Hearts and Hooves Day (2014)

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Hearts and Hooves Day





Dusk has gone by Mirage's apartment, bringing her some chocolate dipped flowers and inviting her to the activities in the Square.
<OOC> You say, "Heya, Skyheart!  And AJ!"
<OOC> Starfire says, "Aj! As in NIghtmare Moon evil cranky AJ?"
<OOC> Applejack has not been able to do anything about the actual object, BUT - the statue of Twilight? Is gone. Smashed. There is a pile of princess rubble.
Mirage is waiting for Dusk, of course, and shares a chocolate dipped flower with him before walking with him to the Square.  "And what activities are planned for this year?  There wasn't much last year.  And the year before Salsa Verde was running a sauce stand."
<OOC> Starfire says, "MAkes sense."
<OOC> You say, "Donno about any Twilight statue."
<OOC> You say, "But this H&HD is a normal day. :-)"
<OOC> Applejack points. It is an object in this room. Or rather WAS. Nightmare moon smashed it.
<OOC> Colgate peers.
<OOC> Chance gets Starfire her own flowers and candy store!
<OOC> Colgate peers about some more.
<OOC> Starfire ooohs and shares it with Mirage.
Dusk smiles to Mirage as we walk into the Square with her at his side, taking a nice leisurly walk together.  They're in no rush.  "Well there should be various booths with games and activities.  Maybe get a drawing of the two of us.  And I think there is going to be some entertainment."  Indeed much of that is going on at the Square.  And some ponies are working on a small stage, with only a few seats put out yet.
<OOC> You say, "Heya, Colgate!"
<OOC> Colgate says, "Hiyas."
<OOC> Colgate tests something...
<OOC> Dusk didn't study!
<OOC> Dusk is going to have to go back to magic kindergarten!  In a dungeon, in the Everfree.
EconomistBrony appears with a *pop*.
<OOC> EconomistBrony takes away the rubble of the stone statue.
<OOC> Straight_Shot 's math detector explodes.
<OOC> Dusk takes EB's pop and drinks it.
<OOC> Colgate says, "Ok, so @emit doesn't work here..."
<OOC> You say, "Test 'spoof' or 'sp'"
Frostbite is suprised at EconimistBrony's entrance.
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "BOOM."
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "There we go."
Rather quietly, off to one side of a booth, Colgate keeps close to the wall, trying not to get noticed.
<OOC> EconomistBrony hops back into his portal!
<OOC> Colgate says, "Ah, that's efficient. Thanks."
Mirage chuckles softly.  "It -is- nice to see the square decorated again.  I was beginning to think Hearts and Hooves was fading away."  She gives a quick look about the square.  "No Salsa stand this time.  We won't need to rescue ponies from spicey sauses today!" Mirage chuckles again, giving Dusk an affectionate nuzzle.
<OOC> You say, "Well so much for being a broken statue then. :-)"
<OOC> You say, "And all are welcome to join in of course.  Which I guess is obvious since I shouted it. :-)"
Dusk chuckles back as he looks around the Square.  He smiles though, seeing the ponies out and about.  Lots of couples, but also just a lot of individual ponies out socializing.  "Yes it is wonderful to see the ponies in a happy and festive mood, and having such fun, my love."  He hmmms, "Yes I guess she hasn't come out this year.  Maybe sales weren't enough last year."  He grins and nuzzles Mirage.
Applejack drops Pile of purple granite rubble.
Pile of purple granite rubble
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A pile of smashed rubble, all of a purple-tinged granite. Some edges of the pieces are smooth or worked: here is a hoof, there a piece of a crown and horn. This must once have been a statue of somepony important, and perhaps purple.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
<OOC> You say, "I thought EB just came to take away the rubble of the stone statue."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Hey."
<OOC> Bardigan says, "Hello!"
<OOC> You say, "But either way, as far as I'm RP'ing it here, the Luna/Celestia thing hasn't happened, at least yet.  So folks are normal and happy for H&HD."
<OOC> You say, "Heya, Bardigan!"
<OOC> Colgate says, "Ah."
<OOC> Applejack says, "Naw, he took th' statue object itself."
<OOC> Applejack replaced it with rubble.
<OOC> Bardigan says, "There can only be one Princess in Equestria, eh?"
<OOC> You say, "Oh, he ooc posed that he took the rubble away."
Mirage nods to Dusk.  "Or she was moved to another institution," she says with a little frown before brightening again.  "But it's still fun to remember that day.  It wasn't long after you and I met at Power Ballad's concert."
<OOC> Starfire ohhs, normal? So it IS a second H&H day!
<OOC> Applejack says, "So he did. Welp, he was wrong. :D"
<OOC> You say, "Well as far as this H&H, the statue is perfectly normal. :-)  And another, Starfire?  Was there some muck H&H activity?  I was looking for it Friday and Saturday but couldn't find any."
<OOC> Starfire says, "Not everything has to be a group thing. hehehehehe"
"Ok, well... I've gotta make sure I don't end up klutzing out or having a bad time of trying to mingle here..." With a inaudible sigh, and a cursory glance to the large toothbrush propped up against the wall near her, Colgate quietly heads out, looking around at the others in the square.
<OOC> You say, "Well does if I want to take Mirage out to some for our anniversary. :-)"
<OOC> Chance needs to head to bed. :/
<OOC> You say, "Aw, I hoped you and Starfire would get to join in."
<OOC> Starfire grins. "Don't mess up the flowers."
<OOC> You say, "Have a good night then, Chance!"
<OOC> Colgate says, "Night."
<OOC> Mirage waves good night!
Frostbite says "Night Chance"
<OOC> Dusk notes to Frostbite the difference between regular poses and 'ooc' poses, if not familiar.
<OOC> You say, "Is Colgate taking her brush with her, or left leaning against the wall?"
<OOC> Colgate says, "It kind of got left behind, but primarily because she kind of thinks there's no reason to have it moving with her as a pike..."
<OOC> You say, "Okay.  Just wanted to be clear, thanks!"
Dusk nods about Salsa, but then grins and nods about the concert, "Yes just a little over two years ago.  You were showing me a torch device Miss Clockwork help make, as I recall.  Then demonstrated your talent to me for the first time.  But it wasn't until that Hearts and Hooves Day that you happened to be at the Kissing Booth, and we started dating."  He looks around, curious if anypony is running one this year.  He bets they are.  Not that he needs any other kisses than he has right here, leaning in to smile and give Mirage a kiss.. And almost running into Colgate in his distraction.  "Oh excuse me."  He smiles.
