Loony New Year


Rainbow Dash, Virga, Memoire Musique, Eclair, Nimbus von Dawning, Dynamite Rave, Scope/Sunflare, qirin (NPCs), Summersweet, Dinky, Cream Puff, Screenplay, Firefly, Luna, Thunderball


**So I tried to start up a Chineighese New Year TP. It didn't go exactly as planned :u **
OOC Date: January 28, 2014
Characters: Rainbow Dash, Virga, Memoire Musique, Eclair, Nimbus von Dawning, Dynamite Rave,  Scope/Sunflare, qirin (NPCs), Summersweet, Dinky, Cream Puff, Screenplay, Firefly, Luna, Thunderball
Setting: A cafe outing is disturbed by strange foreigners
It's starting off to be a regular Ponyville evening, as far as anypony knows. Snow clings to the rooftops as a cold breeze wafts over the town and ponies make their way home from work or to the nightly establishment. The Cafe, in particular, is having a moderately busy night, but...why is the waitress running around in a panic? Anyway, a certain rainbow-maned pegamare is slouched at one of the fireplace couches, munching on her spinach salad. Normally she'd cook her own food, but she's kinda feeling lazy. Again.
[Virga] Tonight was substantially quieter than the previous, which suited him perfectly. The pegasus  only wanted something small yesterday, but no. Huge crowd, Discord, and other things. It was a task for him, like Celestia had given to Twilight long ago, to socialize with more ponies but being crammed in by so many was not his idea of a get together. Today he walked in like he did yesterday, only that he trailed with minute smokey vapors that suggested he'd been around fire of some sort.
Memoire_Musique is buzzing around the Cafe, occasionally alighting near a pony who looks like she needs a hug. The little filly is here with her daddy, though she seems more intent on saying hello to all the ponies!
Eclair is trying again tonight. All she wanted was a decent cup of coffee and some baked goods. Was that too much to ask? With that curse'd Discord fellow in residence, apparently so. She gives the mare at the counter a tight little smile before dropping some extra coin into the tip jar, and makes her way across the room, a plate of madeleines balanced on her head, her coffee balanced on a saucer held between her teeth.
Suddenly, the spirit of chaos! Oh yeah, and Discord. But back to Nimbus, whom kicks the door open! "Take my pegasus licence, all that jive!" she sings in a rowdy fashion, "'Cause I can't fly fifty-fiiive!" She flops into a seat at the nearest table.
Heading into the cafe is Dynamite Rave, wearing a black hoodie with red drawstrings.  Over his chest is the insignia of the royal guard proudly stamped in gold.  Pulling the hood off of his head, he trots to the counter and orders a drink from Cream Puff, engaging in some light conversation before he ambles over to flop down next to Rainbow Dash with a steaming hot mug of cocoa.
Rainbow_Dash blinks and grins as Dynamite suddenly appears. "Yo Dyna! How's it hangin?" She leans over to give him a high-hoof.
Virga was a simple creature, especially since he turned white. He didn't need public address of what he was, or a large order on a menu. A simple, coffee based drink on ice was enough for him. However, he didn't greet or address any pony like he normally would. For now, he just wanted a quiet drink to himself at the far end of the cafe, in the corner.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "Black Virga and White Virga? Is he also a cow?"
<OOC> Scope says, "At times."
<OOC> Virga used to be a very dark violet color before a certain event. :3
Memoire_Musique perches down next to Virga, staring up at him. "Are you my cousin? 'cause you kinda look like mommy." she says without any sort of preamble.
<OOC> Scope says, "He got real scared."
Dynamite_Rave returns the high hoof, then drops his foreleg about her shoulders as he takes a sip to his cocoa as he floats it up with his magic.  Giving a smile to the fireplace, he soaks up the heat, then uses his magic to cause the flame to rise a bit and add a few more degrees.  "Hey you, it's going pretty good.  Been working my tail off. Glad to have a night free so I hunted you down.  Missed you."
<OOC> Virga swears he's not a michael jackson pony.
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning says, "Aw, that would have thrilled me."
Eclair had started towards the fire - the promise of the extra warmth just too alluring, but the prospect of sitting next to that noisy blue pegasus kind of kills the appeal. She frowns around her saucer, and turns about, taking a spot near the counter.
NimbusVonDawning bobs her head, side to side, back and forth, like there's music playing that only she can hear. Then she starts air drumming. o.o Eventually she stops long enough to look for somepony taking orders. Whether they are or not.
Another guard happens to have the night off and he also just so happens to step into the establishment.  It's Sco--  err, SUnflare, having left his armor (and his grey coat) at home and out in his normal orange & red color scheme, blinking light green eyes about as the cafe is a bit more crowded than as per usual.  Huh.  For the time being though he scoots off to the side to find a free table somewhere, eyeing today's menu from afar while he decides just what he wants.
