A Disharmonic Ditty: The Epic Finale!


Early summer


Memoire_Musique appears nearby, her sofafort still intact, with all of her amazing animal and stuffed friends there! "Captain Scope, what's our position?" she asks, lounging in the Admiral's chair. "We're enroute to Starbase Caramael Apple. All systems normal." says her second-in-command, saluting his captain. "Admiral to engineering, how are the repairs coming along, Mr. Bearington Snugglemuffins?" "Aye Cap'n, they're comin' along just dandy Miss Memmy!" "Excellent, ring down to the kitchen. Princess Petunia should have a good supper ready for you once you're done!" she says, drinking from her sippy cup and looking out the viewscreen. "Admiral's log. We've been lost in deep space for weeks now, ever since the attack by the forces of BadPony-9. We fought them off, but now we've apparently sailed into an area populated by giant ponythings." she muses, staring out at the crowd and drinking from her sippy cup.
<OOC> Starlight grins at Miss Derby - oops, the show started!
<OOC> EconomistBrony cannot rhyme. ;.;
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "..."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "Didn't mean to publically pose that -_-"
<OOC> Starlight says, "whut"
<OOC> EconomistBrony giggles.
<OOC> Medley says, "... Yeah, wut?"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "I meant to page that to Vinyl. Memmy's been playing pretend. ^_^"
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "I, personally, find it adorable."
<OOC> Nomad says, "And a brief look into the mind of an imaginative foal."
<OOC> EconomistBrony gives Memmy a gold star sticker reading 'adorable'.
<OOC> Derpy will have to play fort battles with Memmy sometime.
<OOC> Starlight shrugs and commissions a sectional armada and sets sail! Yarr, she be the scourge of the Seven Carpets!
<OOC> Skyheart dies from the adorable. We need a new poet.
<OOC> Derpy says, "Dinky, sadly, is not the best choice of playmate."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique puts the sticker in her scrapbook!
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "She and Apple Bloom get along so well."
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Awwww. Poets are so hard to come by, too!"
<OOC> EconomistBrony attempts CPR on Skyheart.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique was just being silly *^_^*
<OOC> Starlight says, "They'd have a higher survival rate if they weren't so gosh-darn tasty."
<OOC> Discord says, "concert segment of rock n rule is topical but not strictly relevant <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8vaPv3Myl0&amp;feature=youtu.be&amp;t=3m9s">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8vaPv3Myl0&amp;feature=youtu.be&amp;t=3m9s</a>"
<OOC> Starlight hoofbumps Discord for Rock and Rule. Yes.
It is a beautiful day in Canterlot and the pegasi has ensured that the weather tonight would be /perfect/.  The large stage has been set up, decorated with hundreds of long stringed balloons of all different colors.  Airships roar across the sky as some of the more wealthy Canterlot ponies have decided to watch from above with binoculars.  A large red velvet curtain decorates the stage before the crowds of ponies gathered in wait for the show to start.  Light warm up music can be heard rumbling through the speakers positioned all about to give the perfect tune of surround sound.  To the side is a concession stand where treats of all sorts are being sold from candy apples to large bags of popcorn or cotton candy.
<OOC> Discord says, "i love that movie :B"
<OOC> Medley hopes it's on Netflix, wants to watch this now.
<OOC> Medley says, "Wrong button XD"
<OOC> EconomistBrony ties Medley down.
<OOC> Discord says, "I think the whole thing's on Youtube :B"
Skyheart looks aroun at the crowd for a few moments. He was told to be here by Medley, whom he's not seeing anywhere. He sighs in a bit of frustration that he might have been stood up on this invitation and just takes a seat near some anonymous others, watching the stage.
Rainbow_Dash is so totally ready. She's eaten a big breakfast, worked out all her spare time during the past few weeks, and even developed some new moves for the occasion. She strides towards the front row, her steely determination clear from the look on her face: stolid, single-minded, solemn. Her friends are here, too, coming in slowly behind her. This is it! "I'm coming for you, Medley," she whispers, feeling the pangs in her heart.
<OOC> Fluttershy ponies up.
...and Fluttershy steps down the aisle, with Angel in her pack.
Nomad sails in from above somewhere, probably coming over the far side of the Canterhorn and cruising the thermals down to the city. He idles in, hanging for a while on an updraft just outside the city walls before finally dropping to a rooftop nearby the stage. As good a place as any, really. He shuffles his wings together and lies down to take in the spectacle of the concert.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "Know what? That mispage will be my entry pose :-P"
Vinyl_Scratch thinks she went a bit OTT with the spy gear. Her coat is covered in a black material, she has a balaclava on which merely has room for her muzzle and her trademark shades. Seriously, she's trying to be AMBIGUOUS, and the one thing that sets her apart is on full show! No wonder ponies think Vinyl was blonde before she was blue. "Right," she says, trotting alongside Dash. "Right. ... right. What's the plan, again?"
<OOC> EconomistBrony will pose in, but will just be in the audience.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Is the small foal playing pretend during all the boring grown up stuff? XD"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "I'll wait till my turn. Meldey paged me a few corrections I should make."
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash imagines Memmy playing pretend while Gotterdamerung occurs
EconomistBrony rummages through his bag. Ticket! Where's his ticket! did he leave it in his other bag? Wit his other MONOCLE? For shame, Pareto. The economist sniffles a bit before gasping. He knows! Huzzah! He grabs his little shoulderbag and pulls out the ticket from it. As well as his concert monocle. He looks so proud. He gives the usher his ticket before finding his way to his seat.
Making his way with Dash and Vinyl is Dynamite Rave.  He is dressed down for a change.  Instead of his usual gold and silver armor, he is wearing a spiked collar about his throat and a simple trench coat that dances about his hooves in the fresh air.  His eyes are narrowed as he slips off to the side, calling over to Dash.  "Just give me the sign and I'll be in position."  As he disappears into the crowd, he starts angling for the front.
A thrilling powerchord shakes the monumental speakers, electrifying the crowd with a blast of harsh music. At the same instant, Discord appears with a flashbang and gushing coils of eggplant-purple smoke. The draconequus hovers in a broad coil, wearing rad shades and a loose necktie, laughing. "Thanks for coming, Canterlot! You've seen her on tour, you've watched the music videos, you've spun the records on your unicorn friend's horn - but you haven't heard nothing yet! Clop your hooves together, ponies, and let's hear a cacophony of obsessive screeching for Equestria's favorite singer...Heart Shooter!" The lights cut dramatically.
( Trotting in behind Fluttershy with her hat pulled low, Applejack's eyes dart from side to side under a determined frown. Discord. She never trusted that monster. Sometimes Princess Celestia is too forgiving... Fluttershy ALWAYS is. Tonight there's gonna be a reckoning. )
<OOC> Memoire_Musique is playing pretend during all the grown up stuff! But when stuff starts to happen, she'll be there to fight alongside mommy!
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch will probably end up wishing she called a foalsitter.
<OOC> Starlight claps for Discord's entrance! Clipclipclipclip!
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "GUISE GUISE GUISE"
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "Would I be here... with my wife... because I love her?"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Are we sticking to the @po?"
<OOC> Medley says, "Rule of 3?"
<OOC> Nomad hangs out of the pose order, because watching.
Memoire_Musique rubs her chin. "I'm going out there. My away team will consist of myself, Mr. Bearington, Captain Scope, and Ensign Wubberduck." she says, gathering her toys. She waddles over to Momma, staying quiet and watching the proceedings with great interest.
<OOC> Discord says, "You would be here with your wife because you both love Heart Shooter."
<OOC> Starlight assumes @po? What's the Rule of Three in this context?
<OOC> Medley says, "After 3 poses, someone else pose, within reason.  :)"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "I guess the Memories could all have come. I have permission to spoof Thunderfire, and Thunderfire could have the CMC with him."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch tosses a coin. Comes up with tails, which I labelled Ro3.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Hi Scope!"
<OOC> EconomistBrony nodnods. Rule of 3 sounds good. That way audience participants can react without slowing the scene tremendously.
<OOC> Discord says, "Now I wish I'd had Discord wear a sparkly unitard for the concert. Oh well. Next time."
<OOC> Starlight inquires: "So that means, never mind PO, but let at least three other poses go by before posing again, right?"
Skyheart takes a second glance at his ticket once somepony tells him he's in their seat. He notices he should be right in the front row. He winces in apology and flies over to the front, disrupting a few too many ponies as he lands right next to Rainbow Dash. "S-Sorry about that... Turns out my seat was here..."
<OOC> Starlight says, "Yes, Discord would never change what he's doing suddenly."
<OOC> EconomistBrony nodnods t Starlight. Correct him if he's wrong, fo course.
( Vinyl growls as she hears Discord riling the crowd up on stage. "Equestria's favourite singer my butt..." she notes aside to Dash. "Not for long, if I can help it." She magics off the spy gear (it was getting uncomfortable), and glances over at where her family is sitting. She gave Marble strict instructions to not let the kids get involved with this. Just enjoy the concert. How easy a task is that? But then, this is the Memory family we're dealing with. Saluting Dynamite, the DJ turns to Dash. "So, what do I need to do?" she whispers. )
Rainbow_Dash takes a seat and turns to Vinyl, hold the barrel of her chest high and giving a strong impression of martial readiness. "I," she says, "have absolutely no idea."
When the lights cut out, there is a deep rumble of bass pouring through the speakers like a shock wave.  Pop! Pop! Pop! Lights explode upon the stage, flaring upwards to the sky with a gout of fire as the large red curtain is flung to the side as Heart Shooter strides forward quickly with a bit of a dance to her stop.  Bright gold with red wings and a mane of glowing fire, the mare on the stage looks nothing like the green storm pegasi that the element bearers are here to protect.  The first song begins to play thunderously as the crowd starts to roar and slam their hooves to the ground.  With a flare of her wings, she throws a hoof out for a quick wave before she launches into her routine.  She moves beautifully to each note, her hooves heading into a quick prance.  ~Stay here, see me come undone!  Set free my soul and turn me on!  Lay me down and stop the time - so long now leave the world behind!  We got one minute you know there's no other.  It's too late, we're in it - you're blowing my cover.  T
you're blowing my cover.  Take me to heaven and back in a second.  Light up this fire before you come rushing!~  As the lights and music explode behind her, her body rocks side to side, encouraging the crowd to follow suit.
Memoire_Musique rubs her chin and makes a choice. "Captain Scope. If I don't make it back in time, order a large cheese pizza." she says with a serious expression. Then she sets her toys on her Mommy's back and disappears into the crowd.
<OOC> Scope is best called "Commander".  <.<
Discord, in the disguise of a mustachioed snack peddler pony, wanders in front of Rainbow Dash's seat, carelessly blocking her view as he weaves and spins. "Peanuts! Get your peanuts here! Ice-cold and soaked in wasabi! Only ten bits a bag!"
( Applejack, sitting not too far from Rainbow, starts to have second thoughts. "You *sure* 'bout this, Dash?" she hisses, "She don't look nothin' like Medley. Don't sound much like her, neither..." )
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "But you can't be commander. Bearington Snugglewuggles is commander."
