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Mirage [Female Unicorn]
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You see an adult female unicorn of average size but of lighter build.  Her body is a pretty medium gray while her long, full length mane and tail are perfectly white and carefully groomed, though her mane is styled in an elaborate ponytail..  Her wide and alert eyes are sea green.  Her voice pitch is quite feminine, though she's usually excited and cheerful and this causes her voice to be a little high pitched..  Today she is wearing a cute red skirt and blouse with sheer pink sleeves.
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Dusk [Male Unicorn]
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You look upon a unicorn stallion with a dark grey coat and pitch black mane and tail.  He has a large curved horn going from black at the base to glowing red at the end.  He wears polished steel armor over his legs, neck, and chest, and a horned crown of the same.  A red fur cloak with white trim drapes down his back and sides.  It's KING SOMBRA!  His eyes glow red and his fangs show when he grins.  He has whisps of blue energy flowing from the back of his eyes, which flash green when he uses his magic.
Well it's really Dusk-Sombra.  He has used his magic to change the color of his fur, mane, and tail.  Though his untameable mane still has his usual waves, which might give him away.  Some costuming for the horn and fangs, and a touch of magic for the glowy parts puts it all together.
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Snow_Bolt [Male Unicorn]
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A male unicorn stallion stands before you. He is on the tall side, but not so tall that he could be considered out of the realm of what would be 'normal.' Muscles can be seeing moving beneath his white coat as he walks or trots along. He is not particularly lanky or nimble and is most definitely barrel chested. His mane is short, spikey, and brown in color as it his tail. Upon his white flank you can see a yellow bolt of lightning superimposed over a grayish snowflake. He wears a simple pair of glasses over his eyes to correct a minor case of near sightedness.
Whisps of dark smoke, or at least what could pass for smoke, rises from his mane. Soon enough all of his mane is concealed by smoke and little flames could be seen beneath the the smoke. Almost as if his mane and tail had become smoke and fire.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mirage has finished dancing the Samba with Dusk, the whole episode inspired by Dusk's King Sombra costume and some confusion over the king's name.  Snow Bolt is wearing his pyropony costume and happily smoldering away.  "Well, aren't we supposed to be celebrating the holiday?" she asks Dusk and Snow.  "Isn't there a celebration somewhere we should be at?"
Snow_Bolt is more than willing to get out and do something, "Yes. We shouldn't stay cooped up inside. We should be out and about doing something. There has to be a place of refreshment nearby where we could get some food and beverages." he affirms. He is indeed looking very much like a pyro pony at the moment. His mane and tail look like a mix of smoke and fire.
Mirage is glad Snow isn't filling the room with smoke.  At least not this time.  "Then where should be go first?  Perhaps take a walk and find where the other ponies are having their celebrations?  And maybe we could knock on a few doors along the way?"
There's a knock at the door about this time, but it sounds a bit odd. Like it's somehow hollow.
Dusk smiles, still of course in his costume.  "Yes heading out should be great!  See what all the other pony folks are doing."
Snow_Bolt wouldn't be opposed to knocking on doors. There are probably alot of doors to knock on and that could be fun in and of itself. There are lots of ponies in town tha the would like to meet. His ears perk as he hears the sound of the knock on the door, "Ooo...the party might be coming out way?" he says as he makes his way down from the upper level and works toward the door, "Coming..." he shouts.
Mirage is glad to hear everyone wants to start the celebration for real.  "Then let's go," she says, only to pause as there's a knock at the door.  "If it's a customer, tell them to come back after the holiday."
There's another knock at the door, a bit quieter then the first, then an odd hollow whuffle from the other side.
Dusk smiles fangily at Mirage, "I agree, my dear!  After some time for ourselves."  He is about to go answer the door but Snow is already over there.  Dusk-Sombra goes over to stand right behind him, like Snow doesn't know he's there when whoever the door is opened for whoever it is.
Snow_Bolt opens the door once he arrives. But what is on the other side of the whuffling door? That would be anyone's guess. Though he is sure they will all see. He does agree with Mirage though. If its someone for the MRC they can go away and come back later. Now is the time to par-tay down, "Yes?" he asks.
Mirage watches as the stallions answer the whuffling, the wuffling from the chamber door.  Only that, and nothing more.
