The MRC Egg - 02 - Enter the Egg

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Fall, daytime.



(There is a part 1 Dusk was not there for, around 10/20/2012.  If Mirage, Chance, Snow, or any other there for it passes it along, I will put it up.)
Mirage (Today at 6:46:43AM) -- The Magical Research Enrichment Center
Just letting you know the Research Center is overgrown all over the domed ceiling and walls with vines that grow a season in about an hour.  So, all the leaves and flower petals drop off in a huge cloud every hour.  Snow Bolt was nice enough to help get rid of several hours worth of leaves, but more are on the way since we don't know where the vines came from.
Magic Research Center
From the outside the Magic Research Center, with its magic wand and flask sign out front, looks much like any other Ponyville building.  The door requires operating a latch and it automatically closes behind you.  Inside, while rather smaller and simplier than a university site, the MRC is still quite spacious, and equally full of all maner of [lab equipment], projects being worked on, and things you're not sure about.  There are no windows, and if you pay attention all the inner walls are covered with a material which blocks most all magic passing.  Whether that's 'in' to protect the experiments, or 'out,' you're not sure.  There are only the occasional loud noises or bright flashes.  There are both stairs with a railing going up to an upper platform below an openable [dome] with telescopes and other gear, as well as stairs leading down to the lower level.
[ Obvious Exits: <O>ut to Ponyville Square                                    ]
[      Players: Snow_Bolt, Chance, Mirage                                    ]
[      Sleepers: Dragonfly, BlueFeather, Squirrelly, Noble_Steadfast, Starfire,]
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Rarity comes over from the Square.
Mirage is busily trying to sweep up the leaves and petals dropped from the vines overhead.  They keep growing and getting thicker, and now there's a thick carpet of shed leaves, with more on the way at the next dropping, which will be soon.  Outside of the center is the very large pile of leaves that Snow Bolt cleaned out yesterday.  The vines jammed the dome mechanism early on, so the door is the only way to sweep out the leaves.  Mirage magicks a large broom around, making a little progress.  "Snow said it must be somepony's project.  I wish they'd come back and take control of it," she mutters to herself with frown.
Chance stepped out for a little while, and apparently just missed Mirage comming back. He trots through the door once more and spots the once-more growing mess. The pile that Snow cleaned up yesterday had grown a bit from earlier. "This stuff sure makes a mess quickly, doesn't it? I cleaned up a bit earlier, myself." He trots over to get a second broom to assist Mirage.
Rarity goes home.
Mirage blinks as Chance comes in, and her broom hits a table.  Frowning again, she gives a nod to greet him.  "Yes, it does.  I thought about just setting fire to the whole thing, but, you know, after the forest incident, I didnt' think Dusk would appreciate the Center being a smoking ruin.  And Snow Bolt thought it would be a bad idea to kill the vines, anyway."  Then she goes back to sweeping.
Chance helps with the sweeping. "So he told me earlier. Something about it might be somepony's project. I exposed a bit to the silver crystal. It.. started growing faster. Some type of magic plant, or something?" he muses.
Mirage gives an exasperated sigh.  "Yes, it's some sort of magic.  It's growing much to fast to be natural.  It's like it goes through a season every hour or so.  And it's getting into everything."  She sweeps her leaves up into a pile.  One of many piles about the large room.  "Snow didn't use any of his magic directly on the vines.  He didn't think it would be wise to do so.  He thought patience was called for until we know more."
Dusk has been out on a short research trip himself, for about the last day.  He happily returns to the familiar Ponyville and heads right over to the Center, figuring to see who is there currently.  As he comes up he looks as the curious pile of leaves around the area.  "Well this is curious."  Seeing as he doesn't see the like elsewhere around.  He steps up to the door just in time to have a bunch more leaves swept out in his direction..
Chance considers this. "Well, plants need resources to grow, even magic plants. Where's it getting those resources? If not directly from a spell, it should die once it runs out of nutrition. Theoretically."
