrains himself.
Starfire perks her ears and noses Chance when he comes over, about to pounce just the same. "I've been worried love, what happened? And re-happened, if I understood the chatter...mind you I'm not sciencymagicalmatistt."
BlueFeather tilts her head, watching, her eyes still showing a a soft ember of anger at Chance, her wings giving a sharp little flick, probably still perched on Dusk's back, after all, its probably the safist spot for her, considering all the stranger ponys
Snow_Bolt hasn't really ever been to a town like this before. Not in his entire life. It does look like something out of another time. He keeps his eyes open as they pass through the city, ready to take action should the need arise, but it doesn't seem that anypony else does need anything and has the matter well in hand. Which is amazing considering this place shouldn't exist. He has given thought to the patterns to time on the trip and had many of the same questions that Mirage had. Its odd to think that you just saw someone not to long ago and for them it has been 80 years. Though if any pony could make that work it would be Chance, "Hello." he says.
Dusk lets Dapple show us around, surely wanting us to be familiar with the town and seeing what a thriving place with plenty of ponies it is, and perhaps develop some concern for the ponies there.  He does still carry Blue, when she's not off doing something else.  As for Chance 'going back' as far as Dusk could tell, he didn't just travel back in time to change it, but erased himself from time, as if rewinding his life, then going forward again 80-some years ago, reliving it anew.  He waits them as we arrive at Chance's place, not too unlike his one he had before in Ponyville.  He lets Starfire and him meet again, before nodding.  "Well here's where you went off to, hmm?  Quite a sticky situation you've got on your hooves too."  And he isn't talking gum.
Mirage feels reassured with Snow Bolt along.  Of all the ponie she knows, he can best deal with any outbreaks of fire in the town.  That's not the reason she wanted him to come with her and the others, though. Mirage is taking a large risk in coming along, and she and Snow Bolt have pretty much the same opinion about what's happened.  So, of any of the ponies here, Snow can help Mirage make sure she's not being swayed one way or another as they get to the truth of what's happened, or more importantly, what -didn't- happen here eighty years ago.  Dusk's idea that Chance 'erased' himself is disturbing...  it almost sounds like Chance killed his past self.  She gives a friendly smile and nod to Chance as he invites them in, and is quite happy to see that Chance and Starfire are still an item.
Chance noses Starfire tenderly, then glances over to Dusk with a light chuckle. "Something like that." The chuckle fades, as does his smile. "I did make a mess of things, didn't I?" He trots over and takes a seat to face the other ponies. "I've had 80 years to go over what happened. I was afraid Princess Celestia would reject any request to try to fix the timeline. I still think she would have rejected it. Once death is done, one should leave death as is. But so many things happened that day. I saw an innocent pony turn mad, simply because I was there 80 years ago. I saw my friends' relationships start to break. I didn't know what to do. I just knew I had to fix things.. somehow. I had access to a number of artifacts then, a couple concerning time. One rewinds your own life, the other rewinds time for one pony. Used together.. well, it's dangerous. Ponies get erased from time. I made it through though. I got dropped into my past self, 80 years ago. That was, to say the least, rather confusing. I had all the memori
I had all the memories of both my past and future selves. I was able to keep from gambling that night, but I found out a terrible truth about time travel. You can't change the past. The building still fell and caught on fire, but this time I was able to help save ponies instead of causing the problem. You see.. I originally ran, ran because other ponies were trying to lynch me. I didn't know it was me that caused the disaster until I realized it later." His ears turn back. "I couldn't do anything then, and wasn't even completely sure it was me. But.. it turned out, it was. Anyways, one of the ponies I helped save was Mr. Dapple Double here, a now good friend. As time wore on it became apparent that something went rather wrong with it all. Everytime I attempted to leave, the town would start falling apart.. literally. Fires would start for no reason. I found I had to keep activating the time artifacts to restablize things. After 80 years of study, I know what's happening. This was never supposed to be t
( This was never supposed to be the normal way of things. You see.. it's not possible to change the past. Not really. It'll right itself eventually." He goes quiet for a few moments. "Unfortunately, the timeloop that I made has ended. The present has started again. And things are growing worse. I planned for this, but.. it doesn't make it any easier. I can't fix time, my friends. I can't simply take back what already was supposed to have been. But I can change the future. I've held this town here for the last 80 years. And now it's time to set it on it's path to the future. It's.. well, as Dapple once put it, it's like giving a patient a translant. You have to keep giving the patient medicine or else the transplant will be rejected. Our patient here is time, and the transplant will be Marishville. The medicine.. well, after all this time, I've got that ready. I needed help from a unicorn that knows time manipulation the best." He looks over to Dusk. "And I found out just how much he knows." He lets out a )
He lets out a soft breath. "I'm glad you all came. It brightens my heart. But I brought you here to ask for your help in operating on time itself. To set Marishville, as it is now, as the true timeline. I.. won't ask for your help though. I already asked for too much. I can only ask for your forgiveness for everything. For what most likely seemed a deception. And if you wish to help, I'll accept it. And if not, I'll understand it. Will you forgive an old pony for messing things up so badly? Would you forgive as friends?"
BlueFeather tilts her head, listening to all thats said, not seeming to understand most of whats happening, blinking a little ans she contemplates. Her wings give a little witch, then she chirps softly, "Still issa wrong. How many die now becaue try and make time diferent? No can make everting perfict. Can only make up for wrong stuff."
