Impromptu Lunch gathering


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Skyheart enters, with Callie and Gawain walking along next to him.
Nettleglum patiently lurches along with a fledgling griffon bounding about her ankles.  Goodness, the energy of youth.  It's like he's on his way to his first funeral or something, so excitable.
Skyheart enters into the area with the others and glances about. "Huh... Looks like Shadow Mane is busy... I hope he doesn't mind customers..." He motions to a table for the four of them.
Callie peeks inside, peering one way and then another while her feathers ruffle and then smooth out. "Are you sure that they don't mind griffons here?" This questioned to Skyheart as she moves on towards the table.
Gawain continues bugging Nettleglum about where they are going and finally they arrive at the Dancing Dragon "Oooh! I know this place! I met some pony who was cleaning a rug here!" nodding his head and waddling inside "Sure they don't mind griffons, that one pony was nice to me!"
Nettleglum creaks open the door.  No.  Wait, the door is well-oiled, it's Nettie who's creaking.  She looks around the gloom of the half-decorated Inn and seems pleased.  Minimalist decor.  Not enough cobwebs, but, that's modern decorating for you.
( As The Trio enter, the place is still being put together, but there is a large Aquarium, or fish tank in one area that is being run. Over it are the words, "Fresh Fish, Pick your own for Dinner." Currently it's empty but it has water in it. There are a number of Tables and chairs with a very old feel to them. Almost like they are out of a story book of fantasy knights and heroes. The Scent of food cooking in the back kitchen area, is gathered, and then Shadow Mane comes out spotting the Trio. "Good Evening, I apologize for the appearance of the place, I'm still setting up. Anything I can do for you? Ah Good evening Nettleglum." )
Skyheart moves to sit down at the table, making sure the others are comfortable and situated. He notices the fish tank and is rather surprised. "Seems they had griffon clientelle in mind here. That's... rather surprising." He sees the owner meet them and nods. "Hello again."
Callie pauses to peer fish tank and oos softly while she shifts and wiggles while looking for fish, here.. or there? None to be seen. She pouts a touch before hoping up onto a chair at the table with the others. Her head tilts, eyes blinking as she peers curiously at the pony that seems to own the place. "Ellos."
Gawain waves to Shadow Mane "Hi! Remember me from yesterday? It's nice to see you again" giving him a big smile and staring at the fish tank, as if by wishing really hard some fish would appear. Sitting down next to Callie and continuing to stare at it "Where are all the fishies?" he asks after a moment
Nettleglum certainly knows medieval decor.  Her house is full of things from the Crushades, that heroic time when armoured ponies tried to crush other armoured ponies.  The good old days.  "Mister Mane, dear, I hope you do not mind the intrusion.  I happened to be passing through your cellars a few days ago and I thought you were just about ready for business.  We can certainly go elsewhere if it's an inconvenience for you.  Thursdays are Jell-o Jollydays at the hospital cafeteria."  It's funnier when you know what Jell-o is made from.  ._.  Possibly not.
As the Group comments on the lack of fish. "They haven't arrived yet. I'm still in the Process of building the place ya know. Still I do have some drinks here. Well I was planning to had a large Celebration around the tenth of august. So I had to make sure my Cellar was at least well stocked. Ah Nettle, I was hoping to run into you, I might need some Decor to fit with the theme I have going. Have to be a little careful on what I put up." The Lack of fish makes Shadow Mane address the youngster, "I might have some fish stored in the Cellar ice box, Won't be fresh but... I could see if I can cook something up." He offers.
Skyheart looks around and thinks. "Oh! A suit of armor or two might be really neat." He says as he looks around. "Perhaps some good-looking woodcuts. I heard of one that gets reproduced fairly quickly. It's two armored ponies going at it. They had a carving for sale in Manehatten. I could send a letter to my parents and ask if it's still in that shop if you want."
Callie blinks once and then twice before she peers at Nettle. "Jell-ooo?.. What is that?" She has no idea what it is, or well what it is made from either. At the talk of fish a soft whistle escapes her and she perks up a bit. "Ice-cicle fish works." Yes she has eaten frozen fish before.
