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Mirage nods as she listens to Dusk.  "And we won't know how practical any of the ideas are until we try.  So, go and get Chance and Snow Bolt together with yourself and see if you three can come to a consensus," she says as she noses Dusk towards the other stallions.
NightRaven ponders this and nods as she hears Dusk. A soft sigh escapes her and she shifts while glancing to Mirage. Her ears perking forward slightly before she looks to the rest unsure what she can do to help at this point.
Starfire would laugh at Dusk being ushered so, that is, if she could have seen it. For now she's finally calmed down most completely, though her ears are working overtime.
Snow_Bolt has been hanging back just sort of watching and listening. The addition of Night Raven to the group has him more than a bit curious, but at the present moment his attention is all on how to get everyone moving and out of here. They just can't stay here. Not only is it a waste of time, but they have to get Starfire the help that she needs.
Chance flicks his tail tip lightly against Starfire's left back leg, then the right, letting her know he's thinking of her. He perks his ears at Mirage's suggestion to Dusk and moves in to complete the trio. "So, what will our strategy be? To try to get to Trottingham? Try to get to the nearest town? Or help ponies here until help arrives from a nearby town?" Programmer Pony has decided to wander off and find that turtle he flopped on earlier. He's made a new friend.
Dusk snuggles up Blue and awwwws.. Who's such a cutie little half changeling.  He hover catches the pie and sends it over to PP before he wanders off, who appears ready to eat some more again, his belly now less rounded than NightRaven's at least.  Dusk smiles and chuckles a little to Mirage as she coaxes him and the others to settle on a solution.  "You are right, my love.  Well something we can all settle on, yes."  He turns as Chance comes up and joins the rest, "Well they are all good plans.  I think using one to at least get to a near town, on the way to Trottingham, would be good.  Then we can work our way from there further to Trottingham."
BlueFeather of course is at lest partly still squirming in Dusk's grasp, wings flicking. After all being huged can be seen as being totaly not cool! What foal does not want to at lest seem cool?  Still, at lest shes not watching PP with a predatory stare at the momant, her attention now totaly focused on squirming as Dusk holds her. Nor was that the last pie she has, after all, she knows where Pinkie keeps the emergancy supplys!
Mirage listens as Dusk and Chance begin talking, while Snow Bolt seems to be thinking things over.  She blinks as ProgrammerPony suddenly follows after a turtle.  "Well, the turtle's not going fast so I guess PP won't wander to far," she says to NightRaven.
NightRaven lifts her head to watches PP wander after a turtle? "Funny one he is.." She offers with an tired yet amused tone to Mirage while she shifts close to her friend and settles down there, her wings tucked close to her sides.
Starfire has to smile a bit as Chance lets her know he's there for her. This was likely the main reason she was so calm now, compared to a few hours ago. She did not know the locations of smaller towns, as few VIPS visiting Canterlot ever went to them. "I've never been to Trottingham..."
Snow_Bolt is in agreement with Chance, "I think we all just need to get to the nearest town or city at least. We need to get Starfire to somewhere she can be looked at and safe." He is sure Chance is in agreement with this. There are also difficulties with PP and he can probably do with being looked at an have a comfortable place to rest.
Chance nods lightly. "I agree. Let's try to figure out the best way to get to the nearest town. Iris has the maps. The gorge runs past a near town. Tell me Dusk, do you have any sand-water spells?"
Dusk grins and gives Blue a ruffle of her mane has he hugs, then sets her up on his back.  He smiles to Mirage and NR as they watch PP wander off.  He nods to Starfire, "It's a sizable town, founded largely on mining.  Probably not as regular a destination as others for your clients, Lady Starfire."  He nods to Snow and Chance, "So getting to the next town sounds like our plan.  Sand Water spells?  What do you mean?  Sounds like might be something up Mr. Bolt's alley."
BlueFeather cocks her head and gives a little chirp when shes set atop of Dusk's back, her wings still twitching and flicking a bit, but, after a few momants she settles down a bit. She gives herself a sudden and sharp shake, before flicking her ears and asking softly, "Why wanna go mining town? Why is inna boreing place like dis? Why issa so many stranger ponys?" Shes not really sure whats going on here, so, shes wanting to find out, after all, perhaps something fun will show up, or something tasty, tasty is most allways good!
Mirage gives a little nod to NightRaven and gently bumps her shoulder to Night's.  "Yes, but PP is a good pony, even if he does get into mischief with his magic," she says softly.  She looks over and smiles as Starfire seems calmer, thanks to Chance apparently.  Mirage tilts her ears in a shrug to NightRaven.  "I still don't know how she was injured.  No other ponies were hurt in the accident."
NightRaven smiles to Mirage. "I think his fine.. Funny but I can imagen." A slight nod is seen while she glances towards Starfire pondering if she will be alright now as well.