Snow_Bolt listens as Chance explains the whole chain of events. Everything from what ended up happening to what originally happened. The original explaination that he gives is better than the one that he had given on the hill. Snow had thought that Chance basically burned down the building, not on purpose, got scared and bolted without giving a thought to the ponies inside or anything. If he truly didn't know it was him and if he was in the process of getting beat up it would make things different, though even then after he figured out it was him he could have done something. So there is some reason to still be a bit irked. He gives a glance to Mirage to see what she is making of it. The whole thing had seemed like a very big deception and he did feel used. Though how does one go about feeling used for something that didn't happen that you remember anyway? Its all so confusing. More information is needed. He just sort of stands there waiting for ponies who know more about this than him to speak up.
Dusk is glad to have Mirage along, even if mostly for his own selfish desires.  He's glad that she's talking with him, and willing to consider helping Chance (though he wouldn't have blamed for not wanting to go).  But mostly he's just happier when she's near.  He listens like the rest as Chance gives up a quick catchup on 80 new years of the past.  "Well you could have asked before doing something, Mr. Chance.  I could have told you the risks at least, and not just gone and erased any knowledge we had of you."  A rather cursed artifact.  You can rewind and relive your past, it as much as you try to change it, it all ends up the same.  He has to chuckle and pat Blue, "Even Little Blue can see that much."  But as Chance gives him a curious look he raises a brow.  "I don't change the past, just the present."  Though he can see the paths of the past, of course.  "And I still see you as a friend, Mr. Chance.  What happened in your past, you had done what you thought best.  You only found out about a year ago about y
( ... your talent.  But messing with time is something you did knowingly and willingly.  Kind of hard to forgive something that's still happening.  But I will help."  He stands besides Mirage, but doesn't look to the others, not wanting to give the impression he expects anything similar from them.  This is up to each pony. )
Mirage looks over to Snow Bolt occasionally as Chance tells his story.  It does differ slightly compared with what he said on the hill, just as Snow noted.  She meets Snow's glance and nods back to him.  It is all very confusing, and very concerning with the talk of the town's place in the current time unravelling.  "I can't accept that Marishville and it's inhabitants die for nothing," she says softly to Chance.  "Of course I forgive you," she says as she stands next to Dusk.  "And Chance, I'll help you in any way I can to save this town."  She's tempted to look to the others, but decides to follow Dusk's example and not try to sway the others' decisions.
BlueFeather has allready said her bit, and just settles atop of Dusk's back, her head tilting a little to one side, watching everything. She does not beleave that CHance has even understood what she was saying, and does not try to expound apon it, rasther, she just sits on Dusk's back, and watches.
Chance looks over to Blue with a light smile. "Yes, I know little Blue. However, more ponies are alive now then would have been. The town became a ghost town less then a decade after I originally got here. This timeline has more ponies in it." He glances to Snow, and nods lightly to Dusk. "I understand. It was a foolish thing to do. I was afraid of losing everything then. And I didn't know what other consequences would have come from the town's past. What if Dapple wasn't the only one? What if some other pony came along and tried to harm my friends? I was scared, and I acted upon that. By the time I got back to Marishville 80 years ago, it was too late. All I could do was what I've been doing the last 80 years. I couldn't let it fall apart again." He looks over to Mirage. "I thank you, Mirage. I believe we can save it."
Snow_Bolt is apparently the last holdout when it comes to the whole forgiveness thing. He is still disappointed, very disappointed in Chance, and to a lesser extent Dusk. Though he is here now, and since he had a part in this he has some obligation to help fix it now that its an ongoing issue. Snow speaks up quietly at first, "I didn't want to live forever anyway..." he says realizing the sort of irony in that, "...no offense." he says to Chance, "I'll help too." The ponies living now had nothing to do with what happened then and are by any definition of the word innocent, and he isn't going to just walk away from that. He gives Mirage a shrug as she looks. He'll talk about his reservations with her later. Now isn't the right moment.
Dusk had repeatedly tried to explain that is how it went, since he had seen it.  Even Mirage had seen it, when Dusk was exploring Chance's timeline.  But he's certainly not brining any of it up now.  At the time everypony was a bit heated over it, and not willing to listen to the other.  Even including himself.  He smiles though as Mirage is even more forgiving than himself.  Dusk doesn't blame Chance for his original past.  But if he messes up the timelines..  What if Mirage and him never get together because of some change?  "True, this town may have more ponies now.  But what if they left not because of anything you did, or the fire?  What if there were just better places to go?  Maybe founded new towns and whole thriving societies like the Apple family did in Ponyville that aren't there now, because those families are still here?  But yes, they are here now, and I agree, we do have to help them."
Mirage says "You're very welcome, Chance."  She doesn't know if it's possible or not, but she's willing to try.  She tilts an ear at Snow Bolt's remark, and notices his shrug, to which she gives a nod back.  Yes, she and Snow will have to talk when there is some time to do so.  Mirage listens to Dusk and gives him a sideglance.  "And what if they didn't, love?  What if things are better with Marishville than without it?"  She knows that even with Dusk's talent, he can't know definately.  But she smiles to him as he decides to help.  "You're a reseacher, Dusk," she says softly to him.  "Think of this as a grand experiment that's succeeded for eighty years, and is ready now to face it's final test."  Her voice is hopeful and determined."

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