EconomistBrony's monocle falls out once the music begins. He thought this was a Palestrotter concert.
<OOC> Scope says, "Then we shall battle for the that title."
<OOC> Nomad hi-hoofs EB.
<OOC> EconomistBrony hoofs Nomad. :D
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch pfffts, "EB's last pose was my idea." :c
<OOC> Discord says, "BAN EB"
<OOC> Medley says, "<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5JE9_JKwI4">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5JE9_JKwI4</a> The first song."
<OOC> Discord says, "pose stealer"
Rainbow_Dash looks around and regards her friends. Vinyl, Fluttershy, Dynamite...even Applejack managed to make it. Still, that doesn't really solve her problem: she still doesn't know when the opening she needs will appear. "Guys, it's starting! Look!" When the heart-pounding light and sound show begins, she finds herself glued to her seat, mesmerized. Wow, this is really- WAIT they're on a /war footing/ here! Right as Rainbow recovers her dour determined disposition the 'peanut vendor' appears, whom she promptly ignores. "AJ! I know what I saw, and Heart Shooter is /definitely/ her!
<OOC> Scope says, "Done.  Pewpewpepwepwewpew"
<OOC> EconomistBrony 's monocle deflects all the beams.
<OOC> Scope says, "IMPOSSIBRU!"
<OOC> EconomistBrony revises his pose to cite Vinyl Scratch.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch keeps trying to pose but you're making her laugh stahp
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "(Scratch, 2013)."
<OOC> Nomad -[citation needed]
<OOC> Starlight presents EB with a citation. Better?
<OOC> Starlight 's citation reads: For Outstanding Wizarding. But the 'outstanding' is crossed out.
<OOC> EconomistBrony D:
<OOC> EconomistBrony sad. ;.;
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "(Marble, 2006)"
Fluttershy eases into her seat, beside AJ and Rainbow Dash. She hugs the little saddlebag slung against her side. "Discord...how could you?"
<OOC> Starlight says, "Fluttershy is angry. Everypony else, pack it in, he's doomed."
( Vinyl takes a long hard look at the staging. Dash is right, they're up against one smart cookie. "Hey dude," she says to the peanut vendor, "You're blocking our view. Scoot." Looking over to Fluttershy, she offers the pegasus a sympathetic smile. "Don't worry, Fluttershy. We'll work this out. Somehow." )
The whole ordeal has gotten the attention of a pony who does not require a ticket to observe the shenanigans, as the balcony adjacent to Celestia's quarters is abruptly occupied by a stallion of the unicorn variety, decked out in his normal Sun Guard armor with horn aglow with a golden aura.  A white box surrounded by said aura floats out with him, and from within a pair of chopsticks and what look to be lo-mein noodles gripped between floating outward and brought to Scope lips where he pulls the noodles from the wooden utensils, chewing as he watches the scene below.
<OOC> You say, "Lol whut"
<OOC> Scope says, "Wut?"
<OOC> Nomad does wonder why he's the only random pegasus on a roof, too.
<OOC> Fluttershy isn't random enough. She's sorry.
<OOC> EconomistBrony hoofs Scope.
<OOC> Maplewing is still figuring out whats going on.
~Look into my eyes - say you're never gonna give up!  Try and get my prize - it ain't yours until I get enough!~ Heart Shooter continues to sing as she leaps and spins about the stage.  Above her, dark storm clouds has been pushed out of a pair of vents to take form over her.  There is a loud rumble in the sky as she calls upon her own natural magic, creating a flash of lightning to course over the stage in a blinding manner.  ~We got one minute, you know there's no other - it's too late, we're in it - you're blowing my cover!  Take me to heaven and back in a second. Light up this fire before you come rushing.~  As she grooves along with the music in a quick back and forth, her hooves create a complicated but playful dance routine to match the beautiful croon of her voice.  ~Oooh - oh, OOoooh - oh-woah~  With a pump of her hoof, she gives a quick bow as the rumbling song starts to teeter off and a new beat forms.  Her eyes are hidden by the reflective shades she always seems to wear, mirrored so that t
mirrored so that the crowd can see themselves within it.  ~I can play hard!~  The next song begins as she keeps pounding her hoof to the sky. With each movement, the thunder clouds behind her growl.
Applejack hesitates only for a moment, then nods. "All right, Rainbow. Ah'm with ya. Just let me know what ya need me t' do." Then she frowns at the peanut vendor. "'SCUSE ME! Yeah, you, with th' peanuts. Yer kinda in th' way, could y'all please move? 'Ppreciate it."
Memoire_Musique manages to have her armor on by the time she comes into view again. She looks up at Scope, makes a squeak, waves. She appears to still be playing pretend as she sneaks through the crowd, making her way towards the stage. NinjaMemmy! Ready to defend the honor of her family!
Rainbow_Dash is way too intense right now to really bother with the mysterious peanut vendor, but it appears somepony else is. An alabaster-hued unicorn stallion with an olive mane happens to walk by and felicitiously bumps right into the vendor. "Oh," he says, a strange aloofness in his tone. "Excuse me."
Vinyl spots her daughter waddling towards the stage. Noooooonononono. Horn alighting, the unicorn levitates Memmy and her ninja clan right into her lap. "What did I tell you, huh? No going near the stage." Looking up, she catches the attention of a familiar unicorn stallion. She laughs softly and asides to Dash, "Hey, look who turned up."
Maplewing goes home.
Discord says "Oh, pardon me, missuses! Please forgive me! Here, enjoy these on the house! Good day!" Discord swings away from the ponies, and almost into a bothersome unicorn. Discord smiles, waves his fingers hello, "Peanuts? Peanuts!" then attempts a quick escape by jamming a bag of super-spicy peanuts into the stranger's word-hole."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch O.O "fingers"
<OOC> Discord says, "I HAVE FINGERS"
<OOC> Scope says, "You have TALONS and PAWPADS"
<OOC> Discord says, "they can fing plenty"
<OOC> Nomad says, "Word hole."
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Pawpad. X3"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "Wait, where is discord...?"
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Such an amusing word."
<OOC> Scope says, "Smoochin' on your mom."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch >:c
<OOC> EconomistBrony X3
<OOC> Discord says, "I smooch all the moms :("
<OOC> Scope says, "But my mom's dead.  :c"
<OOC> Dynamite_Rave says, "Necrosmoocher!"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Memmy's mom has got it goin' on~ :D"
Memoire_Musique squeaks and squirms a bit, before hugging onto mommy, her armor clanking slightly. Then she stares at Discord, SHRIEKS, and launches herself at him. Memmymissile, inbound for hugs! "RAAAAAAWR!" she says, wings buzzing for maximum speed.
<OOC> Scope says, "My mom's not really dead, I was just hoping Discord would admit he smooches dead moms."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch ...XD
<OOC> Discord says, "i smooch moms, dead or alive. sometimes the smoochings makes the dead ones live again :o"
<OOC> Scope says, "Oh, thought that was a disease in their brain.."
Rainbow_Dash is staring towards the stage so intensely that she almost misses what Vinyl has to say. "Huh, what?" she utters, before the 'peanut vendor' finally manages to distract her. She blinks twice; did he just have /fingers/? She tracks him departing but quickly snaps her head back, right in time to see that odd unicorn eating from a bag of peanuts. "Hmm...maybe a bit too spicy," he says, tossing the bag away. "Ah, there you are...Rainbow Dash."
<OOC> Scope says, "Explains a lot."
<OOC> Discord says, "i like diseased brains :<"
<OOC> Scope says, "What do you think's in this Lo-Mein?  :D"
<OOC> Scope nomnomnom
~Can't control it but it's coming like a thunder in the sound - I could feel before I knew it then you slapped me on the ground! You took me like I never had that whiskey in my veins - ever since, you've been on repeat like the music in my brain!  You feel me - I feel you - I need to know the taste that's on your lips.  And I see only you, cuz' no one's ever touched me there like this.~  Heart Shooter continues to sing out as she stops at the edge of the stage, fireworks exploding behind her, followed by a trio of spotlights in the shape of hearts.  She is standing right before the VIP section that contains Medley's friends as she tilts her head down to stare at them for a moment before she heads back to the center with a leaping skip of her hooves across the wooden stage.
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Deliciousness, Scope. :o"
( Applejack narrows her eyes, then blinks and rubs them. Was that vendor not a pony for an instant? Better keep on her guard. Discord could be anywhere or anypony. Then she watches the newcomer. Who is this, what does he want with Rainbow? )
<OOC> Medley says, "<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-mxRBdjXzA">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-mxRBdjXzA</a> Second song."
Skyheart just watches the show for a while absentmindedly. He was still looking for Medley, unsure of where she was. A few others were talking so he figures he might as well ask. He nudges Rainbow Dash gently. "Hey... Have you seen Medley?"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash slaps a 'braindead' sticker on Skyheart
<OOC> Skyheart says, "I never said he was smart."
The crowd continues to roar for the pop starlet as the music bangs loudly like a giant heartbeat, pulsing with electricity and mingling with the beautiful storm that she creates on the stage.  Heart Shooter leaning into each deep, rumbling pound of bass as she dances, singing her heart out.  ~No more waiting, baby, take it till' you lose your freaking mind! I can feel you on my skin and I am slowly going blind!  And your touch is like the only thing that I will ever need - sing your teeth into my veins until my heart is on your sleeve! You feel me - I feel you - I need to know the taste that's on your lips.  And I see only you, cuz' no one's ever touched me there like this.~  With a whip of her wings backwards, the clouds open up to release their torrent of rain upon her as it washes across the stage, soaking into her feathers and mane.  The stage darkens as strobe lights begin to pulse, causing the mare to dance in a pulsing slow-motion effect, causing the crowd to Oooh and Aaaah once again.
( Had Rainbow Dash been paying more attention ot the music she probably would have commented on how upbeat the melody was, or how it mgiht have been a bit too sensual for her. Right now, though, the weird unicorn has attracted her attention by calling her by name. "And...who are you, exactly?" she asks, challenging him. -- The unicorn smiles. "Oh, nopony to important. Just here to let you know that there are other parties interested in the outcome of this crisis. A pleasure to meet you face to face at last." He turns aside and starts to leave. "Now, I must be going...Miss Nightshade sends her regards." Then, he walks in between a couple of ponies in the crowd and...disappears in their shadows. -- Rainbow Dash gawks. /She/ was keeping an eye on this? "Oh, of course," she comments darkly, but unease builds. She looks up in time to see the fantastic rain effect and the slow-motion dance. Her anxiety shifts to sadness and longing, the display somehow being so like Medley in a ineffable, unconscious way. )
"I'm get you out of this, I swear it!" she vows.
( Vinyl earperks. "These lyrics are a bit, uh, racy, aren't they?" she says over the noise. The performance technique may be slightly like Medley, the lyrics hold no resemblance. )
Discord zaps to a perch in a catwalk over the stage, obscured behind a curtain. From here he can observe the stage, the crowd and the grounds. "If those meddling mares want to crash my concert, they won't find it easy..." The draconequus narrows his eyes, smirking and throwing a snap. From above the audience, lamps on the bellies and bows of airships beam down shafts of light, wheeling across the dancing throngs. At the same instant, filaments of sparking magic streak across the lower stage, dazzling the spectators but threatening to intercept any foolish foal who gets too close.