There in the doorway stands a ghost. Not a costume, but a spirit, in the shape of a pony. It opens its mouth and whuffles, a blast of coldish air flowing into the MRC. It might be mistaken for a windigo, except this one is more normal pony-shaped, and PP is behind it, trying not to laugh.
Dusk-Sombra looks at the apparition with a raised brow and then spots PP, soon making the connection.  "Greetings..  Oh!  Have you mastered the projection of your magic separate from your body?  After all these generations now?"  Dusk checks it over though, seeing if that's truly the case.
Windigos are rather tiresome creatures. I mean have you ever tried to talk to one at a party? All they are interested in is just blowing around and freezing things and causing chaos. Not that chaos can't be fun, but they have absolutely no style. Snow stands in the doorway looking rahter non-plussed. Not affected by the cold anyway, "We have a guest." Snow annouces to the assembled group behind him, "I personally think we should leave this one out in the cold."
Mirage is also glad the visitors are not windigos.  You can only drink so many cold beverages and have so many cold snacks until it becomes very tiresome.  Still, the one does look very windigo-ish.  "Are you sure?  I suppose we could get into an argument to find out."
ProgrammerPony chuckles lightly. "Nah. Grandfather's body is over there." he says, pointing a hoof to the place just beside the door. The apparition chuckles lightly as well. "Greetings Dusk, Mirage, and a pony I haven't met yet." he says, glancing to each, then Snow. "Give me a moment to get back to normal." The spirit seems to melt away to the side, where PP said his grandfather's body is.
Dusk chuckles and shakes his head.  "Very impressive!  But not a bit much for a Nightmare Night costume?"  He grins.  "Oh, since you're already out there, let's all step out and see who is around."  He waits for folks and then heads for the door himself.
Snow_Bolt gives a wave of his hoof as he is confronted with an unknown situation, "Hello. I'm Snow Bolt." he replies to introduce himself. He glances to Dusk and then back to Mirage. Finally the crew is going to get out the door, "Alright. Lets get a move on then." he says before heading out.
Mirage giggles playfully as Programmer reveals his relation's magical trick for a ghostly apperation.  "Very clever," she says with a grin.  "Now, where is the celebration?"
ProgrammerPony's grandfather, having reabsorbed his magic energy, chuckles lightly to Dusk. "I need to have fun sometimes." the elder unicorn says. He smiles and offers Mirage's hoof a light gentlestallion kiss. "It's a pleasure once again, dear Mirage." he says. The bearded stallion then looks to Snow with a grin. "It's nice to meet you, sir Snow Bolt. I'm Horase Ponygale." he states with a small dip of his head. He's dressed in what appears to be a utility vest, with plenty of pockets to store stuff in.
Dusk-Sombra chuckles and nods, surprised the two so readily recognize him too.  "Indeed quite a chilling effect, Mr. Ponygale.  And nice that you could come join us here in Ponyville.  You were so kind to have us over at your home before."  He grins to Mirage, leaning against her a moment and smiles.  "Well looks like the little foals are out getting their treats.  Though yes, I do wonder if anything special is going on!"
Mirage giggles fillylike as the elder unicorn kisses her hoof.  "My, such gallantry," she says with a happy smile.  "And pleased to meet you.  Again," she says with little bow that sends her tall and flowing ponytailed mane waving forward and back. She nods as Dusk points out the villagers going about the celebration.  "Oh, let me try that!" she giggles before trotting over to a cottage door some colts and fillies have just left.  She thumps the door with her hoof and waits expectantly.
Snow_Bolt quickly loses interest in the new pony, though he isn't so impolite as to not offer some kind of greeting in return. He dips his head for a quick moment before he follows Mirage off on what is to probably be a more interesting adventure, though he isn't really sure what she is doing. When he gets close enough he leans in to whisper to her.
ProgrammerPony's grandfather gives a polite smile to Mirage, then turns to Dusk. "Nice costume. King Sombra if I'm not mistaken. And don't worry, your costume is good. In my spirit form though I see the life and magic energy of other ponies, and that's far harder to disguise." he tells the other stallion with a wink.
