The Future is Now (5/25/2015)

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Night, relative present time


[ This is a part of our larger "The Future is Now" RP and will be added to that log here once I get that caught up.  But we had a couple of special guests from Mario Sisters Pizza Delivery (who are totally not Princesses) and it was a particularly good RP so wanted to post it.  Read on and enjoy! ]
( Dusk nods to Snow, "Excelllent.  I suspect you can help provide protections from the extreme cold and heat.  But the air will be quite thin too."  He chuckles to Chance, "Well you can fall and run into things, yes?  Stage Two of the plan will be at the right moment, after the artifact has appeared, Mr. Bolt, Mr. Pony, and myself will destabilize the meteor, weakening it enough for Mr. Chance here to run into it.  It will already be moving much faster than him.  I will also tag the part of the rock that should have the artifact."  He draws a line from Chance to the meteor.  "Bang.  Delivering the final blow." )
( Snow_Bolt considers all that has been said for a moment, "I suppose I could. Those sort of things are easy. Though I've not done that on a meteor before. If there is no air that might be difficult." He's never really figured out for himself how his talent works. It's easy to influence things that already exist, but creating something from nothing...thats a different ball game, "We'll find out. Though I'd rather not be on the meteor when Chance blows it up. I don't imagine that would be pleasant." Blowing up is bad...or so he's been told. )
( Chance furrows his brow. "Well, I suppose I could do that. I'll have to be careful not to break the meteor before we can get the artifact from it. That would be the biggest concern." )
( Mirage is still shaking a bit as she watches from the ground as the stallions decide how to deal with the meteor still frozen in time above them. )
( Dusk stands besides Mirage, and rubs shoulders a little, seeing her still not settled yet.  But he's grateful she was able to, dispite her fears.  Dusk nods to Snow too, "As I wondered, yes.  So perhaps best to focus your magic on helping weaken the meteor up.  It's a lot of rock, but also a lot of ice, water, and trapped gasses in there too.  And yes, getting off of it will be our next trick.  Mr. Pony's shielding should help, as we can escape to one of the other meteors, then back to the timescape.  And yes, Mr. Chance.  I'll mark and shield the portion where the artifact should be, and busting up the meteor should free it, letting you get to and activate it. )
Snow_Bolt has managed to get the gist of what is going on, but since he is here he might as well partake in the adventure. He glances over to poor Mirage, "Don't worry Mirage. I'm sure everything will be ok." he says with a smile. After all Chance and Dusk do things like this all the time and are professionals, even if perhapst he rest of them should not try things like this at home.
Chance nods to Dusk. "Very well. That sounds workable. I'll be ready to activate it once the meteor has broken up. So, how do we start?"
Mirage touches her shoulder back to Dusk and watches as the others get ready to break up the meteor containing the fragment of the artifact.
Dusk smiles as Mirage touches back to him and he gives her a reassuring nuzzling.  He makes sure she has the communication device from PP and knows when to signal us at the moment the shooting star is at the correct point in the sky.  She'll of course be staying here on the ground.  He works out more details and goes over the plans several more times making sure we have it down step by step.  PP will do some shielding and making sure we're in a safe environment, with Snow as backup there in case temps or that get out of control.  Otherwise Snow's focus will be on weakening the meteor, along with Dusk who will also reach out and shield the core with the artifact.  He cast a protective spell over Chance too, which will let him work out in the thin atmosphere even without his talent having to protect him, so he can focus more on the impact.  Once we're all set, the four stallions step into the timescape.
Snow_Bolt will be able to add 'stopped a meteor' to his resume after today, or having a resume won't matter if he doesn't. Woot! He follows along with Dusk and PP. Controlling the temps is an easy enough thing to do, but figuring out how to use what talents he has to stop a meteor is considerably harder and more difficult, "Good times." he says.
PP works on shielding, making that his full time job. Ponies will find appropriate shields when necessary. He'll make sure of it. Chance focuses, doing a partial meditation so he can get that artifact activated and out quickly. The faster the better.
Mirage tilts her ears as the four stallions vanish into the timestream, leaving her alone on the grassy hill to watch the shooting stars.  As the one containing the artifact reaches a certain point in the sky, she speaks into the futuristic magitechinical communicator.  "It's there now!" she says firmly, hoping they can hear her.