Memoire_Musique gasps. Pretty dragonthing wants to play tag and it MAKES SPARKLY STREAMERS!!! She giggles delightedly and swoops and dives with the stranges of sparkling magic, chasing, allowing them to chase, and generally being adorable.
*sluuuuurp* go more lo-mein noodles from up at the balcony as Scope rather nonchalantly finishes up the box, only to get a spring roll bonked off the back of his head for his rudeness.  Blinking, he looks over his shoulder before turning around with a "what did I do?!" shrug to whomever's inside, only to get another spring roll thrown at him and landing squarely & sinking down around the tip of his horn.  Bullseye.  -.-  Scowling, he turns right back around to go back to observing the show, although he tries to save some face by removing the roll and biting down on it's end..  although when that magic comes into play he goes onto alert, stepping towards the edge of the balcony and peering down upon the crowd.  ...  *chew*
Zephyr_Quake goes home.
Derpy, who's been watching from a little cloud the whole time, chooses this moment to panic and flee.
~Got you sweating from the heart baby night and day.  I'm a punch to your gut and take your breath away!  Love drunk in the crazy when you get a taste!  I'm a earthquake, feel my rage till I get my way!  Like a drug, come on, come on gotta get your fix - eat your heart out and seal it with a kiss!  Aim high, pull the bow back till I get a hit!  I'm a predator, rapture, I am killin' it!~  Medley sings out as the lights flash on once more as she is now wearing a different outfit.  A bright silver and gold shimmery thing that sparkles as the magic and strobe lights hit them just right. This time the song is more direct and angry.  Looking to take what's hers no matter the cost.  The dance moves become more jagged, more intense.
Applejack hisses, "Rainbow, who th' hay was-" then a brilliant shaft of light reflects right into her eyes! "OW! DANG IT!" She rubs her eyes and blinks the light out of them, then tilts her hat to shade them. For a few moments, AJ watches the motion of the travelling sparks, and her back right hoof starts to buzz in agitation. Taptaptaptaptap....
<OOC> Medley changes Medley to Heart Shooter.
<OOC> Starlight thought Discord did that,
Rainbow_Dash turns to Skyheart, finally hearing him, too. "Uh...it's a looong story," she quips.
Rainbow_Dash reels back at the sudden flash of brightness. That doesn't seem normal...must be another of Discord's tricks! "He's trying to mess with our minds! Don't let him!"
<OOC> Discord says, "Medley was always Heart Shooter deep down inside. I just let out the latent superstar within!"
<OOC> Medley giggles.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique pokes at Discord. "Who am I deep down inside?"
<OOC> Discord says, "Abe Vigoda."
Vinyl too is nearly blinded by the sparkling lights... save for her shades. She quickly scoops Memmy back up and holds onto her protectively. "No more playtime up there, sweetie.." The DJ then nods to Dash. "He wants us to know he's in charge," she explains. "He's toying with us." Up on the balcony, a shy pegasus mare looks down at the front row, almost hiding behind the unicorn stallion and looking over the scene with a troubled expression. "Keep an eye on Vinyl and Rainbow Dash, will you?" she murmurs into her fiance's ear.
<OOC> Scope says, "..lol when did Comet get there?"
<OOC> Scope isn't sure Celestia would approve..
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "She got permission. And if she didn't have permission she had Marble write her permission and sign it in triplicate."
<OOC> You say, "NEPOTISM"
<OOC> Discord says, "neighpotism :("
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "...yeah."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch hoofs Discord. X3
<OOC> Nomad also a little bit late with "I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling mares and that dragon".
Scope jumps!! as there's a pegasus suddenly behind him, spinning around to stare at Comet.  "..When the heck did YO--  WHY are you here?"  He looks over her shoulder at the alicorn princess within whom just smirks his way.  Well..  this is awkward.
~You run run, you run away!  It's your love that you betray.  Feeding on your hungry eyes. I bet you're not so civilized!  Well isn't love primitive?  A wild give that you wanna give!  Break out of captivity - and follow me stereo jungle child.  Love is the kill.  Your heart's still wild!~  A more popular song from Heart Shooter's album as guitars sing, drums pound and lightning rumbles.  ~Shooting at the walls of heartache! Bang, Bang!  I am the warrior!  Well I am the warrior!  And heart to heart you'll win - if you survive.. the warrior!~  The song has that old school groove to it as the rumbling bass and electricity seems to hum down to showcase the pureness of her voice.  ~You talk talk, you talk to me - Your eyes touch me physically.  Stay with me and we'll take the night!  As passion takes another bite, Oh!  Who's the hunter and who's the game I feel the beat, /call your name!/  I hold you close in victory!  I don't wanna tame your animal style - you won't be caged in the call of wild!~
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch faceclings Maple. :D
<OOC> Medley nips Maple.
Skyheart all but falls over when the bright lights show up. He rubs his eyes for far longer than most do when he regains his senses that aren't being drowned by the concert. He isn't entirely sure what to make of it right now considering he can't handle the sensory overload.
<OOC> Maplewing meeps and HUGS, SNOGS and YEEPS! in that order. ^.^
Memoire_Musique pouts at being held still. She wants to MOVE! And DANCE! She squirms out of mommy's hooves and magic and atempts to follow the music midair, dancing in place above her mommy.
Fluttershy whips her head around. "W-what's that?!" She has her mane to shield her eyes with, luckily, so she's not rendered completely stunned by the lights. Good luck noticing any detail, though. "Did something happen? I-is the show still going?"
Rainbow_Dash holds her hoof up to deflect some of the light, turning her head around and noticing that most of the light happens to be hitting their VIP seats. Definitely Discord's doing! "Flutters, don't look at the light, try and look to the side more!" she advises, her command rough and unsteady from the improvisation. Eventually, though, the light becomes a little too annoying for her to sit still. "OK, guys, that's it; we're moving out. Try and make your way to the backstage!" She gets up and leaves ahead of everypony, hoping that their dispersal would keep Discord guessing a little bit longer.
( Comet smirks and produces a little document with VIP at the top. "I have written permission." She leans on the stallion and looks over at the flashing lights. "I have a bad feeling about this." ~ Vinyl once again captures Memmy and holds her still. "Memoire, you have to *stay still!* It's important! You could get hurt!" The last thing she wants is her firstborn daughter caught in the hooves of Discord. Getting up and placing Memmy in her saddlebag-carrier, she follows Dash's lead. "Rainbow, where are we going?" )
( Sorry, TALONS and PAWPADS of Discord. )
( Applejack glances at Rainbow as - too late - she gives Fluttershy some advice. Or was that an order? Either way, thet there's some good thinkin'. She stands up and starts to follow Dash, then pauses. Hmm. AJ picks up a dropped peanut and tosses it towards one of the magical bolts - where it explodes in a little puff of white light and smoke! She nods, grits her teeth, and trots off after Rainbow. )
Memoire_Musique starts dancing and singing wildly, growing more animated. She wants to be noticed! SHE wants to be the star! And her connection to Vinyl is obvious. For an untrained little brat, she's pretty good.
Thrumming bass syncs to the heartbeat of the wild crowd. Scores of ponies fall in with the beat, swinging their manes, waving their wings, stomping their hooves. A dim chain of pulsing energy courses out of the monstrous speakers, connecting each listener into a weblike glow. The bass thumps with the force of rolling boulders, and the ground trembles like the assaulted membrane of an eardrum. "Louder, Heart Shooter! Bigger! I'm boosting the speed!" Discord's talons clasp onto the lever of a control marked in bold red letters, "BPM". He turns it up, causing gauges to go wild, from rock, to punk, towards the dangerous maximum setting: gabber.
Discord cackles maniacally.
<OOC> Nomad says, "Gabber? Oh that's just cruel and unusual."
<OOC> Discord says, "monocles do not prevent pregnancy or protect against stds :("
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Nomad."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Have you met Discord?"
<OOC> Discord says, "Hi I'm Discord! :)"
<OOC> Nomad says, "That's harsh even for Discord."
<OOC> EconomistBrony snerks.
<OOC> Nomad says, "I mean really. Gabber? There isn't enough ecstacy in all of Equestria for that to be a good concert. XD"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(hiimdaisy)"
<OOC> Medley turns on some Gabber to figure out what everyone is talking about.
<OOC> Medley says, "<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5S29bpPfAM">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5S29bpPfAM</a> XD I like it."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique points at Discord. "You me. Hugs. Now."
<OOC> Discord says, "There has been no new MDMA in Equestria since the defeat of Discord. All the E remaining is merely a relic of a glorious past."
<OOC> Discord huggumz.
As sirens fill the air as if there was to be a tornado warning, the lights on the stage begin to whip about in a wild blur as Heart Shooter moves through the music that rumbles in a loud cacophony.  This time there is no words as it seems this is more performance and technical than anything.  She pops and locks through the beat as her mane whips about from side to side.  The spotlights follow after her as the crowd begins to bounce up and down on their hooves to join in with the chaos.
<OOC> Starlight has lost the ability to keep track of all the music genres as they metastasize into existence.
Rainbow_Dash feels her heart racing along with the beat as she moves around the stage and tries to get in through the back somehow. The increasingly rapid music is effecting an equally rapid roiling of her insides, and for a moment she feels as if her stomach could dislocate itself in a fit of panicked frenzy. The light and colour blend into a mish-mash of sense-impressions undiluted by the rational processes of the brain, as if her soul was being bombarded by a cavalcade of sensation. "No, can't let that happen!" she says to herself, shaking her head, getting her bearings again.
<OOC> You say, "One more!"
Scope seems more than displeaed by the document and shakes his head, horn beginning to glow as he rears up and sets his forehooves atop the railing and lookng as if he's searching for something down below.  "If things do turn out to be bad, Comet, then I want you to go home.  It won't be safe for you, understand?"
Scope displeased
( Vinyl holds Memmy tight and runs along behind Rainbow, the music blaring and pumping through her ears. She's used to it, but she worries for Memoire and her companions. "Is everypony okay?" she calls behind her. "Dash? You okay? I think... I think Discord is using the music and sound effects to disorientate us." )
Comet meanwhile pouts at her fiance. "No, I am staying here. I am a big mare, you know." She's not. She's tiny. But she tries.
Skyheart finds himself lost by the sheer pounding going on both inside and outside of him. He beat of the music feels like it's causing him to convulse as he tries to orient himself to no avail. He starts to hobble around aimlessly, almost knocking into somepony. "Ugh..."
Applejack stops cold and shudders, all her senses being bombarded with rapid, driving, pounding chaos! "Ain't... that... easy... 'sugarcube'..." With her jaws locked in a determined grimace, Applejack sets one hoof in front of the others with sheer bloody-minded stubbornness, then the next, and moves on pure willpower to follow Rainbow Dash.