<OOC> Straight_Shot says, "So basically there's a big `ol H&H festival going on in town, yes?"
<OOC> Starfire nods
Equally distracted with hiding her toothbrush-spear out of sight, Colgate almost doesn't see who she's heading towards, though the greeting has her snapping to attention and stepping aside. "Ah, hi... Almost knocked you down there..."
Skyheart seems to have set up a little stall of his own. He's selling love poems devoted to whomever is asked. He also has roses dipped in chocolate as an added touch. Little on-the-go stuff can mean a lot. Besides, without a date of his own, it's extra bits in his pocket so why not? He's scribbling away at something for a couple who passed by, wanting something nice to commemorate the day. He gives it and a flower to them.
Mirage nods and smiles as she remembers all those events very well.  "Actually, I was waving the blowtorch in the air towards the end of the concert.  If it hadn't been snowing I probably would have set fire to something," she softly laughs.  She returns Dusk's kiss, then looks quite surprised as Dusk almost knocks somepony over!  "Oh, excuse us," Mirage says to the blue mare.
<OOC> You say, "That's right, SS."
Dusk grins to Mirage and nods, "I thought you nearly did, to Mr. Fairground's hoof, if I recall."  He chuckles.  Of course not really on fire.  He looks over to Colgate and bows his head.  He's a bit bigger, but no point arguing who would have hurt who.  "Well I'm glad neither of us were knocked down, Miss!  And yes, quite sorry.  You are okay, yes?  Oh, and more poor manners on my part.  My name is Dusk.  And this is Lady Mirage."  He smiles and bows his head lightly.  In doing so he notes Skyhearts stand, and gets the idea to head over that way shortly.
Maplewing goes home.
Speakin' of ponies who have absolutely no idea what is going on in town, here comes another! Straight Shot comes meandering through the square from the other side of town at what could best be described as a slow plod, big horseshoes making that two-syllable echo on the stone path. Just passing through becomes bewildered curiosity at the sight of the festivities and he stops somewhere by the edge of the plaza to take in the scene.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "brb"
<OOC> You say, "No prob."
Mirage tilts her ears back, looking a little embarrassed.  "Yes.  Luckily he wasn't burned too badly when he stepped on the torch."  Then she gives a friendly little bow of her head as Dusk introdices her to the blue and white pony.  "Pleased to meet you, Lady," she says to Colgate.
"Yeah... Oh, it's nice to meet both of you - my name's Colgate, and I'm hoping I fit in, and find a special somepony..."
<OOC> Dusk notes we can be a little loose with @po.  "I think Frostbite is stuck in it, as he's new with all this.  Which is fine. :-)"
<OOC> Colgate nods.
<OOC> You say, "Greetings!"
<OOC> Solar_Solstice says, "Heya!"
<OOC> Starfire waves! "Hihi"
Mirage smiles to Colgate.  "I'm sure you'll be happy here in Ponyville, Lady Colgate.  and I hope you find the pony you're looking for.  Of course, today's the day to be looking!" she says with a warm laugh.
Dusk grins and nuzzles Mirage's head as she looks embarrassed.  Not that he's helping that, likely.  "Yes, he seemed to be just fine."  And he nods and smiles as well, "And a pleasure to meet, and not run over you, Lady Colgate.  And well, if you are looking for a special somepony, I suspect this is as good a place as any.  Are you new to Ponyville as well?"  Somepony cries out happily, having just one at some carnival style game, getting a big plush heart.  The stage is being worked on, hearing some construction sounds.. "bang bang" "saw saw saw"  Pinkie wanders up and looks at it suspiciously, then smiles.  "So that is what construction sounds like!  Silly me."  She bounces off.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Are we skipping Frostbite?"
<OOC> You say, "Yeah I think he isn't really in the scene."
<OOC> You say, "Frostbite, if you're not, try doing  @po #drop  to take you out of pose order. :-)  Or feel free to join in!"
"I'm kind of looking for a place to open a dentist's office... And you don't really need to be so formal with me..." With a sheepish laugh, Colgate's lifting one forehoof to rub the side of her head.
Skyheart gives a light nod to the couple as he resumes writing a bit. He scans the crowd for a few moments, looking for some inspiration to write a few sample pieces on.
<OOC> Colgate says, "He's kind of nervous, and trying to think of a good way to jump in..."
<OOC> Dusk nods, "No rush!  But really there isn't too much of a wrong way.. Well short of crashing in and destroying everything set up in the Square, I suppose. :-)"
<OOC> Starfire says, "The CMC way. lol"
<OOC> Straight_Shot says, "Or ending up on the wrong side of a party cannon."
<OOC> Dusk chuckles, "Yes. :-)"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "If we were playing with the aftermath of the latest TP, that COULD still happen but..."
<OOC> Starfire says, "PInkies are wrecking SCC atm, we're safe."
<OOC> You say, "Yes, why I wanted this to be a normal one. :-)"
Mirage blushes a little at Dus's nuzzling.  Of course, it's the reaction he hoped for.  She gives Dusk a little bump of her shoulder to his to let him know she knows what he's up to.  "Ponyville doesn't have a permanent dentist office," she says to Colgate.  "I don't know if they do dental work at the hospital or not.  But I'm sure you'd be welcome to open one.  Have you spoken to Mayor Mare about the idea?"
<OOC> You say, "Oh.. 'at the moment'..  There is an ATM at the SCC too, and I thought you meant they were wrecking it. :-)"
<OOC> Starfire says, "lol"
<OOC> Starfire thought that was the ACTM
<OOC> Dusk grins, "That's a good way.  Though I think it says 'cupcake ATM' on it.
<OOC> Frostbite says, "Sorry if i'm not talking, I'm a little nervous."
With a shake of her head, Colgate smiles faintly, before reaching out with her magic to seize the toothbrush hidden near one of the buildings in the square and bring it over. "I haven't spoken to her, but I suppose I should soon..."
Straight_Shot shrugs once and sets to wading through the crowd, eyeing different stands. Let's see. Chocolate. Chocolate. Flowers. Chocolate. Flowers. Chocolate flowers. Poetry. Flowery poetry. Maybe next year they'll have a Flowery Poems written in Chocolate stand?