Dusk ohs with a nod as Mirage points.  "Go for it, my love!"  He smiles, watching her heading of that way, and Snow soon following.  He nods to Horase, "Yes indeed that is certainly the case about one's magic.  And thank you," he says, dipping his voice more Sombra-like deeper, "I am quite enjoying the holiday costuming too."  He glances back, seeing the door opening where Mirage and Snow went to.  And when PP and Horase glance that way, they noticed Dusk-Sombra over there too, right behind Mirage and Snow.  "Yes.." he says in that deep, drawn out voice as the pony opens the door.. "My tasty treats..!"
Mirage whispers back to Snow Bolt when the cottage door opens, just as Dusk arrives to stand behind them.  "Oh my!" says the cream colored mare with pink mane and tail who answers the door.  Her mouth drops open and she gazes beady-eyed at the sight of a pony shaped burning-ember and some dark king unicorn!  Mirage, in her red and pink outfit, doesn't even get a second glance from the mare.  "Ahem," Mirage says as she rememers the phrase.  "Nightmare Night!  What a fright!  Give us something sweet to bite!"  Then she waits to see what happens next.
Snow_Bolt raises his eyebrows and glances over to Mirage. She certainly has a good memory for such things. He just stands there. Not really sure what to expect. The mare certainly does look to be very overwhelmed, but as long as they don't scare her too badly he supposes that is ok. He just nods his head and grins.
ProgrammerPony watches the going-ons, especially where Mirage and Snow are, as his grandfather talks with Dusk. Horase chuckles lightly as Dusk suddenly appears near Mirage. "Nice." he mutters under his breath, and trots over to the others.
Dusk-Sombra nods, "Yes..."  He rears up, moving his forehoves some, "Something sweet to bite.. Or feel my might!"  He then stomps his hooves back down to the ground.  The cream mare just still stands there as if frozen, beady eyed and agape.  After a few moments of this, Dusk then quite calm and peacefully magics over a piece of candy for each of us from her bowl, his eyes glowing.  "Thank you," he says nicely in his normal voice and magics the door closed for her.  After giving Snow and Mirage their candy he smiles and turns to PP and his grandpa, giving them each a piece as he unwraps and eats his own.  "Mmm tasty."
Mirage is still waiting for the mare to say something, when Dusk comes to her rescue and gives the candy out for her, and is even nice enough to close the door for her.  "So that's how it works," she says as she munches experimentally on the candy.  "What fun!  Let's do it again!"  Mirage smiles to Snow, Dusk and Horase before trotting over to the next door.  "Excuse us," she says as she passes a little group of colts and foals.
Handing out of free candy. Now this is a holiday that he could get used too. He also liberates a few pieces of the mares candy and ponders which house to attend next. Who in town might have the best candy? How would you determine this? You could do a whole lot of planning for a holiday like this, "Which house should we go to next?"
Dusk nods to Mirage and smiles, "Yes it seems a wonderful little holiday!  Lets do so!"  As we walk over he playfully growls at some of the foals and they scream and giggle and run off though not too fast, turning to all giggles when they get a little bit aways.  As for planning, his would be to get an early start and hit /every/ house.
Mirage laughs! as Dusk scares some of the children, and winks to Snow.  "How about the next door?" she offers before knocking with her hoof again and looking expectantly for the door to open.
Snow_Bolt figures thats as good a spot to begin as any. Though to figure out where the best stuff would be would be awesome. I wonder if there is an app for that? He walks up to the next house and lifts his hoof and brings it crashing down upon the next door. Either fortunately for the group or unfortunately the door doesn't make it and crashes inward, "Oops." he says to himself. Apparently either the door was rather flimsy or he doesn't know his own strength. Needless to say the stallion on the inside of the home is rather surprised to see the assembled crew and promptly gets up from his couch and bolts past group screaming and heading toward Canterlot road. Snow pauses and glances over to Mirage and then back to the bowl of candy sitting there, "Does this mean we get to have the whole thing? Because if it does I've discovered a more effient way to do this."
Dusk is a bit surprised too, but chuckles and laughs a bit.  "Aww, I didn't get to do a line this time!"  He chuckles.  "But yes, highly efficient, Mr. Bolt!  Though I'm sure it was Dear Mirage that terrified him the most.  I mean if you can /see/ the burning stallion of death, a ghoulish pony ghost of pure energy, and demonish King Sombra.. and with them is a lovely little mare in a pretty red dress.  You know she has to be worse than the rest of them together."  He chuckles, and takes a share of candy, though not too much really.