<OOC> Maplewing returns with oil on his hooves. >.<
And then the gabber music sets in. Rainbow Dash gasps as the already tenuous hold she has of the normal world of sense begins to evaporate before the blast of hot sound. "Stop that! STOP THAT!!" she yells, starting to totally lose it! But Vinyl is there to help her out. Taking several deep breaths, she leans down on her front hooves, slowly regaining her senses, trying to block out the sound. It's like the stars are giving birth and she has a front-row seat. "I...I think I'll be all right," she murmurs, standing up straight. "...Right, we gotta find the backstage door; we'll get on stage that way!" She proceeds onward, working her around through the crowd and around the stage until she gets to the doors in the back, if there are doors to begin with.
( There is a shimmery blur through the crowd as smoke pafs here and there in spots.  As somepony used to this type of wild music, the red and black element of fire feels right at home.  There is a 'poof', followed by a flash of light as Dynamite Rave appears on the catwalk behind Discord, trench coat billowing behind him as he stares evenly at the dragon from behind his dark shades.  "It's time for the show to come to an end."  He rumbles over the loud beat of the music as he starts forward on careful steps.  It's time for his role in this game, to cause a distraction, to keep Dash and her companions efficient.  "You will face me, Discord." )
Memoire_Musique squeaks as she gets snagged out of the air by mommy. "NO!" she shouts, squirms around. By some miracle, she escapes, and like a bolt of greased lightning, rockets towards Discord, hooves outstretched. "KITTY!" she squeals, attempting to clamber onto the stage and hug the big fluffy draconequus.
<OOC> Nomad apparently hast just fallen asleep on the roof. Pegasi. c.c
<OOC> Skyheart says, "During the excruciatingly loud rock concert?"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "PEGASI."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique also is eager to see what Discord has in store for Memmy.
( Vinyl grabs Rainbow as she begins to falter and holds onto her tight. "It's okay, Rainbow, we'll be okay, just one hoof in front of the-- MEMOIRE!" Vinyl screams as her daughter escapes again and runs straight for Discord. "MEMOIRE! Come RIGHT back here! Please... Somepony, get her! Help!" )
<OOC> Nomad has fallen asleep on the roof of the thunderstorm factory. Rock concerts got nothin'.
( And like magic a blur of purple goes towards Memoire intercepting her before she gets near Discord. Meteor grips the child tightly, "I don't think so little one." he tells her. Wing flexinf out he turns directions back towards Vinyl. )
<OOC> Medley is going to let the TP progress forward as Heart Shooter is dancing and singing on stage. This way Dash and Co' can do their thing.
<OOC> Scope is going out to dinner soon.
<OOC> Starlight thought Scope just ate. :P
<OOC> EconomistBrony stole his lo mein.
Much to Rainbow Dash's relief, there are, in fact, back doors. "Great, I guessed right! Uh, I mean...let's go, guys!" She rushes right for the door, hoping to burst in! And then she bounces right off, landing on her rump. "...Ow."
<OOC> Starlight says, "That was a mein thing to do, EB. Mein and lo-brow."
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "Plans for you, Memmy?"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves waves
Applejack trots up. "Y'okay, Rainbow? Ah ain't surprised they locked th' doors. But Ah reckon Ah c'n give the locks a surprise m'own self." So saying, AJ turns around, lines up, and gives the doors a double-bucking hard enough to break a tree!
Memoire_Musique squirms and slips out. She wants to hug the dragonkitty! And she really doesn't understand why ponies are trying to grab her! It's a game! It's a game with lights and colors! She zerberts Meteor and giggles, trotting towards Discord. How in the world did she slip out?
<OOC> Memoire_Musique has prans!
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "prawns."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "blaoigjoaunq38g3q"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique can't type.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "XD"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique is secretly in A cord with Dis cord. Just to see what happens to happy little Memmy.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique has given consent... scent? *blinks*.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "It won't be horrible things ^_^"
Discord blinks? over his shoulder at Dynamite Rave. "Oh, very well. If I -have- to." He snaps!, and green cloud puffs into being around Dynamite's head. When it clears, Rave's face has been replaced with Discord's. "Now just go back to your seat and enjoy the show. The real fun's just starting!" The speakers go orange, lit from within, like metal heating up. Stars in the night flicker out, as if power was being stolen out of the cosmos to fuel the woofers, tweeters and lights of the concert. When Memmie nears, Discord casually scoops her up and magics a sippy-cup of chocolate milk into her hooves.
<OOC> Starlight laughs at Discord facing Dynamite. Yes. Brilliant.
The doors disperse into a hail of splinters, revealing, behind them, a short corrider and another set of doors. On the handle hangs a sign. "Out of order."
"MEMMY! NO!!!" comes the voice of a young colt now trying to dash through the crowds to get to her. Thunder should be with his parents but he is trying to get to Memoire now. "LET HER GO!!!" he lowers his head aiming to butt against one of his legs.
Applejack grins darkly and offers Dash a hoof to help her up. "Ain't no door c'n stand up t' Kicks an' Bucky."
<OOC> You say, "Thunder's gonna get zapped X3"
...and then the entire power goes out. Vinyl Scratch, stepping out from the now-removed forcefield, steps onto the stage and bows, before turning to the draconequus. She catches Thunderfire and holds him still. "You want to take over, huh?" she challenges, her horn alighting and filling the stage with an eerie blue glow. "Well then. I guess..." she steps carefully around Heart Shooter, now silenced, "You'll have to sing for your supper."
Sure enough, AJ's trademark applebucking causes the door to slam open, the locks apparently loose enough. "Awesome, AJ!" Rainbow Dash says, getting to her hooves. "Let's go!" She's the first to charge in, the air unnaturally clean, as if sprayed with ozone. The next door within doesn't deter her. She rears back, gathering force and energy...and then she gently lays her hoof on the handle and turns it.
Fluttershy dares to peek out from behind her hooves. "Girls! We have t...oh. I-I'm coming!" There's a little yellow blur as she fli...gallops after the others.
Poof.  Squinting his new eyes angrily, Dynamite focuses on his own magic as the air about him warbles, dispersing the spell.  With a growl in his throat, he blasts forward with his magic as he focuses on a spell that Twilight has taught him in secret.  A bright, purple bubble envelopes the dragon and unfortunately, young child as well.  There is a sudden lack of air within it as his horn glows brightly, creating a backwards vacuum effect in hopes of causing the chaos creature to pass out.  "Not in my front yard."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Guys stop a minute. XD"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "We're all contradicting each other."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "We need to work out what's actually happening and what isn't."
<OOC> Dynamite_Rave says, "Dyna is on the catwalk with Discord above the stage.  :)"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I blame Angel."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "I blame Discord. it's his specialty."
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "Apple Bloom is behind it all."
<OOC> EconomistBrony would blame Angel, but he's to scared of him.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Vinyl has challenged Heart Shooter/Discord to a music battle."
<OOC> Discord says, "If someone poses something happening that contradicts what someone else does, that's just one of Discord's tricks."
<OOC> Medley says, "Also if things are happening in pages, I'm not aware of them, so I don't know what Discord is doing. XD"
( This is why Meteor does not have children! They are slippery little things... The lights blind him causing him to be unable to see or make heads or tails to where he is going. The music or noise. When everything goes dark a crash can be heard as Meteor has banged into something and comes tumbling down with a ||THUMP|| onto the catwalk behind Discord. "Ow...." he mutters. )
Memoire_Musique giggles and hugs Discord tightly, sipping from the sippy cup and snuggling up to the big, scary beast. She appears to hold a brief conversation with him before kissing his cheek, saying 'Grandpa', and watching the goings-on with wide-eyed amusement. "Grampa! Icecream?" she asks, holding out her cup.
<OOC> Starlight thinks it seems compatible. Chaotic as all heck, but compatible. Dynamite's directly attacking Discord, Memoire is trying to buddy up with him, Vinyl's on stage with Heart Shooter, and RD, AJ, and Flutters are breaing into backstage.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Meanwhile the crowd... wait, what the heck are the crowd doing?"
<OOC> Starlight says, "Suffering. But that might just be my taste in music talking."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "XD"
<OOC> Skyheart is in the crowd with the rest. Just assume he's under the sway of the music, but still a bit disoriented.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "The music has stopped. XD Vinyl cut the power. Everything will be dark except for the unicorns' magic."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "He doesn't ahve children because they all slipped away. u.u"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "The crowd, I suppose, will be trying to get their bearings back."
As the crowd continues to dance along with the music, there is a sudden lack of light and the music cuts out all of a sudden.  Heart Shooter pauses in mid step, her body growing slack almost as if a puppet's string has been cut.  The crowd soon grows quiet and confused as murmurs echo.
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "And Marble's hope for the future."
<OOC> Starlight suspects Discord might be using... unconventional power.
<OOC> Discord says, "yeh :<"
Rainbow_Dash passes through the door (it /was/ out of order: it's locks were broken!) and finds herself in a room full of curtains and a beam of light that shines through from the distance. "We're almost there, guys!" she shouts. "Just-" And then the lights die. What? "Whoa whoa!" she exclaims, confusion setting in. Who cut the power? "Uh...where's Vinyl?" She blinks. "Oh. Well..." Without further hesitation she gallops right onto the stage, the sudden calm and silence a great boon to her grasp of the situation and reality in general.
( "Medley! We're here!" she shouts. )
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves quietly wonders if unicorn's magic is actually visible to non-unicorns...
Discord brb afk sry
( Vinyl stops and stares... she looks at Heart Shooter and her eyes grow wide as she crumples like soggy cardboard. The crowd gasp and reel, some fleeing, others transfixed. Vinyl catches the mare in her hooves and studies her... before noticing the resemblance between her and... "Medley? Medley... Medley, can you hear me? Medley, open your eyes! Medley!" A single tear drops onto the stage next to the passed-out pegasus superstar. )
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch brings out the feels. Oh yes guise. THE FEELS.
Discord backj
Meteor_Galaxy stands with his mother now hiding his face against one of her forelimbs.
It's as if all the life has been sucked out of Heart Shooter as Discord is engaged in magical combat above them on the catwalk.  If her eyes are open, it would be hard to tell from behind the mirrored shades that is upon her face.  The bright gold and red maned pegasus simply slumps against Vinyl as she is propped up by the unicorn.  As they call out Medley's name, there is no recognition, or movement.  The crowd starts to boo, some look confused as the music has stopped and the storm above them has been blown away.  What the hay is going on?
Thunderfire stands with his mother now hiding his face against one of her forelimbs.
Skyheart all but falls down as the music stops. Much like a puppet himself, he slumps down to the floor, his face almost hitting a paper cup that was on the ground. He's dazed, his heart is pounding, his hearing is dulled, and he's a ruffled mess. If he was fully conscious, he'd be freaking out right now.
( Applejack charges after Rainbow Dash at speed! But then the lights go out - AJ crashes right into Rainbow from behind! "OOF! Tarnation! Sorry 'bout that!" - but that confusion lasts only a moment, and shortly the earth pony is standing by her friends, ready for... um. For Heart Shooter... Medley?... to just pass out? )
<OOC> Memoire_Musique likes these games that ponies play.
Meteor_Galaxy gets up from his spot on the catwalk above the stage. He will leave Rave to deal with Discord. Still sore he glances over the side seeing nice colorful blurred somethings. Trying to fly he manages to only fall not very gracefully to land on the spot beside Applejack.
