CP: To Track a Banana Killer pt 1

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( The twisted and gnarled tree that once bore delicious fruit shudders from Starfire's kick!  Then, with a low groaning, it seems to sag.  The trunk is dented from the force of the pegasus' kick and it didn't feel nearly as stout to her as it should be.  A little shower of sickly leaves waft down from the top of the tree. )
( Snow_Bolt's horn glows green as he takes control of the wind already present to make sure that that a few feet above the head of the group there is a breeze that catches the leaves and carries them all away. Starfire might be brave, but he certainly isn't and there is no way he wants those leaves to come anywhere near him, or the group. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, since Starfire took it upon herself to kick the tree they will get to see what happens to ponies who come into contact with the tree, "They certainly are quite dead." )
( Dusk watches the leaves fall, but doesn't catch much else out of it.  "I think this is going to take some keen observation and study.  It would be anything and who knows what pony might spot it or make the connection." )
( Mirage doesn't know anything about agriculture and couldn't begin to guess as to what's caused the trees to be this way.  She does know that she has the feeling of not wanting to be around them at all.  But of course, that's not a good way of finding out what's wrong and how to stop it.  "It seem like they're sick on the inside as well as the outside," she says as she looks around.  "And I don't see any fruit on the trees, or on the ground." )
( Mirage looks with surprise as Snow uses his magic to keep the leaves away from us and the other ponies.  "Oh, good idea," she smiles to him.  "Is it only the banana trees that are like this?  Or are other plants and trees affected?" )
( PP trots up to the tree, peering at it. "That's one weird tree disease. Never seen that before." Chance glances around to everypony. "Dusk, I would like you to check out the past of these trees. Mirage, we'll need you to project what Dusk sees to everypony so we all can investigate this thing from the start. We'll probably need to go to the center of this thing. Snow, watch for weird weather patterns that could affect this in any way, perhaps spread it or something. Programmer Pony.. since you seem to know magic pretty well, we might be able to use you if we find something magical. If that's alright." PP gives a smile at that. "Sure!" )
Snow_Bolt doesn't really think that there is going to be any strange or weird weather, but he will keep an eye on things. He nods to Chance and glances to each of the ponies as they get thier 'assignments' as it were. This is going to be an interesting day. Hopefully Star will be fine, "No problem." he says to both Chance and Mirage. He isn't going to let anything happen to his friends, if he can help.
BlueFeather yawns a little and pokes her head out of Dusk's mane, followed shortly by the rest of her, tell shes practicly jumping out of his mane, to land apon the ground besides him, her wings flicking and spreading wide, as she cocks her head and blinks herself more awake.
Dusk nods to PP.  "Yes, I haven't seen the like either, Mr. Pony."  Dusk gets a slightly curious expression as he 'looks' things over more closely.  Then he looks over to Chance and nods, "I would be glad to, Mr. Chance."  He turns to Mirage, "If you would care to assist, my love?"  He blinks as Blue shows back up, "Well look who woke up."  He grins.  Blue will find the ponies checking out some withered away banana trees, and Snow flying up overhead to check things out.
BlueFeather shakes herself, wings spreading wide, and faning sharply a momant, her tail giving a sharp little flick, then her head cocking to one side as she looks around carefully, then she trots up to one of the trees and gives it a sniff, not having a clue what a bannana is, after all, shes rather good at avoiding anything thats healthy
Mirage feels better knowing Snow Bolt will be keeping watch over the group, as Chance gets everypony organized.  Her horn glows with her pretty sea-green magic as she gazes into Dusk's eyes.  Then her magic gently pulses, and washes over the area, and everypony here, in a soft ripple.  Normally, her magic replaces the surrounding with whatever a particular pony wants to see.  This time, however, the image is transparent.  Anypony can see their real surroundings, and a translucent image of what Dusk is seeing with his talent.  It's almost like having double vision, but it's easy to tell what is real and what is something that Dusk is seeing from the past.  And it's easy to see that Mirage is spending more magic and concentration in doing this.
Chance glances about as Mirage starts up her mirage-overlay. "This is new. This is a nice application of your magic, Mirage." He glances at the trees, then at Dusk. "See anything extra?" He glances to the closest tree again. "Doesn't seem like much difference.."
Snow_Bolt is used to Mirage's magic, so it isn't so jarring, but its certainly different. An inside view of what Dusk sees. Might be very interesting. Especially if there is anything to be seen when it comes to the trees. Dusk is able to ferret that sort of thing out. He gives a glance to Mirage, hopefully she won't be under too much pressure. He would hope she would stop if she needed.