Dusk smiles as has the others in the timestream, and gives everypony a chance to get ready.  First off will be Chance, going to a slightly earlier point in the timestream, so that Chance will be ahead of the meteor at the right time.  "Okay we're going to let you off here, Mr. Chance.  When you're in the real time, we should all be down on the ground.  Go ahead and test your communication gear, and then wait for Mirage's signal for the precise timing!"  PP gives Chance some gear as well, in addition to Dusk's spell.  Chance should do fine until we get back to the Timescape.  Dusk and Chance step out into real time, and then Dusk returns barely a moment later.  Chance finds himself falling, the thinner air whipping around his protective shielding..  He looks up and sees the shooting stars racing on an intercept course with him.  Dusk brings the others to a time closer to when they left Mirage behind, and they step out onto he backside of the shooting star, which itself protects them from most of the direct blast, though the melting, igniting materials shoot aroudn them with the streaking tail behind the large meteor.  And it goes from being silent in the timescape to quite a roar and heavy shaking of the suface of the plunging rock and ice.  "Check check.." he calls on the magitechnical communicator.  "Everypony there?"
"This is not a spot that I'd like to vacation any time soon." Snow says as he continues to do his thing working on expanding and contracting the gasses in the meteor through temperature variations that will hopefully help to dismantle the rock from the inside out, "I'm here." he says back.
Chance gives a nod to Dusk. "I'll do so. It looks like I'll get a nice view until you guys get there." He lets Dusk drop him into the real world.. literally. He finds himself falling, and glances up at the meteors headed his way. "Testing. This is Chance in freefall. Testing." he says over the com, with wind whistling in the background. PP takes point on the meteor with the others. "Alright, air, heat and inertia shielding is in place." he yells to the others.
Mirage watches the shooting stars move across the sky.  Of course, she can't hope to see if the stallions are in thier places so she listens to the communications device and waits.
Dusk would agree with Snow.  An exciting place to visit, but maybe not a bit vacation 'hot spot.'  And really doubt you'd want to live here.  The neighborhood is literally going to pieces.  He gets to work with along with Snow as PP keeps us protected, and makes sure PP is set to protect us and knows the plan once we break this up.  And indeed already Snow's work is quite impressive, feeling the 'ground' shift and loosen into bigger chunks as we get close to the moment of 'impact.'  Indeed, Chance has quite the most impressive view of all.  Few have witnessed a shooting star from his perspective and survive to tell about it.  Hopefully surviving will be the case for all of us.  Dusk finds the point Mirage helped pin-point earlier, having been brave enough to come up to the shooting star for it.  Now she can relatively relax on the ground, if still probably nervous on behalf of all the rest.  Chance watches as the the shooting stars loom ever closer, the central one heading directly for him.  As it gets close it seems to be ever faster.  Mirage watches as the shooting stars finally reach their target point in the sky.
"I may be a bit out of date with the plan." Snow says, but one is always out of date when bouncing around in time, "But our plan, as I understand it, is to blow things thing up with us standing on it." When you say it outloud it just doesn't seem all that smart. "So as we are doing we have a backup plan for getting off this thing once we have done what we came here to do?" he asks Dusk, because Dusk is usually in the know about this sort of thing. He'd rather not go out by blowing himself up.
Having made his way inside during all the commotion, Quasar has been quietly watching with awe in his eyes as his friends step out to do the impossible once again.  As he trots to Mirage's side, he gives her a quick smile, then pears his ears upwards with excitement in his face.  "Next time I am going along on the trip."  He says as he gives his tie a gentle adjustment with his magic.
Chance watches the meteor loom ever closer, and gives a small grin. He's never tried to tag a meteor before. Not like this. New thing to do in his life! He's happy. PP gets ready for the big breakup.
Mirage smiles as Quasar approaches, happy and relived to some somepony familiar.  "That would be a good idea.  You could be of assistance to Chance and Dusk," she replies to him.  "Now, watch that shooting star, the largest of the three.  It should disappear in just a few moments."  Mirage holds a small rectangular box-like item with her hoof.
Mirage smiles as Quasar approaches, happy and relived to see some somepony familiar.  "That would be a good idea.  You could be of assistance to Chance and Dusk," she replies to him.  "Now, watch that shooting star, the largest of the three.  It should disappear in just a few moments."  Mirage holds a small rectangular box-like item with her hoof.