Mirage giggles again as the stallion of the house goes fleeing for his life!  "That was a -good- fright!" she grins to Snow Bolt.  "Maybe you get more candy for the better frights?"  With a little nod of her head, the candy bowl floats over to us. "Help yourselves?" she says with a look to Snow and Dusk.  She takes a piece for herself and sends the bowl back to where it was.  "Now for the next house?" she grins to the rest of you.
Snow_Bolt is rather caught up in this whole adventure. Breaking and entering equals candy. How cool is that? He takes half the bowl of candy and sticks them in one of his saddle bags. Its always good to be prepared to have treats. He glances around and sees where the next house is and begins to follow the group in that direction, "I haven't had candy in forever." he states.
Dusk ahs and smiles, getting his candy as Mirage passes it around.  He nods, "Quite a wonderful fright!  I am quite enjoy this holiday!"  He watches as we come up towards a somewhat larger home.  Not a mansion or anything.  He takes the other's queue and as we approach he tries a little magic, making the ground rumble around the home, and magicing up some glowing green ooze to slide down the windows as we come up to it.  Then he says, with a deep voice and some magic boost to it for all of us.. "NIGHTMARE NIGHT... WHAT A FRIGHT..." and waits for his companions to finish the line with him as the whole house shakes and rumbles.  He stands right front and center of the doorway, eyes aglow.
Mirage is giggling so much as Dusk puts on a very good fright that she has trouble repeating the last part of the line!  "Give us something sweet to bite!" she finally blurts out.  She's oblivious to the reactions from the other ponies on the street, who are looking on in suprise and some are even backing away.
Snow_Bolt also repeats the catch phrase. Ground rumbling is a nice effect. Perhaps it will earn even more candy. Though Snow has to admit he is ready to storm the house military style just like at the last place. If the occupants give ground then perhaps that means the contents of the house are yours just beyond the candy. He might rummage around in the kitchen and see what they have if that occurs again.
As all three of us give the ending line with our voices boosted, it's a bit more than Dusk planned and the whole house rumbles so hard it threatens fo fall apart!  Ponies inside scream, some running out the side door, and a couple fling open the front door, just to stop in their tracks and slam the door shut again, but it doesn't catch and swigs open again and we can see them running out the back soon after.  Eventually the rumbling stops and the house is pretty much still standing, but abandoned.  "Hmmm, I think that worked."  Inside is the candy bowl on a table.
Mirage is a little surprised that ponies can do so much to get free candy.  And the ponies do seem to enjoy being scared.  She watches as the ponies that were close by on the street run off a ways, too.  "Oh, look!  We get the whole bowl of candy again!" she says with a happy laugh to Snow and Dusk.
Snow_Bolt is highly pleased to hear this and pokes his head into the house and glances around. Not a soul in sight. More territory claimed for us! Flee you mortals! Mwhahhaha, "I really like this. We should totally move on to a sweetshop and take it. The great war of candy has begun!" he says with a manical giggle.
Dusk oooos and smiles, seeing the candy too.  And this nice home does have quite a good amount of the better chocolate candies.  Snow may have something about figuring out which places are best to go first.  He looks around too.  Quite abandoned!  He looks pleased at his work.  "This is fantastic.  Who knew they had such fun activities?  I think we missed out on all this last year.  Oh yes, we were caught up with the being over at Miss Netties, and poor sweet Mirage was ill."  He nods to Snow, "Perhaps we should!"
Mirage likes the idea, too.  "Oh, very nice chocolates," she says between mouthfulls.  "I think we're doing better than any of the other ponies around.  So, where is this sweetshop?"  She gives a wink to Dusk as he mentions Netties and Mirage being ill.  "It seems just like yesterday, doesn't it?"
Snow_Bolt couldn't help but nose around the fridge in the kitchen while he was hear and bag a couple of sandwiches as well as a couple of bottles of fine cider, for later of course. On his way out of the house he partakes not only in the candy but the chocolate as well, "Yeah yeah. Busy year. Stuff happened...blah blah. Onward to the sweetshop." he says. He is a horse on a mission at this point.
