CP: Vendettas, Insanity, and Confrontation

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Mirage listens as Snow Bolt asks some very pertinent questions.  But Dusk's investigation only provides an outline of what happened, and not as to why or who.  She stands aside as the stallions investigate this area, searching for more clues, both magical and mundane.  And Dusk makes sure BlueFeather gets another sandwich.  He won't let her go hungry.  Mirage's eyes go wide at Chances warning!  "Something coming through now?" she asks again as she takes several steps back, having no idea of what's going to happen next.
BlueFeather tilts her head a little, blinking and moving back as well, the way its said, makes her unhappy, and, once more she starts to ready her magic, to atempt to strike and capture whatever might be coming, wings lifting and spreading, for increased mobility, even as she dips her head, pointing her little horn at the burnt patch of grass, and crouches a litle, to make jumping into the air quicker, and easyer
The teleport spell comes into being at the area of the chared grass. The teleport spell is saturated with some sort of magic, not just raw, but some type of spell. When Dusk tosses up his anti-teleport field, the magic from the teleport reacts to it. It corrodes Dusk's anti spell until it shatters, letting whoever, or whatever through. The magic saturation fades out, leaving.. a pony? An elderly pony, yes, but he appears to be a warped version of one, hair going all over the place like so much random wire, his mane barely recognizable, and his horn, though straight, is twisted like a rung towel, surface chips of horn missing from it. His fur is faded to near grey, the color, whatever it was, too far gone to make out. His cutie mark has long since been warped beyond recognition. He spots Chance and gives a slow grin. "Finally. The murderer of Marishville." Even his voice sounds distorted, like it's not quite ponish. Chance blinks lightly, surprised at that. "Who are you?" That earns him a death-glare. PP has decided to back up, a number of steps. A dozen should be fine. Maybe a couple more. Or maybe one more just to be safe.
Starfire was hovering nearby, still making faces at having 'seen' what looked like magic tapeworms chewing all over a banana tree. Or rather what was left of one. "Uhm.....question....if those things are eating the living trees, why is this dead one still covered in them? Why didn't they mnove to more living ones?" kinda looking at Dusk and Mirage. Those two were the magic specialists after all. Then pulls back and up about a dozen meters as Mr. Spooky arrives.
Dusk indeed doesn't let Blue go hungry.  A hungry Blue might be more dangerous than a hungry Chance.  Dusk moves to help protect Mirage and Blue some too, but is keeping an eye out for everypony.  He'd be more than glad to answer Starfire too, but appears we have more pressing matters.  He's not too surprised for the bubble to get broken, as it was as much a cover as well.  He is a rather bit surprised by the sight of the figure himself though!  What has caused this?  He must have endured much!  And while Dusk doesn't comment yet, he now has a solid figure, and a path he can lock onto from here.  But to be safe, with the cover of the bubble magic, he attaches an inert magical tracker.  It doesn't give off any magic itself, detectable in only a particular way.  Dusk watches and listens, ready to react.
Mirage balks at the sight of the mysterious and menacing pony.  He has the appearance of one who has suffered a a great deal, and evidently Chance is the source of all that suffering!  Mirage tucks her hears and tail down as she backs away more, trying to keep a safe distance so the stallions and Starfire can deal with this pony without having to worry about her safety.
Mirage balks at the sight of the mysterious and menacing pony.  He has the appearance of one who has suffered a a great deal, and evidently Chance is the source of all that suffering!  Mirage tucks her ears and tail down as she backs away more, trying to keep a safe distance so the stallions and Starfire can deal with this pony without having to worry about her safety.