Virga turn an ear to the young voice. It wasn't common someone asked him a question out of the blue, or rather someone he never met ask him a question about family relations. "Perhaps," he answered with  the bare hint of a regal tone underlying his kind reply. "To know for sure would be very difficult." His golden eyes shifted to a familiar shape, but he kept his attention to Memoire. Three guards now visited the cafe. What a rarity.
"Winter's always a rough time for the Patrol," Rainbow Dash states, "but it's all cool, you know? Uh, no pun intended, heheh." She settles into he cushion as Dynamite stokes the fire; now /that/ was a useful kill. "You know, it's kinda taking them a long time to get my tea. I'm almost done my salad!" She peers at the waitress scurrying about aimlessly. Come to think of it, she hasn't seen her actually serve anypony in a while...
Memoire_Musique nods and stares up at him. "You look like Papa Scope. He holds himself like you. He's strong and brave. Are you Scope's brother?" she asks curiously, scooting forward, a bit closer now.
Giving her a squeeze about the shoulder, Dynamite perks his ears upwards, then rises off the couch as he trots to the counter.  After a few quick works with the poor barista who is running back and forth, it seems that is bubbling over in apologies as she passes over the tea.  He looks out to the waitress, then back to Puff as he gives a jerk of his head.  It seems that the management is going to have a chat.  Heading back over to the couch, he flops himself down next to her once more, floating the tea to her.  "Here you go."  He says with a grin on his face before he sips at his cocoa gain.  "Wanna get dinner tomorrow?"
<OOC> Scope says, "MEMMY NO"
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning gags Scope. Continue, Mem.
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Virga lightly chuckled. "Scope?" he said. "He and I are part of the same unit, though we hardly work together. I can definitely say we are not brothers, young one." He loosened his wings and sipped on his coffee. "Rather, I have no siblings and no known cousins."
<OOC> Virga says, "haha"
Eclair closes her eyes cradling her coffee between her forehooves, dipping her nose down into the steam, almost reverently, a small smile creeping up her muzzle as she lifts the cup. The first sip is punctuated by a low sigh before she sets the cup back on the saucer, and noses into the plate of madeleines. Nom nom nom.
Sunny's ear flicks at the mention of "Scope" and his attention swivels over to see the daughter of his greatest rival speaking to his fellow Sun Guard and then ask.. oh man, are you kidding me?  Dropping his head and letting out a sigh, Sunflare lifts his hoof upward and rubs his forehead with a shake of his head and a grumble under his breath.  "Brothers..  that's a first."
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "Wait. What'd I do?"
<OOC> Scope says, "Nuffin'.  Just found the question funny."
"Hey, thanks!" Rainbow Dash says, taking the cup and sipping. Mmmm. "Yeah, it's been a while, hasn't it? I gotta check my schedule to make sure and stuff, though." Meanwhile, there's a sharp draft as the door swings open, letting the winter air flow briskly into the room. It's another...what? Who is that? /What/ is that? Ponies stop mid-conversation and turn their heads to gaze upon...somepony. The figure is definitely unicorn-shaped, vaguely, but there's much more. Their horn is jagged and branched, their tail a wiry brush of reed-like prominences. Scaly skin drapes a roan-red hide, and a wild, sunset-red mane crawls up the neck to a tapered snout. She - well, it /looks/ like a she - looks around, peering at the establishment with strangely translucent eyes.
NimbusVonDawning looks around. Hm. No waiter or waitress. She proceeds to air-drum with her hooves on the tabletop. Not super loud or anything, but enough to cut through to the ears of anypony whom might provide her with consumables. >_<
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<OOC> Dynamite_Rave notes that as the player of Cream Puff, to get service you just hop up to the counter, she'll serve you, either see or Pumpkin Latte, and they will deliver the drinks XD I don't know why everyone portrays the staff here as dummies when they're pretty much the two most efficient cafe owners in Ponyville. :)
The door to the coffee house rings open. Summersweet rushes her way inside before promptly closing the door behind her. Theres a shiver and a lift of her forehooves as she drops down the hoodie from her head. "Are the weather ponies in this town mental?" she mutters with a shiver. She scans the room for the familiar face. She lands on Scope in the corner by himself first and gives a little smirk. This is before her gaze moves to Dynamite. First, why was he here too. Second, he's doing what now? Her ear flicks and she simply wanders past and settles down in the seat there with Scope. "Hey there. You picking up brand new brothers or something?" She teases and grins back to her superior. (offers pic - <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8qqjwud8xmb3wp/CommissionSummersweet.jpg">https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8qqjwud8xmb3wp/CommissionSummersweet.jpg</a>)
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Memoire_Musique nods, and scoots in to lean against Virga. The little filly seems to believe that everyone loves her, and thus? She loves everyone. She hugs his leg sadly. "That's awful! You can be my big brother then!" she says, as if that makes everything better.