Gawain nods to Shadow Mane "Alright Mr. Mane, I hope the fish get here soon." then giving a light squee at the mention that there might be fish! "It's ok if it isn't fresh! As long as it is still edible!" looking over at Callie and nods "Ice-cicle fish does sound nice."
Nettleglum would offer some of the family armor, but it tends to have sharp edges... and sides... and fronts... and backs.  Also, it sometimes might move when nopony is watching.  Also, she's not sure where in the house it's wandering this week.  Also, you don't want to ask about also.  She has a lovely mace, just the sort of thing that was popular in the Crushades, but she's been using it to tenderize... food... and it's not quite fit for display at the moment.  She does understand Shadow Mane's caution about putting such things up-- everypony in town will want them, and how will the collector's market keep up?  No, no, safer this way.  "My, the place does have a degree of old-world élan that one seldom sees in Ponyville.  I take it you've considered the usual decorating ideas?  Coats of arms?  Cauldrons of boiling pitch over the door?"  She'd recommend heads on pikes, but, that's really more the sort of thing you'd expect in a romantic nightclub.  ._.
"I was thinking two suits of Armor, One of the Old Lunar Guard, and Old Solar guard before Nightmare Moon arose. I'll have to go to Canterlot see if I can get some photos." Heading to the stage I was thinking the Lunar Guard to the left here, and Solar Guard to the right. I would like that Skyheart, If you can. I will see if I can afford the Price." As he listens to Nettleglum he says, "I do like those ideas NettleGlum. Although the Pitch would be rather hard to keep going at all the times of day and night. Also the Pitch might keep patrons out they would see if very easily if it was on the outside, and inside... not enough room above the door arch., I don't mind keeping them in, but if they can't come in. I was thinking of a sculpture of a snarling roaring dragon." He knows the type of things Nettleglum likes from talking of a couple of ponies in town. "If you will give me a few moments I will head down to the cellar and see about those fishicles."
Skyheart thinks for a bit. "Last I saw it was going for 1200 bits. It IS a genuine woodcut after all. As for the rest... I like that. I also think Nettie's idea of coats of arms on the walls is a good one, too."
Nettleglum did, of course, mean literal arms.  And other limbs.  Perhaps it's best if she does not clarify this.  ._.
Callie tilts her head and nods at the talk of the fishicles, yay for fishicles! The rest of the talk goes /right/ over her head to say the least. She peers confused and confuzzled like at the ponies before going about preening a few feathers at the edge of a wing.
Gawain raises a paw and talks anyway, regardless of if he's addressed or not "Can we have the staff wear costumes too? Like princesses? And uhh..knights? That'd be fun to see!" nodding his head and smiling, good idea, copywritten by Gawain Percival Griffon 2013. "Fishsicles! Yay!"
Nettleglum was not aware the griffon folk were as fond of coastal cuisine as this.  She must let Uncle Innsmouth know; he's always looking for new recipes.
Shadow_Mane heads down into the backrooms where the cellar door is, it takes a little bit for him to come up carrying two Frozen and Cleaned Trout, meaning the guts are out of the Fish, although they still have the heads on them as he has them Wrapped in Paper, Both are on the order of two pounds each. "All I had was trout. It hope it's alright." he asks. Shadow knew what Nettleglum meant, "I Was thinking perhaps the old symbol of the Pony kingdom, Before the Events with Nightmare Moon. Someplace that can remind us of the past, and the lessons it holds. I was thinking of costumes. I also met two big Gryphons in Everfree Forest, They had suggested helping at the place as shall we say... guards or bartenders.
The wan, thin light through the lattice windows dims and there's a momentary gloom of something passing over the sun.  Crickets chirp for a confused instant, then go still as the light return.  Nettleglum lurches upright in a sickening rigor mortis and begins heading for the cellar door.  "Oh, dear.  You must pardon me, everypony.  Duty calls; her majesty has need of something.  No need to show me out, Mister Mane-- I know the way."  She oozes down into the cellar and vanishes, even though there's really no way out from there except the drains.