BlueFeather is also ready to react, or, well she was, she gets distracted more than a little when Dusk goes to help protect her, wich does keep her from making her own grab at the stranger pony, wings flareing a litle, she atempts to get in position to take the stranger out
'Mr. Spooky' opens his mouth in anger to answer, but then calms himself, giving a smile with teeth so malformed they barely resemble what they once were. "My name doesn't matter. Only your's. About 80 years ago a pony with a mark of dice and a talent understood by none came to a small town with a name that most ponies didn't even know. He agreed to a game of chance, and won. He played again, and won. And won. He then wanted to leave, to run, to flee his cheating ways, and the good ponies wanted nothing more then to bring him to justice. But then a explosion of wood and fire was rained down upon them!" His voice grows louder, his smile, if one could call it that, turning into a fearsome scowl. "I was there, luck-pony! My family was there! And for the price of a game, YOU KILLED THEM!" It almost seems that his now heavy breath is nearly visible in red, but perhaps that's just a trick of the light. He calms again after a few moments, his personality and mind as broken as his body. "Do you know what my tal
"Do you know what my talent was, luck-pony? I could take any spell cast, any talent applied through magic, and make it my own. I could only do this one magic at a time, but I was considered a prodigy. My parents were going to send me to the best school, and I was to have a life that would excel in helping those in my life, my town, my family. Which You DeStRoYeD WITH YOUR BLASTED MAGIC!" A breath. "Your corruptive magic. Magic which destroys all, except for you. You, walking death, walking corrosion, a disease upon the world." he snorts. "I took it that day, your spell that you used to destroy my family, with the intention of destroying you with it. But you were gone before I could. I've been looking for you, luck-pony." The word 'luck' laced with so much malice that it's almost tangible. "Look upon your magic, what it does to honest ponies. LOOK AT ME!" he screams in a mix of terror and horror and pain and anger. "You shall soon pay for your crime of diseased existance.", his voice falling to a low growl. Chance's expression first turns to worry, then horror as the story winds his memory around the past, causing him to recal that fateful day.
Starfire remains up and back, just eyeing this new old pony. While she was no fighter, she wasn't afraid to stomp a threat....but...it didn't look like a serious threat yet. Besides, she knew Chance would be fine, and if she was back far enough, it was more likely she would be of little use to his talent as a potential blocking device. It seemed he knew Chance though, so it was likely best to sit back and observe...at least she could not make it worse this way.
Dusk definitely figures this pony isn't to be taken lightly.  He's clearly highly driven, and potentially quite unstable.  In fact once he's heard to speak, there's little question of that.  Dusk does recall this story from when we looked into Chance's past before.  "If you have a copy of his talent, then you know how it works.  If he wasn't being attacked or restrained, it would have done nothing.  Mr. Chance did not even know he had magic or a talent until quite recently."  Keeping his focus on this pony, but speaking to the others, "So nopony attack this fellow, or get in his way."  He does glance to Blue, "You too, Little Lady.  No attacking.  That would just help him."  Dusk takes a non-threatening stance, though he's quite ready to take action if needed.
Mirage has the nonthreatening stance almost perfected...  Oh, this is -not- good at all!  Two Chances?  Mirage has seen what can happen around Chance, and has no desire to be in the way when it happens again.  She slowly starts backing down the hill, though staying where she can see and hear what is being said.  And the worst of all is the old and half crazed pony has every reason to want revenge on Chance!  Who wouldn't, after suffering such a terrible loss for no reason other than a pony winning too easily at gambling?  Mirage feels a deep pity for the old pony...  and for Chance, too, as he certainly didn't want to hurt anypony.
BlueFeather of course is focusing on her TK again, after all, it is something shes gotten sorta ok with, well when shes not tossing things all over the place by overeffert. Her wings flared wide, and lifted, reading to come down at a momant's notice, her head tilted to one side. She then blinks and looks at Dusk, giving a little chirp, before she speaks up, "No let bad pony hurt good pony."
The old one looks over to Dusk. "IT MATTERS NOT!" he exclaims back, eyes and nose flairing. "He is a scourge upon the land, and I shall cure it!" He does pause as Dusk gives the directive to the other ponies, then lets out a maniacal laugh. "You fool! I don't have his talent, I have his magic! Let me show you what it can do in the hooves of somepony that has full control of it." Around his neck he wears a chain and what appears to be an ornamental piece hanging from it. But it starts to glow, and red-black magic fills his eyes and seeps from the edges, a sphere of corrupt magic appearing around him almost instantly. The magic is all wrong, warped beyond the natural use of it, and even the casting of it is probably enough to further the corruption of the one wielding it. The magic from his eyes grow, and like smoke it floats up to his horn, twisting around it, encompasing it. Any magic, any pony that would attempt to breach the field around him would be like dragging cheese across a grater. PP notices the odd glow around the ornamental piece, and his eyes widen. "A personal magic battery. It must be powering him." He attempts to toss up an emergency shield around as many ponies as he can with his own magic and artifact. The laughter lifts from the elder. "Clever pony, and with your own toy too. Too bad you won't grow old to enjoy it." Chance narrows his eyes. "No, I won't let you harm any of my friends." He lowers his horn, pointing it at the old stallion... and charges.
Starfire wrinkles her nose. So much for getting the cart and dropping it on the old one. If he shared a talent with Chance....or one like it, well, like Dusk said. Bad joojoo. Fine. She sees a small cloud nearby and lays on it, watching quietly from there. If anything perhaps being out of sight would be an advantage later on if she was lucky. She watches Chance charge the other and perks her ears.