Dusk chuckles to Snow over the roar of the plunging meteor we stand upon, already in the process of breaking it up into nearly loose parts.  "Yes, Mr. Pony is going to keep us shielded, and then once we get the artifact we'll land on the other meteor there.."  He nods to one of thet adjoining ones.  He's already gone over all this, but good to make sure it's all clear.  "It will pass by one of the hooks to the timestream, and we'll hop back out!"  And the moment comes and everything is at the right moment of time and space.  Upon Mirage's signal Dusk reaches out and shields the core that we need, and Chance is in place for the big hit.  "Prepare for impact!" Dusk calls out to the two other stallions with him.  So is there where you duck and put your head between your knees?  Have you noted the emergency exits?  The pony next to you may be used as a floatation device in the case of a water landing.
Derpy floats by the meteor, peacefully curled up and snoozing on a cloud.
( Or maybe that's a mirage! )
Dusk may have gone over things, but sometimes little things get missed when you are doing crazy stunts like this. Snow can not take credit for any of this since he didn't plan any of this! "Alright. Cool." he says to Dusk. Actually things are really rather warm, thankfully Snow has never been bothered by temperature fluxtuations, "That plan works for me." he says as he hears Dusk give the warning to batton down the hatches. He steadies himself as much as he can and prepares for the chance arrival of Chance. Out of the corner of his eye he catches Derpy as she floats on Strange times.
There is a twinkle of Quasar's horn as his eyes trail along the dark sky.  Golden numbers soon take shape about him as he gives a wide smile upon his face.  Slanting his eyes, he starts to calculate the rate of trajectories, size, speed as the glowing calculations appear in an orbit around the young prodigy.  "This is quite fascinating.  I wonder if one can achieve motion sickness riding a comet through the time stream."  The lanky tween bumps his shoulder gently against Mirage's, then glances down at the device in wonderment.
Chance closes his eyes about 30 seconds before impact. He goes into full meditation mode. He'll have very little time to do what needs to be done. He has to be full ready for it. He opens his eyes when he can hear the meteor nearly upon him, and shifts a bit to get ready. The meteor breaks up around him as it passes, some of the chunks heading straight for him getting deflected just enough to miss him by his talent. His full focus is now on the part that is the artifact. He concentrates to activate it, and it shatters into view, cracking its protective 'shell' as it does, and Chance catches it with his hooves. All this happens in a explosive moment. He just played tag with a meteor, and the meteor is now 'it'! It was a very lucky (and recklessly fast) crack-and-grab for him, but thankfully that's his talent.
Mirage tilts her ears and shakes her head to Quasar.  "I don't know, Quasar.  And what are you doing here, anyway?"  She catches him looking at the device, and she quickly hoofs it into her saddleskirt's pocket.
Dusk is thankful PP and Snow are indeed helping keep things suitably temperatured and bearable so we can focus on the work.  Though Dusk does notice a pony resting on a high status cloud.. Which fortunately the meteors pass suitably far enough away from.  Was that Derpy?  He's surprised though, not expecting any pegasi besides Diamond Dancer to come up this high.  But that's literally a passing thought with a passing pony for just a moment.  He instead has his focus on the moment of impact.  And as much as he and Snow had loosen things up, it is indeed an impact a pony can't help notice.  The entire meteor they stand on shakes and rumbles as Chance plows into it from the other side, the loosen materials busting apart with the help of Chance's talent protecting him.  And in little more than a moment the whole thing 'explodes.'  Well it's already flying at high speed, but parts go flying out in all directions, PP's shielding keeping the others protected.  In a moment what's left is one artifact, two of the three meteors, four stallions, and a ton load of streaming projectiles from tiny to larger than a pony ripping through the air, leaving their own streams and breaking up further.  The three that were on the backside are now directly exposed all the those forces too, other than the magic shielding.  Dusk reaches out his magic that is protecting the core of what was the meteor, and helps guide it to Chance to activate, and to draw Chance to them.  Next will be getting to the adjoining shooting star!
When Snow Bolt got out of bed this morning, he never would have thought that this was going to be how he was going to be spending the day. It's one of the hazards of being connected to the MRC. Thank goodness for magic shielding might have been the end of all of them. Well...not Chance, but probably the end of the lesser mortals. As with all things MRC Chance brings the BOOM. And what a boom it is! And Snow Bolt has front row seats. A look of suprprise and awe crosses his face as he watches the pieces of rock and other material go streaming by, "Wow." is all he can manage to say. Profound thoughts will come later.
