Matters of State


During the Fall of Nightmare Moon Opera TP



Economist Brony, Marble Memory, Starfire


OOC Date: February 23/28, 2014
Characters: Economist Brony, Nightshade, Marble Memory, Starfire
Setting: The Regency Council convenes to discuss matters of state in the wake of Bardigan's play
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Who shall set?"
<OOC> Marble_Memory points at somepony.
<OOC> Nightshade lets he of 15 votes begin :|
<OOC> Firefly snickers. A mirror of actual government at work.
<OOC> EconomistBrony grins.
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Hold on, I'm warming up dinner. X3"
<OOC> Firefly says, "And here we have representatives of all three branches too. LOL"
<OOC> EconomistBrony grins. "Really? How so, Firefly?"
<OOC> Firefly says, "Eb is like the Executive, Marble is Legislative, and Nightshade is like the Judicial."
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Actually, it kind of perfectly works. X3"
<OOC> Firefly says, "Get them all together, and they wait for dinner."
<OOC> Firefly snickers
<OOC> Nightshade is very good at prosecuting the guilty, yes :|
<OOC> You say, "((It also helps that she runs the pony CIA))"
A meeting room in one section of Canterlot's Royal Palace has been dusted off and cleaned to a sparkling state. It is, apparently, the official Privy Council meeting room, as defined by Princesses' decree, but it doesn't get a whole lot of use while the Princess(es) are (were) present. The Privy council advises, but when your leader is the Almighty Ruler of Equestria who raises the sun and is nigh-omniscient, there's not really ever much to advise about beyond more trivial matters. But with the Celestia and Luna gone and Twilight still not ready to fully rule, it appears the (now) Regency Council actually has to do something for once. EconomistBrony, de facto leader given his votes are well beyond controlling, has finally summoned it together and has placed three cushions around a central table. He looks around slowly - ancient stained glass letting in light from the outside. He had hoped it would never come to this. He takes in a deep breath then stands up next to where he will sit at the table's head. "Overseer, Master of Rituals - please come in," he announces after two guards open the great doors to the meeting room. "We ought to begin with all due haste."
<OOC> Firefly is the military. LOL
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Between you and Scope. X3"
"Yes, we do, and must," says Nightshade, who has appeared right on her appointed seat while EB wasn't looking. Her hooves are steepled atop what seems to be a large folder embossed with her cutie mark. "I presume that you are setting the agenda?"
Marble is carrying hooffuls of paperwork into the chamber. He was told he'd need to fill out forms while listening to the meeting. Of course, none of the forms he has are relevant, but that seems to work for Marble.
"That is correct," the economist responds to Nightshade as she takes her seat. He proceeds to take a seat once Marble and Nightshade arrive - the guards keep the doors open at the moment. "Ponies of the general public may enter and observe if they desire for now - if we enter executive session it will then be closed." And then he opens a folder of his own. "We shall first begin with a report on the state of Equestria. The Crystal Empire is so far unharmed with the recent events in Canterlot thanks to Cadance and Shining Armor - but they will need to remain there to keep this so. Ponyville appears to be remaining calm and Canterlot so far has not panicked, despite some occasional battles between the sisters. The guards in Canterlot remain on high alert. I have not yet assigned guards to Ponyville, given the other elements of harmony are there to help keep the peace, but have arranged for guards ot be sent immediately in the event of a disturbance." He then closes his report and looks to Nightshade. "Now, please present your report, Nightshade."
Nightshade nods politely. "I shall," she says, her horn embraced by shadow as a large holographic screen, leaking darkness at its edges, manifests itself on the centre of the table. It's a map of Equestria, with the major cities and fortresses depicted by over-scale 3D models. "Public safety is quite secure, thanks to the efforts of the Royal Guard, but there have been reports of demonstrations in Manehattan and Fillydelphia demanding greater accountability. Some of the landed nobles have returned to their fiefs and have begun the process of marshalling their levies for the first time in centuries, though they are much smaller now thanks to Princess Celestia's previous, ah, reforms. The Gerousia of Cloudsdale has convened an emergency to discuss the matter: there are rumours that the Executive is considering a limited establishment of the Themes. Ponyville itself is quite secure, despite being near the epicentre of the clashes between the ersatz-princesses, but the Mayor has petitioned the Palace directly for more resources."
Marble stutters nonsense a moment, then says, "Exactly... how many ponies are actually in this uprising?" Marble asks. He may have to go to Cloudsdale to talk to its Executive, being a pegasus. Also a pegasus from Cloudsdale.
EconomistBrony nods once as Nightshade begins. "We shall need to send somepony to both Manehatten, Fillydelphia, and Cloudsdale as soon as possible to ease fears and smooth over these demonstrations," the economist responds. "Do you have any suggestions as to whom we ought to send? I do not think it would be wise for all three of us to leave Canterlot for the time being, but I think it is possible for one of us to leave for a short time without undue distress. Otherwise, the one whom we send should be highly trusted and loyal. As for the nobles, I believe we can handle it - we should summon them all here for a little..." he pauses for a moment. "Party. We shall assuage their concerns by throwing a small gala. Marble, can your wife perform?"