Dusk grins as Mirage shoulder bumps.  He nods to the two mares, resuming walking again, in Skyheart's general direction, but not too obviously.  "Yes I don't know of a regular dentist here yet.  So that may be perfect for a new pony to fill the need here.  There is plenty of space around.  Maybe off of Maple Street or such may be a good location for such a service."  There are plenty of ponies and stands about, as the small heard of three moves up the street he is taking too.
<OOC> Dusk chuckles, "That's a good one, SS. :-)"
<OOC> Straight_Shot says, "I may be a big doofus, but I've got a sense of humor. =)"
"I'll be sure to get set with building myself an office and a house to live in here soon, after I talk with the mayor..." Even with the oversized toothbrush-spear floating behind her, Colgate casually tags along, expression calm as she cheerily nods to the others milling about.
Mirage blinks as Colgate brings over a...  giant toothbrush?  "I take it that's your shingle?" she asks with a bemused look to Colgate.  "And yes, checking with the town hall would be a good idea.  And maybe they'll help you set up your business, too," she adds to Dusk's advice.  Mirage tilts her ear, overhearing a pony talking about the lack of things without chocolate, flowers and poetry.  "Did you hear?" she asks Dusk with smile to Colgate.  "A Hearts and Hooves Salsa Stand -is- a good idea!"
<OOC> Dusk aws.
<OOC> Colgate says, "He has school tomorrow."
Dusk can't help chuckling to Mirage and nods, "Well not everypony has to be a lover of chocolate and sweets, I suppose."  He glances around to see where the comment came from.  He does eye the giant toothbrush as Colgate magics it over.  "Well that will get your teeth clean in short order!"  We start to walk up to where Skyheart's stand is.  "Oh," says Dusk, "let's see what Mr. Skyheart has this year."  He sees the chocolate flowers, which he had already brought some for Mirage earlier today.  But looks like the pony is doing something written.  Dusk imagines likely poems.  "Good day, Mr. Skyheart!"
Colgate nods in agreement, staying close to the group and watching everything with a small smile.
Skyheart smiles and nods. "Hey there, Dusk. Mirage. You two having a good holiday? What can I do for you today?"
Mirage thinks a pony probably wouldn't have any teeth left if they tried to use Colgate's giant brush.  But it's nice that Colagte's decided to walk along with them.  Maybe they can meet an eligible pony she might be interested in.  She smiles and dips her head as Skyheart greets them.  "Hello, Mr. Skyheart.  I hope you're enjoying the celebration.  Oh, have you met Lady Colgate?" she asks, with a nod to the blue and white mare and her companion toothbrush.
Colgate [Female Unicorn]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
At first glance, there's nothing that really seems to set this mare apart from most others. It's only once you look a bit closer that differences become apparent. One such difference is the brown-yellow hourglass sitting squarely on her flanks, in addition to her ice-blue fur, blue-white mane and tail, and her strikingly vibrant sapphire-hued eyes. Finally, there's the equally ice-blue horn extending about two inches past her mane.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It was the big brown draft pony who made the chocolate remark. Straight Shot pays and thanks one of the various florists for a nice-looking bouquet. Oddly enough, not a romantic one. No roses there at all! Mums, lilies, and daisies with a little shaker of salad dressing on the side.
"Hi there - I'm already liking this town, since everypony's so friendly..." With a pause, and the toothbrush-spear hovering at her side, Colgate extends one forehoof to Skyheart for a friendly greeting.
Dusk thinks it's quite nice for Colgate to join them as well.  "Yes, we bumped into you.  I'm sure we can bump into some more eligible ponies abouts here."  He smiles to Skyheart, "Yes indeed it is a wonderful time here.  I saw your stand and thought I'd see.  What are you offering?  Some poems or something else?"  He smiles as Mirage introduces our new friend as well.  And Dusk spots the other pony with the to-go salad. "Greetings there," Dusk comments to SS as the draft pony pauses nearby for his treat.
Skyheart chuckles and takes the offered hoof. A shake would be customary, but this is Hearts and Hooves day and he's way too in the zone. He bows lightly and gives it a gentle kiss. "A pleasure, milady." He says before turning to Dusk. "Well I have poetry I can write or just some flowers."
Mirage nods lightly to Colgate.  "I've lived here a couple of years now.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it."  She glances over as Dusk greets another pony, and she tries to remember if she's meet him before.  Not sure if she has or not, Mirage looks back to Skyheart.  "No flowery poetry?" she gently teases.
This prompts a faint blush, though Colgate laughs, and bows in turn before stepping back slightly. "You're right... Barely arrived, and I'm already getting a warm welcome..."
Straight_Shot has a mouthful of flowers for a moment. Oh, so good. Fresh greenhouse blooms. He swallows and smiles, snack in hoof. "Evenin'. Nice kind of party they've got goin' on here." He glances briefly at the decor. "Didn't even know it was already Hearts `n Hooves day till I came into town. That means tomorrow is half-priced chocolate day."
Dusk smiles at Skyheart and Colgate as they meet, and gives the other stallion a nod, "Well then, perhaps you might write a little something special for my very special somepony -- Mirage, on my behalf."  And he asides, "And perhaps something to Lady Colgate of your own."  He grins and winks.  He chuckles to Mirage, "In chocolate I'm sure."  Though he notices Mirage's expression as she tries recalling Skyheart.  He believes they have, "Do you recall Mr. Skyheart, my dear?  He has the dove, Orpheus, I do believe is the name."  He looks again to SS and smiles, "That they do!  It comes around so quick, yes?"  He chuckles about the half price chocolate, "Yes I suppose it will be."  He smiles and waits for the stallion to finish before shaking his hoof in greeting.  He makes some introductions around as needed.
Skyheart chuckles. "Well I suppose that's not a difficult task. Give me a moment." He begins writing, going through the papers rather quicky. He seems to be swapping back and forth between the two oddly enough.
Curiously, Colgate leans forward to watch, managing to keep from falling over as she steps closer with a faint lingering blush.
Straight_Shot clips the snack back rather quickly and shakes hooves with Dusk. "Name's Straight Shot, nice t'meet cha and your friends here. Always new folks `round every time I come through town." Simple & straightforward enough. "Y'know I think every other time I come to Ponyville there's either a party, a parade, or someone's just burst into song."