Starfire angles an ear as things start to sound organized. "SOunds like a nice place to visit...though it would be nice to see it when we did."
Snow_Bolt would protest that what he does are not 'spells' in the sense that he mutters words and makes things happen. He has always viewed what he does an extension of what he can visualize in his mind. Which is the reason that sometimes he has emotional outbursts and it expresses itself in the weather around him. Match Maker had experienced that when she hugged him unexpectedly and he didn't like it, "That sounds fine. We can head over there. Walk if we have too and get all the ponies what they need and then decide how to get to the ship." He blinks at Chance's comment about the sand and water and then Dusk's comment, "What did you have in mind?"
Chance glances to Snow for a moment, then back to Dusk. "I probably have the name wrong. It's a spell I saw in one of Twilight Sparkle's books, on making hard ground, like sand, act like water. If we could fashion a basic boat for the ponies, and apply the spell, we could float down the dry gorge like a river to close to our destination." he explains, looking between Snow and Dusk as he explains.
Dusk smiles up at Blue.  He's really glad to see how well her pony speech is coming.  He's been reading to her a lot and she's really been working on it.  "We need to get there to get on a boat, Little Blue.  We're not staying there."  He hopes.  "We are going to Mr. Chance's place where they grow bananas."  As for nice places, it's fine but not nearly as friendly as Ponyville.  Dusk usually doesn't mutter stuff for his 'spells' either and considers 'spells' and 'using magic' basically the same thing.  It can be argued otherwise, but most don't really care about the technicalities of it he finds.  He looks to Chance, "Ahh that sounds like it would be fun, Mr. Chance.  Hmmmmm.."  He ponders a bit, "Assuming we can put that together, what would you suggest we use as a boat?"  He looks over to Mirage, "Do you and Miss Songson have the maps what we we'll need ready to navigate to the next town, whatever method we take?"  Then looking to all the ponies, seeing what shape we all appear to be in.  It doesn't look the b
... best, but he thinks we can all make it.  Quick walking it would be the simplest, but ideas like the train car and some sort of boat sounds very interesting.  If the crew will let us use their train and such.
BlueFeather tilts her head a little, trying to make sense of if, wings drooping a little, "Whats a boat?" She asks softly, allmost the first thing that comes to her mind.  She then shakes her head a little, "If going to place that." She points at Chance with a wing, "He know, why you here inna dis place? Not look like is going anywhere, anna not like like can go anywhere from here. Is like big hole inna ground." She flicks her head, as if giving something a toss, her horn glowing soft green, and picking up a stone to toss at one of the walls, where it hits with rather more force than intended.
Mirage nods again to NightRaven.  "Well, as I said, PP's a nice pony.  He's still learning some very powerful magic, so if he's not quite successful then the results can be rather spectacular.  Or nerve-wracking, take your pick."  She tilts her ears at Dusk's question, and nods to Iris who has been standing closeby.  "Yes, Iris has some detailed maps that should help," Mirage answers as Iris smiles and nods after a quick search of her saddlebags.  "Here you are, love," Mirage says as she magicks the map over to Dusk.
NightRaven nods and smiles to Mirage before she glances over at the talk of maps and ponders. "To bad Romper isn't here.. His good with maps." She shifts to peer at the map where she can before itis zipped over to the others.
Starfire lays quietly where she was, thinking about that. A boat.  She'd never been in a boat boat before. Then again, she had never been on a train before and this happened. She curls her ears a bit and listens for more details.
( Making the place a river seems like an awfully complex way to get there. Wouldn't it be more simple to just start walking and get there when we all get there. Chance can probably carry Starfire and PP will likely be able to go if a bit slowly, "Dusk maybe we should just start walking." says Snow Bolt as he moves over toward the group, "The sooner we start walking the sooner we get there and get all the ponies the help we can." )
Chance tilts his head to Snow. "Yes, we could do that. It's still a bit of a walk. For the boat, we already have a train car. And downed wooden trestel beams that float to put on the bottom. It depends on how fast we could put a boat together, or how fast we could walk it. What do you think, Dusk? Walk, or boat?"
Dusk grins and nods, "That's very smart of you, Little Blue!  Indeed we are somewhat stopped here for a bit.  See, the train fell off from the tracks.."  He points to each to show her.  "Mr. Pony protected us from getting hurt."  He points to the pony checking out the slow turtle.  "A boat is something you ride across water.  This is a big boat we want."  He smiles over to Iris and Mirage, looking over and memorizing the maps with a nod.  He assumes they are as up to date as possible, being Iris's.  "Excellent.  These look like what what we need.  You both can help with navigating, if you don't mind."  He smiles, "The near town I believe is sizable enough to have at least a good doctor or two as well," he says, glancing over to Starfire.  His attention turns back to Snow and Chance, "I estimate we'll get there faster if just start walking, honestly."  Though the others do sound like a wonderful adventure.  But then.. we do have an injured pony to help first, and a boat to catch.
