The MRC Egg - 11 - Further Ruin

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Mirage is struggling to move The Lever that opens and closes the dome roof.  "It's still not moving," she calls to Dusk, who's been working on the problem since yesterday afternoon.  "Once it's closed, can we simply leave it closed and forget about it?"
Chance trots into the center, picking up apparently the tail-end of some conversation. "Good evening Mirage!" he calls out, recognizing the voice. He puts his bag down, then turns to head over to Mirage.
Dusk chuckles down to Mirage, "Well yes, but it sure will make looking outside that much harder, my love!"  He's tracking the cables and gears looking for where it stops working.  He notices the arrive as well, "Well hello, Mr. Chance!"
Mirage is pushing on the lever with both of her hooves, grimacing as she does so as she tries hard to move it.  "It's stuck," she says with a sigh as she gives up.  "It's like somepony tried to open it with magic and got something stuck." She blinks as Chance comes over.  "Oh, hello.  How is everything?  We're just working on a minor problem."
Chance says "I'm doing well, thank you Mirage. How are you fairing?" He glances to the lever momentarily, and gives a light smile. "So I see. I'd like to talk to Dusk about something, but if he's working on this all night.." He lifts a hoof. "I'd like to talk to him before we leave for the plantation." He gives the lever a decisive kick. The lever hits one end, and bounces back. The vibration travels down the mechanism with improbable loss of energy, and a gear at Dusk's end shifts slightly, a lose wire gets wiggled back in firmly, and another slightly stuck gear, just enough to be annoying, gets shaken lose. The lever continues foward with perfect energy conservation, and the door starts to close. He turns and heads toward Dusk. "I'd like your opinion on the symbols on the eggs. I tried other figures, but none have worked yet."
Dusk is just tracking something down when Chance comes in and gives a single kick and fixes the whole thing.  There are no electrical parts, but there are wires that hold parts together.  And apparently.. fabric?  As the dome starts rolling to a smooth close a couple of things fall to the upper platform.  Dusk magics them up and looks.  "Blankets?" he says too quietly to be heard downstairs.  He shakes his head with a little chuckle and will have to talk to Blue about where to try and hide her 'nests.'  Well with that done, Dusk looks over to Chance, standing near Mirage and nods, "Thank you for the help, Mr. Chance.  My opinion on anything particular?"
Dusk nuzzles and thanks Mirage for her help with it though, as it was quite appreciated.
Mirage doesn't think much of Chance kicking the lever.  She felt like doing that, too.  "He's over there," she says with a sigh, but she trails off as vibrations hum and things go clunk at Dusk's end.  Mirage stands and watches with her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open as the roof closes.  Then she scowls for a moment at Chance before Dusk comes over to her.  "From now on, Chance fixes all the mechanical things," she mutters to Dusk.
Chance says "Well, I.." He blinks lightly at Mirage scowl at him. He doesn't think he's ever seen that expression on Mirage's face. "Um.. sorry?" he partially apologizes, looking a bit confused."
Dusk nods and certainly wouldn't recommend kicking things to try and fix them for any pony that doesn't have a talent that makes things turn out in your favor all the time.  He nods to Mirage, "Yes I think we have our new handypony for the place."  He grins, though notices the look between the two.  He suspects she was just getting frustrated having to fight it, and then to have Chance fix it so easily.  He nuzzles Mirage's head and gives it a little kiss too.  "So something particular about the egg?" he draws the conversation back to again.
Mirage is about to explain, but Dusk does it for her.  "I'm sorry, Chance," she says softly.  "I just feel silly now," she says with a dip of her head to him to apologize.  She smiles to Dusk at his kiss and then turns.  "I'll get you two something to drink," she says as she leaves the stallions to discuss the strange magical egg.
Chance relaxes now that he knows Mirage isn't mad at him. He smiles lightly back to her, and nods at the suggestion of the drink. "Thank you." He then turns his attention to Dusk. "Yes, the egg. I've been wanting to find another symbol on it before we left." He pauses in momentary thought. "Those symbols.. or runes.. or whatever. Those are old, arn't they?"
Dusk can't help smiling back too and also nods to Mirage, "Thank you very much, my dear.  And for the help as well."  He turns back and nods to Chance.  "They would appear to be so, or based on old ones.  Doesn't mean somepony with knowledge of such couldn't have made them more recently.  So, we didn't get to go into it much before, but am I guessing you can't just move a crystal around near it and have it highlight whatever paths might be there?"
Mirage goes over to the snack bar and comes back in a couple of minutes with glasses and straws for both of you.  "Fruit berry punch.  Enjoy," she smiles to both of you.
Chance shakes his head a bit. "No, you can't. It'll highlight the surface where you trace it, but nothing comes of it until you complete a symbol. I think it was just a stroke of luck that caused me to find the ones I did." he admits. "But where do you think it came from? I've personally never seen anything like it. Not even from the larger creatures." He takes the punch and sips at it through the straw. "Not bad at all. Thank you Mirage." he says with a light smile.
Dusk smiles as Mirage comes back with the juice, taking his and sipping as he hovers it.  "Mmmm thank you, my dear."  He stands up besides her again as he talks with Chance.  "Yes, it would seem it may be something living.  But with the finding of the ruins, it makes one wonder.  Might it be something artificially created?  Or were they added to protect or perhaps change what is within?  Or could such appear naturally?  That would seem less likely, as ruins are usually pony or other creature willfully created, but wouldn't be ruled out.  So you have to draw the ruin exactly in place before it appears?  Though you were showing it as you drew it."