Dusk can see Mirage keeping herself safe and nods to himself.  To Blue he smiles, "Protecting good ponies is very good.  But this pony is very dangerous."  Dusk does become more concerned as the pony explains the difference.  Noticing the object he wears, he glances to PP to see if he notices too and as he expected looks like PP knows just what he's seeing.  That's good.  The magic that spills out of it and the pony, not good at all.  Dusk copies and reinforces what PP is doing, shielding the rest of the ponies and making them as strong as he can help.  Especially as Chance suddenly goes charging in!  "Everypony brace yourselves!"
Mirage watches in horror as everything goes completely wrong all too quickly!  There may not have been much hope in talking with the old pony, now twisted by the magic he's used for so many years, but even a faint hope would be better than the fight that's started.  And anypony who's not a powerful wizard or sorcerer isn't going to last long.  "Dusk!  Stay safe!!" she cries before she drops to the ground and covers her head with her forelegs!
BlueFeather expects that a smart pony would be looking for safty at the momant, Blue might be intelligant, but, she does not allways do the smart thing, at the momant, shes busy trying to figure out what she can do to protect Dusk, and Mirage, though she is a pretty small target really, its unlikely that the stranger pony would target her to start out with
The pony indeed doesn't target Blue. He targets the shield that Dusk and PP put up, and PP directly in line with that. The spell shears from his horn like a lance, a constant spell of power and corruption. It slams into the shield, perverting the purity of the dual-shield almost immediately. PP, who is using his life-force to help hold the shield, is hit with the feedback. He screams and tumbles over, his hair whithered, his horn blackened with the blight of the spell. His shield falls, and the lance of magic punches through Dusk's shield like a bullet through glass, straight at PP. Chance immediately changes course and dives into the path of the lance. "NO!" he yells, trying to block it. A sickening smile crosses the elder pony's muzzle. He knows Chance's magic, using a piece of it all his life. He's changed Chance's emotional state. The untouchable pony is vunerable. The moment Chance intersects the lance, the old one refocuses, and the lance becomes something more powerful, corrupting even the air around it. The air literally, audibly crackles under the spell that now strikes Chance, turning almost toxic. All the old one's focus goes into it, even the shield around himself, but that doesn't leave himself completely vunerable, for at the source the corruption seeps like a fog around him, twisting him even further.. but he now has nothing to lose. What's more horrifying is what's happening to Chance. He cries out in pain and his hair starts to whither, blackness starting to creep across his horn, and his hair starting to appear as ash. His own talent slows down the creeping destruction, but it's having trouble telling itself from a piece of itself. It may slow down the damage, but it may not be enough against this mad-pony. Chance looks up with wide eyes at Starfire. For the first time this untouchable pony is dying. And for the first time in a long time, he has reason not to, and finds the will to want to live. He braces against the corruption, taking step by step toward t
He braces against the corruption, taking step by step toward the other stallion, his unknown nemesis, and perhaps his death. But then he falls, collapsing to the ground as age starts to overtake him, his talent no longer able to keep that at bay, working to adapt and purge the corruption of itself.
Starfire remains on her cloudlet, above and back from it all, outside the shield as it were, admiring Chance, her shining Knight, charging the evil Spooky one to defend his bananas. She watches with interest, unsure just what was about to occur, taking a few notes on what she was seeing, That look said it all to her, perhaps one she never wanted to see, but it gets a reaction. She leaps from her cloud and dive bombs to gain speed, she didn't have to know how to fight to smack some old fart in the head with her hooves at  high velocity. "You leave him ALONE!"
Dusk gives a nod as Mirage yells out, though he keeps his attention on the pony and the magic.  He's been able to counter most anything Chance's talent could cause.  Not beat it, but come to a draw.  But he hasn't encountered it being used anything like this.  As the lance punches through his own shield Dusk looks, for a moment, annoyed.  But then he sees his good friend being hit by, trying to save PP.. And in the next moment Starfire diving to attack.  If either are to survive it, they're going to need help!  Dusk readies himself, "Everypony!  Do what you can to help!" he calls out.  He even looks down to Blue, "Do you have your little toy you got from Mr. Memory?"  Then he focuses, and a hard-to-see staff appears floating besides him, as if seen through water.. an old, dark wood from an unknown type of tree, the end wrapping about a gem, as best can tell.  Alas he still hasn't finished the newest gem.  But this won't be too shabby.  Little motes appear around the crazy pony, the space around him becoming increasingly disorienting.  And Dusk.. when Blue looks, she was sure he was there a bit ago.