"My name is Quasar and you're asking why I would be out here watching falling stars?"  The young prodigal tween asks with a soft laugh.  "You guys are my only friends, of course I am going to support you guys and all of your crazy stunts that I will soon be apart of."  As she moves the device away, he tilts his head, horn still sparkling as the quadriatic formulas continue to ping about him.  "Interesting."
Chance secures the artifact in a pocket in his utility vest, then waits for pickup. Or failing that, waits for his eventual landing. PP wraps everypony (including Chance) in a shield bubble and pulls everypony together for Dusk to transport to one of the other meteors. Close extraction support!
Mirage frowns a little.  "Actually, Quasar...  we're not here and we're not doing this," she says softly.  She blinks as the one shooting star breaks up into little splinters and the other two shooting stars continue on.  "And besides, it's not as if your name is Stargazer or something a little more routine for an astronomer.  Still, you might want to speak to Chance and Dusk.  Hopefully they'll be here in a few minutes."  Mirage glances around the starlit grassy hill, hoping other ponies haven't followed Quasar out here.
Dusk is duly equally impressed with the sight and the results.  And thankfully all going to plan!  Right?  Dusk waits until we're all collected together and sees that the ponies are okay, and that Chance has the section of rock with the artifact.  Then Dusk reaches out with his colorless magic and grabs the nearby shooting star, as if pulling it to him.  The effect of course is to pull the rest of them to it, along with PP's shielding.  It looms closer, and the already slightly bumpy freefall becomes rather rough as we pass through the outer stream around the meteor as it plunges through the atmosphere.  Time to see just how good PP's shielding really is!  After a few rough moments and near blinding brightness the four pass through it and touch down on the surface.  It's surprising how much more solid a footing it now feels like!  "Okay!  Now too long now!  Just need this one to hold up until we reach the hook point for the timestream.  Mr. Bolt, try and keep this one solid if you could!"  Basically the opposite of what he did before.
Solid is something that Snow Bolt can do. Instead of expanding gasses he'll merely work to maintain the status quo. Thats an easy enough thing to do, and so he does does that, "OK!" he shouts to Dusk and the others. After all in the face of such an epic moment, what else is a simple pony to do.
As the ponies set down, something... lurches.  The meteor seems to be hurtling awfully slowly.  And from just over the 'horizon', a voice yells, "No, I'mma TELLA you, we should have turned RIGHT!  Somepony's been messin' witta de timestream.  How are we supposed to-"  Over that rise trots a graceful, yet amazonian midnight blue pony, her wings sticking out of her lumpy green overalls, and her horn kinda sorta not really obscured by the green cloth cap hanging over it.  She blinks as she catches sight of the demolition crew, and shouts even louder, "EY!  I TAKE'A IT ALL BACK!  DEY'SA HERE!  HEY, YOU PONIES.  YOU GOING TO HAVE ORDERED A PIZZA?"
"Dey'sa here? DEY'SA HERE? I told-a ya took a wrong turn at-ta da Ursa Major! And he almost took-a da pies!" There's a separate, distinct voice muffled by the infiniteness of space, time, and the red cap that fell in front of her face. "Riight-a and-a left means a-nothin' in da timestream!" And her Italian accent is terrible. I mean completely genuine. Somewhere behind and to the slight right of the midnight blue pony is a pure white pony with great a great fluorescent mane. She's even more graceful than her sister, which means she steps delicately over a crater and definitely doesn't drop the two pizza boxes stuffed under her wing. "That's-a them! It's gotta be them! Or it will be them!"
Also, both of them are wearing huge, terrible fake black moustaches.
Chance is glad for the pickup, and rides the bubble to the meteor. PP's shielding thankfully holds, and he relaxes some when they settle on solid ground (in a way) again. PP spots the princesses, and a smile comes to his face. He gives a respectful bow to them. Chance's mouth drops a bit. It's been a great while since he's seen the two. "Princesses.." It shouldn't shock him to see them, but in a way it does anyways.
Mirage peers up, watching as the first shooting start breaks apart and its shattered pieces burn out one by one while the other two shooting stars continue on, destined to hit the ground in less than a minute.  She can't tell if everything is going as planned, or if the four stallions burned up with the ill fated star...
