Fire Fliers


A summer day




Calbee is currently in the bottom part of the firehall giving the firecart a good rinsing and washing and rinsing, making sure that it's all ready for in case thre was a fire of some kind.
Rainbow_Dash is out on patrol! And not napping! I mean, come now, she actually doesn't spend most of her day napping; that's not healthy. Anyway, she's on her usual route, flying over the key locations in Ponyville to make sure everypony is receiving the right sort of weather. One of these locations, of course, is the firehouse, where she dips lower to peek through the windows. "Hey, anypony in there?" she calls out, seeing nopony outside.
Calbee perks his head up at the speaking and smiles as he spots Rainbow, "Oh hello there, no pony here, but a griffon." he says as he heads to the door and opens it for her, "How are things going out there today, any big dangerous weather we should be ready for?"
"Oh, hey, Calbee!" says Rainbow Dash, waving at him as she gently glides down and lands. "Summer's right around the corner so just a few rainy days to, like, hydrate everything. It's all in the weather bulletin. You do get that, right?"
Calbee nods his head at this, "Of course, we post it right by the door, but still this is ponyville, only thing you can predict here, is how unpredictable things are, though weather is stable." he admits, he's just seen some weird stuff since he got here, "ANything that I can help you with?"
Rainbow_Dash grins. "Heheh, funny how that works, huh? Nothing much, really, just checking out things. Things are great, it looks like!"
Calbee gives a chuckle, "Nothing majour, two incidents I saw, but neither resulted in fire, one was Luna dealing with fire sprite, and another was Applebloom blowing something up, but no fire." he says as he looks around, "How are things on your end?  Anything that I might help you with?"
"Applebloom again? C'mon, she's gotta figure out her issues soon." Rainbow eyerolls a little. "Me? Well, today has been kinda boring, so I guess I can to bug you with weird questions. How's the fire brigade life? I mean, other than that stuff you just said."
Calbee thinks a bit, "it's quiet, but exciting, lets me help out around here, in a odd way you get to relax...but you can't, because if there is a fire I need to be ready and out the door in a second no matter what time, so it's a mix between being constantly ready, and constantly waiting, along with cleaning, washing and checking to make sure everythings ready."
"Huh!" Rainbow Dash says. "That...sounds a lot like my basic Patrol training, actually. A lot of waiting around for the heart-busting vein-popping action, which my job now actually, heh." Not that she hated it, oh no, but she wasn't blind to the weird vagaries of Weather Patroller life. "Kinda been doing more paperwork lately, though. I guess that's, like, being an adult and stuff, ugh."
Calbee nods his head at this and chuckles, "Yeah, I like the excitement of being a firegryphon, but alot of the stuff is more to do with paperwork or cleaning the hose for the tenth time." he says.
"Tell me about it," Rainbow Dash replies. "I'm up to my ears in paperwork now. I'm, like, don't we have ponies to do this for us? But that's what happens when Central says Ponyville's too small for me to get my own orderlies." However sensible this assessment by her superiors Rainbow couldn't help but resent their ruling due to the obvious burdens it put on herself. "Like it's not just all the regular stuff like personnel files but this weird drought we'd been having for the past while."
Calbee hmmmms at this,"Couldn't you mention that your having to fight dragons and titans every other week, and that you if you have to do paperwork AND control the weather that one or both might be hurt." he says thinking about it, "And maybe point out that alot of your work helps negate the need for weather, by putting out fires, or stopping something that effects the weather."  He nods his head< "Yeah, topping the water supply has been tough, but at the same time we need it because fires happen more when there is a drought, why can't droughts some how mean less fires."
<OOC> Calbee hmmms, "Maybe the drought is being caused by Twilight? :>  She's been making Celestia happier, wich in turn effects the sun, making it shinier and more uplifting, wich is good in moderation but too much...kinda like with persephony *sp?*
<OOC> You say, "There's a bigger story behind the drought which I'm not gonna elaborate on right now :u"
<OOC> Calbee giggles, "Wow...:>  I almost got that right.
