Of Dancing Dragons and Prancing Ponies


A hot mid summer's afternoon in PonyVill
Rainbow Dash
Sugar Rush


As Seed Street grows, a number of older buildings at times are either bought and rebuilt. One of them, A large three storied wooden building has been bought, The new owner is a dark grey unicorn Stallion, who is apparently intending to set up some sort of Inn or Tavern. He's going through a number of signs with names. Prancing Ponies, Dancing Dragons, and other similar names. As he finally seems to hold one up of a pair of what look like Dragons flying in some form of aerial dance, he spots some Pony and asks, "How does that Sound for a Name, Dancing Dragons?"
Applejack nods slowly. "Ah'd say it ain't bad, as far as it goes. Kinda reminds me o' th' kinda taverns ya see in storybooks an' suchlike. Speakin fer mahself Ah like th' dragon one better'n th' pony one, but Ah ain't rightly sure how best ta name a saloon, so... whatever ya think, sugar."
As he listens he nods, "That is exactly what I was going for on the name. Always had my nose buried in some fantasy novel, although I always was more interested in reading the details of where the heroes were exploring rather then the hook of the adventure. Now I just need to start getting the place set up. Thank you for your help. Name's Shadow Mane."
Applejack grins hugely and grabs Shadow Mane's hoof in both of hers and shakes it nearly clean out of its socket! "Ah'm real glad ta make yer acquaintance, Shadow Mane! Ah'm Applejack! Mah fam'ly an' Ah run Sweet Apple Acres, the best dang farm with th' best dang apples y'all ever laid yer eyes on!" She lets go, leaving Shadow's shoulder a bit limp! "An' if'n yer openin' a tavern, we might have us some business ta conduct. Y'ain't gonna get better cider or brandy nowheres than mah Granny Smith's!"
It's a hot, hot summer day, even for flyers like Rainbow Dash: you can feel the ground melting from 1000 feet up. Normally the heat would mean wicked updrafts, but the high pressure system has been going on for days now, and thus the air mass too uniform to generate much in the way of strong wind. To translate for the convenience of the laypony: it's hot and it sucks. "I could /really/ use a drink right now!" Rainbow Dash utters, swallowing a little, the drops of her own saliva suddenly as valuable as nectar. Sure enough, she happens to fly close to a sign indicating the new establishment, and she immediately banks down to see it. "Whoa, hey Applejack!" she greets, coming to hover about 20 feet above the ground. "Been a while! You here for this, too?"
Being a bit of a silly Pony himself after his Hoof is let go, he keeps shaking it. He's got some muscle on him for sure. Also something she may notice is he has some Fine marring to his coat. Old nicks and cuts that have long since scared over. Then after he stops he clears his throat and tries to speak in a similar southern drawn, "Ah Reckon some of yer goods would be most welcome fer selling. While it ah be themed to th' ole stories of adventuring... It be a family place as well." He clears his throat and promptly asks, "My accent was terrible wasn't it?" And breaks into a smile. Rainbow Dash is not the only one feeling the heat, with that grey coat of his and black mane and tail, just soaks up all the heat. As the Pegasus flies down he smiles, "Mutual friends I See. Well the Tavern is still being set up... " And he is using his magic to also hammer up a Sign that says, "Coming soon." And then looks to the pair of them, "I don't think I have much, but I should have... something to Drink in the Tavern. If you want to come in." He offers to the two mares, Not that he will turn down the company of such lovely mares.
Applejack grins up at the cerulean pegasus. "Howdy, Rainbow! How've ya been! More like Ah was on mah way ta pick somethin' up at th' market, an' Shadow Mane here stopped me t'ask about his names! Fer th' new tavern, Ah mean." Then she returns to the unicorn. "Ah wouldn't say no ta that nohow, Shadow! Ah'm just sorry Ah ain't got no samples on me ta show y'all our wares. Soon enough, Ah reckon!"