Memoire_Musique pulls a little propeller beanie from inside Discord's ear and sets it on her head.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Someone page me Memmy's last pose?"
:defies Rave's spell, conjuring-up a matching set of antique diving suits for both himself and Memmie. From behind a thick pane of glass, Discord pbbbts his tongue at the young magician, then with a snap zaps himself and the foal off the catwalk. The bubble remains, empty - then, it pops. On the stage, everything is dark and silent. But when Discord reappears, a flash of yellow light sets the venue alive once again. Weakly, the web-like glow hangs amidst the crowd. "Heart Shooter!" Discord sets Memmie down in the relative safety of a giant bowl of ice cream. "Sing your heart out! You can keep the music alive! Listen to your fans - you're breaking their hearts! You /can't/ be a quitter -now-."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Sorted. :3"
<OOC> Discord says, "oh fudge"
<OOC> Starlight shakes her fist at the dastardly punctuation!
Rainbow_Dash gets shoved forward right into the middle of the stage. "Whoa!" She feels her insides sink as she spots Heart Shooter - no, Medley - collapsed on the stage. "Medley! MEDLEY!!" She rushes over, sliding to a halt by her friend's side. "Talk to me, Medley! Talk to me!" She inspects the fallen pegasus mare, looking for signs of life; she's still alive, but she's not moving or talking or anything. "Medley?" She looks at her eyes, those dead, unfeeling eyes, and then she breaks. Fury and rage build on her face as she regards this awful scene. Medley was just a puppet, a plaything! She wants to rip Discord apart; she wants to rip the world apart, and let everypony on the planet know just how /mad/ she is. But then she remembers something, something somepony told her something ago. Anger...was that really her? Wasn't she really...Loyalty? "That's it," she says coldly, rising up until she's level with the catwalks above, and Discord. "You've played your music long enough, Discord!" she challenges. "Now...it's ti
"Now...it's time for /my/ music!" And with that, she charges forth!
<OOC> You say, "MY MUSIC <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibRMmLlLz64">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibRMmLlLz64</a>"
<OOC> Medley dances with Dash?
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "MY MUSIC <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLMJpHihykI">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLMJpHihykI</a>"
( Vinyl holds Heart Shooter Medley Whoever She Is in her hooves and stares at her. "Don't sing. Whatever you do, don't sing. You're in there somewhere, I know you are. The music's in you, but it's not HIS music, is it? Don't sing for him. Don't sing for his lies. You're a star, Medley, because that's your name. We've come to get you back and we will. Now look at me. Wake up, and look at me. You're not his puppet anymore." Vinyl casts a rough healing spell over Heart Shooter. It might not be what's needed, but it's worth a try. "You. Are. NOT. His. Puppet." )
<OOC> Nomad thought Dash's music was <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WC-MOIwBTw">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WC-MOIwBTw</a>
Stepping off the catwalk, Dynamite Rave falls down towards the stage as he teleports the rest of the way in a round of quick, fiery bursts.  As Dash charges in one direction, he summons forward a ball of fire in the shape of a battering ram from his horn as it seeks to blast the dragon from behind and send him tumbling head first into Dash's attack.  C-C-C-Combo!
<OOC> Starlight assumed it was <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U4jcl5QEvE">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U4jcl5QEvE</a> !
Fluttershy gapes open-mouthed, galloping to Medley's side...but then she pauses. A little white paw reaches from her back, tugs her feathers, and points up toward the catwalk. Fluttershy looks up, squinting through the lights. Is that...?
<OOC> Dynamite_Rave says, "<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsHkVJBH4lc">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsHkVJBH4lc</a> MY MUSIC. ;)"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash bets that Fluttershy will win the whole battle by scolding Discord
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "YOU WILL NOT HURT MY FRIENDS!"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "*The Stare*"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Yup."
Memoire_Musique doesn't appear to have changed at all, and appears to babble at discord before pointing at mommy. "Mommy singing! Mommy singing!" she says, giggling and blowing a spitbubble that floats off into the air. She sips at her chocolate milkshake, feeling all warm and contented inside. She's having fun, there's lots of music, and Commander BearingtonSnugglewuggles and Ensign Wubberduck are piloting the ship back towards home.
<OOC> Discord says, "can this be my music this time <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oDsSD4pmi4">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oDsSD4pmi4</a>"
( As the gold and red maned pegasus lays in Vinyl's forelegs, all Vinyl can see is her own reflection in Heart Shooter's shades.  Once Discord shouts, her ears come to life and she starts to sing once again.  "We own the night! We own the night!  Another day is done and I've begun - when the moonlight comes I'm free to run.  Wanna have some fun, erase the sun tonight.  I wanna burn some money that I don't got.  Just like them up and take every shot.  Gonna sign the check like an autograph.. tonight."  As she pushes herself up to her hooves once more, she gives another pound of her hoof as the music once more erupts through the speakers, her voice breaking out into a quick rap.  "Hey! You ready for the rock show?! Hey, bling bling in your limo?  We boom boom boom like an echo!  Come, come come on to the floor, yo!"  The crowd is confused but happy the music is starting up.  Also, a battle on the stage! Is that Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Apple Jack?  Best.  Special Effects.  Ever. )
<OOC> Medley says, "<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpKCqp9CALQ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpKCqp9CALQ</a> Battle song! Chemical Brothers!"
Skyheart is forcing himself to his feet as he looks at the stage. "What... What's going on?" He's a bit distracted by the music still but this is an odd sight.
( Applejack watches Rainbow Dash, eyes wide... then nods - but as Dash rises to the catwalk, Discord appears on the stage instead! "Down hear, Rainbow!" she calls out, and charges directly at Discord! Yelling her war cry - "YEEE HAW!" - AJ LEAPS, trying to strike the draconequus and bear him to the ground! )
<OOC> Medley says, "If I remember, Dyna and Discord took the battle to the stage."
Rainbow_Dash tries to coordinate her attack with Dynamite's. She dives down, bearing right otwards Discord until she swoop asides and unleashes a blade of rainbow-coloured energy. Taste the rainbow, motherf- "EAT THAT!"
<OOC> Starlight says, "Motherflier. Yes."
Vinyl stands up, aghast as Heart Shooter sings on command. Rage builds up in her own stomach and her horn alights, music starting on the other side of the stage as Vinyl picks up a microphone and sings - a harmony to Heart Shooter but different lyrics, a spell embedded within. "You've been lost for so long, hidden away in the song... but now it's time to break free, stand up and listen to me! There's nothing to be done now, show's over, miss, take a bow... and when the lights have all died, your real self will be left behind..."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "When did RBD manage to gain energyblades?"
<OOC> EconomistBrony blames Luna.
<OOC> Medley says, "Since Fighting is Magic! :D"
<OOC> Discord says, "i have lost track of how many people and who exactly is attacking me :B"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "She hasn't, she's throwing Skittles at him."
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "While shouting (pew pew)"
<OOC> Starlight counts three: Dynamite's fireball from behind, Dash's rainblast from roughly above, and what has turned out to be Applejack's VERY BAD IDEA to leap directly at Discord form in front.
<OOC> Discord says, "Thawnk yew."
<OOC> You say, "Well, Rainbow can already create 1) Sonic Rainbooms, 2) Rainbow nukes, 3) Rainbow tornadoes if you follow the comic"
<OOC> You say, "What's another move? X3"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Alright if I add a bit to my pose?"
<OOC> Starlight just sort of assumes Rainbow has Guile's moveset at this point...
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(goes with everything)"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique is just so confused... Everything made sense right up until Rainbow Dash started throwing energy blades like she's a unicron.
<OOC> Nomad says, "She can travel at 13 times the speed of sound and corner like a UFO. Just roll with it."
<OOC> Starlight promises AJ won't unleash a shoryuken.
~As the sun goes down on the boulevard - Go with the system no matter who you are!  We own the night, we own the night! Don't need no VIP - don't leave your drinks on me! I keep your bubbly, I get mine for free! Turning up the bass - kick it in your face, tonight! Tonight!~ Heart Shooter continues to sing right after Vinyl's words, the two singers dueling it out to the same beat that rumbles through the speakers.  The crowd /loves it/.  Music!  Battling Mares on the Microphones!  Discords Vs The Freaking Universe!  This was the price of admission times three!  The crowd loses it once more as they cheer for both Heart Shooter and Vinyl Scratch.  ~Everybody put your hooves up!~  She howls out through her microphone, soaking up the loud clamoring cheer.
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "she can make rainboom hearts <a href="http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Crystal_Empire/Gallery?file=Main_ponies_final_cheer_pose_S03E12.png">http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Crystal_Empire/Gallery?file=Main_ponies_final_...</a>"
<OOC> Dynamite_Rave threw a Hadoken at Discord :)
<OOC> Starlight noticed!
An idea forms in Vinyl's head. A musician's signature is her attire, and so far Vinyl has seen only one thing remain in Heart Shooter's presence. "You're under the worst kind of spell, he's turning music to hell..." she sings, stepping towards the pegasus singer. "What fuels the audience's cries? Is it... all in the eyes?" A quick move of levitation on Vinyl's part removes the shades from both herself and Heart Shooter. "Our time has come, no place to run... now all that's here is the music - loud and clear."
<OOC> Medley will wait on Discord's response to the attack before posing.
Discord draws back into a low, serpentine coil, then swings out wielding a totes hardcore boss keytar. He wails a wicked chord - in this case, G major neutral zero - battering back at the fiery ram with a dense pulse of visible, blue-hot soundwaves. The collision of forces results in a mutually destructive burst, leaving the ground littered with charred musical notation. Discord swings around to face Rainbow's attack, and with a simple zap from a lion claw he's desaturated the rainbow, color draining as its speed wanes, until it grinds to a halt midair. It falls and shatters. Discord smirks and chuckles, coolly blowing a plume off the tip of his smoking paw. Catching sight of Applejack quickly approaching, he turns to face the earth pony, morphs into a rotten apple-tree and, upon being struck, rains a torrent of worm-eaten fruits onto the farmer.
<OOC> Discord says, "hope i didnt leave anybody out i been feelin lost sry :B"
<OOC> You say, "LOL"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique could use a fiddle, or some appropriate way to interact other than just sitting there looking adorable... Though that's the price of being a foalish filly she supposes.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Somepony cuddle Memoire."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch chooses Skyheart.
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Skyheart, I choose you! :D"
<OOC> Medley will wait on Dash and the others to pose!
Rainbow_Dash grits her teeth as her attack is repelled so soundly. She flies back, producing some distance, and then lays on the attack once more, this time pounding Discord with a series of rapid bursts of that same wind-energy-wave attack. "Let Medley go NOW!!" she demands.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch hoofs Ebee. XD
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash imagines the fight with Macross Plus-esque superanimation.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!  One fireball after the other pours from Dynamite's horn as he dances about on the stage in a zig zag manner.  It's time to set the apple tree on fire!  As the music rumbles through the speakers, it practically sings out to him in his heart as he revels in the rush of adrenaline.