Stardust enters quietly, trotting over to the Accountant while nodding hellos to Marble and the Overseer. She smiles to Economist and tilts her head. "Uhm, Sir, here is your coffee. Blended with your favorite...additive." nodding, setting it down. "And your files for potential couriers to other cities." smiling at him. "Will there be anything else Sir?" flicking her wing lightly.
"The demonstrations are mostly peaceful," Nightshade states. "The largest numbers a few hundred, certainly nothing to be too excited about. Cloudsdale is a larger worry, given that they do have the power to make some drastic changes to things." She looks over at Marble as the Economist makes his suggestion. "Ah, yes...a sound plan." She restrains herself to cmmenting further; this meeting is on the record, after all. Nightshade acknowledges Stardust but says nothing to her for now.
<OOC> Marble_Memory hates to do this, but he has to go for a bit.
<OOC> Stardust fills in for him. Ahem. FLAILS!
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Awwww. How long will you be?"
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "I don't know."
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Hmmm. Continue later, then?"
<OOC> You say, "It seems :|"
<OOC> Nightshade must also be going, but for a short while only.
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Alrighty. :3 Later."
<OOC> Firefly cracks an eye open. "Somepony mention executions?"
(The next session)
<OOC> EconomistBrony :|
<OOC> Nightshade :|
<OOC> Marble_Memory :|
<OOC> EconomistBrony :|
<OOC> Marble_Memory reaches for a form. :|
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Alright, shall we get back to our scene?"
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "Sounds good to me."
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Whose pose?"
<OOC> Marble_Memory says, "I don't know. :O"
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Nightshade, surely you know."
<OOC> You say, "Of course I do. I know everything :|"
<OOC> You say, "((I have the logs))"
"Oh, Cloudsdale..." Of course Cloudsdale is a big concern. Weatherponies and jocks. Marble didn't enjoy growing up there. "U-um... my wife loves doing parties but... um..." Marble taps the conference table nervously. "These are nobles, aren't they?"
"Yes, yes, they are nobles," the economist responds to Marble as he taps a hoof on the conference table. "And everypony, including nobles, loves a good party," he continues on for a while before hovering up his tea (and plus whatever else Stardust put in it like the good assistant she is) and taking a long sip. "No, Stardust, thank you," he responds before looking back up to Marble. "Would you like to take care of the issues in Cloudsdale, marble? You are from there, after all, and can represent the regency."
"I can assist with the nobles, if you so desire it," Nightshade states, but she lets Marble have his say now.
"My concern is that they are *nobles* and might want music of a... um... different, er..." Marble ahems. "How about this: Octavia's moved into my house. I was wondering if we could offer her a chance to handle a party for the nobles?" Then Marble is asked to go to Cloudsdale and blurts out, "No!" Then he catches. "I mean, YES! I mean... of course. I can take care of it."
EconomistBrony considers this. "Octavia? Octavia! Excellent!" the economist bombasts before staring at Marble. "... Octavia just moved into your house?" he asks with a long, lingering aura of puzzlement.
Nightshade steeples her hooves together. Now this is interesting, even if she already knows it.
"Yes... into my basement. She's made it a regular flat, really." Marble says, then notices he doesn't have coffee. "So yeah... I'll talk to Octavia and my wife... and explain I'm going to Cloudsdale to keep them from invading... um, here. Yes."
"Perfect, perfect, perfect," the economist responds to his son as he rubs his hooves together. Yes, everything is coming together perfectly. Peeeeerfectly!
Nightshade simply gazes blandly at Marble and EB as they discuss the matter in such unserious tones. "...Now that those matters are settled, I presume, would we be moing on to discuss other public business, or is it time to, shall we say, go in camera?"
Marble fidgets. "Just on second." Marble stands up and leaves the room. Several minutes pass. Several more. Then he returns with a cup of coffee, shutting the door behind him.
EconomistBrony waits until Marble returns with his cup of coffee. "Yes, let us do precisely so, Nightshade," the economist says before sipping from his own gigantic cup of coffee.
Nightshade nods solemnly, and with a burst of shadow from her horn she alters the room for the occasion. The curtains draw themselves shut with an imperious snap, the windows flashing as anti-surveillance wards appear upon them, their runic symbols glowing briefly and darkly as they manifest. Orbs of dim light apparate above them as the magical map of Equestria on the table starts to attain new properties: new symbols and data representing armies, resource trains, agent locations, naval dispositions, the entirety of Equestria's strategic secrets in other words, coloured in bright blues. But there are other colours, too. To the north is the steely hues of the Crystal Empire, and to the A host of red. "The Directory has been busy," she says. "I've been getting steady reports of skirmishes in the borderlands...and at least one infiltration."
"An infiltration? Borderlands?" Marble is already lost. "We're talking about two ponies who got... enchanted. Or something. Are we having a full re-enactment of over a millenium ago?"
((Unfortunately, we had to stop the RP at this point. What was Nightshade referring to? You'll have to find out later :u ))

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