<OOC> Calbee grins, "Persphone :>
<OOC> Calbee nods :>
"I think there's, like, laws of science and stuff against that," Rainbow Dash states astutely. "But yeah, I should totally be getting, like, extra perks for helping save the world, but I guess that's what the Friendship Castle is for."
Calbee nods his head and thinks, "YOu could always ask Twilight or Celestia for a intern, not sure if you cuold get it, but worth a shot." he says as he thinks, "I suppose on the drought, but I guess it's a official law, that when you need something it's always in low supply."
"You know, the thought did cross my mind," Rainbow Dash says, "but, like, pulling connections like that to make it easier at work is totally out, no joke." Indeed, she had not asked for a single favour on behalf of her Weather Patrol since she started, no matter how inconvenient it made things. "Well, I'm pretty sure that, if Central thinks it should be drier, then that's what we're getting," she continues, answering the gryphon's comment. "Kinda wish we had more warning, though. There's supposed to be at least three memos I should've gotten by now."
Calbee chuckles and just talon beaks as he shakes his head, Isn't that usually the case with bureaucracy, they don't tell you anything, but heaven forbid if you send the wrong form in, or make a spelling error, and suddenly it's doomsday." he says and nods, "Well if I can help in anyway let me know, I don't have magick of weather ponies and such, but I do have handy assets." he says making motions with his talons, knowing they can be a bit more handy for grabbing stuff, though he is still amazed at what ponies can do with their hooves.
Rainbow_Dash grins, appreciating Calbee's diligence. "Just keep doing your job and keep the valves on the reserve tanks tight," she says. "You guys are still full up, right?" Heaven forbid that the fire brigade, of all things, be low on water.
Calbee nods his head, "Yeah, it's been tough keeping everything ready for fires without much water,but only time I use water if when we get a bit of a sprinkle, last I checked the water up in the tank was full, though maybe I should hire security if the drought goes on too long, I can see people starting to pilfer wtaer from it." he says.
"Nah, I don't think it's /that/ kind of town!" Rainbow Dash asserts, having lived here for long enough. Certainly there would be opportunists, but it seems so out of character for Ponyville to breed brigands. "Plus we still have Saddle Lake, which is full and kinda in my turf, if you get me." Indeed, since there was no Royal Surveyor office in Ponyville it fell upon the Weather Patrollers to manage the town's minor water resources.
Calbee nods his head at this, "True, I don't see ponies doing it without reason, but we all know what ponies will do in desperation depending on how long and bad the drought is." he says as he shrugs, "I do like this town, other then the weekly invasions and such the town is very friendly."
"Chill, it's not /that/ big a drought," Rainbow Dash says. "We're just a little squeezed, the buffer in our supply is just lower than normal. We haven't even drawn from reserves yet. As for the weekly invasions...yeah, I think me and my friends have got the handle on that mostly, heh." Really, it was unavoidable given Ponyville's central location just south of the capital, not to mention the weird stuff coming out of Everfree every now and then.
Calbee nods his head, "True, if things change let me know, we may need to hire a few extra volounteers just in case to help put out fires." he says and nods, "true, and not complaining, if you guys arn't here plenty to help out with things, and keeps the place from being too boring." he adds.
"Well I can round up volunteers for you if you ever need," says Rainbow Dash, who is not unfamiliar with such endeavours. "And trust me: living in this town is anything but boring. Speaking of, what do you do when you're off anyway?"
Calbee hmmms and thinks, "Usually go out flying and practicing trying to land...I still have some issues, but I think I've gotten it mostly under control, especially since when I crash it's not as bad." he says, "Though I've been wondering what I should do, find some kind of hobby."
<OOC> You say, "Hey has Calbee discussed his flying problems before?"
<OOC> You say, " old is he? X3"
<OOC> Calbee hmmmms, "He brought it up the first time, originally he came here hoping Rainbowdash might help him get over his landing issues, he flies well:>  maybe almost to Rainbow levels *minus speed*  but he has a instinctive desire to stay in the air that conflicts with the desire/need to land.