Dusk smiles as he can feel Snow's work making the whole thing more solid.  Well more so until there is that lurching!  Did.. we hit something?  That wasn't planned on.  And seems we've slowed.. but.. still on the correct path.  That's good at least.  We don't want to miss our exit!  Otherwise we'll be having to come up with some Plan B to get off this rock, which Snow probably wouldn't be too happy over.  But shortly after that seems to be a much smaller issue.  Celestia and Luna?  Or rather.. Italian pizza delivery.  He's surly hit his head on the landing and needs snap out of this delusional state!  A quick smack of a hoof to the face, and seems he's still awake.  Okay, next plan.  He smiles and gives a gives a bow.  It can't be good news having the Princess show up now, can it.  "Good evening, Your Highnesses.  To what do we owe this visit?"  30 bits for delivery?  Like running across them in town.  Nothing unusual here all around.
Luna shouts unnecessarily - since Celestio is right behind her - "EY, YOU HEAR THAT, CELESTIO?  ANOTHER PAIR OF JOKERS THAT THINKA WE'RE PRINCESSES!  I'MMA TELLA YOU WHAT, IF I HEAR THAT ONE MORE TIME, I'MMA THROW THE DIPPING SAUCE IN THEIR FACE."  Trotting up to Dusk, she pokes him sharply with a silver-shod hoof.  "And what'sa matta for you, playing around inna da time stream?  It's for PIZZA DELIVERY PONIES ONLY.  You want everypony's pizza to be cold and late forever?  At'sa what you want?  EY!  CELESTIO!  HURRY UP WITTA DEIR PIZZAS!"  Clearly, Lunigi's cutie mark is in not letting other people talk.
It is a rare thing to be in the presence of royalty, and an even greater rarity to be in the presence of royalty acting as pizza delivery mares while yous stand on a meteor shooting through space. Is this really any more crazy than the rest of the stuff that has happened? Maybe. Snow Bolt can only bow to the royal pizza delivery sisters...or at least begin too when the dark one chimes in about not being a princess, "Dusk. I don't want to be rude or anything, but seriously...I don't think this is the right moment to order pizza." If anypony here ordered it would almost have to be him.
There are no Princesses here, no siree! Just two totally normal ponies delivering pizzas through time and space and on an exploding meteor. So she sort of kind of starts to nod/bow towards Chance and PP but instead she just looks around for whomever seems to have been going to order the pizza. She looks at Dusk. It must be him! Maybe. She laughs dramatically at Luna's statement. "How a-silly! Maybe some-a Princesses are-a our twins!" Celestio laughs, tossing her cap from her mose to land back onto that massive horn in her forhead, obscuring it just a tiny bit. "Hey! Keep-a yer overalls on, I'm-a-coming." She trots over to Dusk and magically floats up three slightly beat-up pizza boxes from under her wings. "That'll be thirty bits for the pizza, forty bits for a delivery, and thirty bits for-a da temporal destabilization and extra cheese."
Chance says "Actually, it's a perfect time for pizza. I really should eat soon." comes Chance's statement to Snow after he shakes off the bit of shock from seeing the princesses. PP starts to dig around in his pocket for bits, but is reminded of something from Chance. "Those won't work in this time." PP ohs and puts the future-bits away."
Mirage blinks and tilts her head as one shooting star seems to slow as the other speeds on.  "That's not supposed to happen," she murmers to herself anxiously.
Dusk just watches the two with some amount of bewilderment.  Traveling across vast stretches of time and space, manipulating reality, free falling through space, and blowing up meteors as you ride them are all just fine.  But as Lunigi insists they aren't princesses as they show up here on the meteor, that just seems hard to believe.  Still looking back and forth between them, her hears Snow suggest he ordered them.  He's about to protest as the boxes are hovered over to him and put in his hooves.  But Dusk thinks about..  Maybe his future self did.  He fishes out a good sized bag of bits.. where does he keep that?  Magic is hoofy at times.  And that he's from present time unlike Chance and PP.  He hovers it back to 'Celestio.'  "Um.. Keep the tip, Your.. um.. Deliveriness."  He looks back to the others and radios down to Mirage, "Um, Mirage dear..  Did we order pizza?"  As for messing with timescape, they're kinda trying to save a whole town of ponies in the future.  And it's kinda part of Dusk's talent so why he got dragged into it all.  Poor Mirage, her too.