Mirage grumps as she pushes a big pile of leaves with her broom towards the door.  "There's all kinds of magic things in here.  It could be feeding off any of them, as far as I know," she replies, looking very unhappy about the whole situation.  " Or maybe something else is feeding it.  I've been sweeping all day and I'm not keeping pace."  She magicks the door open and with a mighty push, shovels the big pile of leaves out the door.  Right into Dusk!
Dusk sputters and waves a hoof at all the leaves.  "What the hay?"  There are some downsides to being largely unnoticed.  He finally magics up the fluttering leaves and parts them out of his way... To see Mirage standing in the door with a broom.  He raises a brow, "Hello, I'm back!"  He steps up towards her and the door, looking around past her too.  "Did somepony leave the dome open overnight?"
Chance blinks lightly as the leaves part, then he grins lightly as he spots Dusk. He trots over. "Good evening Dusk. It appears somepony left a fast growing vine in here. Perhaps. It's being rather annoying."
Mirage blinks and looks wide-eyed as the mess of leaves she threw out hit something and then seem to part.  "Oh, Dusk!" she cries, dropping the broom and putting her hoof to her mouth.  "I'm so sorry!"  She backs away from the door to let Dusk in.  "No, the dome's tightly shut," she replies, wondering if Dusk is joking or not.  She lets Chance explain while she gets back to sweeping, even though leaves cover the floor, desks and everything else.  A leaf flutters down from the roof, and Mirage rolls her eyes.  "Oh, no..."
Dusk's brow stays raised as the comment doesn't help reduce is surprise at the situation.  He does smile though as he passages Mirage, glad to see her from having been away.  "Quite alright, my dear."  He smiles and nuzzles her before stepping inside.  He nods to Chance, then look around.  "Oh dear.  Fast growing?  I leave for a day and you let the place run wild?  Well at least it hasn't been burnt down to the ground, I suppose.  Any idea who's this is?"  He watches the falling of a couple of more leaves.
Mirage winces at Dusk's comment.  "Oh, I set one little forest fire an now I'm branded for life?" she replies, giving Dusk a quick nuzzle before getting back to work.  She doesn't mention that she had considered the idea already.  "No, I don't know whose this is.  I was hoping that you
Chance says "We don't know." he answers Dusk, then glances up at the ceiling at Mirage's comment. "Well, it sure gets around, doesn't it? We don't know where it came from, what it's feeding off of, how long it'll last.. Know of any teleport spells that can remove it, slow it down, or simply remove it's magic food source? It's growing too fast for a simple soil source."
Mirage winces at Dusk's comment.  "Oh, I set one little forest fire an now I'm branded for life?" she replies, giving Dusk a quick nuzzle before getting back to work.  She doesn't mention that she had considered the idea already.  "No, I don't know whose this is.  I was hoping that you'd know."  She nods at Chance's summation.  "It started yesterday while I was working."
Dusk's comments weren't directed at any one pony.  He wasn't even looking at Mirage when he said them.  Though now he chuckles at her response, "I didn't mean it quite that way, my dear."  He grins, and looks back around.  He nods to Chance.  "Hmmm looks like a mystery, and problem, to solve."  He nods to Mirage, "Hmmm, somepony is responsible for this, I suspect.  Hmmm."
Chance says "Most plants have roots. If we find the roots, we may find the nutrition source it's using." he suggests."
Mirage gives Dusk a little 'hmmph', not quite convinced but still giving him a quick smile back before she goes back to busily sweeping the floor.  More leaves are beginning to gently fall from the ceiling, and along the walls.  She looks over to Chance.  "Yes, they do have roots.  Or I suppose they have roots.  They're in the walls and ceiling.  The plants seem to be growing right from the building.  They only place they're not growing is on the floor."  She glances up, seeing the green leaves all over the walls and ceiling beginning to turn a light brown.  She just groans and goes back to sweeping faster.
Mirage noses Chance.  "Any idea when Starfire might be able to rp?"