Mirage shivers at the sounds of magic careening about, magical shields being broking and deadly lances of magic flashing through the air!  But when she hears cries ring out, she peeks from behind her hooves as ProgrammerPony and then Chance wither as corruption runs over and through them.  Mirage is completely surprised as Dusk calls out to the others.  Starfire was already diving down on the old pony, and BlueFeather had been ready to fight from the start.  But what could Mirage do?  She's not a pony that fights!  But this is Dusk speaking, and Mirage finds she's able to stand on her not very steady legs.  She'd rather be galloping away right now!  That's the sensible thing to do!  But these are her friends...  and she knows Dusk won't leave with her.  She looks on in fear and disgust at the vile corrupting forces around the old pony.  Even getting within hoof reach of him might kill and ordinary pony like Mirage.  She finds herself wondering at the staff Dusk has summoned to himself. Then she slowly starts moving towards the magical onslaught, wondering what she can do to help.
BlueFeather naturaly does something, weather its helpfull or not, well, she trys, her horn glowing a sickly green, even as she grabs a sizable chunk of something, and flings it at the stranger pony, that was Dusk the evil pony was just attacking, and she will not stand for that! Once the chunk of whatever is tossed, hopefully serving as a usefull distraction, her head lifts, and she trys to spit some changling resin, and glue the evil pony to the ground, or perhaps to himself, whatever, its something she can do at lest.
Chance can do little more then watch now, as the battle inside him continues to destroy his body. The destruction is slowing as his talent adapts, but it's just too much for his talent to completely reverse it. Snow Bolt does his own part by creating a magic storm cloud, and using it to toss a lightning bolt down at the old one like a giant bug-zapper. The combined attacks first simply phase the elder. Starfire's kick becomes far weaker as she kicks through the warped magic, and that serves to alter her hooves as if very ill, but it knocks his head down a bit. But so strong is his focus on Chance that it doesn't disrupt his spell. Blue's attack is less pony, and more direct, though the thing she tosses shatters before it gets to the elder, but the pieces strike him firmly, causing him to stumble to the side a step, and his pelt shakes as Dusk's magic surrounds him. Unfortunately Blue's resin only falls apart uselessly in the presence of the corrupting magic. The lightning strike just adds to the combined attack, a
The lightning strike just adds to the combined attack, and though it also is weakened in the maddness-laden magics, it's enough for him to finally lose a bit of focus, his spell's corruption getting a bit weaker, and causing the damage it's causing Chance to slow nearly to a halt. The elder grows angry and attempts to re-establish focus, if he's given time to do so. Just a little more, and he's sure Chance will meet his end. It matters not to him what happens to himself now.
Starfire gives off a startled shiek at the sensations to her hooves, that was totally unexpected...and it only serves to truly get her angry. She noticed the bits of brittle goo pelting the old one, and turns and lands a few meters away, facing away, along the ground, digging her hoovss in as best she can, and begins to fan her wings, powerful strokes, but using her strength and power to propel as much gravel and debris as she can at the old menace as she uses her rear hooves to kick up more dirt into the fanned flow.
Dusk said just to do what one can.  It certainly doesn't have to be physically attacking.  Perhaps distracting him with Mirages.  Since they're in the mind they could be all sorts of things, as long as seems real enough he doesn't realize they're a mirage.  Perhaps something he fears most.  Or an image of Chance getting up and fighting off the force, making him redirect his attack towards the mirage-Chance.  And that staff.. If Mirage sees it enough, the gem may look familiar as one of the side projects Dusk had been working on since last Nightmare Night.  Dusk won't be leaving any of his friends undefended though, even if it isn't clear where he is.  His own magic is making the withered pony that much harder to focus as the very space around him is altered and warps.  In the distraction, Dusk is focusing on the necklace and pendant.. the battery of his power, causing even the old and magically strengthened metal to break down and lose cohesion.. with Dusk ready to magic it away.  The motes around him increase greatly, many coming off from the old pony himself, almost appearing as if looking into a field of stars through the distortion.  All the ponies are working together, and that's just what's needed if there is hope to stop this madpony.