"Welcome.  But sure, check your schedule, lemmie know what's up."  Dynamite Rave says as he rises up and off the couch once he catches sight of Summersweet and Sunflare.  With a grin, he quick glances back to the rainbow colored mare, then trots off to his teammates.  "Hey guys." He calls over as he flops down next to them at the table, then perks his ears up at the sight of the odd creature that just entered.  Leaning forward, he says, "... is that a changeling?"
<OOC> You say, "How does Summersweet know Scope and Dyna?"
<OOC> Scope says, "She's a fellow guard, and an old friend of Scope's."
<OOC> You say, "Ahh!"
<OOC> Summersweet says, "Also big time troublemarker. You want some fireworks?"
<OOC> Scope says, "Oh dear."
<OOC> Dynamite_Rave says, "Ahem. I do the fireworks."
<OOC> Summersweet just thought of how awesome an M80 going off in a snowbank would be.
<OOC> Dynamite_Rave says, "What'd be more awesome than that? Two M80's."
<OOC> Summersweet says, "Snowsplosions"
Virga had no objections to Memoire leaning against him. "Ahaha," he murmured. "You're a cute filly, but it doesn't sadden me to be honest. I never really thought about it." He lightly brushed the edges of his wing over Memoire's ears before mysterious entrant appeared. Once more, he had no words to say. Strange ponies and beings came across his path many times. The way this creature paused her looks on Dyne and Scope told him that she was not familiar with him, perhaps a good thing so far. "Did you want anything, young one? I wouldn't mind buying it for you."
Memoire_Musique rubs her chin with a hoof. "Can I have a bran smoothie?" she asks perkily. "Daddy says that you can make bran anything, and bran is healthiest for you but I don't believe him 'cause mommy always sneaks a few sweets when he's not looking so if it's okay maybe I could have a peppermint milkshake?" she asks, all without taking a breath as she curls up with Virga.
<OOC> Virga is now craving a peppermint milkshake. Thank you very much X3
...When he did get heavier?  o.o  The distraction of Memmy & Virga pulled his attention so far away that Sunny didn't even notice Summersweet enter, let alone land atop of him.  "What th--  Oh.", he blinks, realizing just who it was that was using his back as a seat and rolling his eyes when she sits beside him.  "You know full well I'm an only child, Summer.  I don't think I'd want a brother, thank you."  It's now he notices the other new..  arrival, eyes narrowing behind his glasses as he comes to the same conclusion as Rave when the other stallion just happens to leave his marefriend and sit down with the fellow guards.  But quite suddenly, Sunflare has a plan!  "...Go get her, Rave."
Eclair looks up, frowning towards the door as she feels the draught, half a cookie held between her teeth. Her frown fading into an expression of confusion as she sees -- what? She blinks a few times, brow furrowing, though her confusion doesn't keep her from sucking the rest of her cookie into her mouth, chewing slowl on it.
<OOC> Discord gives Virga a similarly red-and-white chilipepper milkshake.
<OOC> Scope says, "Bonus points to whomever gets that reference."
<OOC> NimbusVonDawning 's reference I've been planning may be more obscure unless anyone's seen Withnail & I :p
Rainbow_Dash is late to the party, it seems, as she's quickly befuddled by all the ponies staring in the direction of the entrance. "Whoa, hey! What's-" She peers around several ponies' heads to catch a sight of the...creature. Um. She gawks openly just as the rest of the Cafe decides that, maybe, it's rude to stare, and they awkwardly try to return to their businesses. Meanwhile, the not-pony approaches the counter and gazes upon the host with almond-shaped eyes. "You are...a server of tea, I am told?" she asks, a strange, exotic accent to her voice.
Summersweet leans forward and shrugs back to Scope. "Yeah, but knowing how crazy things get around here I couldn't tell. Next time I look up you'll be one of the Princesses adopted sons." Oh, and here come Dynamite right on queue. She raises her brow and allows him to sit closer on Scope's side. "Hey Rave. How you and you're somepony doing?" she watches the red stallion carefully. And then, Scope is suddenly up and , "Go get.. who? What?"
[Virga] So many words from one small source, how amazing. Colts and fillies never spoke like that in the Empire, and it was...adorable? Yes, that's the word they used for things these days. "One peppermint milkshake," he said, extending a wing to fiddle with a menu. He'd not rush the staff, but he did point out the order to a passing waitress. Unlike most of the other ponies he didn't focus on the not-pony, at least with his eyes. This pegasus still listened, however. "Virga," he said to Memoire. "Virga de Soleil to be proper."