Dusk mmms licking his lips from the last piece.  He smiles to Mirage with a nod, "That is does, my love!  And this will be another, much more enjoyable memory I believe!  Particularly for you."  Being sick he sure is an easy thing to have a better time of.  He looks over to Snow as the talk turns to bigger prey.  He blinks as Snow comes out with a larger haul.  "I thought it was only sweets?  As the magic chant calls for.  Hmmm perhaps I need to understand it further."  But appears to be more action than discussion on this one.  He looks to Mirage and shrugs, "Onward, it seems!"  He walks with her, hurrying to keep up with Snow.  "We may have to work together on something bigger."
Mirage shrugs to Dusk.  "I suppose cider is sweet?" she says with a somewhat apologetic and appeasing smile as Snow finds dinner for himself along with candies and chocolates.  Then she nods.  "Oh, yes.  I wouldn't want to be that sick again ever."  She hurries along after the two of you.  "How scarey do we need to be to get the sweetshop to give us something nice?" she asks both of you.
Snow_Bolt isn't exactly sure how scary a pony has to be to achieve the goal that they are setting for themselves, "Cider is very sweet. I haven't tasted the cider here for far to long." he says And sandwiches. Well...those might not be too sweet but they are the spoils of war, "We should coordinate, and go from there." Fear is apparently fairly easy around here. You'd think with it being nightmare night that ponies would be more in a laughing mood than a running mood, but eh. Whatever works.
Dusk grins to his two companions, shaking his head a little.  "Well fair enough.  And perhaps.. Maybe we can haunt the place until everypony runs off?"  He smiles and gladly walks along with the lovely dressed Mirage at his side.  "Or any other suggestions?  Or somehow combine or techniques."
Mirage looks a bit puzzled.  "I thought everyone loved to be scared.  Maybe by the time they stop running they're laughing and we're not seeing that?" she offers.  "But maybe we're so good at it we should leave the little houses to the little scarers and go see what the sweetshop can give us.  They have to be more difficult to scare than the regular houses."
Snow_Bolt concurs with Mirage, "We are certainly professionals. We should stick to what can get us the biggest haul and have a hope of offering us some challenge." he says with a smile as he continues to wander with the group. He is sure that he can come up with something on the spur of the moment to be scary, "We should find some spiders and let them loose."
Dusk nods to Mirage, "Well like the little foals did.  They ran off then stopped and broke into giggles.  I'm sure we're doing wonderfully."  He smiles, nodding to Snow as well, "Oh that is a great idea, Mr. Bolt."  As we walk along he reaches out with his magic.  Nothing at first, but after a bit he starts finding where spiders and other 'icky' bugs around, and gathers them up with his telekineses.  The bigger the better.  "How are these?" he asks as we come up on Sugar Cube Corner just up ahead.
Mirage is following along, letting Snow and Dusk decide how best to scare the sweetshop into giving them lots of candy.  "Oh, those look nice and scarey," she says as Dusk uses his magic to gather up some large spiders.  "Are you going to make them part of your costume?"
Snow_Bolt couldn't help but admire the work of collecting all the little creepy crawlies, "I like. I like it alot. That should send everyone scurrying. Though we have to make sure that they don't get into the candy or pastries. I don't want to be picking bugs out of the spoils that we collect." he says. That just wouldn't make it very much fun. They don't want to 'destroy' the shop after all. Just claim it as their own and eat the good stuff.
Dusk smiles as Mirage and Snow approve of his collection of creepies, per Snow's suggestion.  "Hmmm yes, I do not want the bugs in mine either.  Don't they keep most of the goodies in display cases and such?  Or hmmm.. A spell that makes the bugs shy away from pony food?"  Of course that always goes so well too.  "Oh!  And my dear Mirage!  Perhaps you can use your illusion power for some freights?  Maybe keep the real crawlies outside on the windows and such, and imaginary ones inside.  Or other spooky things."
Mirage listens and then nods.  "As you wish," she giggles softly at Dusk's suggestion. "As Snow said, there's no reason to get bugs all over the sweets," she says as she walks along with you.  She's not keeping track of where we're going, but she does nod and smile to the other ponies around as they go from house to house and give little scares in exchange for a few candies.
Snow_Bolt follows along with the group. There seems to be a reasonable plan in place now. They should be sucessful and the bugs won't get in the food. Its a brillant plan. And no doubt they will execute it well.
(to be or not to be continued, that's a pretty fair question, we'll see.)

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