Mirage can sense the desperation from Dusk as he and the others fight against the corrupted elder's magic.  She's amazed at the amount of magical power the elder seems to have, since from his physical appearance he should be too old and weak to do anything.  Mirage is even more amazed that nothing anypony is doing seems to be having much affect.  Lightening bolts, changeling magic and goo, Dusk's counter magic, and even Starfire's kicks to his head haven't done more than slightly distract him.  Even being pelted as he is by loose rocks and magic, the elder seems no weaker than when he started.  Mirage would rather that none of this were happening.  So, she will try to end it.  But with Dusk, Starfire and Bluefeather all battering away at him, she isn't sure what she can do will work.  From where she is, she stands quietly, aloof and untouched from the battle, and her horn glows for the briefest of moments.  As the elder and everyony else watch, the corruption upon Chance and Programmer Pony gains strength, disabling PP and once again consuming Chance.  His mane becomes more ashen, and then crumbles away from his neck and head, while his muscles shrivel under his hide, making him look dessecated.  Even Chances eyes become hollow and empty as the corruption devours his spirit as well as his body.  At the same time, the attacks from Chance's friends lose what little strength they had, and the Elder finds he barely feels the physical and magical attackes through his protective spells.  The Elder sees Chance lift his head, weakly, gasping desperately for breath as his body fails.
BlueFeather keeps, so long as she has the energy to do it, to pick up big things, and fling them as violently as she can at the evil pony, her horn glowing a soft sickly green, wings spreading wide, and buzzing to life to lift her up off the ground, her tail giving a litle flick, doing what she can to stop the pony from trying to hurt Dusk and Mirage.
The combined attack distracts the old one further to the point where the mirage is convincing to him. He relaxes his power-lance some and gives a slow smile. "It's finished. I finally did it. The.." He trails off, and a frown replaces the smile. "No.. no, this is wrong. It's all wrong!" He's too old and experienced to be fooled for long. There's a momentary pulse of corrupted magic from him. It's not very strong, but it's enough to shatter the illusion. Though even for a weak spell, the magic still washes over the area and causes a feeling of general ill to all ponies affected by it. However, Mirage's mirage distracted him long enough to not notice something else of critical importance.. the source of his power, his magic power battery. He suddenly becomes aware of its state and looks down at the damaged battery. "Oh no. Don't do this. NO!" he yells, and is about to swing his head toward Dusk when the battery gives out. Under normal circumstances, Dusk have been able to safely remove it, but the corruption causes it to react unpredictably. It shatters, and a massive wave of magic is released in a moment. There's no telling how long the pony has been charging that battery, but even now it still stored a rather large amount of magic. Simultaniously when the battery shatters, the corruption lance shuts down, all attacks suddenly have no more corruption to weaken them, and the old one cries out as he's hit by all sides at once. Only an eyeblink passes, and all the magic tears through him, getting released up into the sky in a massive colum of raw magic power. Such is the strength and corrupted nature of it that it lets out an audible thundering BOOM! as the column of magic shoots up, and the air in its wake is distorted from the now toxic air that's left behind. The shockwave from it creates a momentary gale-force blast of wind that washes over the area. The old one, now twisted and mis-shapened beyond any recognition of who he may have originally been, drops to the ground, his magic, most of the corruption, and most of his life-force having been ripped from him in the magic's release. As for his maddness, it's now complete. He looks through half-blind eyes toward Chance. "Father.." He gives a weak smile. "Father, I have done it. I have become the doctor you always wanted me to be. I have cured the land of a terrible disease. Father.." He goes still, his now empty gaze looking past Chance into eternity. The corruption on Chance has stopped, but his talent is working to adapt to it to restore Chance. A few uninterrupted moments later, it finally adapts, and Chance's hair starts to grow back in properly, and he starts to de-age once more. The grass around him withers, and a spreading circle of dying grass expands from him as his talent searches for material to repair him with.
Starfire has no knowledge of these kinds of things, she just keeps pelting at him with dirt and rocks until that colossal boom that rips across the valley. She spins in place and tucks her head into the shockwave, wings out tilted up slightly along the trailing edge, so the wind over them added a downforce upon her, giving her better traction with the ground, though once she realizes what was going to happen next...she lifts her wings and rockets skywards, using the blast as a kicker to get up and away, peeling high into the skies and out fo reach of that energy draining effect, hoping Dusk had a way to shield himself and the others.