"What do you mean go get her?  And what do you mean you don't want a brother? You /adopted/ me as your brother."  Dynamite Rave says with a snort as he squints his eyes at Sunflare.  "Kinda hurts bro."  He grunts out as his ears fold back against his head.  "Get who?  The creature?  Pretty sure I can't just arrest her for being.. uh.. different."  He says as he props his chin up with his hoof with a smirk.  "Hey Summer.  We're uh.. you know.. doing.. I guess.  Whatev', who cares 'bout that.  I wanna know what's going on over there with her."
Dynamite_Rave is head motioning towards the 'changeling thingy' ordering tea.
Sunny rolls his eyes skyward and glares aside to Rave, flopping back in his seat and idly leaning over to lean onna Summer.  "Oh hush.  I meant biological siblings, not adopted one."  He lets out a bit of a huff and leans back, crossing his forelegs over his chest as he turns his attention away from..  well, whatever it is ordering tea and back to the general going ons in the cafe.
Memoire_Musique nods. "I'm Memoire Musique! My mommy is Vinyl and my daddy is Marble! I've got a little brother named Rewind, a big brother named Thunderfire, and ..." and she starts naming off most of the ponies she's ever met and her fictionial relationship to them. Excellent memory for such a youngling.
NimbusVonDawning's eyes widen in the direction of the unusual pony that has entered. While still watching, she untucks a bottle of Suspicious Liquid from under her wing and pours it into her teacup. Which isn't there, it's an empty cup from the previous customer, not that she's noticed. "Hey, I know you." she says to the unusual one, tucking the bottle back under her wing, "You were on the cover of Iron Mareden's third album. Excellent too if I may say so."
Eclair is certainly not above staring, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have to stop drinking her coffee. She slurps some more down, watching the stranger over the rim of her cup.
Dinky baps Memoire on the cheek to get her to stop listing ponies.  She doesn't do it hard--just enough to signal enough is enough.  The situation in here is starting to agitate Dinky, who's not wearing much today and just came in here to warm up from the bitter chill.
Memoire_Musique doesn't stop listing ponies for a full minute after Dinky baps her, finishing up with: "And this is Dinky! She's my second cousin!"
Virga listened as he continued his ritual of drinking iced coffee. Vinyl, he heard of her. Marble--defintely heard of him, but not so much Rewind. The fact she could name so many other ponies was amazing, a potential future living encyclopedia there. When the peppermint shake arrived he moved his wings and tightly bound them against his back. "Here's your milk-shake, Memoire." His ears did his watching for him. Under no circumstances would he ask the stranger a question or engage in direct eye contact unless it was warrented. And Dyne was right for not jumping at this one--for simply being different was not an arrest-worthy offense. The mention of Dinky had him giving regards to this new pony. "Good day to you, Dinky," he said. "Virga de Soleil."
Summersweet looks back to Sunny and Rave as they squabble just like two little brothers. It was sweet in an oddly dumb way. Summer is also interested in the addition of the changeling. But not to the terrible gawking that everypony else seems to do. "Well whatever, I need a drink." she replies and rises back up and moving aside from Scope. She wanders to the front and orders, "Cup of coffee, to the brim, black." she comments as she moves ever so carefully closer to the unusual pony. "Pretty cold out there. I told the pegasi they really need to tone it down. not like they're trying to prove anything." Just a little small talk. Better to get to know who they were rather then there be any sort of idle hushed talk. It was rude if they weren't a problem and indirect if they were as she saw it.
The hostess behind the counter blinks twice before producing a cup of the house special which she sets before the not-pony, who lifts the cup to her lips using her unusual, sparky horn magic. She seems focused and calm, to the point that she doesn't seem to notice Rainbow Dash sneaking up on her, tentatively reaching forward with a hoof to check if those are /real/ scales. Upon sampling, the not-pony rears up (Rainbow quickly scurries behind the nearest table) and sighs in apparent disappointment. "So...this is the quality that your land must endure. Very well." She turns towards the entrance and clap her hooves twice. Immedietely the door bursts open and two more of those not-ponies come through, green and blue stallions (at least, they /look/ like stallions) carting what appears to be an very intriate and complex machine. It whirrs and spins lightly, the dragon's head that serves as the cap fuming with sweet-smelling steam.
Smirking back at Sunflare, Dynamite Rave says with a sniffle. "I bet you told mom you wish I was never born."  Curling his muzzle back a bit, he turns and follows after Summersweet quickly just in case something goes down.  "Yeah, it's freezing."  As Rainbow Dash goes about getting jabby with the new creature, he raises a brow upwards, then glances over his shoulder to the two ponies that suddenly bring in an odd machine.  "Uh, what's going on?"  He asks with a curious, but firm voice.