Lunigi pokes Dusk in the horn with her hoof.  It's quite easy to do, since she towers over him.  The obviously fake moustache waggles in irritation.  "You WILL have order da pizza.  You order two Princess Specials, and 'at'sa metaphor, so no'a funny lines from you, Mister'a clowny pants.  Wit'a Extra Glowshrooms."  She lifts one box off the pile with the horn badly disguised by the hat, which really makes the disguise even worse, and flips open one of the two remaining boxes.  The pizza inside is... well, it's hot.  It would have a hard time NOT being hot.  The only identifiably normal toppings are cheese and bell peppers.  There are faintly glowing green crescent things.  There are yellow round things that seem to actually be on fire.  There are strips of stuff that changes color, fading in and out of vision.  Closing the box again, Lunigi adds, "And THIS is for'a the little filly who walks t'rough time the RIGHT way!"  The third box floats up, and up, and up, and into the hooves of Derpy who's still floating past.  Dusting off her wings, the endlessly talkative Lunigi says, "Hokay, dat'sa dat.  'EY, CELESTIO!  SHOULD WE BLOWA UPPA THESE ROCKS WHILE WE'RE AT IT?  THEY'RE MAKIN' MY PIZZA DELIVERY INSTINCTS JANGLE SOMETHIN'A FIERCE!"
Derpy's nose flares as he inhales in her sleep.  Sniff sniff snuff.  Something hot and tasty invades the postmare's dreams and her wingfeathers slowly start to rise.
"Do you really think its a good idea to be eating pizza that they deliver?" Snow can't help himself asking, "We didn't really order pizza and we don't even really know who these mares are." Snow is rightly wary of situations like this. After getting replaced by an entity for a good long while you get paranoid about strangers who just magically show up in places that they really shouldn't, "We can get pizza later I'm sure." he says to Chance. It's perfectly understandable that Chance would be hungry, but hungry enough to just take something from a stranger? Never a good idea. Moms warn you about things like this.
Celestio takes the good-sized bag of bits, somehow counts all the coins therewithin with a little toss of the bag (she listens to the number and density of clinks), then tosses them into an overall pocket. As in, a pocket in her overalls. Not some 'overall' pocket. Magic is weird like that. "It was-a ordered from a 'Mister ClownyPants', so its-a obivously you!" Celestio remarks with all the wisdom of Princ-pizza delivery pony. She turns and is about to go before she lets out a great, foreboding sigh at Luna's question. "Fiiiiiiiine. I'll-a take the left, you-a take the right! Is that-a okay with you, Mister ClownyPants?"
Chance glances over to Snow. "Of course we know who they are. They're the Princesses. Doing a really bad pizza delivery mare impression.." he mutters to Snow. "As for getting pizza later, I think that's kind of the point. Dusk will order the pizzas later. We just happen to be getting them now." He thinks about this for a moment. "That's really good service, actually. Getting the pizzas before you order them.." He blinks though as the princesses are about to explody the meteors with them on them. "Would you mind first dropping us off at the nearest Mirage please?" he asks them.
Mirage watches the oddly slowing shooting star and wonders what is going on.  She turned the Chance's communicator off when she slipped it into her saddle's pocket...
Dusk blinks at the tap at his horn, and shortly after he is only seen in just faint silhouette from the glow that would shame the Arc of the Covenant as Lunigi opens the box and exposes the beyond-radioactive pizza-food-like product.  Once closed again Dusk strips out of the lead-lined gear and goggles he apparently was wearing.  Dusk takes that one and passes it over to Chance.  He can actually eat that.  "Yes, Mr. Bolt, but you can't get /these/ pizzas.  And besides, I already paid for them," he notes as Celestio pockets the bits.  ClownyPants!  Those were protective gear!  He rarely wears pants at all.  Hrmph.  But at the talk of blowing both the shooting stars up he looks a little more concerned, though tries to keep calm about it.  "Well we kinda needed to get back to the ground first.  We were going to hop off at the next timescape hook up ahead."  He points in that direction, which is through the meteor and beyond.  But clearly can tell where he's pointing.  Maybe the non-Princesses can deliver them before they blow it up.