Dusk smiles as Mirage looks to him and starts up her magic, watching the lovely soft green flow outward, in contrast to the black and withered plants.  "Thank you, my dear Mirage."  He then steps out and looks around again.  The first thing the other ponies notice is like.. tiny little specks in the air around us and the area with the damaged trees in particular.. Bugs?  No, looking at one close they are just little squiggles.. "Some sort of.. background noise.  It's masking the magical view of things somewhat.  But it shouldn't stop looking into their past."  A tree near Dusk, near the edge of the damaged trees, becomes hilighted, like it was outlined.  Even seeing down to the roots underground as if it was nearly transparent.  Then faint glowing lines start to appear, each connecting with the tree in some way..  From dead leaves on the ground up to branches, ones from the tree to Starfire and Blue, where they came in contact with it.  Very faint ones through the air.. perhaps insects or something in the wind that blew against it.
BlueFeather darts back and hides under Dusk when Mirage starts her mirage, after all, its strange, to her, so it must be dangerious, just like stranger ponys.
Mirage gives a little nod to Chance.  "I thought it would be a better way of being able to see any small changes," she answers as she concentrates.  "And I wouldn't want to cause anypony not to see any danger nearby."  Her horn glows more brightly now as Dusk's magic begins to work, and the changes he can detect become visible to everypony who wishes to see.
PP looks at the odd little squiggles. "Signal noise? Around the trees? Could this be a magical disease?" he wonders aloud. Chance glances at PP, then to Dusk. "Could the problem itself be magical?"
Snow_Bolt watches the little squiggles but can't really make heads or tails about what it means. It certainly is a new view of the world though. He could imagine how something like this would be useful. PP seems to agree as he chimes in about the potential magical nature of the illness. Or even just bugs. There are magical bugs. It is possible. Though certainly not his area of experties. He keeps an ear and an eye out though. Sometimes when things are poked they like to poke back.
Dusk chuckles as Blue hurries back over.  The faint line still leading back to her.  He looks back to Mirage and nods to Chance and PP, "It is certainly one possibility.  In fact I brought them up, as we're going to track them too.  And now that we have all the current pieces, we'll follow the tree's own path back."  But for the tree he doesn't just show the line of the path, but the detail.  As if rewinding time, overlaid atop of the current image.  But now the interacting lines change, brightest and strongest based on how recent the time is.  For example, at first the line from Blue is brighter and grows brightest as we reach the moment she touched it, at which we see an outline image of her, brightest at the point her hoof touches, and dimmer further back, but still clear.  Then as we keep moving there is the same for Starfire.  And then an uneven line that crosses the air until it reaches the tree and then goes off at another angel, one side growing shorter as the whole grows brighter.  As the end reaches it, there is the glowing outline image of a flying beetle, which flies away backwards along the other line and both fade out.. A line from a dead leaf on the ground grows brighter and then a glowing image of the leaf in place just before it fell.  And noise squiggles too are tracked, showing as they were as we go back in time.  "Keep watching, but we're going to be particularly interested in when it goes from being unhealthy to healthy, I suspect.  Though maybe we'll find something else too."
BlueFeather tilts her head a little, watching everything closely, twitching a little, and watching one of thoes little squiggles. In the blink of an eye she attacks, wings flaring widfe, mouth opening, as she trys to snap her teeth down on one of the squiggles. WHat, shes got fangs, thats a perfictly valid method of testing something!
Mirage is busy doing her best to insure that what Dusk is seeing is visible to everypony that wishes to see.  She's done this sort of thing with Dusk before at the center, but this is larger and more complex than simply showing lines of possibilities or the blueprints of a design.  Hopefully there will be some clues revealed...  although it's possible the clues could be too subtle to notice.
Chance watches as Dusk takes the tree back in time. It's been some days since these trees died, but Dusk finally finds the time. However, during that, the leaves unshrivel, mostly, and fall back up on the tree. Then the tree starts to unshrivel, health slowly flowing into the tree. The trunk and branches are affected the most, and the leaves mostly get the effects of the tree dying. Or undying, as the case currently is. About three quarters way into full 'healing', when the tree is near good health, there's a quick jump in the squiggly lines, and they extend around the area, toward the other dead trees like some weird squiggly-field in the area. It doesn't reach the currently healthy trees. "What.. is that?" "A magic bug population explosion?" PP pipes up.
The ability to rewind time would have its advantages. At some point he'll have to ask Dusk if he can just randomly do that with any pony off the street. That would be a curious ability. Strange to think that a pony could have that much of an ability to see your life. Snow ponders this as he watches the trees begin to 'un-die'. There does seem to be a curiously high level of the squiggles right before they start having real problems. But what are the squiggles. PP's idea is certainly a valid one. Bugs could do this. But they'd have to be invisble almost. None of the workers, from what he has gathered, have seen any evidence of bugs. And what bug could do that?