( Applejack bounces off the Discord-tree and is briefly showered with nasty apples. She is momentarily shocked. "Apples? Ya wanna fight me with APPLES? Discord, you've had some cockamamie ideas in th' past, but Ah reckon this here's the cockest an' mamiest!" She shakes off the fruits easily, turns around, and unleashes Bucky McGillicuddy and Kicks McGee in all their door-smashing apple-bucking strength on the rotted, damaged tree that Discord has turned himself into. )
<OOC> Nomad says, "Yeah but nobody brought a mech. So we don't get to do any fancy roboteching."
When the mirrored shades clatter to the ground, there is a loud GASP from the audience as the music cuts out and Heart Shooter ripples for a moment before the illusion washes away.  Now standing on the stage and blinking in a confused, dizzy state is Medley!  The green pegasi's eyes are vacant for a moment as she looks out into the crowd, then slowly turns around to spy Dash and her friends attacking Discord.  Also, why is she wearing this flashy outfit?  Why is she holding a microphone?  She just stares, throat raspy as she takes a step, then another, wobbling to the side.
Skyheart watches the scene unfold unsure of what to actually make of it. Then things become more confusing when Medley appears where the starlet was earlier. He tilts his head a bit. "Medley...? Is that where you were...? What's going on?" He's talking more to himself than anything else since he's still down in the crowd.
( "MEDLEY!" shouts Vinyl, running towards the mint-green pegasus and hugging her tightly. "Medley! I knew you were there! I... wow. Oh my gosh." She picks up Memoire and puts the foal back in her saddlebag-carrier one last time. "Medley, sweetie... I have gotta get you home. I'll explain all of this later, just come with me." Letting the pegasus lean on her, Vinyl shoots Dash a look as if to say, "We got this." "You can stay over at mine tonight, Meddles. You need some rest." )
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch poses out.
<OOC> Sky_Blue clings to Vahnul.
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Bedtiiime. Assume Vinyl took Medley and Memmy back to her place."
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Or if Memmy wants to stay posing, left her with Thunderfire. XD"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "sweet dreams Vinyl. Love ya lots!"
<OOC> Sky_Blue clings to Vinyl <333
<OOC> You say, "But I was gonna do something epic! D:"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch loves you ALL.
<OOC> Sky_Blue says, "SLEEP WELL SUGAR <3"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch needs to go to bed. z.z
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "Sleep well... have lovely dream!"
<OOC> You say, "1 AM ISN'T THAT LATE"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "dreams too"
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Good night, Vinyl!"
<OOC> You say, "But seriously g'night!"
<OOC> Medley will let Dash do something epic XD
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "Do something else which is EQUALLY EPIC, Dash."
Memoire_Musique giggles and squeals with delight, picking up her brother and shoving him towards Discord. "DISCORD! DADDY DISCORD! DIS BUDDAH Thunderfire!' she squeaks, splashing chocolate milk everywhere.
<OOC> You say, "I'll pose after Discord n.n"
<OOC> Maplewing HUUUUUGS Vinyl!
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch HUGS YOU ALL.
<OOC> Starlight thinks Dash can still be epic. There's a probably-angry Spirit of Chaos loose on the stage.
<OOC> Starlight says, "nini!"
( Not over yet. The moment Discord's trunk stops shaking, there's another pony intruding into his space. Yellow hooves crossed over her chest, eyebrows low, hoving a pony's height off the ground... "Discord, you have a LOT of explaining to do." )
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch says, "YES FLUTTERBUTTER"
<OOC> Vinyl_Scratch sleeps. XD
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "*hovering"
Memoire_Musique screeches to a halt, and immediately hides behind Fluttershy. Discord might be awesome, but she knows who wears the pants in the Fluttershy/Discord romance.
<OOC> Starlight says, "Yellow pony is epic pony."
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves waits for Fluttershy to give Discord THE LOOK.
<OOC> Starlight says, "Hello? Discord?"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Don't you pull that 'I'm just a tree' routine. c.c"
<OOC> Discord says, "sry just a sec thx"
Discord's treeform is shattered into toothpicks and rotten apple pulp by AJ's powerful kick, leaving empty space to suffer the magical attacks of Rainbow and Rave. The draconequus reappears at Fluttershy's side. "/Me/ explain?! It's your so-called friends who are in trouble! They won't let Medley sing; they're ruining the concert! Don't listen to them, Heart Shooter! Finish the show!"
Memoire_Musique puts the little propeller beanie on Fluttershy's head and starts the rotors spinning. Unsurprisingly, nothing occurs, except to make Angry!Fluttershy even more adorable.
But Fluttershy is there again, keeping step with Discord swoop for swoop. Did she forget she can't really fly? "No! Sit down now and tell me why you did this to Medley. You promised..."
Rainbow_Dash yelps as empty space suddenly appears in place of Discord. She flips over and skids across the stagefloor, a powerful surge of energy expanding out and then dissipating at the point of impact. She's up on her hooves almost at once, though, glaring at Discord. "Let Medley go, Discord! Or...huh?" She looks up, spotting Vinyl and...Medley! She's herself again! "MEDLEY! Oh Celestia, you're back!" In a jiffy she's flown right over to help her friend back onto her hooves. "Right, right, I getcha!" she says to Vinyl, letting the unicorn take care of the weathermare. She really, really wants to go with her, her telltale heart telling her that she should be with her friend, helping her recover. Her eyes dart over the crowd, their confusion and excitement melding into a great chorus of noise. She looks up, sees Discord and Fluttershy. Fluttershy, eh? She's gotta stick around for /this/!
( Applejack rounds on Discord, then approaches calmly. "Reformed, huh? Reformed, mah hind end! Ah'm awful sorry, Fluttershy, but we were right all along. This varmint ain't worthy o' yer friendship." )
As Vinyl and Rainbow Dash comes to her aid, Medley continues to look confused as her eyes focus and refocus over and over.  ".. Wh?  What's going on?"  She asks as she looks once more back to the crowd, then back to the others.  "Dash?  My head hurts."  She complains softly as she reaches up to rub at her face.  "What are we doing here?  Am I.. am I putting a concert on?  Last thing I remember was falling out of the sky.. and then.. " Her eyes slowly raise upwards.  ".. Discord saving me."
( And suddenly Cerberus appears behind Fluttershy! *SLLUUUUURP* )
<OOC> Starlight has to leave. Prepares to pose AJ out, unless that's a prolem.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Take care, Starlight!"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves says, "Take care and sleep well, Starlight"
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Take care, Starlight!"
<OOC> Memoire_Musique facehugs Starlight.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I don't think she's going to bed. o.o"
<OOC> Nimble_Hooves hugs anyway
( Applejack curls her lip in contempt at Discord, then calls out to Rainbow Dash. "Ah'll see Medley safely back t' Vinyl's if'n y'all wanna keep an eye on Discord here. Ah think maybe y'all might be better'n me at, uh, air support. Discord... don't you never darken our doors again, y'hear me?" So saying, she leaps off the stage and runs after the slowly-departing Vinyl. With AJ's added strength, Vinyl, Medley, and Applejack are out and away fairly quickly, leaving Discord alone to face a very, very disappointed Fluttershy. )
Discord zips up into the air and drifts over the ponies. "Why don't /they/ tell why /they've/ done this to Melody, hm? She had everything she wanted. Her dreams were coming true. What would cause friends to put a stop to it all." He stops close to Medley. "Maybe they were jealous of your success. Who's ever been bigger? Or maybe they were so suspicious of me that it didn't matter whether they ruined your show, Medley. Don't you have a song in your heart? I'm the only one here helping you to sing it out. Keep going now, while the crowd is still here. Bring the house down!"
<OOC> Starlight is not going to bed, no. Ta, all! Thanks!
<OOC> Starlight oops. Disregard her last pose if it breaks flow.
<OOC> Starlight goes.
Starlight disappears with a mild flash of light.
( "You're a big liar!" Rainbow Dash declares angrily. "That's not how it is at all! Right, Medley?" She looks back at Medley (who's being tended to by Vinyl and AJ). )
<OOC> Medley says, "<a href="http://www.justin.tv/hasbromlplive#/w/5966147600/3">http://www.justin.tv/hasbromlplive#/w/5966147600/3</a> EQG streaming, full movie.  Not best quality but, you know."
Giving her head a quick shake, Medley blinks her eyes a few times.  As she looks to Dash, then back to Discord, realization finally falls upon her and she slowly drops her eyes off to the side.  Taking in a deep breath, she reaches out to touch Dash on the shoulder.  "He.. he's right.  He saved me that day in the EverFree forest.  When the paparazzi was chasing me down and I fell out of the sky." Her eyes well up with tears as the memories of that day finally drifts back.  "He asked me if I wanted a life free of being chased and attacked by the cameras, free so I can just.. sing.. and.. and I told him I did.  That was.. that was the last thing I remember."
<OOC> You say, "Blargh that definition XD"
<OOC> You say, "Nice catch though!"
Solar_Eclipse goes home.
<OOC> Medley chuckles.
Memoire_Musique flits over and hugs onto Medley. "Aunty! Wait. Not aunty! Furend?"
<OOC> Discord says, "is it my turn ? :o"
<OOC> Nomad reaches over and shows EB how to just pop out of the pose order.
<OOC> You say, "Yep X3"
<OOC> You say, "Unless Flutters has more scolding!"
<OOC> Medley noses?
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Go for it."
Discord folds his arms, looping loosely about Medley. He smirks at Rainbow. "Liar, eh? Look at what you've done! Your suspicion cost your friend her best concert yet. Is that what you call being loyal?"
( "Shut up, Discord!" Rainbow Dash shouts. "Medley doesn't need you to be special! She's...she's special all on her own, and that's what you can't understand." She frowns, anger giving way to frustration and sadness. "You think that you need some kind of big flashy get-up for Medley to be somepony, but Medley is...she's my friend, and that's all that matters!" )
Discord says "She /was/ being special on her own - until _you_ got involved."
Giving her head a shake, Medley finds herself hugged from all sides.  "What is going on?  What do you mean?  Why am I on this stage?"  She says as she tries to peel herself away from everyone.  "Discord.. what..  what did you do to me?"
Rainbow_Dash steps back and gives Medley a rub on the shoulders. "Don't worry, we'll explain in a bit. Discord's...kinda left you in the lurch." She looks over at Discord again, her brow furrowing. "That wasn't her at all! That was just you and your creepy chaos magic!"
<OOC> Celestia says, "What impeccable timing!"
<OOC> Scope says, "o.o?"
Discord scoops up the discarded discordian sunglasses, twirling them on the end of his tail. A tailflick tosses them to Medley, but magic holds them in the air before her face, spinning slowly. "You already know, Medley. You remember your dream, and here it is, all around you. I helped it happen. The shades kept you out of the limelight, just like you wanted. If what you -told- me you want really *is* what you want, then I'm right and your old friends are wrong."
<OOC> Celestia says, "You connected just as I arrived, Scope."
<OOC> Scope says, "Ah.  I can go.  o.O"
<OOC> Sky_Blue :D
<OOC> Sky_Blue smooches all!
<OOC> Discord says, "Celestia is the one who has to leave, it's nighttime, only Luna can intervene, thems the rules. >:["
<OOC> Discord says, "off with you"
<OOC> Celestia says, "Oh no. Celestia would most certainly arrive with her guard."