Rainbow_Dash taps her forehead in thought as she tries to contribute to the naming. "...The 'Quick Swig'? The 'Shot of Sunshine'? Nah...that sounds too much like Canterlot. Anyway, good to see ya, Shadow Mane! I'm...well, you know who I am." As he should! "Thanks for the invite! I'm /definitely/ down for something cold." She hovers down until she's just a foot or two above the ground and slowly goes over to the entrance. "Nothing like a pint of cider after a hot day, eh Applejack"
As the Pegasus introduces her self he says, "Sadly I don't know you. I only recently arrived in Ponyville in the last two weeks. Spent most of my time and Bits on a place to stay, and buying the tavern. I been exploring Everfree forest for the last few years, Mapping exploring ruins. I do have some Cold Apple Cider inside, as well as Ice. consider it on the house." He offers the Mares. I Have been to the Apple farm. Great land. Your Little Sister Apple Bloom, lead me there when I asked her if she knew a place to stay." and with that he Leads the mares inside the surprisingly cooler structure.
Inn Of the Dancing Dragons
The Main room of the Dancing Dragons is fairly open. Still being furnished, there are some tables as the smell of food being cooked here can be gathered. The room is roughly forty feet on each side and almost twenty feet high. In the back there is a stage with what looks like some old curtains. A large number of tables with soft seats are about. The Dancing Dragons Inn is still being put together, but perhaps could be a great place if given time. A couple doors can be seen, one leading to the back stage, the other to the upstairs.
[      Exits: [UP] Secondfloor, [BR] Back Rooms                                ]
Inside a few of the Tables have what look like Maps of Everfree Forest, as well as what looks like a sword also on the table.
Applejack nodnods, following the others inside. "Y'all said, it, Rainbow! 'Course, since Shadow ain't properly open fer business yet, it'll be whatever he happens ta have." Then she heas mention of AB and the cider. "Well, don't that beat all! Little Bloom's finally comin' inta her own as a salesmare, Ah reckon! Heh, not everypony everywhere's heard o' th' Great Rainbow Dash!" She chuckles good-naturedly and joins the other two at a table.
Rainbow_Dash blinks and regards Shadow Mane strangely for a moment. Wow, he must have been really far out in the boonies if he's never heard of her! (Of course, for Rainbow, the 'boonies' means anyplace that doesn't have a radio, a rare commodity outside of bigger towns). "I'll let it pass for now," she replies to AJ, smirking. Hey, famous ponies like her have gotta be gracious! She looks around for the bar.
( Moving over to a cooler he has down here, as he pulls out three clean glasses and some Juice and Cider. "Ok so ya think Apple Bloom might be a sale's pony? don't be too sure. Every family has their Contradictions. I should know, I and my Brother are both to two family lines that have long held traditions of being involved around libraries." And he uses his Magic to bring them over to the table asking, "So what will you have?" One being fruit juice, the Other, Apple cider from Applejack's farm. "Speaking of Canterlot, I was up there ran into a snob of a Unicorn, took insult that I accidental ran into him.  When he refused my apology.... I told him to shove an apple in it, and used my magic to force an apple right into his mouth. If a Guard hand not been there, I might have gotten away with it." he says with a mischievous smile. )
Applejack says "Ah don't rightly know, ta be honest. Bloom's a bit of a conon... condrum... uh, *puzzle*. So far she don't show much sign o' interest in th' farm a'tall. Course, Ah didn't much neither when Ah was her age. Ooh, Ah'll have th' cider, thank ya kindly - ya can't beat the Sweet Apple cool on a day like this one!" Bloom may not be a burgeoning salesmare, but AJ's a pro from way back. But she wrinkles her nose at that story. "Uh... sounds... fun?"
"Maybe she's going for her businesspony cutie-mark," quips Rainbow Dash, selecting a mug of cider. Finally, some place that has a full stock of Apple apple cider! "Wow, you're actually a troublemaker, huh? You might have some potential," she says mischievously.