Dusk hmms and nods, "Yes some sort of roots are usually good, if drawing things out that way.  Though if magic, it isn't required.  But if like dear Mirage says, then may be damaging the magic protective barrier over the inner walls.  But I guess we'll deal with that afterwards."  He starts walking around the perimeter of the Center and looking around at the vines.  "When did it first happen?  When was it noticed?  Have they gotten worse since then?"
Chance says "Damaging the magic barrier?" he repeats softly, thinking a bit as Dusk wanders around. He glances at the vines. "It's only growing on that.." He turns his head toward Dusk. "What if it's feeding off that material? It's not growing from anywhere else."
Mirage stops sweeping so she can answer Dusk.  "I noticed it yesterday, and it's getting worse with each 'season'.  It got into the dome mechanism early on, because I tried opening it and it's stuck.  And it doesn't really seem dangerous to ponies..." she trails off as a rustling sound seems to come from the ceiling, and a huge fall of leaves comes showering down as the vines seem to drop all of their leaves at one time!  Mirage covers her head with her foreleg, and another thick carpet of leaves covers everything again.  She gives her self a shake and brushes herself off.  "Unless being buried alive is what eventually happens.  Chance and Dusk can see the vines have grown, and already are begining to sprout new buds.
Snow_Bolt had been in the shop earlier today where he had had a very interesting conversation with Chance. So the young fellow is really and old fellow...a very old fellow. Its certainly one of the strangest things that he has ever heard, leaving out the princesses of course who seem to have a magic all their own when it comes to being ageless. Maybe Chance is related? That would make good sense. He makes his way to the center and pokes his head in the door...yep they are still having a problem, "Still having fun with this I see..."
Dusk nods to Chance, "That is a rather reasonable theory, Mr. Chance.  Seeing as that seems to be the areas they are growing, and not on the ground.  Though that is curious, since it is a non-active material.  Though that could explain their resistance to teleport or other magics as well, should that be the case."  He listens to Mirage, "Hmmm, so just started, and growing more with each cycle.  Well, we might try.."  Suddenly there are a lot more leaves falling and Dusk pauses to watch them come down.  Once they settle he stands in a small circle free of leaves.  "Hmm, yes they might just bury us all true!  But as I was saying, we might try removing the barrier material and see what happens.  Though that itself may be tricky, as it is resistant to magic."  He turns and looks at the new arrival, "Greetings, Mr. Bolt."
Chance perks his ears and glances over to Snow. "Hello again Snow!" he greets the other pony once more, then looks back to Dusk. "Can you alter the time potentials so you put up a magic barrier instead of the inert material, then drop that barrier? Or would that create some paradox or something?" he asks Dusks.
Mirage looks over as Snow Bolt calls from the door. "Yes, bushels of fun," she says with a weary smile to him.  "Good to see you again, Mr. Bolt."  Then she nods to Dusk, and listens as Chance comes up with some ideas.  She's about to start sweeping when she just gives a heavy sigh and hangs her head down.  "Oh, what's the use?" she says, stepping through the thick carpet of leaves to put the broom away.  Then she comes back to the little group.  "I'm sorry, but I'm exhausted and it's just getting worse.  Maybe the three of you can find a solution?" she asks with a small amount of hope in her voice.  "I'm going to get some rest."  She gives Dusk a dejected little nuzzle, then heads for the door.
Snow_Bolt feels like there is a simple solution. He makes his way a bit further into the center and glances over to Mirage first, "Good night Miss Mirage." he says as he watches her move toward the door. Clearly the mare has become rather frustrated with the situation and he can't say that he blames her. At least she gets to call it a night. He makes his way over toward Dusk at Chance who seem to be talking about rather radical ways to deal with the situation, "Why not just freeze it?" he asks. After all even if its magical its still a plant right? It would probably die if exposed to enough cold.
Solar_Solstice comes over from the Square.