Mirage tries not to giggle as Colgate looks a little overwhelmed.  No need in embarrassing her even more.  She looks over at the draft pony's greeting.  "Yes, and half price on flowers, too.  Unless the cafe buys them all up for this week's lunches!" she laughs.  Mirage looks at Dusk, seeming surprised, and then chucklers as she gives her head a shake.  "Oh, I remember Mr. Skyheart.  It's your other friend there whom I don't recall."  She inclines her head to Straight Shot.  Mirage blinks as Skyheart seems to have taken her teasing as a challenge!  "Um, I didn't mean...." she says awkwardly to him.
<OOC> Mirage waves!
<OOC> Maplewing says, "hiyas"
<OOC> Colgate says, "Hiyas."
Dusk grins and nods to Skyheart, "Quite alright, take your time."  He smiles watching Colgate leaning in close to watch Skyheart as Dusk himself leans his shoulder into Mirage and gives a little rub.  He turns to SS and nods, shaking hooves, "A pleasure as well, Mr. Shot!  And indeed, that is pretty much Ponyville.  Or in the midsts of some disaster."  He smiles and ohs to Mirage, "Just meeting Mr. Shot for the first time as well, my dear."  He chuckles and smiles.
<OOC> You say, "Heya!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "hows it going?"
<OOC> You say, "And greetings as well!"
<OOC> Cherry_Blossom says, "Hello everypony. n.n"
<OOC> You say, "We're having a nice normal H&HD.  No disasters or nightmare moon and such. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing smewches Cherry
<OOC> Cherry_Blossom says, "Oh how fun!"
<OOC> Cherry_Blossom blushes but gives Maple a little peck in return.
<OOC> Maplewing blushes and chuckles, snuggling Cherry
<OOC> Cherry_Blossom n//n
<OOC> Maplewing grins and loves when Cherry blushes n.n
<OOC> You say, "Feel free to watch or jump in anytime.  Real simple, the square is done up for H&H with booths and stuff going on.  Skyheart has one with chocolate flowers and poetry that we're currently visiting. :-)"
( "Ah y'can just call me Strait, no need for th' formal stuff there." He gives Dusk and Mirage both a smile. "Or a disaster, yeah. They always rebuild real quick though, and throw a party." He chuckles aloud. "Never know though, y'could have seen me around. I'm here and there, always going by or passing through." Oh! A background pony, that explains it! )
Skyheart finishes up the poems and slides them over. "There you go." The first one is obvious- it's a love poem to Mirage told from what appears to be Dusk's point of view or at least how Sky interpreted it. The other is one to Colgate as requested, but the 'teller' seems anonymous.
As she watches, Colgate picks the poem headed for her up with her magic, levitating it over to read even as her blush deepens a few shades.
Mirage gives a friendly smile to Straight Shot.  "Nice to meet you, sir.  I mean, Straight.  Enjoying the celebration?" she says before giving Dusk grin.  "Oh, I thought you knew him already." Mirage is surprised again by the speed with which Skyheart creates his poems!  "That's very impressive," she says as she begins to read the poem meant for her as if from Dusk.  "Oh, that's sweet," she says, giving Skyheart a warm smile and then giving Dusk a tender kiss.  "I like it very much."  This time she can't help but smile at Colgate's reaction to her own poem.  "Yours must be very good," she whispers to Colgate.
<OOC> Forge says, "What goes on here?"
<OOC> You say, "Heya!  Hearts and Hooves Day. :-)"
<OOC> Forge says, "Ah, mind if I watch?"
<OOC> Mirage waves!
Mirage gives a friendly smile to Straight Shot.  "Nice to meet you, sir.  I mean, Straight.  Enjoying the celebration?" she says before giving Dusk grin.  "Oh, I thought you knew him already." Mirage is surprised again by the speed with which Skyheart creates his poems!  "That's very impressive," she says as she begins to read the poem meant for her as if from Dusk.  "Oh, that's sweet," she says, giving Skyheart a warm smile and then giving Dusk a tender kiss.  "I like it very much."  This time she can't help but smile at Colgate's reaction to her own poem.  "Yours must be very good," she whispers to Colgate. (repose for Forge)
<OOC> Forge waves!
"Well, yeah, it is..." Colgate closes her eyes, looking rather giddy after reading the poem she got. "This really made my day a whole lot better!"
Dusk smiles, "Most certainly so," he says to SS.  Though he pretty much always calls ponies by title of some sort or another.  "And certainly possible.  There are surely many ponies I don't know here even as of yet.  My social skills aren't quite of the level of Miss Pinkie Pie's."  And speaking of which, after Pinkie leaves, some of the other mane six poke their heads out from behind the stage curtain, seeing that it's clear, and head off in the other direction.  Dusk notices though that it looks like more seats are getting put out and looking mostly set.  "Show in 15!" calls one of the stagehooves.  Dusk guesses that answers that.  But his attention is brought back as Skyheart slips the poem over.  He takes a glance and nods, slipping some bits to him for both poems, and the one poem over to Mirage, "To you, my love."  He admires Colgate's own enjoyment of the work, but of course it's Mirage's he savors most.  Especially with the kiss in return, pressing into it warmly for a few moments.  "YOu're quite welcome
... welcome, my love."
"Sure, I guess." Straight Shot gives a little shrug. "Never really got too into the whole hearts `n flowers scene, but it is awful cute alla little couples trotting around bein' all smiley." He nods to all ponies involved and his attention turns to the stage. "Ooh! A show, ah didn't know they were doin' a show of some sort. Nice meetin' y'all, I'ma go catch a spot for whatever show they're doing `fore I head out."
Cherry_Blossom slowly trots into the square, looking around a bit as she enters from a side street, her side pressed close against Maplewing's, she seems a little timid, she doesn't often come into town from her teahouse. But this is a special day and she wanted to do something memorable with her special stallion. "u-um...it's very...busy here. Isn't it?"
Mirage hmms to Dusk.  "You know more ponies than I," she chuckles before smiling to Straight.  "Well, who knows?  Maybe you'll have more fun than you thought," she chuckles and waves to him as he turns to go and get a seat for the show.  "A show?  They didn't have one last time," she remarks, wondering if she did manage to miss a show at the last celebration.
Though she's rather giddy, Colgate manages to keep herself calm enough to sit down.
Maplewing has quite the smile across his muzzle today, unable to feel much happier with Cherry next to his side, his wing draped over her back as usual. It's quite likely the pair have made their way from Maples home, just down one of the aptly named side streets. He leans in a little to give a little cheek and noserub to Cherry affectionately. "Well, it is kind of a special day." he says softly. "You're not uncomfortable, are you dear?" he asks with a hint of concern to his voice.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "sorry."