Dinky starts to roll her eyes, but stops short.  "Wait.  Second cousin?  How do you figure?  Does that make even a scrap of sense?  But the... formidible looking stranger gets her attention.  Is he a stranger?  "Hi," she tells Virga.  "You look kind of familiar.  Have I seen you around the palace, maybe?"  She turns her attention to the machine being wheeled in with a fanfare of condenscesion.  "Oh, this I gotta see."
Memoire_Musique ignores everything else as her shake arrives! "Thank you!" she says to virga, planting a kiss on his cheek before she starts to slurp up her shake with foalish enthusiasm.
"I tell that to a lot of ponies, Rave.", comes the annoyed reply from the unicorn as he's now left alone at his table, though he does have to chuckle as Rave follows Summer moments after she leaves, tsk tsking and shaking his head.  However the new...  thing coming in grabs his attention and Sunflare's to his hooves, horn beginning to glow with a somewhat dimmer aura than as per usual.
"That you have, Dinky," Virga said. How sweet of Memoire to kiss his cheek! "You're welcome, Memoire," he said, his eyes now shifting to the strangers and their device. That, perhaps, was a cause for concern and Dyne was right to inquire about it. The pegasi decided then it was also time for a second inquire. "Stranger," he called, "I must ask if you are peddling wares with the permission of Cafe Tobiano's ownership." His tone wasn't commanding, but it was firm and curious.
Eclair can't help but smile to herself inside her coffee cup at the odd critter's assessment of tea. She grumbles something to herself about 'rather drink a cup of mud' before she sets her coffee back down, scooting back a little towards the wall, getting comfortable as that contraption is hauled in. She's interested enough not to yell at them for letting the cold in, and that's pretty interested.
Summersweet gives a little shrug as her smalltalk is more or less ignored. Ehh, it's smalltalk away. Whatever, her coffee was here. She scooped up the drink and takes a sip right as Dynamite is on her horseshoes. The pegasi turns to the red stallion and then arches her brow. "So, you taking me to see your girl or what? I need to make sure I get all the best stories out of her." She grins a terrible grin before taking another sip of black coffee. "Or maybe Scope can help me."
Dinky blows air when Memoire ignores her in favor of a cup of Dinkydeath.  "Yeah?  You part of Celestia's court?" she asks Virga while still watching the weird out-of-towners to see if their beverage machine lives up to the hype.  "I'm on the night side of things, so."
By this time Rainbow Dash has ended up close to Dynamite again. "/No/ idea," she admits. "Who are those guys? They look like...they're not from around here," she observes, demonstrating the extent of her grasp of cultural equinology. -- he not-pony mare gives Virga a strange look. "We are no mere peddlers, young one," she asserts, stepping into the middle of the empty circle which has formed aronud her and the machine. "Gracious and noble subjects of the Sunlands! We, the qirin of Chineigh, have taken note of your mediocre refreshments, and deign to grant you this boon: a sampling of /real/ tea!" The two stallions work the contraption, which begins to chug rather loudly, whistling and steaming. A single cup of liquid comes out; everypony nearby cranes their necks forward to look at it. It's...green?
Memoire_Musique sluuuuurps at her shake for a moment... "Virga? Are you a Princess Too?" she asks, poking him in the chest. "If you work with Momlestia...?" she asks, before offering to share her shake with dinky.
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"Uh, I think we have bigger things to worry about than you meeting my marefriend."  Dynamite says with a smirk to Summersweet as he gives her a bump tot he shoulder.  "Like, what the heck is going on with these guys."  His horn sizzles to life as well as he watches the contraption begin to take life.  He leans his head back a bit, then squints his eyes.  Cream Puff of course looks insulted from behind the counter, pointing with her hoof. "Out!"  She calls.  "You can't bring that stuff in here and insult my drinks!"  Her big green eyes looks to the guard pleadingly.
That's all he needed.  With horn still aglow, Sunflare goes from plain 'ol orange & red to grey & white of a guardpony, stepping out from behind his table.  "Alright, that's enough."  Scope clears his throat as he approaches the odd looking ponies, motioning with his head to the exit.  "The owner of this establishment has asked for you to leave.  If you wish to give out samples of your concoction then do so outside and at least one hundered feet away from other restaurants so not to disrupt their business."
"That I am, Dinky," he said, his eyes focused on the not-pony mare. "And I am no mere young one, stranger," he answered, his ears shifting about to the rest of the ponies present. To Memoire he briefly answered. "No, not a Princess," he said to her, "rather, her dragon." Momlestia? That was...something he'd have to address Celestia by the next time he saw her. When Cream Puff voiced her objections to the qirin, the white pegasus had to stand. Scope took one position, and he crossed the restaurant to take the other. "As my fellow at arms has just stated, the owner has asked you leave. Ponyville and Equestria have many market places for you to display your foodstuff that don't infringe upon an operating business."