Dusk nods to Chance, "That is a possibility.  Though while I've thought of such a thing in the design of the place, there was little to new chance of my going with such a design, as an active barrier would cause its own interference and risks of failure over time if not constantly attended.  So that means it will be very difficult for me to find such alternate."  The difficulty in Dusk's magic grows not so much in scale or extent in difference, but in improbability.  He nods to Mirage, "My dear, no need to do this the hard way."  He turns, "Mr. Chance, I bet you 2 bits you can't have this placed cleared of just the leaves within 2 minutes."  He telekineses the bits over to a non-covered counter near Chance.  He steps over to Mirage in the meantime, "Oh and yes, my dear, do get some rest.  Thank you so much for helping take care of the place while I was out.  I truly appreciate it."  He smiles and gives her a soft kiss in return to the nuzzling.  He turns to Snow as well, "Quite true, as we would not have to apply that as magic directly to the plants.  I'm also doing a bit of assessing seeing as I just found out about this."
Chance nods politely to Mirage. "Sleep well, Mirage." He looks about the room. "Leaves.." He glances up, studying the plant for a few moments, then glances to Dusk. "Would you modify that to just the fallen leaves of that particular vine?" and gives a sidelong glance to Snow. "Would you prop the door open, Snow?"
Mirage gives a tired but friendly smile to Snow Bolt.  "Good night, Mister Bolt.  Best of luck," she replies, hoping his idea will work.  She gives Dusk a little kiss back, though it's obvious she's not pleased with herself over letting this happen.  She looks with alarm as Dusk gets Chance to use his talent.  "Oh, no!  No explosions!" she says, clearly rattled with her tiredness, and she quickly trots out the door, giving Chance a quick 'goodnight' on her way out.
Snow_Bolt figures what the heck. Lets see what the pair of them want to try. He wanders back to the door and opens it. He finds the nearest rock in the street and uses his magic to move it inbetween the door and the doorjam. At least that should hold the door open. Once this is done he moves away from the door and back closer to where Chance and Dusk are at, "What exactly do you guys have planned for this?" He has gathered that they like to make things go 'boom' and if thats the case he would rather be somewhere else.
Dusk nods to Chance, "Indeed, that is what I had meant by that anyways.  Just the fallen leaves here in the Center and nothing else."  He watches Snow brace the door open and chuckles at both Snow and Mirage's comments.  "Well hopefully no explosions, but I suppose we'll see!"  He watches Mirage make a quick retreat out the open door.  "Good night, my dear Mirage!" he calls after her.  He turns back, "Have we a bet?"
Chance smirks lightly to Dusk. "This sort of thing usually doesn't get an explosion." He glances to Snow. "You've asked before about my talent. I told you it makes me lucky." He then looks to Dusk. "I'll take that bet." A breeze starts to pick up, then grows stronger, swirling around inside the building. It starts to focus in the center of the room, creating a good wind system. Leaves start to lift off the floor, get blown about, then start to make their way in a semi-random way toward and out the door, in a fashion that soon we're all buried in a sea of swirling leaves for a good few long moments, before the last one finally wafts out the door, settling down gently outside, and the wind dies down. A number of lighter things about the room have been blown over though, and manes and tails are certainally dishevled.
Snow_Bolt had done something similar the previous evening with his own set of skills. That seemed safe enough. He nods to Chance...yes lucky and immortal. Though he isn't sure that those two things are the same, but that is a topic for another time, "Well that was easy enough...though we still have the plant to contend with. If I'm not too mistaken it will be at it again soon, at least thats what it was doing last night."
Dusk looks about, checking for any last stay leaves that would mean he didn't win the bet.  But he can't seem to find any.  "Well, looks like you won that one, Mr. Chance.  Well done!"  He grins over to Snow and nods, "Well we could wager Chance against getting rid of that too, but I suspect that would be at greater risk.  Let us test Mr. Bolt's idea real quick."  Dusk walks over to a section of the vines on one wall away from other stuff, and starts making a small area of increasing cold.  Not directly to the plants or wall, but to a small hemisphere of area/air up against the wall and plants.