Dusk did indeed need the help of Mirage and the others, as the old pony would have noticed him far too soon otherwise.  Now he only noticed after it was far too late to contain it.  Dusk had other plans for the battery, to send it off before it went off.  But that wasn't the only danger he was in.  By now you almost can't see the ground around the twisted pony as area around him becomes more an open starry field, the pony seeming almost more distant through the ripples.  If he was focused he could have tried escaping the other growing danger he was in.  But it becomes largely moot as the battery gives and all the remaining power is suddenly released in an earth-shaking kaboom and near-blinding flash!  When it finally clears the distortion and moots are entirely wiped from the area and leaving just the withering pony no long with the power to keep himself alive.  "That was brilliant thinking, my love," says Dusk from nearby, smiling like his usual self. "Good job, everypony!" he says, but hurries over to check on Chance and PP.
Mirage knew her mirage wouldn't keep the Elder fooled for long.  He was much too intelligent, even if what he was seeing was what he dearly wanted to see.  But her little effort did serve a purpose, allowing the ponies who could do something real a respite and a small window of opportunity.  Mirage finds herself aching and shuddering as a wave of magical illness rushes from the Elder as his magical totem is taken from him, and she staggers back.  The little mare staggers again when the Elder's magic is suddenly released into the sky with a thunderous boom!  Somehow, amid the rushing magic, she can hear his last words, and again she can't help but feel a deep pity for the Elder.  Suddenly, she finds herself blown off her hooves by the blast of wind that rushes by as he expires, and she tumbles head over hooves down the hill!  When she comes to a rest, she can just hear Dusk saying something but can't make it out.
BlueFeather blinks and drops back to the ground, panting a little as she cocks her head, still holding a rock thats larger than she is in the air, ready to pound the evil pony into the ground if shes got to. Still, her grip apon it wavers a little, burning through her stored up love faster than she had planed to with her unskilled manipulation of magic.
Chance slowly sits up, glancing about the area. His talent has 'eaten' a good deal of grass around the area, and he trusts Dusk to help keep everypony safe from it. He finally gets fully restored and rises, moving over to the elder. In his eyes isn't hate or anger, but rather sorrow. "I'm sorry." he says quietly, and gently closes the elder's eyes. He lets out a heavy sigh, and turns to check on the others, especially Starfire. PP looks like he's been wiped out again. Not only did he use his magic artifact in trying to keep the shield up, he was also hit by the feedback of corruption. He isn't looking too good, and is still out.
Starfire by now has looped way out and back, ripping in low along the ground, racing right up to Chance before flapping her wings in a hard air braking manuever, coming to a hov ering halt here she can hug him tight. In that alone there was probably enough love to refuel Bluefeather. She noses him and wherfs, "OH, I am so hapy you're allright." landing on her feet, staggering slightly. letting her wings just lie out flat on the ground.
Dusk of course, if there and sees Mirage tumbling back, would catch her as well.  He'd want to stay there and hold her as well, but he's still running on high and has to check on the others.  He gives Mirage a small kiss on the head, seeing she is otherwise fine, before dashing off.  He could see Starfire clear the area in time and now Chance is already standing and good again.  And Snow never had to get too close at all, though now moves in to check on the others as well.  That leaves PP and Blue.  He patpats Blue and tells her she did a good job, and slips her up into his back, then checks on PP.  He shakes his head, finally feeling his own tiredness taking over him as he settles to a stop.  "He's going to need more help again.  At least we're out of danger.."  He sees Chance though go over to the old pony, and nods.  Ah yes, his last words.  "Father?  Was he talking about you, Mr. Chance?  Or one in his mind?"
Mirage picks herself up as Dusk checks on her and gives her a little kiss.  She sees Starfire wing her way back, and hopes her hooves will heal quickly.  While he goes to check on ProgrammerPony, Mirage makes way over to where what is left of the Elder lies.  Chance is already there, having closed the Elder's eyes.  And Dusk is there, too, asking some questions.  Mirage decides to stand away a little and listen, seeing that BlueFeather is fine but looking tired, and that ProgrammerPony is weak but looks like he will be alright with food and rest.
BlueFeather does feed on the love that is being given to CHance, she really can't help it, shes not really learned how to discriminate in what she takes, still, at lest it is more than enough to rejuvinate her, and leave her able to hop over and lean up against Dusk before she sticks her tongue out at the evil pony. She does not seem to have much concern that shes just helped participate in the death of another.
Chance hugs Starfire back good and close. "I'm glad I'm alright too, love." he tells her with a soft smile. He heads over to PP and has Dusk help get the young pony on his back. "I'd like to give the old pony a proper burial. At least he can rest in peace now." It'll also help Chance rest better. He glances to Dusk. "The father in his mind. I.. remember now what happened. I'll have to tell the story later." he says quietly. He gets Dusk to help him with the elder as well. "Let's go home." He turns and starts the journey back to the mansion.

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