<OOC> Colgate says, "For what?"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Dropping. Stuff came up."
<OOC> Colgate says, "Oh, it's fine."
<OOC> You say, "Indeed, feel free to pose whenever you like!"
Dusk nods to SS, "It is fun to watch, and to participate in, indeed."  He ahs and nods as SS heads off for the announced show.  "Sounds like a good idea."  He nods to Mirage, agreeing with Mirage about having fun.  "You've been here longer than me, my love.  But I don't believe it's a contest as to who knows more ponies."  He grins.  "Hmm yes, a show sounds nice!  Shall we head on over there?"  It's not far from Skyheart's stand at all.  Once we head that way, he does notice a couple of friends from the tea house, "Greetings, Miss Blossom and Mr. Maplewing!  Nice to see you could make it.  We were just about to check out a show."  The stagehoof calls for the show in 5 minutes now.
After a while, Colgate stands back up and trots over to the rest of the group she'd been with, poem and toothbrush-spear floating along behind her.
Mirage smiles to Skyheart.  "Thank you very much for the poem," she says before Dusk mentions finding a seat.  "Yes, if you'd like, dear heart," she replies to Dusk, seeing that Colgate seems ready to go, too.  Mirage dips her head to Maplewing and Cherry Blossom as Dusk spots them amid the crowd.  "Hello!" she calls with a smile.
Skyheart nods to the group and smiles. "Of course. I'm glad you liked them." He says.
Cherry_Blossom shakes her head and scuffs a hoof, "o-oh, no. At least, not as long as I am with you Maple. I'm alright. Oh! Hello Dusk, and hello to you also Mirage. It's so nice to see friends out." She waves a hoof to them. Then she tilts her head at the mention of a show about to start, "o-oh, well...um...what is it about? If you don't mind me asking?"
<OOC> Forge says, "Cute stuff."
<OOC> You say, "Thanks. :-)"
<OOC> Dusk did want to have a nice H&H day. :-)
On the way, however, Colgate pauses by Skyheart's stall long enough to give him a light peck on one cheek before continuing on with a jovial giggle.
<OOC> Straight_Shot idles a bunch. Getting ready for snooze time.
<OOC> Maplewing awws and pokes Straight Shot. Was looking forward to meeting the new pony. n.n
<OOC> You say, "Hopefully he can pose back in later then, yeah."
<OOC> Colgate says, "I'll be back in a bit, guys."
<OOC> Forge says, "Welcome."
<OOC> Straight_Shot says, "I'll be around, and I'm not exactly fast so not hard to catch. :3"
<OOC> Colgate says, "Alright?"
<OOC> Dusk chuckles.
<OOC> Maplewing says, "heheh I am not sure speed has much to do with it at this point. ;)"
<OOC> You say, "And okay, Colgate!  Hopefully catch the show. ;-)"
Maplewing smiles to Cherry and nods, giving her a little wing-squeeze at her response "Well, if you're sure hon." he says as the pair makes their way into the square and toward the gathering and ultimately toward Dusk and Mirage. "Hello to you two, too!" he chuckles, glancing up to the stage as it's mentioned and echoing Cherry's question with a nod in agreement, trying to glint insight by the setup of the stage itself.
Dusk smiles as we all head over to the little show that seems to have been set up, nodding to Mirage, "Sounds like something fun."  He smiles and nuzzles.  He might suggest Skyheart may want to join and sit with Colgate, but leaves that up to the stallion.  He smiles to his two other friends, "Nice to see the both of you as well!  And well they haven't announced what it was.  But it's Hearts and Hooves, so maybe something related?  I guess we'll see!  And how are the both of you?" he inquires to Maple and Cherry as we manage to find some seats up front too.
<OOC> Maplewing might be a minute, washroom!
Mirage nuzzles Dusk in return and looks thoughtful.  "I hope it's Hinny of the Hills.  I want to know why the lead actress is dangling from a rope above the stage in the last scene."  Then she smiles to Dusk, letting him know she's joking.
<OOC> Maplewing pouts
<OOC> Straight_Shot flutters his eyelashes and does his very best impression of a pretty mare. It's outrageously terrible.
<OOC> Maplewing gives Straight Shot a cheek smooch just for the good effort. ;)
<OOC> Dusk chuckles. :-)
<OOC> Straight_Shot hoofbumps, buys Maple a beer.
<OOC> Maplewing cliknkerbinks and winks to Straight Shot ^.^
<OOC> Mirage offers Straight_Shot a kimono to complete the look.  ;)
Skyheart blinks for a few moments as he computes the kiss. He notices the invitation and contemplates leaving the stall. Shrugging, he puts his things away, displays an 'Out to Lunch' sign and scoots over by Colgate as directed.
Maplewing falls in step with Dusk and Mirage, letting Cherry follow along with him as she likes. "Its good to see you both about too." he says, offering a little tip of his head to Skyheart upon noticing the other stallion. As they draw closer to the stage, his head tilts. "So, there's no real word on what it is?" he asks, brow furrowed a little. Cute, but a bit peculiar." he chuckles.
<OOC> Straight_Shot hoofbumps about and scrams to sleep.
Dusk smiles as everypony all gets together and settled in.  He even noticed SS sitting off in the audience there too, giving the stallion a little wave.  Other ponies are wandering in and taking seats too.  He smiles glad to see Skyheart join in and sit next to Colgate, and Maple and Cherry together as well.  He chuckles at Mirage's joking and nods, "Well Lady Screenplay did say she was going to get them to perform here in Ponyville.  Maybe this is it," he grins teasingly back.  He nods to Maple and chuckles, "Well looks like we'll find out shortly!"  Indeed a couple of firefly spot lights are turned on to shine over the stage curtain.
<OOC> You say, "Well we still have a few ponies left to watch!"
Mirage shakes her head to Dusk.  "Lady Screenplay has a beautiful theater just a couple of blocks away.  She wouldn't have an open air show," she smiles to Dusk.  Then she settles as the stage lights come on and things seem ready to start.
Maplewing makes himself comfortable in what seating may be available, choosing seats next to those he knows. His head cranes, overlooking the rest of the audience and curiously trying to sneak any peeks of the goings on around the stage, but little is made clear from what goings on are happening. "Seems so, but you know what they say about curiosity." he says with a little smile.