With a smile he takes the Cider as well, and then nods, "I do try to keep violence and property damage out of it. Now when I was younger, I was fond of playing practical jokes. Just as much as I enjoyed sneaking out of our house at night to explore some places on the outskirt of Manehatten, Mom put thorn trees and roses bushes below my bedroom. Didn't keep me in, often I had to come in the house through the front door in the morning." As he drinks some from the cold glass, "But I am something of an Archeologist and Explorer, Although there are many who consider me more an explorer then an archeologist."
Applejack licks her chops as she takes the offered mug and drains half of it in one draught. "Hay, y'all're from Manehattan? Were y'all there round about, say, ten years ago? Heh. Now THAT sounds like Apple Bloom. Mah sister's got herself th' dang fool idea that she's gonna be an explorer, too. Uh. Beggin' yer pardon."
"I've gotta hook you up with my next pranking spree!" Rainbow Dash declares, before hearing AJ. "Actually, I heard from a Weather Patroller, who knows somepony in Canterlot, who knows /somepony/ in the palace, that Princess Luna's been going around giving ponies quests or something, like, regular non-Element ponies. It's kinda weird."
( "You are Welcome." He tells Applejack. "Yes when she found out I was an explorer, she gave me those special eyes, you know the type for Hero Worship. If she honestly wants to try, I could lead a small adventure, couple days in the Everfree forest. Shouldn't be too hard with her, or a couple more hanging around." He says with a Wink "One of my worst pranks was there was a Snow white Stallion, had this Shampoo that was pink in color, so I added a little bit of pink dye to it." He tells Rainbow Dash... "I was ten, Got flank warmed good for it. But it was a riot. As for Luna... there... may actually be some truth for that. I stumbled upon the old castle Ruins that were being renovated, got hired to explore and map the area around the castle. Made a lot of bits from that." )
"Ten years ago... ten years... I was fifteen..... Yeah Mom and dad and I where in the city. But were having Family problems with my Twin brother."
Applejack shakes her head. "Rainbow, we ain't better'n anypony else just 'cause we done our duty fer Equestria a time or two. Th' princesses had their own guards an' staff an' experts fer hundreds o' years before us, an' Ah reckon they still will hundreds o' years after we're gone." Sip. "Yeah, Ah reckon Ah've seen th' look a time or two. Heh. Yer gonna have ta do better'n th' Everfree, though. Bloom's been in THERE dozens o' times, an' now that she's off doin' th' airship thing, Ah doubt there's anythin' left in there ta keep her attention." Sip. "Oh yeah? Anywhere near th' SoJo district? Ah lived there fer a month with mah aunt an' uncle!"
Rainbow_Dash shrugs. "Just sayin! I mean, usually quests are for, like, earth-shaking fate-of-the-world kinda stuff." Of course, it could be that Rainbow is just uninformed, not too distant a possibility even by her own judgement. "Hey, you were working on the castle in the Everfree? What's was that like?"
As he listens to Rainbow Dash Shadow just can not help but laugh. "I think you are confusing fantasy with reality. While I heard of the Elements of Harmony. And I have no doubt they have done their duty for Equestria. Not all quests or assignments require end of the world saving heroes. It could also just be a job, For example I was hired to map out the areas and caverns around the old castle in the Everfree forest, and while I did hit a couple spots of danger. There wasn't really anything world shaking events. Events that threaten the world, thankfully are rare." Looking over at Applejack as he asks, "You referring to the Apple Family Reunion?"
Applejack says "Rainbow!" AJ looks scandalized, but doesn't elaborate further. Then Shadow Mane elaborates. "See, that's what Ah was sayin'. An' Ah think ya give uss to much credit, Dash... th' Family Reunion? Naw, we ain't never tried ta hold one o' those in Manehattan. Too dang cramped! We Apples need a good bit o' space ta run an' dance when we're hostin' a shindig!"
"Too much credit?" Rainbow Dash queries, incredulous. "How can I...never mind." Must be some weird country-pony custom, or something. "Heheh, yeah, I know just how those reunions of theirs tend to be!" Of course, she wasn't invited, but she could still see the celebrations from her vantage in the sky.