Eclair settles down on her cushion, tucking her forelegs under herself, watching with an abstract little smile on her muzzle. She nibbles idly on a cookie as she watches things unfold.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash sits back as this diplomatic crisis unfolds :u
<OOC> Summersweet does as well.
<OOC> Scope says, "wee"
"I can't drink that," says Dinky.  No, not to the qirin or whoever they are.  To Memoire Musique.  But she looks pretty skeptical of the cup of green slime, too.  Whoa.  But are things coming to a throwdown?  Now Dinky is interested.  "Whoa, hold on.  What if their tea really is better?  How is anyone supposed to drink it out there in the cold?  Have you been outside today?  It's like, all the degrees below!"  She's basically arguing their side out of sheer contrariness.
The female "qirin", for that's what they seem to call themselves, regards the guardsponies and Cream Puff not with discomfort, but with bemusement. "Ah, there is so much that must be taught! Surely, you will think otherwise once you have a taste of the wonders of the Middle Kingdom." The qirin stallions continue to produce cups of green stuff, one of which has ended up in the hooves of Rainbow Dash who, shall we say, cannot be any farther from any concerns about diplomacy or propriety. She has a sip of it. It's hot...and tasty! "Whoa, it's like I can drink this for /flying/!" she declares. That seems to be enough for the patrons, who quickly crowd around the machine and start pestering the qirin for samples.
Memoire_Musique nods and crawls up on Virga's back, sipping lazily at her delicious smoothie. "Okay." she says. "Wait... Dragon? You're a DRAGON? YAY! I've GOT A DRAGON FOR A BIG BROTHER!" she crows excitedly.
"Dash!"  Cream Puff calls out with hurt in her eyes as she stamps a hoof on the ground.  "This is so insulting."  She looks like she is about to cry as she squints her eyes sadly, ears faltering back.  It's a good thing Latte isn't here or else blood may have been shed.  Dynamite Rave take Scope's side as he gives a narrow of his eyes.  "I don't know who or what you guys are, but you can't just walk into someone's establishment and try to ruin their business."  With a flash of magic, he flips the off switch if there is one on the machine, or at least yanks a plug.
"They can't?" mutters Dinky.  "Isn't that, like, exactly what happened two years back with those Flim-Flam brothers?"
Scope does more than that.  For refusing his order, the older of the unicorns takes aim with his horn as the tip glows brighter than the rest, firing out a pair of energy pulses at the slop-dispensing device in attempts to shut it down for good.  And just for good measure to show his authority, there's a flash of a teleport around him and..  lol poof, his armor appears on his form, complete with the golden shoes.  "Do I need to ask you again?"
"A figure of speech, Memoire," Virga said. He let her on his back as this situation wasn't inherently dangerous, but he would rather her sit with Dinky. For now, he didn't voice it. When Dash sampled the drink, he only peered at the 'qirin' a little more. When Dyne further stated the improper conduct he quietly whispered to the young pony. "Memoire, please stay with Dinky. Very important." His head turned about  and he slowly spread his wings for a stretch. His eyes fell on the qirin. "Your presence is being address by three members of Royal Security. It is not our duty to favor a company based on the goodness of their talents. We also have no guarantee that what your serving if a magical malady or slow-acting poison." Blunt, possibly harsh, but Virga didn't survive for being stupid. "Not accusing, but we don't know who you are, your behavior is not helping the case."
Eclair stays firmly where she is through the initial rush for the odd green tea, a fixed frown on her face. But as ponies start shooting, well, that's a different story. She creeps, as unobtrusively as possible, behind the counter and hunkers down, covering her head with her hooves, repeating, "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear."
Rainbow_Dash sits in stunned silence as the situation suddenly escalates: the contraption screeches to a halt as Scope and Dynamite apply their magics to it, the whole machine emitting a much less pleasant black smoke. The qirin say nothing, merely gazing at their now broken-down device. Slowly, the stallions begin the process of gathering up the pieces and reassembling the machine. They're not the main problem now, however. "Hey, you can't do that!" shouts a patron, a pegasus stallion. "We were drinking that!" "You can't just let these...these /outsiders/ barge in!" shouts another, a unicorn stallion. Fairly soon an internecine conflict erupts as ponies start to argue fiercely about their uninvited guests, with clear ccamps in favour or against. Well.
Memoire_Musique shakes her head. "NOPE! YOU'RE A DRAGON NOW!" she says, before losing energy and cuddling up to Virga, closing her eyes and quickly beginning to snore.
<OOC> Dusk says, "Heya, Firefly!"
<OOC> Virga says, "Oh crap, if Firefly comes in and sees this. KABOOM. X3"
Screenplay comes in with her son as he sqeals and jumps up and down excitedly. She smiles to her son as she says "Calm yourself hon calm yourself.."