Chance glances upward as Dusk starts a cooling process. "Yes, I don't think that'd be a good idea. I'm not sure what my talent would do to accomplish that." As if in answer to his doubts, one of the glass bottles that tipped over finally gets to the edge of the table.. and drops off, breaking onto the floor. "Oops.." he mutters, pulling his ears back a bit. The vines' growth starts to slow down a bit in the presence of the cold, but after a few moments they start to speed up again, the roots finding new places to anchor, and the damage starting to accelerate along the walls and ceiling.
Snow_Bolt can see that the cold has affected the vine at least in the small scale, but it appears that more will be required, "I could drop the temperature in the room to below freezing everywhere in the room. The plant might get bored and just leave...or die. Or if you prefer we could burn it out with really high temps..." Either one has a negative effect on plants. At the very least they could make it as uncomfortable for the plant here as the plant is making the building for its pony inhabitants. He gives something of a shrug. Either that or there is always Mirages idea of burning the place down and starting over.
Dusk hmmmms, dropping the temperature even more, frost then ice increasingly forming, seeing if the vines in the effected area keep growing faster too, or just spread out more around the freezing area.  "Well, Mr. Bolt, we also have a lot of sensitive experiments and materials here, many of which are very hard to collect.  We would have to remove everything from the Center first.  Or I'd have to counter the cold with a protective barrier over the lab parts."  He checks the vines once more.
( The vines turn out to be rather tenacious. The roots start to grow faster, burying themselves deeper into the ceiling and wall structure, cracking it a bit as they find more material on the outside, away from the cold. The vines grow denser, harder in response to the dropping cold, apparently a fairly adaptive plant to wide climate changes, starting to crack the ice as it pushes through. "I think I liked the plant better when it was simply dropping leaves on us.." he mutters to Dusk. )
Chance muttered to Dusk.
Snow_Bolt thinks that this plant has a good chance of escaping the building and spreading to the rest of Ponyville. It would certainly be easier to contain from the outside of the building. Dusk makes a valid point if he were to try something in here he might set off something worse than the plant, though the plant looks to be doing a great job at trashing the place, "If you guys have an idea I think now would be a really good time because the plant looks to be working to bring down the building..."
Dusk stops the magic in the relatively small area, so it's only a risk in that little section.  He hmms and raises a brow.  "Mr. Chance.  These tendrils seem almost as tenacious as yourself.  Have you done anything that might have caused such a thing?  Anything you last recall doing around here prior to these vines appearing?  And Mr. Bolt, I think this scratches your idea of freezing the place.  We'd likely see this result all over then.  However, burning the place down.."  He does seem contemplative.  "Though if we can find the trigger, I might be able to manipulate something based on that.  Or maybe can find the cause and resolve it as such."
Chance thinks for a few long moments. "No, I don't believe so. I don't recall any conversation about bothersome vines or anything." he answers Dusk. "Though if it's a result of my talent, it'd either be luck, or trying to protect me somehow." He arches his brow at Dusk. "Burn it down? Might as well just bet I can get rid of it or something. I don't know what that'd do, though." He thinks a moment longer. "Can you deage it or something?" he suggests.
Snow_Bolt has something of a strange idea. If the plant can't be frozen..or something along those same lines. Perhaps it can be coaxed into a spot where it will do less damage, "What if we just give the plant something that it wants. It seems to be pretty mobile. Couldn't we create an environment where it would be happy so that it would stop growing here?" he asks. At this point anything seems to be worth a shot. Maybe if they gave it a big pot with some water and nice dirt it would move into that and off the walls and then could be transported to the forest or something.
Dusk nods to Chance, "Well in that it seems as self-preserving.  And perhaps it might have been something as little as an inadvertent wager that you could make such a thing.  But yes, we could try either of those experiments," he nods to both Snow and Chance.  "Though slowing or reversing its aging would take direct magic, at least to its genera area.  And reversing has its own difficulties aside.  But let me test it on another small section."  Dusk moves over a little ways, and focuses some more.  He uses a technique similar to what he used for the Apples' hard cider, though in reverse, trying to slow or stop the aging of the small area, alerting the flow of time in its area.