Gawain waits sitting straight up in his chair, tail swishing back and forth as he awaits the fish to be placed in front of him. "Fish fish fish!" he chants as he awaits to eat
Callie pauses at the movement outside, and the crickets that chirp and then disappear and she looks around curiouly and then Nettleblum is leaving. She chitters out and then looks to the fish and then too the door and then to the fish before looking to Skyheart. A sheepish look is seen. "It ok I take fish and go.. I need to.." Need to what.. "I need to do something... Thank you lucky pony for the fish, and thank you to Mane pony for having icefish." The fish is snagged up in her beak and she hops off the chair and trots out with a flick of her tail. "See you later little griffon!" She calls back to Gawain before slipping out and is gone in a flutter of wings.
( Of course he brings out a plate and some Soda for the youngster for his Fish to be placed on. It's nice and cold. Surprised when The female Gryphon leaves and he looks to Skyheart, and gives a questioning look as if he did something wrong to offend her. "It will be a little bit on the Salad. If you will give me a few moments." And he allows the youngster to eat first, children often think with their tummy. It is about five or so minutes before Shadow comes back out as he brings the salad and something to drink for Skyheart. "I think I could manage that price on the woodcarving." He says. )
Skyheart nods. "Yeah, starting a business requires a lot of capital sadly. I know a bit about the legalities and whatnot myself. My father's an attourney. But he's also an /expensive/ attourney so I wouldn't bother sending you to him unless I thought you could afford it so... I'll just toss some advice your way. I'll let you know if I see anything else you might be able to use." He mentions.
Gawain picks up the soda and raises it to his beak, gulping it down and putting it down after about 5 seconds, taking a deep breath "May I have more please?" he inquires, giving Shadow Mane a smile then nips at his fish with his beak to see if it's any good, after the first nip he goes in for another...and another..soon he is picking up the fish and chewing on it
"Aye, this place is gonna put me dangerously close to being a poor pony. But If you have a dream, and the means to accomplish it, Might as well at least go for it. Besides, I can always continue exploring in Everfree Forest for treasure and such." And of course he says, "Of course you can have more." and he heads into the back to get more soda. and comes back with a pitcher, "Well So you both like the idea of this place?"
Skyheart nods. "it's goign to be rough at first, but if you can garner interest and do it smartly, you'll come out ahead. I have a few business accossiates and friends I could reference you to if you'd like."
Gawain blinks "There's treasure in the Everfree? Can I come with you?!" hoping the answer was 'yes' though no sane pony would bring a child to the Everfree. Taking the pitcher and pouring himself another glass of soda and nodding "It's nice!" he says, gulping down the soda
( As he listens to the youngsters, "Well it would be dangerous...." he was about to comment on would his parents approve of the excursion... but... something dawns on him the young male gryphon might be an orphan. He had not spoken of them. And looks to Skyheart searching for answers. "We would have to be very careful." he says and thinking on his feet. "I would like to get some clients here. Maybe I could start a festival in Ponyvile. A sort of Renneighsance A festival of old world entertainment, acting, and food." )
Skyheart nods. "A sort of event or festival is usually enough to get ponies' attention." He says.
Gawain puffs his chest out "I'm not scared of danger! Danger is my....third middle name. Gawain Percival Lancelot Danger Griffon!" his thought of Gawain being an orphan, if brought up would probably have been confirmed. "I can be careful!" then grinning "A festival sounds amazing! You should totally do that!"
( "One thing is for sure, We ponies love our festivals." the Male Stallion says to skyheart with a smile he reaches up to fuzzle Gawain's head feathers and says, "You don't need to act all tough around me. I know you Gryphons are tough." As he looks to Skyheart as he says, "hmmmm, Can't set up it that soon, maybe in a couple months around spring time next year." he says Then to Gawain he says, "If you ever needed a place to rest I have a number of rooms up stairs." He offers the youngster a place to stay. He's seen orphans.... and they break his heart. )
Gawain purrs lightly as his headfeathers are...fuzzled? "I'm really tough! Toughest griffon around!" then frowning "Why can't we do the festival /now/ though?! I wanna go now!" then looking up at Shadow Mane "Thank you Mr. Mane! If I need a place to stay i'll come to you first!"
