A Little Story for a Little Gryphon.


Evening Outside the Dancing Dragons Inn, Or Tavern


Coming out of the Inn that is intended it open perhaps in a few weeks, Shadow Mane has come out levitating a large rug that he uses his magic to start shaking it out fairly fast as dirt and dust come out of it. "How long has this place been unoccupied. There has to be three feet of dirt and dust in the place per floor." He says as the Tavern has a large Coming soon sign on it. Thankfully the heat of the summer day has mostly past and the evening hours are setting in.
( Gawain waddles past the inn, stopping and turning to look at the inn owner "Why are you shaking a ru----" his question is interrupted by inhaling a cloud of dust and coughing loudly. Shaking his head and looking at him "Ohh....I see now..what is this place? Are you opening up a store?" )
As the Unicorn looks to the young Gryphon he smiles, "Nope, A tavern or Inn depending on whom you ask. A place where you can can get food, drink, or a place to sleep at night if you are just passing through town, or staying for a short while." He says as the Rug is angled away from the Youngster and then snapped extra hard. "It's called the Dancing Dragons."
Gawain looks up at the unicorn and smiles "Food, drinks, /and/ a place to sleep? That sounds really cool!" recoiling slightly as the rug is snapped "Dancing Dragons sounds like a cool name for a tavern!" he says, nodding his head
With a soft smile he says, "I am sorry about getting dust in your face. Didn't see you when I came out." As the youngster thinks it's cool he say. "Yep. Gonna model it after some Taverns and Inns that you might read about in those old adventuring stories. Although it's going to be for all ages, Youngsters included. And Not just ponies, Anyone who comes though might get a meal, Gryphons dragons... all. Depending on what I can get and when I get it."
Gawain shrugs "It's alright, it's just dust." then gasping "You mean like knights and dragons and stuff? I hope theres knight stuff! Do you think they'll be some knight stuff added in too?" then giving a brief nod of his head "Selling to everyone sounds like a good idea, I bet you'll get loads of customers!"
"That the Idea. I even have a stage in the back where people can go up and perform, like the wandering minstrels, or bards. Or perhaps shows and reenactments of two knights fighting." He tells the youngster. "I should get some customers. I just need to get the furniture delivered, and then perhaps stop by the Carousel Boutique, See if I can talk to the Owner there in helping me with Decorations proper to the theme of the place." As he rolls the Rug up he says, "You know... youngster like you... might have some great ideas for what you would imagine a Tavern might have in it. Granted I might not be able to do all of them...."
"Oooh" the little griffon says, listening to him talk about the stage "Two knights fighting sounds like fun! Do they fight over a princess or something? And in the end there's another princess so that each of them can have one?" giving a smile to the tavernkeep "Hopefully your furniture gets delivered soon? I'd like to see this tavern soon!" giving a tilt of his head "Uhh...I could try? I've never really been to a tavern before.."
"Well Knights fought over more then just princesses, Sometimes you had two groups of nobles who had different ideas, and those ideas clashed. Also the Knights may very well have not liked each other." He tells the youngster "Furniture is set to arrive I think..." Lifting his hoof up he makes three motions... "I think the day after tomorrow. As for ideas, Nothing really too it. Just pick up about fantasy and adventure from the Library, read it and see How some of the taverns are described. An Adult might be able tell me what is practical... but it takes the imagination of the young..." He says coming up to tap the chest of the Young Gryphon. "To truly see the fantastical."
Gawain blinks "Why wouldn't they just work together and sort out their differences? There are more important things than different ideas! And if they didn't like each other than maybe..but still, it seems like they could've used some time to maybe get to know each other?" then giving him a smile "Go to the library, find a book, read it. Got it!" then looking down at his chest "My imagination is in my chest? Cool!"
"I know what you mean, but some times words can't be... used. It might be hard to imagine, but at one time, The Unicorns, The Earth ponies, And the Pegasus did not live as we do today. We were three different tribes, or kingdoms. And they didn't see things as we do today. There was a lot of conflict, over it. Eventually all the ponies did come to an understanding with each other. It can take time to understand another's ideas." As the youngster talks of his imagination in his chest. "In a way yes it is in your chest. In your heart, and in your mind."
Gawain sighs "I guess words can't always be used, yeah." then giving his full attention to the story "So they didn't like each other back then? How come? Did they not know how to run things together?" his concerned look quickly brightening up "Good! They finally came to an understanding!" then back down at his chest "In my heart? And my mind? That's a lot of imagination!"
"Let me see if I can recall the exact cause.... I might not be entirely correct on this. So understand I might be a little confused on the facts. The Earth Ponies for a lack of better words...." He says and comes to rest beside Gawain as he explains. "They are to a point very close to the earth, They grow the food the ponies all ate. Now you had the Pegasus, Masters of the weather, who could make the sun shine, and rain to water those crops. The Pegasus demanded as payment for these things in the form of food. See they can't grow plants or crops on clouds. Then you had the unicorns, who if I remember correctly believed themselves better then either the Earth Ponies, or the Pegasus. Because we can control magic. And if I recall correctly This in turn caused strife which fed spirits called Windegos, which fed on the misery caused, and they in turn caused more strife. Eventually the Windigos were discovered, their nature of causing strife was seen for what it was, and in time we made peace."
Gawain looks over at Shadow Mane and plops himself onto the ground, listening for a minute and adding in his own words "So they all had a job to do. Except unicorns.. So why did they have to fight when they all needed each other for something?" giving a light gasp "Wendigos? Those sound like monsters! Did the ponies fight them? I bet they did!"
"If I recall, Unicorns used their magic to protect both groups from various dangers. At the time all we could see was how we were different. And for the Windegos, When we made peace, without the feelings of hate, anger, they starved, and in time... they all vanished. It's widely believed the Windegos were all destroyed because of this." He says with a smile, "Surely you have gotten mad at someone or something at some point. Those emotions give off an energy, like magic the Windegos Fed on, They in turned caused more anger and hate. It was very very long ago."
The little griffon gives a light shrug "I guess that's useful, but all of them had a purpose. I'm glad we are all friends now." then nods his head slowly and frowning "Yeah, I've gotten mad before, but I don't like it...it's not nice." then getting to his paws and waving "I gotta get going now, it's kinda late! Bye Mr. Tavern keep!"

Log date: 

Thursday, July 25, 2013