<OOC> Celestia says, "Psh. It's daytime here."
<OOC> Discord says, "No she wouldn't, it's her sleepy naptime."
<OOC> Celestia zips up Discord's mouth.
<OOC> Celestia puts the sun up in the sky. SO THERE.
<OOC> Celestia unzips Discord's mouth.
Memoire_Musique flies back over to her couchfort. "General Scope, prepare the CouchFort for immediate Aerial mode!" she commands, settling into the command seat. Commander BearingtonSnugglewuggles and the rest of her crew prepare for lift-off. Soon the ship is flying around, making little pewpewpew sounds... In reality, Memmy is shoving the oddly coherent couchfort around, occasionally tossing a cracker at a likely looking target. She appears to be having great fun, especially when she pulls the fort over to Medley, and attempts to drag her inside for her own safety.
<OOC> Starlight has returned. That was brief. Engaging spectator mode.
<OOC> Celestia shall wait for the perfect moment to appear.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique will fire the solar cannon soon!
<OOC> Fluttershy guesses she ought to move. o.o
As she stares at the shades floating before her, Medley reaches out and takes them.  Pulling them close, she stares down at it for a moment before she looks back to Dash and Fluttershy, her friends.  Taking in a deep breath, she swallows tightly.  "I.. not like this."  Her voice says softly in a whisper.  "I was just afraid that day, Discord.  I didn't want my entire.. life to change.  This isn't me."  She says as she sucks in a deep and painful breath.  She looks out once more to the booing crowd.  There is quite a bit of confusion as Discord's spell has been broken. Slowly, the image of Heart Shooter melts from their minds, being replaced with the old memories of Medley the famous pop star.  Someone from the crowd shouts her name, soon followed by a stomping of hooves.  Med-e-ley! Med-e-ley!
<OOC> Starlight sorries for that last pose, BTW. Gah.
Skyheart smiles as he looks up at the stage, joining in the chanting. As far as he knows, nothing was wrong today.
Fluttershy flutters down beside Discord again, smiling at Medley. "See?"
Rainbow_Dash smirks as the crowd slowly but assuredly comes around to Medley once again. Really, nothing else needs to be said!
The shades glint under a spotlight, then with a ping!, they vanish. Discord floats back, clearing space between Medley, the stage and the crowd. He draws her attention out to the wide crowd with a flourish of his tail. "If Heart Shooter isn't you, then it's time to show your fans who you really are." The lights flicker back on. The backup tracks lurch back into play.
<OOC> Starlight says, "This is good."
<OOC> Celestia says, "Yes, yes it is!"
<OOC> Nomad has no idea. He fell asleep on someone's roof halfway into the show.
Medley gives a flick of her ears as she listens to the crowd, finally finding her smile as she takes in a deep breath.  The familiar rush of warmth and adoration that she once knew fills her heart and she steps forward to give Rainbow Dash a firm hug, followed by another to Fluttershy.  Plucking up the microphone from the floor, she gives her friends a tiny grin before she steps to the edge, soon followed by a slow bow.  As the spotlights once more turn upon her, a single guitar is heard strumming from the band, followed by the gentle rhythm of a guitar.  With a flick of her ear back to Discord to show there is no hard feelings, she starts to sing something so powerful, so emotionally that her voice rips into the heart and soul of every pony.  ~And I don't know.. this could break my heart or save me.  Nothing's real - until you let go completely.  So here I go with all my thoughts - I've been saving.  So here I go with all my fears - weighing on me."  With a soft breath, she closes her eyes,  ~Three months and I'm
<OOC> Discord says, "I knew a guy who fell asleep on a roof once. It didn't end well. :<"
<OOC> Nomad can fly though. It helps.
<OOC> Starlight is glad she didn't ruin anything. :/
~Three months and I'm still sober - picked all my weeds but kept the flowers.  But I know.. it's never really over."  She stuns the crowd with her voice as tears trickle down her cheeks.  ~And I don't know.. I could crash and burn but maybe - at the end of this road - I might catch a glimpse of me.  So I won't worry about my timing - I want to get it right.  No complaining, second guessing.. no.. not this time.~  The guitar and the drum picks up a bit, like a quickening heart beat as thunder rumbles overhead from the single storm cloud left behind.  Her voice rises now, filled with a strong, powerful emotion as she stomps a hoof to the ground.  ~Three months and I'm still standing here.  Three months and I'm getting better, yeah - three months and I still.. am...~ Another breath, then her voice screams out as she pours in those high notes that have made her famous.  ~Three months and I'm STILL BREATHING.  Three months and I remember it!  Three months and I finally wa-aa-ke.. up!~  As the guitars gentl
As the guitars gently weep into a softer chord, she slowly bows forward once more, listening to the crowd grow quiet before the roar erupts, loud enough to shake the stage.  ~Three months.. and I'm still sober.  Picked all my weeds but kept the flowers.~  She whispers out into the microphone.
Moonbeam is but an outline in the sky as she crosses overhead, heading more towards ponyville, giving a glance down at the sounds of  music down below.
<OOC> Nomad says, "Psst, Moonbeam. This is Canterlot."
<OOC> Moonbeam says, "Yes, She knows."
<OOC> Moonbeam could be anywhere in Equestria and be headed towards Ponyville. >:) Its just a direction for reference.
<OOC> Nomad weeps for his momentary bit of failed comedy.
<OOC> Moonbeam sorries, didn't get it. She must not have seen where that came from.
<OOC> Starlight sings, o/` This is Canterlot! This is Canterlot / Ponies singing all day and night! / This is Canterlot! Everypony dance a lot! / Concerts given to all and sundry's great delight! o/`
Rainbow_Dash steps back, letting Medley have her moment. This is it, this is the real Medley she's come to know and love. Sure, she's not as close to Rainbow as her other friends. Maybe she never will be. That doesn't matter right now, though, because all Rainbow cares about right now is that her friend - her cherished, wonderful friend - is back to where she ought to be. "Aw, Medley," she says, her eyes getting really moist.
<OOC> Nomad says, "Let's not go to Canterlot. Tis a silly place."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "o/` Everypony Sing! Everypony Sing! o/`"
<OOC> Moonbeam wingfaces. "Ah, now I get it. LOL
<OOC> Maplewing chimes in with Nomad o/~ "Lets all go to the lobby, and get ourselves a snack! o/~
<OOC> Fluttershy there <a href="http://www.delyria.com/whyte/researchink4.png">http://www.delyria.com/whyte/researchink4.png</a>
<OOC> Starlight says, "Yes. Verynice!"
<OOC> You say, "Nice!"
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Dawwwww. <3 Very nice! Hehehehe."
<OOC> Starlight says, "Lyra can't enjoy her sandwich."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Without her buddy Superfly."
Discord watches the rest of the concert from a faraway seat on the side of a hill. He sits under a tree, playing along with his detuned keytar far out of earshot.
<OOC> Medley lets Celestia pose in if she wants?
EconomistBrony suddenly appears next to Discord. She takes a seat and sets a picnic basket on the ground next to the draconequus. She flips open the lid and lays down a blanket. "Nice weather for a concert, isn't it?"
<OOC> EconomistBrony ... ahems.
Celestia suddenly appears next to Discord. She takes a seat and sets a picnic basket on the ground next to the draconequus. She flips open the lid and lays down a blanket. "Nice weather for a concert, isn't it?"
<OOC> Celestia does that properly now. Pardon.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Thank you, my little ponies."
With a flash of light off towards the Palace, Firefly races out into the sky, wings spread wide as she banks towards Cantgerlot like a bomber on its final approach, picking up speed as she looks around to see just what was going on.
<OOC> BlueFeather says, "Funny!"
<OOC> Firefly grins.
<OOC> BlueFeather contemplates doing something really really really silly
<OOC> Nomad is almost always silly!
<OOC> BlueFeather says, "If Firefly does not mind a suprise passanger"
Once the song tapers to an end, Medley gives a bow to the crowd as she listens to the rumbling of their hooves stomping into the ground.  Stepping back, she places the microphone down turns to Rainbow Dash.  Reaching out with a wing, she slides it around her best friend and leans in to hug her tightly, her muzzle pushing up against her ear.  "Thank you Rainbow Dash for coming to my rescue.  You saved me."  She says before giving her a peck on the cheek.  "And you gotta fill me in on what the heck has been happening."  With a wave to the crowd once more, she says to her friend. ".. I so want to get out of here now.  I feel exhausted."
<OOC> Firefly says, "it have to be an OOC passenger, no way she could get on her in flight."
<OOC> BlueFeather awwwsss.
<OOC> You say, "Last pose?"
<OOC> Medley nodnods.
Rainbow_Dash gives Medley the biggest, tightest hug she possibly could, her tension and stress ebbing away as everything finally resolves itself into a most wondrous conclusion. She's not mad or even frustrated at Discord anymore; she doesn't even care now. Right now, she just wants to chill with her friend. "Yeah, I hear yah! C'mon, Vinyl's offering." With that, she walks down from the stage, AJ and Vinyl following, and heads back to town.
Memoire_Musique waddles over to Celestia and attempts to engage her in her playing of pretend. "Celly!" she squeals. "Princess Celestia is on deck!" she imagines herself saying, as she sets up all her stuffed toys around her. "SaaaaaLUTE!"
<OOC> Celestia is way off next to Discord on a distant hill. X3
<OOC> Starlight rides on Applejack to see where she's going.
Skyheart sees the concern is ending and Medley looks downright beat. He decides to pack it up and leave soon. Maybe he'd see her later and see how she's doing.
<OOC> Medley is going to afk for a bit, catch her breath ;) Lots of singing (and typing).  BRB
<OOC> Memoire_Musique is playing pretend. Shhhhh! She'll start flying off in that direction anyways. Skyheart is welcome to corral her.
<OOC> Celestia grins. Fair enough.
<OOC> BlueFeather blahs, goes and tosses something vaugly foodlike in the microwave
<OOC> You say, "IT'S OVER!!!!"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash throws confetti everywhere
<OOC> Starlight runs around amid confettis.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(yay)"
<OOC> Celestia shineshineconfettisparkle.
Discord shrugs. "I would have preferred something a little more meteorologically maniacal, but the ponies seemed please." Discord zaps his own picnic basket into being, flips open the lid with the end of his tail, and dumps out a small hill of chocotacos. He takes just one, peels back the wrapper with his nails, and begins to nibble. The dessert doesn't disappear when he eats it; it just turns into its opposite: brussels sprouts. "Ponies just don't understand."
<OOC> Starlight really wants to see the parts she missed. :/
<OOC> Medley says, "I'm sure Dash logged!"
( A peal of thunder can be heard above, a bright flash of light caught by some as a lightning bolt hits a hill in the distance, right in front of Discord. Witha  sweep of her wings to clear the dust, Firefly pipes in. "I smell chocolate." eyeing  the master of chaos. )
<OOC> Discord says, "we should have a big crazy wrap party now :B"
<OOC> You say, "It'll be a while before this log is ready XD"
<OOC> Starlight nods
Nomad wakes up just in time for the concert to be over. Good thing he didn't buy a ticket. He gets to his hooves way up on that rooftop and yawns, then gives a good long stretch of all parts stretchable. Forelegs, hindlegs, neck, tail, wings. Everything intact. He trots up to the peak of the roof, perches momentarily. After another moment he slides down the steep side pitched roof on his hooves, spreads his wings, takes to the air, and goes circling off to find some thermal he can ride up to cloud level.