<OOC> Forge says, "Heading to bed. g'night you lot."
Dusk smiles and gives Mirage a little nuzzling.  "Well, I didn't say it was a /likely/ possibility."  He chuckles.  Then indeed, some simple music starts playing, a couple of strings and a piano over a sousaphone.  The curtain pulls back and on stage, wearing a stylish tophat and partial tux is Dusk himself!  If one looks, he is no longer in his seat.  Dusk smiles out to the audience and Mirage, and starts to sing:  "Got a date a little later, when the moon is on the trail."  Dusk magics up a stage prop moon above the stage off to the side with a soft glow around it.  Hopefully Maplewing survives his curiosity.
<OOC> You say, "Aw."
<OOC> Dusk notes here is the tune if want to hear it:  <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm-MYqXhXFg">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm-MYqXhXFg</a>
Mirage blinks and looks wide-eyed for a few moments!  Then she gives a wry smile and shakes her head as Dusk has indeed pulled a fast one on her.  Sighing, she smiles again and settles back to see what else he has in store for the show.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Huh. Colgate seems to have left."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Sorry I'm not paying the best of attention right now."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Oh, there she is."
<OOC> Mirage noses Colgate.  "the show's starting, and Skyheart's sitting by you."
<OOC> Colgate nods.
<OOC> Mirage says, "Can Dusk repose for Colgate?"
Skyheart looks up at the moon as the music plays, relaxing for now. "This is nice. Glad I decided to take a break." He muses to himself.
<OOC> You say, "Sure can!"
Dusk smiles and gives Mirage a little nuzzling.  "Well, I didn't say it was a /likely/ possibility."  He chuckles.  Then indeed, some simple music starts playing, a couple of strings and a piano over a sousaphone.  The curtain pulls back and on stage, wearing a stylish tophat and partial tux is Dusk himself!  If one looks, he is no longer in his seat.  Dusk smiles out to the audience and Mirage, and starts to sing:  "Got a date a little later, when the moon is on the trail."  Dusk magics up a stage prop moon above the stage off to the side with a soft glow around it.  Hopefully Maplewing survives his curiosity.  (repeat)
<OOC> Dusk notes here is the tune if want to hear it:  <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm-MYqXhXFg">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm-MYqXhXFg</a>  (repeat)
Mirage blinks and looks wide-eyed for a few moments!  Then she gives a wry smile and shakes her head as Dusk has indeed pulled a fast one on her.  Sighing, she smiles again and settles back to see what else he has in store for the show. (repose for Colgate)
<OOC> You say, "And Skyheart decided to join us and sit with you, Colgate. :-)"
Quietly, as she watches the show, Colgate leans against Skyheart, keeping her gaze locked on Dusk.
<OOC> Dusk ohs, Mirage pointed that out already, good. :-)
Maplewing blinks a little as the show begins, only to have the stallion beside him, suddenly appear on stage in front once the curtians open. He blinks nad turns beside him, letting out a deep chuckle at the trick Dusk has pulled on them all.
Dusk has indeed.  Mirage had mentioned she liked this song sometime ago, and even suggested he sing it for her.  He smiles happily to see her expression and that she hadn't figured it out ahead of time.  "..with the cutest triple gaiter," he continues in song, "my pretty little filly with the pony tail."  Dusk gestures for Mirage to join him up on the stage, giving a nod and smile to his friends out in the audience as they realize what's going on as well.
With a laugh, an amused Colgate applauds the performance, keeping one foreleg loosely wound about Skyheart.
Skyheart smiles as he listens to the song. Feeling Colgate lean on him he pauses a bit, but doesn't mind it.
Mirage is smiling and enjoying the little seranade.  And yes, she did find an old recording among Screenplay's many films and showed it to Dusk.  She looks a little shy as Dusk points her out from among the audience, but she blushes deeply as Dusk invites her on stage!  Mirage fidgets in her seat, looking beady eyed and wishing she could turn invisible.  But the audience sees what's happening and encourages her.  Or leave her no choice, take your pick.  Mirage quickly composes her self and makes it up onto the stage somehow without tripping or making a fool of herself.  She stands where Dusk indicates, her long white tail gently swaying to the beat of the music while she tries not to look to embarrassed.
Maplewing chuckles lightly to himself as the show clearly becomes a special display for Dusk's special somepony, which is just as amusing to observe as a spectator. Maple applauds.
Dusk just adores how cute Mirage looks as she tries to hide in her seat somehow.  He of course gives her a hoof up the steps to the stage, and draws her in, giving her a little nuzzling and smile as he continues singing:  "Got a bag of oats to call with," Dusk magics up a small bag of fine oats, which he gives to Mirage, his hooves holding hers as she holds the bag.  "Hay! I'll bring her by the bale!"  With a gesture Dusk magics up a dozen or so small bales of mostly loose hay, appearing up in the air before dropping down, some landing on the stage, some around the audience, the bit of twine on some breaking open, giving those watching a little more entertainment than just to watch.  "Want to share a double stall with, the pretty little filly with the pony tail!"  Dusk dances a graceful step around on the stage with Mirage, leading her, and nuzzling her again.
<OOC> You say, "Heya!  What'cha last see?"
<OOC> Colgate says, "Had to hard reset this stupid machine..."
<OOC> You say, "Glad ya' made it back!  I can send ya' what you missed."
<OOC> Colgate says, "So I lost everything after I went AFK."
<OOC> You say, "It's only a few.  Let me whisper everything since your last pose."
<OOC> Colgate says, "I lost everything BEFORE it, too."
<OOC> You say, "Well you at least saw that.  I can send you a full log later if you like. :-)"
<OOC> Colgate says, "Send me everything between my AFKing, and my last pose soon."
<OOC> You say, "I don't think I saw you do an AFK.. Well other than you logging off and coming back.  You mean since you logged in before?  Sure, can do that."
Mirage is still blushing, since being on stage is the last place she would normally be!  But Dusk has put so much into this, she does her best to pretend there's no audience.  She does a little side to side step with her hind hooves, swaying her body a little more with the music and letting her long and full mane and tail toss lightly with the music.  She almost laughs as she gets a present of a bag of oats, and she wonders if maybe she can hide behind a hay bale before Dusk pulls her into a dance.  Sighing but smiling, she follows her stallion's lead and dances with Dusk just the way he'd like her to.