Chance watches as Dusk attempts to slow down the aging process. The vine does in fact start to slow down, growing at a slower rate, but then something starts to drain the magic spell Dusk is apply, roots from another section arching over, and deliberately into the spell's magic field, like moths to the flame. The vines grow even faster within the area of Dusk's magic, until they match the rest of the vine's growth. This thing seriously wants to keep its residence in the upper part of the Center. However, where magics start to collide, there's almost an afterimage of something odd, something only Dusk would notice, if he does. Something that seems to fade away almost faster then it can be noticed, but something that's constantly there all the same.
Snow_Bolt watches as Dusk makes another attempt. It seems every attempt has failed, and when attempts at things like this fail you sort of have to go with the flow, "I say just give it what it wants. We might catch more flies with honey than we do with vinegar. Besides...if it is semi intelligent perhaps it can be reasoned with. It obviously has a strong desire to live and objects to any and all attempts to try to kill it..."
Dusk hmmms and watches, particularly closely.  What was that?  He tries seeing if he can make it out more clearly, then drops the age slowing.  "Well that was interesting..  And well it is quite effective, yes.  That particular magic even slows hour glasses and the like, altering its very flow of time.  But I agree, it's time to try that line of exploration.  So, any reason it doesn't like to grow on the floor?"  Dusk though, while posing the question and letting others consider it, tries looking at the history of the plant too.  From what just happened, and back to its start as well.
It turns out the plant just suddenly decided to show up, in a single spot, and worked its way outward. There's that strange energy pattern though, that first showed up when the plant did, and at the same time. Oddly, it seems to get a little stronger as the plant grows, even in places where Dusk stunted its growth temporarily. Chance glances over to Snow. "I guess we'll try your idea." He trots over and pushes over a large, empty bucket. "Let's try this. Now, if we could only get.." He doesn't get to finish the sentance. *THUNK* Something falls straight through a weak part of the roof, which has been slightly compromised anyway by the plant, and heads straight for Chance. It hits the vines, and roots and vines and leaves all get tangled up as it travels, slowing it down even further. It stops meer inches from Chance's head. He blinks and takes a few steps back. It's in the general shape of an egg, but a fair size larger then a dragon's egg, with a rocky textured and colored surface. The vine has grown thick enough by this point that it holds.
Snow_Bolt watches as the situation progresses...yep it just gets stranger and stranger. He surmises that given these ponies reaction to the whole thing that this might well be sort of a daily situation for them. He has a hard time believing he could ever get used to this level of strange on a daily basis, "I think that would probably be wise..." he says to Chance and shouts as he sees something fall, "Look out..." he says, though it seems that he didn't need to be overly concerned sincet he plant caught whatever that was, "You guys are going to have a huge repair bill..."
Dusk hmmms particularly curious about that energy pattern, and the exact spot where the plant appeared.  He's focusing in on both to the point he almost doesn't respond to the crash at first, having to reorient to the present.  "Mr. Chance, did you lay an egg?"  He smirks, though taking an immediate interest in the new item.  He grins at Snow, "Indeed.  I wonder if this is covered by any insurance.."
Chance glances first to Snow. "Thanks for the warning." he tells him, and not sarcastically, then glances to Dusk with a light smirk. "I didn't think I did." Dusk may notice that the growing energy pattern is getting 'visible' enough that it has a familiar feel, a familiar pattern, to it. He may notice it's not unlike Chance's talent's pattern when it's active.. except, Chance's talent isn't actively protecting him. In fact, it seems content with whatever the plant's energy pattern is. The plant, if anyone notices, is simply hanging on to the new item. It's stopped growing, but the energy pattern gets stronger, without any current reaction from Chance's talent.