Skyheart enters into the place with a somewhat clueless expression. He isn't sure if this place will suit his needs or not so might as well check. He sees at least two mares he recognizes. Still, he goes to a table of his own to relax and gather his thoughts. A little feathered head pops out as Orpheus looks around the area as well. As Sky is about to open the bag, the dove flies out, sending papers everywhere. "Oh, come on..."
"My apologies. I have to be confusing things I heard of, or was told." As he pours another round of cider he smiles. "AS for the Castle, Creepy, dark, dank, moldy. Thankfully I learned Quiet a bit of magic to help me." And His Horn glows with a White magic as a number of Light fixtures on the walls suddenly come alive with a white light brightening the place up. He watches the Newcomer enter into the Tavern, He was about to say the place wasn't... open for business yet but Doesn't have the heart. when the Dove comes out and scatters the papers he will use his magic to try and catch them in flight to gather them for the New comer. "Place isn't quiet ready to open for business. But I might have something here to interest you." He offers.
Applejack says "Ah don't like feelin' like we're s'posed ta be better'n somepony else. Gives me the creepin' whillickers. But Ah do wonder what th' old castle woulda looked like when it was bein' used. Anythin' like Canterlot? Who knows. " She drains her mug. "Ahh. Howdy, Skyheart! This here's Shadow Mane, he's th'owner o' this here drinkin' establishment!"
Rainbow_Dash becomes usually reflective in the face of Applejack's statement. They /were/ better...or were they? Thankfully, Skyheart's arrival interrupts her morbid thoughts. "Oh, hey Skyheart! Yeah, it's not actually open yet, heh."
Skyheart stops his frantic paper searching when they not only freeze in place and regather in front of him, and when he's told the place isn't open yet. "Oh! Oh, I ah... um.... Well... er... If it's not open I can... I can just go." He glances to the two girls and waves with a light nod. "Hello, Applejack, Rain... I ah... I'll just go." He starts backing up and heading for the door hoping he didn't do anything stupid.
( There is a laugh as Shadow stands up to tend to the costumer real quick, "Don't worry about it. Given the heat out side, I'm not gonna turn anypony down who wants or needs to get out of that heat. I do have a limited selection of Fruit juices, and other drinks. I do have a small selection of stronger drink. I would advise against it in this heat." He offers. "The old Castle." He asks of Applejack, "I might know a place that could have those pictures. They would most likely be hand drawn representations of the castle..." )
Sugar_Rush peeks in the door of the inn. "Hello? Anyone at home, so to speak?" He looks to see if he can spot the owner, or at least someone in charge of the place...
Applejack nodnods. "Take a load off, Skyheart, sugar! Ooh, those'd be neat ta see - Ah mean o' course how th' castle looked way back when, not what it's s'posed ta look like after th' reconstruction. That's gotta go back ta long before Nightmare Moon... y'all ever study anythin' THAT old, Dash?... Howdy, Sugar!"
"My thing for reading is adventures and wars," says Rainbow Dash, who probably conflates the two categories rather often. "Castles and stuff only show up when there's a battle, at least, in the stuff I like to read. But...I'm /pretty/ sure the old castle was part of a big battle a long time ago! I mean, it /was/ the original capital, and stuff."
Skyheart pauses as he's offered to stay. He nods slowly and looks at Orpheus. "You behave." He gathers his papers and tucks them into his bags sticking out somewhat. When offered, to sit, he moves over to AJ and Rainbow's table and looks at a chair. "Would it be too much if I...?"
( As someone new opens the tavern door he rolls his eyes, "Feel free to come in from out of the heat. I have some cold drinks in the back." As he listens to Applejack and Rainbow Dash talk of the Old castle and the Battle. "Well think of it like this, When Nightmare Moon appeared, I seriously doubt she simply stood still to allow Celestia to Banish her into the moon. And Rainbow... think of that conflict and battle from Celestia's point of view. Battling and banishing her own sister." he says turning to the new pony, "Welcome to the Dancing Dragons, I do have a small selection of ice cold juices." He offers heading to the cooler where he has his stash stored, "What can I get you." and he starts to rattle of a number of Juices to drink from. )
Sugar_Rush trots over to the pony who seems to be in charge, "Hello! I'm Sugar Rush. Are you the owner?" He adjusts the saddlebags he is wearing, carefully.