With a small smile, Colgate rocks her head from side to side, listening to the music and absently nuzzling Sky.
Skyheart pauses again as he's nuzzled. He's not entirely used to this. Still, he drapes a wing around her.
Maplewing #skip
<OOC> Maplewing says, "gah"
Maplewing #help
<OOC> Maplewing says, ">.<"
<OOC> You say, "Try @po #skip"
<OOC> You say, "With the @  :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "thanks, I dont use it often and forgot X-D"
<OOC> Mirage smiles.  "I always forget that one, too."
<OOC> Maplewing chuckles
Dusk does love how she blushes, and indeed wanting to give her a little something special.  He doesn't let her use her magic to hide behind though, knowing her tricks too well too.  He dances with her around the few bails on the stage.  He appreciates his friends there, and Maple's applause.  The music does go on, and Dusk continues his song:  "Gee, if she would just agree, she'd be mine today."  Dusk gestures outward, then puts booth his forehoves to his chest as he gazes off.  "But no matter when I ask, the answer's always "neigh neigh neigh neigh!'  Dusk shakes his head back and forth with each neigh, but with a bit of a grin and wink to Mirage.  "If she'd name that day of wedlock, I would be there without fail."  Dusk leans in against Mirage, side by side, with him further from the audience.  Though perhaps she's prefer to be hidden on the far side.
Colgate keeps watching the performance, contently snuggling into that wing. "What a nice way to enjoy this...
<OOC> You say, "she'd"
Mirage would rather be out of sight of the audience, but she wouldn't abandon Dusk after all he's done.  Even if she can't stop blushing from shyness.  She does give him a geniune smile of love and happiness though as he twirls her around and holds her close.
Skyheart chuckles at the show. He keeps Colgate close as he turns to her. "How would you respond in her position?" He asks her.
Colgate says "Well... I'd probably make the most of being in the spotlight, while trying not to embarrass myself..."
Dusk almost always seems to have to do something out of Mirage's comfort zone for their anniversary, unintentionally.  For their first real date, he had her literally dancing on the clouds, not realizing she was afraid of heights.  Well now he knows to add stage fright.  But Dusk does love doing this song for her, and seeing that smile of hers.  Fortunately it is a fairly small audience for the small stageshow.  And while it may seem like it, the song isn't all that long:  "Got the ring made for her fetlock."  Dusk magics up a couple of glowing red loops in the air.  And with a gesture towards Mirage the loops sail over and merge with the bracelets around her right foreleg, making them glow for a moment.  "The pretty little filly..." he sings.  "The pretty little filly, with the poooo-nyyy taaaiiiiil!"  He holds the last note a while, then Dusk leans in and gives Mirage a big kiss!  The stage moon becomes a big heart that hovers behind the two.  "Happy Anniversary, my pretty little filly!" he says with love in h
... his eyes as well.  He also smiles out to his friends and other ponies that have been kind enough to watch.
<OOC> Maplewing will just be ICly watching and pose when he can
<OOC> You say, "Thanks, Maple!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "figure its easier than @skipping until theres something Maple can do hehe"
<OOC> You say, "Yes that does work. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "sorry"
<OOC> You say, "Not at all!  I'm really grateful you came and joined in!  And Cherry seemed happy with it too before she got dropped.  And that you stuck around still."
Colgate leans a bit more into Sky, giggling a bit to herself as she pecks one cheek.
<OOC> Maplewing tried at least. I think she has problems with her net or something, it happens fairly regularly.
No, the first date didn't quite go as Dusk planned.  But, on the other hoof, he did get a second date so it couldn't have been -that- bad.  ;)  Mirage leans against him, his love and caring helping to reassure her and help her play along with his dance and song.  And no, the song is short, simple and sweet.  When he leans in for the big kiss, Mirage wraps her hooves around his neck and gives him a warm and loving kiss in return!  "And happy anniversary to you too, my love," she smiles back to him as she lets her hoof play with his wild, violet colored mane.
<OOC> Mirage nods and snugs Maplewing.  "It's alright.  I'm glad you and Cherry were both here."
<OOC> Mirage is very glad Skyheart and Colgate chose to be here, too.  "thank you both!"
<OOC> Dusk nodnods and thankful all around!
Skyheart smiles. "Nice. Maybe sometime you should try going up there." He says.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Sorry for short poses."
<OOC> Maplewing nodnods
<OOC> Colgate says, "Any time. n^n"
Dusk mmmmms so wonderfully happy at her words and especially her kiss.  He squeezes Mirage delightfully close as she plays with his mane.  He magics the curtain close and you hear some smoochie sounds.  Perhaps a little louder than for real, some hearts drifting up over the top of the curtains, before Dusk and Mirage step back out and take a bow, "Thank you all for making this a special moment for my special somepony and myself!"  He steps back down with Mirage to rejoin his friends.  The stage is open if Skyheart and Colgate wish to give a little show. :-)
Dusk suggests later too we all get a group drawing by the pony artist he saw earlier.
<OOC> You say, "Greetings!"
<OOC> Hollyhock says, "'Evenin'."
Mirage follows Dusk's lead, enjoying the playful mood.  When she bows to the audience along with him, her long mane tumbles forward and hides her face.  "I'll have to remember that!" she laughs to Dusk as she throws her head back to get her mane back in place.  Mirage blows a little kiss to the audience and quickly follows Dusk back to the safety of the audience!
Mirage says "Oh, the picture sounds fun!"
<OOC> Dusk notes Mirage mentioned this idea back in March of last year. :-)
<OOC> Mirage says, "Was it that long ago?  Woah!  :)"
<OOC> Dusk grins and nods, "That's when you said you'd like me to sing it for our second anniversary, yes. :-)"
<OOC> Mirage says, "I'm so happy you remembered!"
<OOC> You say, "So for our third, we'll put on a show in Cloudsdale. :-)"
<OOC> Dusk smiles, "Thanks, hun!"
<OOC> Dusk hoped it'd be something special.  He smiles.  And looks over the audience. :-)
<OOC> Dusk ahs, Colgate's pose. :-)
<OOC> Mirage will have Cloudsdale lowered just for the occasion!  :)
Dusk also has us all stop at a food vendor after all that, and he treats everypony.  And the artwork looks great with Skyheart, Colgate, Maple, Blossom, himself, and mirage all in it.  "That looks so cute!  Thanks, everypony."  He gets copies for the others too.