Chance perks his ears to listen to Dusk, then pauses to think about the last question. "I never tried it in a different place." He trots over to get the egg out, looking over it. "Well, the surface isn't all the same. Might be able to find a simular tracing for the rune.."
Dusk nods, "The instinct would be to look for new ones, and still a good idea, but yes, seeing if perhaps a similar surface pattern might reflect a similar ruin in place too."  Dusk goes over with and looks at the egg with Chance.  "I wouldn't mind examining it more in depth when have time to."  He might be able to detect the magic elements itself, or something of its nature."
Chance says "We'll definitely have to make some time for it. We went through all that vine trouble just to get it in one piece. From the future. That.. still confuses me." He attempts to trace over simular pattern areas, and then he finds one close enough, and the rune shows for a moment. "Hey, that works." He suddenly realizes something. "If we need one set of those runes, this'll make it harder to figure out which goes where."
Dusk watches Chance take some time, searching and making a few attempts at various spots, but smiles as he finally finds one that works, and draws out the ruin that glows for a moment.  "Ah wonderful!"  He nods, "Yes that would make it harder.  I think we need to figure out what patterns we can.  Then perhaps with my talent I can look into all the possible ways we might attempt doing them, and which would result in something different happening."
Chance tilts his head to Dusk. "Oh, yeah, you can do that. Do you think it'd work on this thing?" He idly tries other patterns, but doesn't yet land on one. "It'd be nice if we could see inside.."
Dusk nods back to Chance, "Well even if I couldn't track the egg itself, I'd still be able to see our own reaction to it.  So I'd look for where we had a successful result and then track back what we did.  But it has to be a possibility, so we still have to do enough of the work that it would be achievable.  Such as knowing what all ruins we need to attempt.  Or might just be that we have to find them all, repeats or otherwise."
Chance listens closely to Dusk, and nods his head a bit. "I've been looking through the library, but couldn't find anything on it. But why would the silver crystals affect it? Nothing else seems to."
Dusk nods, "Then it might be something that is different from existing or known ruins, variations of their own.  They are made of some familiar elements.  Perhaps I can track down some research on those.  As for the crystals, they enhance magic that is already there.  So the ruins themselves likely have a magic nature that the crystals are bringing out, rather than actually affecting it."
Chance says "Oh, yeah. Didn't think of that." He gives a slight lopsided smile, and a light chuckle. "A unicorn still getting used to magic.." he states in a self-depreciatory joke."
Dusk smirks, "Well it's a step up from thinking you had no magic whatsoever, Mr. Chance."  He smiles.  "And as for the egg and ruins, I suspect if we did nothing at all, in due time, when it was right, they would reveal themselves and their effect, if it is a natural living creature and not something ensorcered.  But then as far as we know that could be hundreds of years or more.  Do we have the patients to find out."  He grins.  "Hmmm though, like with some other things I experiment on," and he used for the Apples's cider production, "accelerating its time rate might be an option, for that route."
Chance says "Yes, that's true. Doesn't help my talent hogs all my magic, though." he says with a small smirk. "As for the patience, I have all the time in the world. Though... accelerating it may be an interesting experiement."
Dusk nods, "Yes, would be nice if you could choose to use some when you wanted.  And yes that would be interesting, though would have to be careful not to go too much, too fast, since something sudden could happen with it at some point."  Unlike aging cider.
Chance says "With my luck, it'd probably blow up.." he mutters with a light grin. He's in a bit of a humour mood tonight. "What would you suggest we do first?"
Dusk finds himself smirking too, "And then we'd have to have another paradox to save it."  He hmmms and nods, "I certainly would suggest seeing what we can find out about the ruins and what all ones we can discover, and see if doing so would do anything or not.  That would be the least invasive."
Chance nods, and starts studying the egg again, attempting different combinations of runes. After a while of this, he lets his brain idle a moment, and attempts to draw the two known ones close together. He finds a place he can overlap them. One shows up, then the other, then.. they dissapear, and another, more complex, and larger, rune shows up. It's a older and more powerful rune. It's a type of ancient alteration rune, but of a more chaotic type then used today. The egg contains some old, and potentially dangerous, magic on it. The rune does little more then fade after a few moments though. "Did you see that?" he asks Dusk.
Dusk is looking the egg over quite closely as Chance attempts variations on the ruins, sensing it for elements of magic or reactions.  But when the two combine and the larger one appears, it is certainly something Dusk actually recognizes well.  But not something he mentions much anymore, openly.  It goes way back to his early studies, before he left Canterlot and Equestria.  The dangerous things he shouldn't have been tinkering with.  "Yes, Mr. Chance, that I did."  So that's what was familiar about the small ones.  "And I think we could be dealing with something.. more than the MRC could contain."  Could it be a draconequus egg or other such being?  Not that he's ever seen such an egg of one, if they do come from eggs.
Chance catches Dusk's expression at seeing the rune. "More then we could deal with? Do.. you think the Princesses should be brought in to help inspect it?" he asks. There are few things that Dusk would consider beyond the MRC..
Dusk leans in tilting his head some, looking the egg over more closely for a moment.  He pulls his head back upright as Chance inquires, "Well, more than the physical building could contain.  More than us as a group, would be left to be seen.  I'd be more worried what we might unleash upon others.  And well, Princess Celestia has expressed an interest in the egg already, and said that she would be back to talk more about it sometime soon.  So it may not be a choice, really."
Chance nods lightly. "Alright." He jots down notes on what they know already, then puts the egg back in the protective container. "I guess we'll deal with it after we've talked to Princess Celestia about it." He did manage to find another rune, which is what he wanted. He just didn't expect (and doesn't realize) that it's a powerful major rune. That one's beyond him.