Memoire_Musique continues to trundle in the direction of Celestia. "Full speed ahead commander Bearington! Chicken Little (a chicken plush), prepare the dining area! A meal fit for a princess!". Now every few minutes she pauses, making a smore or a PB&J sandwich.
"Yes. They do seem most pleased now," the Princess of the sun muses softly as she hovers out some lo mein from her basket. She cuts it daintily before consuming it by the forkful. "That is the status quo when you are a unique being, isn't it? It is doubtful ponies could truly understand." Celestia pours herself and the chaos beast some tea. "But we can help make them happy." She hovers the cup up towards him - the porcelein rocking back and forth as Firefly arrives.
Fluttershy flits back, and back, and back, until she finally finds Discord...and Celestia? "...um."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Ignore that pose if it's not okay to do."
( "You are proving rather troublesome to track, Lord Discord," says Nightshade, who has materialized in the presence of Her Majesty thanks to the shadow of the tree they're next to. "But I suppose that's to be expected." She sits herself next to the Princess, on her left side (the right side is, of course, Virga's place). "At least the alethiometers in the Royal Observatory will be calmer now." )
Seeing Celestia gone from her chambers sends Scope into a liiiittle bit of a panic, horn aglow with their shared magic as he tries to locate her from the balcony.  His eyes dart about the crowd below until he finds the alicorn princess..  next to the lord of chaos.  Ears splaying, the armored stallion just takes a seat upon his rump with a cup of tea floating over, taking a long sip.
Memoire_Musique tirelessly trots on, eventually coming into contact range of Celestia! "ENGAGE THE SOLAR CANNON!" she shouts, slamming a hoof on the activation button. A massive burst of solar energy (an Angelfood cake) launches itself at Celestia.
Discord zaps a chocolate-milk mustache onto Firefly's face, saving the bother of drinking any. The teacup drifts magically onto the point of his eagle claw, balancing impossibly while it rotates faster and faster. Discord lowers the cup and the tea remains in the air. He gives it a stir, then drains it through his fang like a straw, slrrp. "Well. That's one way to put it, Celestia. But the best policy is to make /oneself/ happy. It's hard to learn that with a crew of crusaders free to crash any party they please." Discord glances past Fluttershy for the moment, looking to Nightshade. "I'm not hard to find if you cause enough trouble. Keep trying."
"U...um." Fluttershy's voice seems even quieter after all that time spent in the concert's din. "Discord? I, um...I-I'm sorry I yelled at you..."
<OOC> Starlight wonders if AJ is going to end up owing him an apoloogy.
Celestia glances over just in time to watch the solar cannon engage, and she proceeds to open her mouth to gobble it down in one bite. She lowers a wing to the ground to create a ramp for Memoire to climb up onto her back. "To make onself /truly/ happy, Discord. A happiness best found through the love of friends." The Princess turns to Fluttershy and smiles tenderly. Element of Kindness, indeed.
Firefly blinks, then licks her moustache, eating the chocolate....her ears perking as she hovers up, taking off, her eyes narrowing with an odd distant look....the sound of her wings getting louder and faster, much as it used to in days forgotton, sounding like a jet engine spooling up, then in an explosion of light and thunder, a bolt of lightning races into the heavens above, a flicker of light along her wings as she banks and arcs, leaving a gleaming silvery moonlight trail behind her, one laced with dark violet lightning...black light lightning....slowly turning back towards Canterlot...
<OOC> Discord says, "she flies purdy"
<OOC> Nomad says, "She shore do got a purdy contrail."
( Nightshade regards Fluttershy politely before turning back to Discord. "Ah, well, it was not the /finding/ that was difficult, exactly. As, ah, interesting as your moral explorations are from a cosmic standpoint, it would probably be best if you devoted more time to more...private pursuits." )
Memoire_Musique grins. "Engage the Unity Program!" she says. She *and her couch fort* clamber onto Celestia's back, settling in comfortably. "Perfection."
Memoire_Musique also passes a smore to her mobility Unit *celestia*.
Skyheart goes home.
Discord is nearly provoked into a debate with Celestia, goatee frazzling with a rising tension, but Nightshade and Fluttershy grant an excellent opportunity to change the subject. "Oh Fluttershy, you'll have to get much more practice yelling before they deserve apologies. I'm afraid you're simply not loud enough, dear." He whirls about to face Nightshade, hovering with his head at pony-level and his bottom-half floating over him like a big balloon. "Private? As if the most wondrous, powerful, /fun/ creature in all of Equestria could have a private life. And even if I weren't surrounded by devotees, I'm sure that a crew of crusaders would be happy to stampede over me, again. I like your idea..."
Discord says "But I don't see much of a future in it."
<OOC> Discord says, "if i forgot anybody im sorry whoops :B"
Celestia was so looking forward to seeing that goatee refrazzled, too. She sips delicately from her tea before nibling Memoire's s'more. Omnomnom.
Scope goes home.
Satisfied, Fluttershy just smiles softly. "Um...o-okay. S-sorry for interrupting."
"You are certainly giving my agents something to do, I've give you that," Nightshade replies, settling into her seat. My, it is quiet a lovely day."
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash crosses out that last "
<OOC> Zephyr_Quake takes the crossed " to the hospital.
<OOC> Celestia hopes that " will make a quick recovery.
<OOC> Firefly explodes it.
<OOC> Celestia says, "NUUUUUU!"
<OOC> Firefly says, "Now you have a ' and a ' about thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis far apart."
<OOC> Zephyr_Quake cries to the heavens. "NOOoooo!"
Memoire_Musique happily snuggles down on Celestia, occasionally appearing to speak to her stuffed animals as she attempts to find a comfy spot to rest.
Discord hms, floating once around Nightshade, then drifting to a higher altitude. "Then I hope -they- will give -me- something to do soon. I'm already getting bored again." He pauses for a moment before departing, framed by a cloud above the ponies.
Celestia sips her tea before giving the lord of chaos a small smile. "Goodbye, Discord."
Rainbow_Dash silently watches as Discord departs. "Miss Fluttershy?" she asks, out of the blue.
<OOC> You say, "OOPS"
( Nightshade silently watches as Discord departs. "Miss Fluttershy?" she asks, out of the blue. )
<OOC> Firefly has done that more times than she can count.
<OOC> Starlight looks for the zipper on Nightshade.
<OOC> Firefly says, "Changeling, no zipper needed."
<OOC> Starlight says, "Aw, that's no fun."
Fluttershy glances over. "Y-yes?"
<OOC> Discord says, "Poor ponies. If only you knew the magic and the rapture of a world ruled by chaos. I pity you."
<OOC> Celestia smiles. "Thank you for the lovely scene, Discord."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique had lot of fun with Daddy Discord!
<OOC> Memoire_Musique puts on her Chaos Beanie again.
<OOC> Discord says, "Thank Medley not me!"
( Nightshade turns to face Fluttershy, a very business-like expression on her face. "I trust that you will see to it that he is...given something to do?" )
<OOC> Starlight nods. Awesome work, Discord.
<OOC> Warm_Breeze finishes watching the epic rp. :)
<OOC> You say, "Nicely done Discord! This TP was rockin :3"
<OOC> Starlight will thank Medley, too.
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "I will, when she's around!"
<OOC> Starlight eeples! So many wizardses!
<OOC> Derpy moon and comet hat.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique waddles over to Derpy, towing her couchfort.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Hello, Derples."
<OOC> Starlight makes herself a wizard hat out fo constructions paper and macaroni.
<OOC> Derpy goes over and plops herself on Memoire's couchfort.
<OOC> BlueFeather says, "Blah"
<OOC> You say, "Is flutters gonna response X3"
<OOC> Discord says, "well i'll just go back to my solitude now :( bye ponies, thanks for defeating me again"
<OOC> Derpy says, "Discord?  Are all-right?"
<OOC> Discord says, "Derpy, Rainbow and Apple and Dynamite Rave were HITTING me."
<OOC> Discord says, "I never hit anybody but they hit me and that's a crime. :("
<OOC> Discord says, "I don't know what Celestia has been teaching them that makes them think it's okay to PHYSICALLY ASSAULT someone who poses no physical threat."
<OOC> Firefly grins and shuffles some card, snickering to Discord.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash pokes Discord X3
<OOC> Starlight says, "Dear Princess Celestia - Today I learned that the Eternal Spirit of Chaos is a n enormous pansy who couldn't take a kick if it was presented to hi in a giftwrapped box..."
<OOC> Derpy gives Discord a kiss on ev-e-ry boo-boo.
<OOC> Firefly says, "Be glad he didn't sit on a tack."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I didn't hit anypony, at least."
<OOC> Fluttershy mostly faded back after the ki shots started flying. o.o;
<OOC> Discord says, "Celestia's supposed to be teaching foals and human-children their morals, but really she's just created a gang of self-righteous thugs who feel entitled to pummel anyone who they disagree with. That's how dictatorships start."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique waddles over to fluttershy, and snuggles her.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique waddles back over to Discord and punches him with numerous hugs and smoochies.
<OOC> Discord says, "dawwrrrr"
<OOC> Derpy sags a little sadly.  "Is tooo bad.  Can solve?"
<OOC> Discord says, "I need to get a crusader crew of my own. I'll call and see if the Planeteers are available."
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "You get away from my daughter. :|"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Oh! Sorry."
<OOC> Celestia says, "(Captain planet, he's our hero!)"
<OOC> Starlight says, "Start? Since there's no hereditary succession, it seems that 'benevolent dictatorship' is what Equestria already is."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "~Gonna Take Polution down to zero!~"
<OOC> Derpy says, "Who is pose?  Since I joined?  NooOO RP."
"I-if I can find him again," says Fluttershy, hanging her head a bit. "I'm never really sure when or where he'll turn up. I hope I didin't upset him..."
Memoire_Musique attempts to make things better by distributing her foalish food creations.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique glares at Daddy, before putting on her beanie and making bbbbbbbb sounds with her lips. "No be mean!"
"I doubt it," says Nightshade. "By the way...good performance. It was most edifying."
Fluttershy tilts her head. "Per...formance?"
Rainbow_Dash: sips some tea. Hey, when did she get her own cup? "All the world's a stage, and everypony a player," she says mysteriously.
<OOC> You say, "GAH"
Nightshade sips some tea. Hey, when did she get her own cup? "All the world's a stage, and everypony a player," she says mysteriously.
<OOC> Starlight says, "It's true!"
<OOC> Discord says, "don't hate the player"
<OOC> Starlight plays with an Applejack sockpuppet.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash thinks we can end here unless Flutters has something else to say?
Fluttershy just blinks.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "n.n"
<OOC> You say, "Heheh X3"

Log date: 

Saturday, June 22, 2013