Applejack laughs at the stream of newcomers! "Ah reckon yer open fer business whether ya wanna be or not, Shadow! Howdy, y'all! How're things?"
For a long while Rainbow Dash's mind is filled with images of battle and war, of bonds broken and brothers and sisters pared apart by the grand conflict of ideals. Then, the voice of Skyheart reaches her. "Oh! Uh...sure, go ahead!" She looks around, finding herself back in a very peaceful world, and grins as the crowd begins to build. "I guess opening night's been moved up!" she comments.
Skyheart carefully sits across from the girls at the table, namely across from Rainbow Dash. "So how've you been doing lately, Rainy?" He asks, casually trying to stuff his poems further into his bag.
As he small crowd grows one pony at a time he laughs, "Gotta go with the flow. I might need to get some serious stock in soon." As the Pony comes up to him he smiles kindly. "Yes I am the owner and manager of the Tavern here. I'm not in any sort of trouble am I?" he asks of the Newcomer. "How May I help you?"
Sugar_Rush shakes his head, "Oh, no. I'm just a local confectioner, and saw you were opening up, and want to both see the place and also check if you might be in the market for some of my goods. Mostly to see the place, though." He grins.
Applejack laughs! "Rainy now? LADY Rainy Dashington, Ah reckon!" She giggles good-naturedly at RD for a few moments, then stands up. "Beggin' yer pardon, Shadow, but Ah really gotta get ta th' market an' home before Granny decides ta wonder what's takin' so dang long! Thanks fer th' hospitality! Mah brother or mahself'll be around within a coupld of days ta see if'n we can set y'all up with a steady supply." She heads for the door, then turns around and waves to everypony. Everypony except Rainbow. To Rainbow Dash, Applejack performs a complete failure of a courtly bow. "Good evenin', mah Lady Dashington!" And then she steps out, chuckling the whole way.
Rainbow_Dash: suddenly becomes very indignant indeed. "What did you call me? Hey, no!!" she protests, realizing that Applejack has heard it, too. "I'm not some kind of fluffle-puff princess, yeesh!" She glares at AJ as she keeps the act up, pursing her lips. "STOP THAT!"
Skyheart can't help but chuckle. "Oh come on, now. You can't be sporty and gruff /all/ the time. Every once in a while, why not just let your mane down and relax. Treat yourself like a lady. Let yourself be pampered and attended to. You work hard enough to deserve it, you know." He flashes an inviting smile at least until Orpheus pops out of his saddlebag again, covered in seeds. The poet sighs and gently pets his bird momentarily.
As the Pony offering the snacks is offering samples he says, "I would Love to see what you have to offer. More then just drinks will be offered here, including good food." Before he can tell Applejack he says, "I hope to get a Shipment from her farm soon. I have a feeling I'll need it." As he Listens to the banter he bites his lip attempting to stifle a chuckle at the fluffle-puff princess comment. "So what do you have for offering?" And he moves away from Sugar Rush for a moment. And gets his money bag intending to make the trip worth the effort at least. "My name is Shadow Mane By the Way."
Sugar_Rush smiles, "Well, I can make just about any sort of candy treat you care to name."
"I'm /not/ a 'lady', Rainbow Dash insists, puffing up. "I just like to do girl stuff occasionally...that's /totally/ different." Yes, it totally is! She needs a quick conversation deviator...oh, idea! "Is Orpheus trained to do cool stuff, like messages?"
Skyheart chuckles. "If you insist." He nods and takes Orpheus out of the bag, letting him sit on the table. The dove is, in fact, wearing a carrying harness. "Of course he can." He shows off the little compartment that holds messages, "Just tell him where to go and I can send messages back and forth to a lot of ponies."