<OOC> Dusk chuckles, "Derpy suggested about the same, quite long ago, about some Cloudsdale sporting event idea, so other ponies could join. :-)"
<OOC> Colgate says, "And I'm out ... See you all from New Braunfels ..."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Alright. Goodnight."
<OOC> Dusk smiles and hugs, "Thank you for joining us, Colgate!"
Mirage is still blushing and feeling a bit overwhelmed by Dusk's performance.  She stays close to him, giving him little kisses now and then.  She does feel better now that she's out of the lime light.
<OOC> Colgate says, "I'll be sure to again."
<OOC> Mirage waves good night!
Maplewing chuckles to Dusk as the show ends nad he comes down from the stage, returning to the group. He gives Dusk a bit of a pat on the shoulder as he passes in a silent congratulation on the nice job.
Skyheart turns to see Colgate has fallen asleep. "Huh? Oh... um..." He sets her down gently and gives a light kiss on her forehead. "Sleep well then. It was a pleasure meeting you." He flies up a few feet and claps for the performers.
Dusk smiles back to Maple and Skyheart as the group applauds.  Dusk gives Maple a pat back,  "Thanks, you guys.  And not just coming to the show, but making the whole day fun."  He rubs shoulder with Mirage and will have to remember to not feed limes to the fireflies next time.  Dusk has no problem with Mirage keeping close, and certainly not with the wonderful little kisses.  He's a bit aglow himself.  Must be the limes.  No, it's Mirage!  He grins, giving little kisses back too, and a squeeze of his hoof.  "Yes, a wonderful day."
<OOC> You say, "So how surprised were you, Mirage, when started the song?  Did you remember having asked for it? :-)"
Mirage nods along with Dusk.  "Yes, it was a very wonderful day.  All the moreso to have friends along to share it with us," she says with a warm smile to Skyheart, Maplewing and Cherry Blossom.  "And I apologize for being so self conscious.  I'm not used to being up on stages."
<OOC> Mirage chuckles.  "Honestly, I remembered the song but I forgot I'd asked Dusk to sing it."
Skyheart shrugs. "It's fine. Not all are really up to performing that often."
Dusk nods and smiles to Mirage's comments.  And to SS, who seems to have left already, and to Colgate as well.  Maybe she and Skyheart will get to hang out some more.  He grins, "Indeed, as Mr. Skyheart said, not everypony is comfortable with that.  I guess perhaps that's why I hadn't seen you on any stages, my love."  He grins, "Sorry for putting you on the spot, as it were."
Maplewing tips his head to Mirage and Dusk. "its my pleasure. Besides, its happening at the end of my street practically, how could I miss it?" he grins
<OOC> Dusk chuckles.  "Yeah it had been quite a while!  11 months.  Not too surprising to have forgotten that part.  In fact I had forgotten about it for a while too.  But ran across the video like a few months ago or so, and reminded me. :-)"
<OOC> You say, "So I thought on it a while on how to do it.  Just show up at Mirage's place and sing it?  Eventually decided to do a little stage show of it on H&H's when ponies would be out RP'ing already too.  Then they had to have the big muck event, which was a huge stage production, and pretty much wiped out H&HD.  So that had me worried how to make it work, and not seem like just a take off of doing the stage show idea."
<OOC> You say, "And on top of it, then the show does a singing episode too.  So nothing original. :-)"
Mirage smiles to Dusk, giving a little shake of her head.  "It's alright, love.  You gave me a wonderful gift and I appreciate all you did.  I'm simply not a pony that likes being in front of an audience."  She smiles to Skyheart.  "Thank you for understanding."  Then she nods to Maplewing.  "Well, being able to share this with friends made it much more enjoyable."
Skyheart nods again. "It was no problem. I mean it's Hearts and Hooves Day after all."
<OOC> Mirage says, "Yes, poor Dusk was very disappointed for a while."
<OOC> Mirage sorries and has to go now.  "It's very late for me.  Have a good night, everyone!"
<OOC> Mirage hugs and kisses Dusk good night.  "You're a sweetheart!"
<OOC> Dusk nods, "It's late here too.  Thank you, Mirage!  Love you and HHHD again!"  He snuggles her tight and gives a kiss!
<OOC> Mirage says, "Happy Hearts and Hooves day, everyone!"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Goodnight all."
<OOC> You say, "Good night, Skyheart!"
<OOC> You say, "And thanks again too, Maple.  Even if it was only as far as the end of your street. :-)"
<OOC> You say, "Turned out you were an important part of the audience as we lost most of the others. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "hehe being right in town is convenient sometimes n.n"
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning hugboth.
<OOC> Dusk smiles and hugs!
<OOC> Dusk hopes Nimbus enjoyed the show too. :-)
<OOC> Maplewing says, "hehe not sure i was /that/ important, but glad I could help out a bit n.n"
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning says, "^^"
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning wanted to join in, but bah, rl XP
<OOC> Dusk nods to Maple, "Certainly.  We were down to you and Skyheart for a while."
<OOC> Maplewing grins and nodnods. Worked out though n.n
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning 's laptop battery is about to run out. :P Going to use this as an excuse to get chores done. XD
<OOC> Dusk nods to Nimbus, "Yeah it would have been nice but I know how that goes too."  He nods to Maple, "Yes very nicely!  I was worried nopony would come for H&H stuff, but had some pretty good interest, excluding everypony running off at first.. :-)"
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning will prolly be back in a bit. ^.^/
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning nods though ^^
<OOC> You say, "Take care!"
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning says, "Ditto :D"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "; plugs Nimbus in n.n"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "hehe I hadbeen hoping to do something for it, wish it had lasted for more than 2 poses with Cherry but c'est la vie hehe"
<OOC> Dusk nods, "But at least she said she was interested and came out for it, and looked to be rather enjoying it with you too."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "seems that way for sure. n.n"
<OOC> Dusk nodnods.  "But I do agree, would have been even cooler if she could have lasted longer and saw the show too. :-)"
<OOC> You say, "Gonna get myself to bed I think too."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "it would have been indeed. Maybe I'll have to do more H&H with her anther night."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "goodnight Dusk"
<OOC> Dusk nods!  "That sounds like a good idea!  If something public and I'm around I'll try joining.  Or something private can be good too. ;-)"
<OOC> Dusk smiles, "Thanks and good night!"

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