BlueFeather tilts her head a little, considering for several long momants, "You no hurt? I make train hurt of train hurt you!"  She flashes her fangs at whats left of the train, wings lifting, and spreading, in part to make herself look bigger than she is. Seeing no responce from the train she gives a little bob of her head and her attention returning to Dusk, "THen why issa here if wanna catch dis boat thing? Does boat thing live around here? I canna help catch it! Make stick to ground or something!" She bounces a little atop of Dusk's back, then flicking her wings, and levitating up a big bottle of ice cold juice, "Issa hot, not like hot."
Mirage nods to Dusk, although she knows Iris will be doing the navigation since she is the mapmaker, after all.  She smiles to NightRaven, who is resting for the moment after her flight here with all the medical supplies.  Hopefully it won't be too long before Starfire can get the attention she needs.
Starfire says "And where are you going to find a boat out in the desert?" asking nopony in particular. "Or did you just use the top of one of the passenger cars?"
Snow_Bolt couldn't agree more with Dusk. The simple answer is the best sometimes, "Is everypony going to be able to walk ok?" he asks as he looks over toward Starfire in particular, "Starfire are you going to be ok to walk." he asks. He hadn't even thought to ask Mirage, "Are you going to be ok to walk too?" He knows Dusk will be ok and Chance will as well.
Chance nods lightly to Snow and Dusk. "Then we shall walk." He perks his ears toward Snow's questions, then glances to Dusk. "I would suggest we create a sled or something that could help carry those ponies that can't make it. I'll help a small team of earth ponies to pull it. Younger ponies, older ones, any pony that can't make it can ride if they get tired and can't go on. Doesn't have to be fancy."
Dusk grins at Blue.  "Thank you, Little Lady.  No the boat is at Trottingham, the mining town we talked about.  And yes we need to get there."  Blue does make a good point about it being hot for ponies.  Perhaps construct something for shade?  Oh even better.. "Mr. Bolt, you could give us some cloud cover and cool air as we travel, yes?"  Then he looks curiously to Chance, "Oh were you figuring for us to take all the passengers and crew as well?"  He was figuring it might just be our personal group.
BlueFeather cocks her head a little to one side, considering, then giving a little shrug of her wings, not sure she really understands, but, not asking anymore. Rather, she takes a long drink out of her bottle of juice, before offering it to Mirage, wings faning a litle to kep the air aorund her moving so shes not so hot. She pauses a momant as Chance starts talking about a sled, and reaching under a wing, she pulls out a sled, not that it would be much help, as its a rather clasic snow sled, the one with two steel runners, and the wooden deck. She ofers that to Chance, hey shes being helpfull.
Mirage gives a quick nod to Snow Bolt.  "Yes, I'm alright for walking.  And so are Iris and NightRaven.  Although NightRaven and Starfire can hover around if they'd rather, I'm sure."  She smiles but shakes her head to Bluefeather.  "No thank you. I'm fine," she replies at Blue's offer.
( Blue is certainly a cha-ony of surprises. She seems to have been taking lessons from Pikie Pie. Snow nods and smiles to Mirage. Good. Everypony then seems like they are ready to start moving and there is no time like the present. He glances around and wonders who is going to start leading the way. Probably Mirage or Irish he would guess, "Ok then. We are good to go it looks like." )
Chance glances over at the other ponies, many in their own groups. "Good point. We can always send other ponies from the town to help the others." He glances over to Blue Feather and accepts the sled. "Thank you Blue. That was very thoughtful of you." he tells her with a soft smile. He considers the sled for a moment. "Think PP can ride well enough in it?" PP is wandering back over, with a turtle on his shoulder. This one's completely natural. "Are we going?" he asks. He's still a bit wobbly, but staying (mostly) on his hooves.
Dusk chuckles and smiles as Blue is being so helpful, "Yes thank you very much, Little Blue."  He nods to Mirage, "Good, we'll need to keep on track."  And he knows Mirage is good at keeping track of details and keeping things organized.  There's more than the shortest route between a and b.  He nods to Chance and Snow, "Yes, I think that'd be betterm sending help back.  And easier for me.  So let us gather our needed items and head on out."
BlueFeather excpects the idea of her being like Pinkie might be farther noticed, as she pulls out an unbrella hat, and plops it atop of her head. She blinks and looks around, what? shes not doing anything weird, she does this all the time! She offers Dusk one of the ambrella hats too, just cause shes nice like that.
Mirage does a quick but thorough check to make sure the group's essentials are all here.  "I think we have what we need from our luggage," she says to Snow, Chance and Dusk.  Iris has her map ready and is already picking out a walkable path without too much climbing.

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