<OOC> Firefly says, "Moi? Be so violent? Tish."
Firefly enters behind Screenplay, pausing. Smoking remains of a slop serving thing...a brawl, some foal sleeping at Virga's hooves. Hmm. She flicks an ear and just walks through everything to the counter. "Lemon tea, hot."
...Having just about enough of this, Scope's horn brightens considerably as he lets out a bellow of "SILENCE!" as he rears up, slamming his forehoves down upon the ground with considerably force, only amplified by his magic and sending out a bit of a wave of energy.  Once he has everypony's attention he turns his to the outsiders, pointing a hoof to the door.  "You three, take that machine outside to repair it and remain out there.  If you don't comply then I'm going to teleport this device to another plane of reality and I bid you good luck in attempting to find it."  Turning back to the crowd (especially those that were rooting in favor), he lets out a little snarl.  "If you wish to continue partaking then go outside as well.  And I don't care about how cold it is, deal with it."
Dinky grumbles and mumbles and kicks Memoire's chair on the way out for no reason--Memoire isn't probably even using it.  "They're pretty cool looking, though.  Gotta admit that," she mumbles to Scope.  She manages to barely avoid getting stamped on just before exiting the cafe.
Virga appreciated Memoire, but she did need to get off his back. He carefully tilted his back and arched his wings to set the younger pony in a chair. He was not the sort to raise his voice like Scope or Dyne. Unlike the other two he was not the proactive sort unless under direct order, being the reactive and reserved pegasus that Celestia would want him to be. The old days when he'd have already frozen the machine to death were rare and mostly over. He'd say something about the cold. The outside cold was not cold to him, but balmy.
<OOC> Luna says, "Firefly, are you part of this scene?  I wouldn't think so, since you just got here."
<OOC> Luna has been filled in.  Nevermind.
<OOC> Virga says, "Princess <3"
<OOC> Firefly says, "She did note things, walk past them all and order hot lemon tea. She's really tired ICly. LOL"
<OOC> Scope says, "Moonbutt."
Eclair can only be heard as she hides behind the counter, listening to the commotion in the room beyond, "Es una cosa muy seria. Es una cosa muy seria." Repeated like a mantra.
Memoire_Musique yawns sleepily and curls up in the cushion, snuggling down tight. She blinks once as he leaves, waving a hoof. "Bybey big bro... Come home soon."
<OOC> Luna says, "I'm afraid Firefly has a very hard night ahead of her, then."
<OOC> Firefly grins.
<OOC> Virga says, "I could help with that."
<OOC> Dinky says, "Yeah, why don't you come along, Virga?"
<OOC> Luna says, "...was that a double entendre?"
The 'brawl' Firefly sees is really just a hyperactive shouting match at the present moment, with insults like 'insensate omnivore!' and 'dust-eating glass-drinker!' being bandied about. The qirin, on the other hoof, are oases of calm. "So, this is the welcome of the children of Harmony? Very well," says the qirin mare. At once, she and her stallion assistants take their device and head on out. This causes the entire fight to pause, and then, within moments, half of the cafe has departed out the door after the qirin, including Rainbow Dash, who follows after them with her empty cup.
<OOC> Dinky says, "I think it was just a tendre."
<OOC> Firefly says, "As old as Virga is, he needs more combat training?"
<OOC> Luna says, "And what is Dinky doing?"
<OOC> Scope says, "My work here is done."
<OOC> Virga is actually having much difficulty with manifesting his powers of the sun. Celestia and he had a discussion about it and it'll require some menotrship.
<OOC> Memoire_Musique says, "Night all!"
Dinky is at the head of that crowd.  She was storming out of the cafe before it was cool.
<OOC> You say, "Well, Cream Puff's definitely lost business /now/ X3"
<OOC> Scope says, "It'll recover."
Firefly isn't really paying much heed to the goings on. It seemed to have been handled rather securely. Right now, there is ONE thing on her mind. Lemon tea.
Screenplay heads to the conter odering some dinner with her son as she then comes back.  So how was your day.."
Scope snorts as his order is finally followed, then with a roll of his eyes he readies himself for a teleport, closing his eyes and concentrating on that distant place..
Luna is a princess, and one of the benefits of being a princess is that you're pretty much immune to whatever you might accidentally stumble into.  Or teleport into.  With a flash of bllue light, she appears, looming up right in front of Dinky Doo.  Huge princess wings unfurl and spread like the evening over the land.  Cold, bluegreen eyes look down at the tiny filly, and Luna declares, "Dinky Doo!  We have come to offer thee another lesson in magic.  There is summat we would have thee see."  One of those wings flicks at the bar, and she barks, "FIREFLY!  ATTEND!  We have dark and violent work ahead of us tonight."