<OOC> You say, "This sounds like a psychological problem X3"
<OOC> Calbee grins, "it's species problem :>  One of his ancestors is based upon the sooty tern, wich in RL is a sea fairing bird that stays in the air from feldging till about breeding time about 5-10 years, with only landing in water for a few seconds or on rare floating objects to feed.
<OOC> Calbee chuckles, "SO since he's early adult years, he stil has the instinct to stay in the air, but doesn't have the body to maintain long term flight :>
"You really gotta get that looked into," Rainbow Dash says. "I mean, really, that's kinda inconvenient, for one thing, and another is that it'll help you do your job better. By the way, you know you can get flying help for free if you get residency?"
<OOC> You say, "RD is not really familiar with that sort of thing, though :u"
<OOC> Calbee grins, "True, the idea was more that calbee spotted Rainbow dash during the equestria games, he was there as part of the support for he gryphon team, but due to his flying issues he wasn't allowed on the team, :>  Saw Rainbow and how well she could fly and was hoping maybe if he learnt from her she could help by proxy :>
Calbee tilts his head at this at the mention of Residency, 'I never thought of it much, how does that work?" he thinks, that would be something he would look into, he sort of quickly ended up working here, so most of his time went into learning to to his job.
<OOC> Calbee hmmms, "The rp idea was a combination, of the thought of a griffon with fear of landing, and learning about the sooty tern at the same time :>
"Oh, there's a bunch of paperwork voodoo you gotta do," Rainbow Dash explains, "but basically you gotta live here long enough and get sponsored by other ponies. Rescue can be one, and, if you don't have anypony else, I'm totally up for signing off for you, too. After that you'll be an official Ponyville resident and you get perks and stuff, like being able to borrow library books for longer. I mean, when we had a library, heh."
Calbee nods his head at this, "That sounds great, just how long does one have to live here?" he asks, he knows it's been about half a year, but knows it could be longer and smiles, "Thanks for the information, I hadn't even thought about it, sort of ended up training and helping here shortly after I came here, so rather quickly had more time spent training and such.
"Uh, yeah, you gotta look that up yourself, sorry," Rainbow Dash says. She remembers getting residency for herself, but since she was already a citizen of Cloudsdale she kind got in by default. "So...where'd you come from, anyway? I figured there'd be, like, stuff to do in, uh, gryphonland or whatever it's called."
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash is gonna assume this all happens before the Griffonstone episode.
Calbee nods his head a bit, "Well there was but after seeing such an amazing flier like yourself during the equestria games I had to least come visit the area, thought I might get to meet you some time, maybe get tips on flying." he says trying to hide that he was a bit of a fanboy at her flying, "I couldn't make the gryphonstone team due to landing made me abit of a danger in case I was forced to during the games."
"You're not the first flyer who wanted to learn the ropes from me," Rainbow Dash says, grinning. "It is kinda bad that you didn't make the team, but hey, you ended up here so that's a plus, heheh. Anyway, since you're looking for something to do, maybe you can hang out with me and the Weather Patrol some time when we're off duty? We have this pub we like going to."
Calbee nods his head at this, "Sure, and hey if you would be okay with me, maybe I can go with you some times on your patrols?  See how you do things, might help me understand your side of the weather thing."he says with a smile, "I mean when I have free time, but your busy, if not thats fine."
"Oh, no problem!" Rainbow Dash answers. "I'm totally up for showing you the ropes for making weather, if you don't mind getting blown around by a lot of breezes, heh." She glances at the watch on her pastern, noting the time with a little concern. "Yeah, I gotta get back on patrol or I'll be outta sync. Catch you later, Calbee!" She hovers back towards the door and prepares to jet off.
Calbee nods his head, "I will send my schedule over to the weather patrol once next week is setup and we can see if anything is setup." he says with a grin, "Oh I love being knocked around by wind flying is one of the greatest things in life." he says with a sense of happiness at the talk, "But either way, have a good patrol and thanks for checking in."
"And thanks for being awesome!" Rainbow Dash says, making a sort of half-salute as a departing gesture. She spreads her wings, letting the draft take her upward, and shortly after she soars and zooms across the sky along her route, happy to fly on such a fine day.

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