Snow_Bolt just stays put. If he has to he is pretty sure he could protect himself from the building collapsing...or something worse, but he'd rather not make a mess of things by adding to what is alreayd going on, "I think it likes the thing that idea what it is...but it likes it."
Dusk was already noting its similarity to Chance's talent earlier.  And we did just earlier show that Chance's talent is still in effect when triggered.  "You might have something there, Mr. Bolt.  Certainly curious it shows up just over Mr. Chance's head."  He goes over an examines the new item more closely, considering tracing back where it came from, but first more interested in what it is, seeing if he can detect anything off it.  "Oh, and I think I may not have been off asking if this has something to do with your talent, Mr. Chance.  I'm starting to pick up similar patterns.  And seems to be growing stronger."
Chance tilts his head over to Dusk. "I'm quite certain though that I didn't do any mentioning of this plant, or anything like it." he notes to Dusk. "I haven't made any bets or anything. I'm careful about that." He also looks at the egg-like thing. Whatever it is, it's hard. Only the toughness and sheer volume of plants stopped it, and is now holding it. The outer shell is unusually inert to magics, and in fact seems to absorb magic ambient power, much like ice tries to absorb surrounding heat. This interfers with Dusk's attempts to study it, but the plant's adapatation to magic-inert material, like the outer covering of the building, actually grants it a resistance from losing whatever magic it may contain to this egg-like thing. And the energy pattern continues to slowly get stronger, but there's another pattern starting to emerge, which Dusk in particular could recognize: that of temporal distortion magic.
Snow_Bolt stands back against the wall, given his dislike for magic this situation is growing more and more uncomfortable by the minute. He isn't exactly sure what these guys have done, but he is pretty sure that most, if not all of this can be traced back to one or both of them. He doens't want to leave just yet, but neither does he want to get too involved if he can help it.
Dusk nods to Chance, "Indeed I would expect you would be quite careful.  But I certainly feel there is some connection.  And as you might expect, there is some temporal distortion, thus the speeded growth.  But you are correct, it should use up resources at a faster rate too."  He glances over to Snow, "Are you doing okay there, Mr. Bolt?  Be careful of the vines over there."  Dusk will examine the 'egg' more closely in a bit, but he looks back to that moment when the plant first appeared, and then also tracks what Chance was doing right at the same moment, and where he was.
Chance was working on a fence for Applejack. In fact, there was no other pony around, and no mention of the plant. All in all, the start wasn't there and then. Chance also glances to Snow. "I don't think that.. thing.. is dangerous. Certainally Dusk would have mentioned something if it was."
Snow_Bolt doesn't exactly back completely into the wall, but stays near enough too it. Just in case he closes his eyes and builds up an electrical charge at the end of his horn, ready to throw a lighnting bolt at the plant should there be a need. He's hoping that there won't be since well...he'd just rather not. He has never particularly liked the thought of using his gift as a weapon, but if the plant goes for him or anyone else he is going to zap it, "I'm good...." he says simply.
Dusk hmmmms.. Not created at that moment that it first appears.  Yet it was the start of the plant.  But not then.  Well Dusk can track things back pretty easy.  But if this came from some other point in time, just trying to pick it up might be hard.  Tracking much into the future gets to be quite a mass of possibilities since none have specifically happened already.  Though he suspects it might have to do with that egg-like thing.  Well it's a possibility at least.  "Well there are a lot of uncertain things going on here.  But I suspect the temporal issue goes further than the speed, but some sort of jump in time.  Forward or back."
Chance now gets confused by what Dusk just said, and he glances at the other pony. "A jump in time? Is that what's causing the plant to grow faster?" He glances up at the plant, then a moment later "Wait.. when did it stop growing?"
Snow_Bolt never really was one for any sort of temporal mechanics in school. There are patterns though that he recognizes and if its possible that this plant is flowing from the future then it would seem the problem is solved, becuase it would slowly get smaller on its own. Of course there still is the question of why and how it got here, but thats a whole other matter entirely. He stays put, ready to zap if need be.