Thunderball smiles as he says "I'm doing well moma just tired of the snow..'
..There goes his concentration as Luna suddenly appears and bellows, and thankfully he's able to shut down the spell before he ends up somewhere he'd most rather not be.  With a growl of annoyance, Scope lifts his head and throws a glare across the establishment at the night princess..  ..rather bold.
Firefly's eyes and ears widen and perk instantly at the call to duty, the pegasus giving a startled inhalation, forgetting all about tea as she spins around, taking flight to whip over and U-turn at her Princess' right flank, an almost violet dust streaming ever so slightly from her wings as she lands, taking her station, at full attention, ready for whatever may be deemed of her.
Dinky is shaken and falls seat first into the snow.  Then comes the crowd she was barely beating out of the cafe, and it's only their relectance to trample a pricness that saves Dinky.  She winces when someone's hoof comes close to her head.  "All right, all right," she vents reflexivel as she rolls and stands.  "Luna.  What's up?  You never answered my letter.  I thought maybe you were over me."  She glances up as Firefly speeds over her (not to mention Rainbow Dash), and glances back at Virga to see if he's showing any interest.
Virga peered back at the Cafe owner, Cream Puff, as the three qirin left wight heir device. The white pegasus did have something to say, but he didn't. A welcome from him was not a welcome from a child of Harmony. He returned to the ordering platform and submitted a note for Cream Puff. "Take this, a sum for each head of pony that visited tonight as compensation for the situation that arose, from my personal account." How generous of him. He had just finished with that note when Luna appeared. "Princess," he said, closing his wings, and then his eyes fell upon Firefly, who he'd not seen in a while. "Firefly, dear." He didn't expect either of them.
Eclair's rambling mantra cuts off as she hears The Voice. She stands slowly behind the counter, glancing left, and right at whomever else might be back there with her before peeking over the top. Her eyes double in sizes, staring at the Lunar princess, "Oh." Then, "Well, I suppose that's one way to break up a scuffle."
Just outside the Cafe, the crowd watchs in awe as the qirin stallions repair their device with their magic, which, unlike Equestrian magic, is jagged and sparky, like arcs of lightning. Then, Luna appears, and the excitement builds; wow, /two/ interesting things today! Most excited, however, is the female qirin, who openly gapes at the Night Princess. "It is the lady of the moon!" she declares, and she bows reverently along with her two helpers.
<OOC> Firefly says, "Oh, they want to see lightning? >:)....."
<OOC> Dusk chuckles. :-)
<OOC> You say, "Fire, no :P"
Screenplay looks around then she asks "I wonder what is going on.."  She then sdpots Luna she comes over as she bows first.  "Excuse me princess but what brings you here.." she asks "Andf what's going on..'
Luna lowers one wing, curling it around Dinky and scooping her up, then sliding her down to the princess's shoulders.  The princess's glittering heavenly mane billows around the little filly, cold and not entirely solid, with a few stars sticking in Dinky's hair.  "Much as we revere thee and thy dame, we have many responsibilities, Dinky Doo.  We shall bring thee along on one tonight.  This is not a trip of joy, but there are things thou should see, to understand the worst.  Firefly!  Heart of Ice!  We leave now."  And with that, Luna and Dinky and Firefly all disappear in a flash of blue light.  Virga also disappears, it's just a different flash because he's across the room.
Dinky raises a hoof to answer, but, well, poof.  That about ends that.
Scope watches as everyone suddenly just vanishes, and he glances across to Screenplay with a shrug.  "..Looks like they're doin' somethin."
The qirin watch in admiration as Luna departs, but pretty soon the demands of their new fans press them to finish the repairs on the machine and serve out some more of their strange green tea. "To the farthest reaches of the world we have come to grant you our abundance!" the qirin mare declares, and there is much camaraderie this night.
Scope sighs, rubbing his forehead as he steps through the now mostly empty cafe and over to where Screenplay & Thunderball sit, flopping down on his rump nearby as he smiles to both of the pegasi.  "Y'all missed some fun."
Eclair creeps out from behind the counter, looking around before she dumps the rest of her coin purse in the tip jar. Eeyup. This done she sits back down and goes back to sipping her, now lukewarm, coffee.
<OOC> Discord says, "I didn't do it!"
<OOC> You say, "For once you didn't! :u"
The qirin stick around for about another hour or so, when their stocks of tea stuff run out. All throughout they are hounded by new admirers of their tea, and when they finally leave for parts unknown there is much in the way of fond farewells. The ponies disperse, including Rainbow Dash, who floats away quite happy to have shown up in the Cafe that day. "Hope Dyna and Scope try some too!" she says, smirking at how seriously they took their jobs earlier.

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