"Well it takes time to prepare a festival or party for an entire town. Can't do it on the spot, need at least a month to prepare, gotta send out word to all the towns, advertise, gather food, drinks." he says and the when he is Called mister Mane he says, "My friends call me Shadow. Mr Mane makes be....." and breaking into an act of an old grumpy pony, "Makes me feel like an old stallion...." And then he starts to head into the back walking and acting like he's some eighty years old if only for laughs.
Skyheart chuckles. "Just go to Sugarcube Corner and talk to Pinkie Pie. She'll cut that time in half at the minimum. Trust me."
Gawain shrugs "You could always get multiple ponies and other creatures to help out, that would be easier, right?" then shaking his head "It's a term of respect, Mr. Mane. All the grown-ups are Mr or Ms. I do it to show respect." giving a giggle as Shadow Mane walks back as an old stallion
( As he pops his head out of the corner and comes back with a bowl of Soup for himself and some cider for his drink. "Well that is true, I heard of Pinkie Pie, I might take you up on that offer, hopefully she can keep with a theme and not go wild or insane on the preperation. I heard she is a little Scatter brained if you know what I mean." and as he says, "If it's more comfortable for you Gawain." )
Skyheart nods. "Yeah, you do have to make sure she does that. She can go a bit... overboard if left to her own devices."
Gawain looks between the two "Who is Pinkie Pie? Is she nice? Would she wanna be my friend? I bet she's really nice!"
( "I will keep that in Mind. thanks for the Warning Skyheart." )
Skyheart chuckles. "Pinkie Pie will be EVERYPONY'S friend if you let her."
Gawain grins "I wanna be her friend! Can we go meet her now? I wanna meet her now!"
"Well I am not even sure if she is in Ponyville at the moment. Although I heard she can be everywhere at once." and then as he relaxes looking around and feels the weight  of the world on his shoulders trying to get the place set up. "I will need to hire help for this place soon."
Skyheart nods. "She's probably in town somewhere, but might be busy just yet. Still, if you ask around she'll show up sooner or later."
Gawain frowns "I wanna meet her though...can I meet her tommorow?" hoping there would be a 'yes' in there somewhere then over to Skyheart and yells "PINKIE PIE? CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND?"
( As Gawain shouts as it just happens to be right in his ear as he recoils. "Kid's got a healthy set of lungs in him." From what he heard of Pinkie Pie he was half expecting the Pink mare to show up. As he relaxes and shakes his head and mane. "So How did you like the Ice trout?" )
Skyheart just about falls over when the shout is heard. "Woah!" He falls with a thud and climbs back up using the chair for support, covering his head with a hoof. "I'm okay..."
Gawain looks around, going back to his inside voice "She didn't show up..does she not wanna be my friend?" then showing the bones to Shadow Mane "All done!"
Clearing his ears he says, "I am sure she will love to meet you. She may just have something very important to do right now. Isn't she friends with Princess Twilight Sparkle. She could be in canterlot right now." Having dug around and tried his best to get up on current events in the day when he took a break. "She will show up."
Skyheart chuckles. "Relax, kiddo. She might even be sleeping, as strange as that sounds."
Gawain smiles once more "Yay! I'm gonna be friends with Pinkie Pie! I guess I could wait if she's doing something important." then turning to Skyheart "What's wrong with sleeping?"
( As Skyheart is a local yokal, he smiles and allows Skyheart to explain Pinkie Pie better then ghe could. Geting up after finishing his soup he asks, "Was the salad any good? Momma said I should have been a cook." )
Skyheart shakes his head. "it's... ah... hard to explain. You'll have to meet her."
Gawain nods "I really wanna meet her! I wanna do it soon too."
"I am sure you will, I am told at somepoint Everyone meets Pinky Pie." and as he moves to the Kitchen and then with a Yawn he says, "I really hate to do this, But I still have a LOT of work to do to get the place up and running if I hope to meet my deadline of opening on the Tenth of august." Shadow Mane says trying not to be rude as he is getting tired.
Gawain gives a wave to Shadow Mane "Ok. I can go until you are open! Bye Mr. Mane!" giving Skyheart a wave as well and waddling off, leaving the meal unpaid for

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