Dusk is glad Snow is keeping an eye on things, as one never knows when something unexpected might happen.  And that helps free him up to focus more deeply on other things.  "I think it's two factors.  But something caused it to appear when it did, yet you were nowhere around.  But it certainly seems tied to your talent, Mr. Chance.  I think it may be retroactively reacting to something, if that's even possible."  He looks around as Chance comments about it stopping.  "Hmmm and so the need for the vines is finished?  Where they here just to catch that object?  Let me look into something.."  He starts focusing in on not just on the appearance of the plant and where Chance was, but more current timelines, and other possibilities.  Especially any that look like something might loop back to this moment.  Particularly from around the time just before the egg-thing appeared to sometime afterwards.
Chance tilts his head a bit and looks at the vines once more. "You know, now that you mention it, I didn't notice any growth after it caught the thing." One major timeline possibility that Dusk stumbles on has two things occuring: the thing falls straight at Chance, and due to it, it gets destroyed by whatever method Chance's talent uses to stop it.
Dusk ahs to himself upon finding the particular path.  He kinda wishes Mirage was around to help us see these things.  But he examines that one more closely.  After it was smashed did anything else happen?  Something more Chance's talent would do?  Perhaps there was a reason it wanted to keep it from breaking, rather than being destroyed, but it was too late by that time.
Chance's talent isn't concerned about anything except Chance. However, the item appears to be organic in nature, at least the inside, after it's shattered. But whatever it may have been, it doesn't survive the encounter with Chance's talent. Along that time-line there is nothing else.
( ..nothing else. However, Dusk seems interesting in whatever the thing could have been. Perhaps it could have been saved.. )
Dusk hmms as he keeps trying to delve further into it, but that line seems to just end.  He thinks it goes a bit further, the closer he tries to see, the harder it gets.  "Well.. Seems there was a possible future, a strong one, where the vines weren't here.. The object fell through, nearly hitting Mr. Chance, and so ended up getting destroyed by his talent.  But it might be something alive.  I may have tried to use Mr. Chance's talent to see if could save it.. such as a wager.  But I can't see that for sure.  If so, perhaps this was the only means by which it could.  Or of least effort."  Though it brings up some concerns that Chance's talent will work across time even when nothing temporal involved to start with.
Chance perks his ears, and attempts to follow Dusk, though seems a bit confused. "Wait.. so you're saying that you would have possibly made a wager if it broke, and my talent saved it? But.. the vine's already here."
Dusk nods to Chance, "They are, and the egg-thing is fine.  In the other possibility they weren't, and neither was it.  If that's what happened, it seems your talent can effect things in the past, Mr. Chance.  I can try checking more possible paths to see if can get more definitive answer, perhaps."
Chance peeks over at the item the vine is holding. "So it's.. an egg, then?" He peers at it a bit. "I've never seen an egg like that." He glances to Dusk as he finishes his explination. "Well.. what would happen if we didn't make that wager? Would it suddenly break or something?"
Dusk glances through a few other possible timelines, checking them over.  "Well seems that is the case.  I'm not sure what though.  And it seems to be absorbing magic too.  So I don't know if that's good or bad.  As for would it suddenly break?  I suppose only if the timeline changed again.  But these loops, if that's the case, do seem to have a way to work themselves out.  Or perhaps it is just a separate reality that caused this one to be.  Like my talent does, but worked on the past itself, and not just the present.  So now that history only exists as a 'could have been' one."
Chance glances between the vines and Dusk, attempting to follow all of that. He doesn't, not quite, so attempts to simplify things. "So.. should we make a wager, or not? I have heard that time-stuff, especially in the past, can cause .. problems."
Dusk gets a box with some padding and a table, putting them under the egg thing, having Chance move if needed, and sees about carefully lowering the egg into the box.  He nods, "Well each seems different.  Usually in a loop you end up exactly the same as you started.  But yes, I suppose we could.  Have a suggested bet?"

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Saturday, October 20, 2012