Lunigi shrugs with her wings.  "Okay.  At'sa uppa to you.  Me an' Celestio, we leave'a de door open.  And here."  She floats a couple of little plastic cups with peel-back tops from her pocket and over to Dusk.  "You need'a some more explosive power, these are Celestio and Lunigi's SPECIAL extra spicy magic-infused garlic friendship dipping sauces.  Oh!"  Leaning in, her elegant, ridiculously moustached face suddenly turns statue hard, the pupils of her aquamarine eyes twitching unhealthily as she glares right into Dusk's eyes.  "And you stay OUTTA the time stream from now'a on.  It's for PIZZA DELIVERY PONIES ONLY."  With that she rears her head rega- not regally.  In a very proletarian and workmanlike pride way.  Turning around, she kicks a hole open in space and time with a front hoof, and strides away into everywhere and nowhere.
Celestio flaps her wings and flies off with her si- her work companion of absolutely no relation. "How-a many dipping sauces did you bring? You -always- bring too many dipping sauces!" The great white pizza delivery pony nudges Lunigi in a halfhearted scold. "And don't you remember how we used to dabble in the timestream as fillies?" she asks, presuming she's far enough away for no one to hear her voice now, adding a giggle. "Like that time we lost the time canoe and Starswirl thew a fit."
Snow_Bolt blinks as Lunigi rips a hole in space and time - check please! - He glances over to Dusk and gives a quick shrug of his shoulders, "Dusk I think it's time that we depart this place before something happens." Because he is sure that it will. He begins to move toward the hole that that the delivery pony kicked open.
Derpy crawls closer to her warm pizza box and cuddles it under her while she sleeps.
Mirage wonders if something's gone wrong.  The stallions should have been back by now...
Dusk accepts the 'dipping sauces' very carefully, and secures them in a magic container.  Fortunately he's versed in dealing with highly volatile materials.  Through lots of things blowing up.  One learns most from their mistakes and failures, right?  He's learned a lot over all the years!  He twitches a bit as totally-non-princess Lunigi eyes him and warns him about the timestream, then gives a nod.  "Pizza deliveries, very important indeed!"  He can't quite promise not to use it though, as they kind of have to still save everypony in Marishville from the time wraith, and they still don't have the last part of the artifact even.  In fact they're still working on getting this one and getting back alive.  But soon he's just watching the two walk off to the 'horizon' once more and then their gone.  He's looking over to the other three, when there's a sudden lurch again as the meteor resumes it's normal flow!  Oops!  He has to think quick before they miss their way off this thing!  "Something?" he comments to Snow.  We're already too late for that.  "But I think you're right!"  And indeed in a few moments later they're all back in the timestream.  He looks around for any lingering delivery ponies.
Dusk gets them back to the ground, stepping out of the timestream near where Mirage is and the group finally rejoins her as the last two shooting stars fly off and burst apart too.. From on their own or maybe from the deliver ponies.
Dusk whews and nuzzles Mirage.  He has quite some story to tell her.  And getting the artifact was just some of the least of it.
Mirage looks over in surprise and relief as the stallions return...  and then she frowns, laying her ears back and stamping her hoof.  "You made me worry about you and you stopped to get pizzas???" she huffs!  "The nerve!"
Dusk does indeed have a stack of pizzas that he sets down.  Warning Mirage not to open the one marked for Chance.  Well not without some 'clowny pants' at least.  "It was delivery!"  This sounds like a backwards commercial.  Dusk has Mirage make a note for us to order it sometime in the future.
Mirage hmphs!  "A likely story," she says with a shake of her head.  "We should be going.  Quasar, or at least this moment's version of him, came by and was asking too many questions.  Did you get what you needed?  Besides all the salt and cholesterol, I mean."
Dusk shows her the pizza that is pretty much just what she would have ordered, half and half with his usual toppings.  "Oh and be sure to include in the order a muffin pizza with extra muffininess.  We passed Lady Derpy on the way."  Dusk nods and Chance brings over the third piece of the artifact he was successfully able to 'activate' it from the stone.  Dusk looks it over, not having had a chance to really so far, and he nods, "Yes that has the signature.  So this means we're down to one last piece."  Dusk nuzzles Mirage, and hovers over a slice for her, and one for him.  Mmmm, meteor space-time heated hot pizza!
Derpy whispers quietly in her sleep, "Extra muffinness."  She cuddles her warm box tight and folds her wings.
Mirage rolls her eyes.  "Alright, alright," she sighs, giving up the argument as something completely unexplainable as obviously occured.  She takes out her notepad and makes a quick annotation in shorthoof.  "Mario Sisters Pizza?" Mirage asks, wondering about the name.

Log date: 

Monday, May 25, 2015