With a smile to Sugar Rush, "That's good, I think I will make some orders. The Tavern's not entirely ready to open. But I am planning to have a kitchen built, fully equipped. As a way to pay I was thinking of offering Employees Room and Board either free of charge, or greatly reduced prices. Depending on how profitable the Tavern  becomes. A Bit of a pre-planner, he is attempting to entice the Pony to become a baker here. The Talk of the Dove delivering letters he asks, "How much for letter to ManeHatten?" he Asks, "Been meaning to send Mom and Dad a letter, and With Applejack wanting drawings of the old castle before it fell into ruins."
Sugar_Rush nods. "Just let me know when you are ready to place an order." He places a small paper sack in front of Shadow. "Here, try some lemon drops."
"Is that how you submit your poems?" Rainbow Dash inquires, glad to see that the topic has changed. "That's actually pretty convenient; you can be, like, in your place of inspiration all the time."
Skyheart shakse his head. "Of course not. I have to submit my poetry to my agent in bulk. Just the other day I brought her a two-hundred page manuscript, on top of two more. Orpheus can't carry anything too heavy or for that long. Perhaps across to a nearby town or something after a while but... No, he can't do that." He glances to Shadow Mane, "So to answer your question, you'll want the post office." He turns back to Rainy. "Sometimes he'll carry messages around town for when I need more... discreet correspondence. ...Actually. I should write a story about that. Two lovers secretly convening by carrier pigeon. Strolls by the garden having more meaning than just smelling the flowers. The sight of a feathery friend bringing joy and news of a forbidden love... Oooh, I think I have something there."
As he takes the Lemon Drops he pops one in his mouth and says, "Very good, I love sour and bitter candies. Just a hint of sweetness." He pulls out a couple Bits to pay for the Lemon drops. "Here, Consider it a Pre commission," As he listens to the talk, "Alright, Thank you." The Stallion tells Skyheart. "Might ask you to drop some flyers off when I am ready to have my grand opening. Of course that depends on me getting the supplies in a timely fashion. you never told me if you wanting something to Drink Skyheart is it?" He comments on correcting Sky on the pidgeon or dove, but plays innocently on seeing the affection between the two ponies.
Sugar_Rush nods again to Shadow. "Thanks. It is a classic Sugar recipe. Then again, a lot of my confections are classic Sugar recipes." He smiles, "Like I said, just let me know what you need, and I'll see about making it."
Rainbow_Dash blinks as she finds herself being a source of inspiration for Skyheart yet again. "That's...nice!" she utters, not really sure of what else to say. "Uh, I mean, good to see that you're so, er, inspired, heh."
Skyheart chuckles brightly. "What can I say? You're a font of wonderful ideas, whether you intend it or not." He says, again smiling at her. "He looks around for a bit before he outright ignores the question for a drink and starts to dig into his bags for his writing supplies. He throws down a seemingly random number of bits on the table (the amount for his usual coffee order from Tobiano) and then plants a few blank sheets on the table followed by an inkwell, and some quills that are stuck in his mane. "Ugh... Again?"
Well Far be if for Shadow Mane to not serve a Drink so he refills Dash's Glass, and adds a drink for Skyheart leaving the Bottle The Two seem to be having something going on and he chooses now to head into the back rooms where he can start to work on cleaning the place out for the furniture delivery in a few days. While leaving the two Love ponies alone for some privacy.
Rainbow_Dash has a sip of her refilled mug, looking at Skyheart curiously as he gets frustrated. "What's up?"
Skyheart looks up with a mane full of purple quills. He points at it. "This happens a lot. The price of quality quill tips I suppose..." He shakes his mane and lets them fall down to the table as he scoops it all back up. "Gah... I should probably find a better place to write for now. Might be heading by the lake or something. Get out of our friend's hair. Care to join me?"
"Nah, I gotta get going home," Rainbow Dash states, finishing off her second cider with a big gulp. "Catch ya later, and good luck with that!" She gives a little wave-salute before hopping off her chair and heading back outside.

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