Dusk smiles, "And yes, Dear Mirage has made some wonderful advances in her talent since I first met her.  It is amazing the detail and levels she can create.  Even if she's too modest to admit it."  He grins and gives her a loving nuzzle and kiss on the head, but not to distract her.  But Mirage's thinking is right, and why he's showing the intensity based on time, not significance, so even the smallest things stand out brightly.  Blue though finds the squiggles somewhat elusive as she snaps at them.  Or maybe she's scaring them off, she might think.  He's not sure what they'd taste like.  Maybe he should?  Maybe tasting magic could open and entire new field of study.  But focusing on the current task..  Indeed, everypony notices at the time when the squiggles themselves take up the most prominence!  "What indeed!  Show us where you are, little motes.."  Dusk pauses the backtracking, and even goes forward a bit, then enhances all the squiggles for as far as he can perceive them, then more slowly moves back, seeing if can find the greatest moment, and where they are coming from, and where they are the strongest.  As for seeing any pony, he has followed Chance's past back.  Though Dusk's talent is manipulating current paths with alternate paths, and doing so involves seeing them.  He also sees paths that could have been but weren't, or might yet be.
BlueFeather keeps trying to bite the squiggles, and growing more upset each time if she misses them, finnaly, she gets frustrated, and standfs stock still, bracing her legs, and diping her head a little, her little horn starting to glow green as she atempts to catch them with her magic, she will have a squiggle to bite, or she will have something! Shes not been doing a lot of magic, or using a lot of love, so this might be a bit less than safe for her to be doing
Mirage is very focused on her task, though she gives Dusk a little smile at his nuzzling and kiss.  "Don't get too distracted," she whispers to him.  So far the squiggles, for lack of a better term, seem to have everypony's attention.  They do seem to be the one thing that's out of place.  But what an odd representation...  Mirage concentrates more deeply, letting her talent guide her magic to bring forth just what Dusk's talent is trying to express.
Chance backs up a bit as Dusk spreads his sight futher. The field of squigglies seem to be in the immediate area only, but extends toward the other trees on this edge of death. Nothing seems to indicate where they came from, and the field seems to be fairly even throughout. Aside from little clumps of squigglies that make little random balls and lines here and there. Well, they look random. But PP's look slowly changes from curious to awe as he watches the little balls and lines. He takes several steps back, looking over the currently visible field. "Mr. Dusk, can you make more of these things visible, to the sides?" he asks. "It looks like there's more to it. And speed up things a little?"
Snow_Bolt could make an argument that seeing things from this perspective is rather pretty. Despite Blue wanting to eat some of them its a really unique view of the world. There doens't appear to be any patterns that he can see either with the squiggles or anything else that is happening around them either. But they are closer to solving the mystery than they were before, but what they are and where they are coming from is elusive. They appear to be coming from everywhere, though he does suspect that if they follow the thread back long enough...something will make itself obvious.
Dusk does enjoy seeing things this way too.  Especially when there is many things to try and follow and track.  Now, even if you didn't notice the green glow of magic partly masked by Blue's mane, there are suddenly some major lines reaching outwards from around Blue, including to some trees, one right through were Snow is.  But even at PP's request to Dusk to speed things up, they instead come to a stop.  In the area near Blue there is suddenly an extremely faint wispy mist.. but not a mist.  If look closely they are thousands and thousands of almost invisible stands, groups and lines briefly flickering brighter in a searching pattern, then some of them start vanishing, increasingly quickly until there are just a few, and then one little strand.  Very faint until there's a little spark at a point, and the line from there becomes more solid and lit.  You also notice a sandwich that was right there too.  One of Blue's favorites.  "Sorry, where were we.."
Mirage's eyes slowly close, her horn gradually glowing brighter and brighter as she lets her talent guide her and her magic into transforming Dusk's interpretations into a faux view of what was, amid all the possibilities of what could have been.  She slowly widens her stance, carefully bracing each leg as she stands firm and empowers the vision.
BlueFeather is really focusing fairly hard, she wants one of thoes little squiggles, and its going to be hers! THe glow of her horn growing brighter and brighter as she focuses, tuning nearly everything else out for the momant. She does not notice the posability lines that are now more focused apon her, nore does she realize what thoes lines might mean, shes just waiting for the perfict momant to strike, and slam down with her magic to catch one of thoes squiggles. When the sandwish is thrust in front of her, it catches all of her attention, and she grabs it, with the full force of her magic. This is not a good thing for the sandwich, there is a sound, rather a loud thump, simular to multiton waight being droped on the ground, and, well, technicly the sanwich is still there, but, its been kinda crushed. Allright, more than kinda crushed.... WHen Blue blinks and cocks her head, to look at what she cought, and relaxes her grip, what once was a sandwich, is now a rather small bead.
Chance grins lightly as Dusk traces the sandwhich and Blue squishes it. "Smallest sandwhich I've ever seen." PP blinks a bit and glances at the sandwhich, then shakes his head, glancing over to Dusk. "Um.. can you make all this bigger? So I can see more? And speed it up a little?"

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