Muffin Rain


A mostly cloudy day
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie


It's a fairly cloudy yet partly sunny day over Ponyville outside in the markest spot. Shadow Mane is near a sales stall, and has has uncovered some sort of Ancient spell that Unicorn's had attempted to manipulate the weather with. He's not attempting to replicate it, well he is, but in very small scale. So as he leafs through a number of books, on magic, which is not his specialty. As he looks he is trying to compile his own notes on how and why the spell failed. With his business opening soon, he is for the moment taking a break from final preparation of that opening, He's asked A Pegasus Pony if they would be kind enough to bring him a cloud so he can experiment on to see how a very small scale test goes. He's no Twilight Sparkle... but this is a serious experiment.
Rainbow_Dash is doing what she does best in lazy summer afternoons: nap ferociously. She floats over the market atop a makeshift cloud bed, curled up nice and cozy. Ah, yes the wonders of calm weather!
Applejack appears on the far end of the market, weaving in and out among the various ponies doing business here. She bumps into several with her saddlebags and steps on more than a few hooves - "Oops. Sorry. Pardon. Aheh heh." - because for some reason she's looking up, instead of where she's going. And then she sees it. AJ runs underneath the cloud Rainbow Dash is napping on, fills her lungs, and bellows, "HAY RAINBOW! AH GOT TH' GOLDARNED ROCKS!!"
With the Arrival of a Pegasus With a single cloud Shadow seems pleased. "Thank you." He tells the white pegasus, "You really don't think this will work do you?" The Pegasus asks, "No I expect it to fail. I am just wondering if it failed for the reasons I think." Shadow Mane says. As he moves out under the Cloud, what perhaps he has failed to notice, or anyone has noticed. Shadow Mane is right in front of Sugarcube Corner. He starts to work the spell as his magic charged and glows White around his horn. Then when Applejack hollers out, He shakes his head and says, "Somepony does that to me I'm gonna flub this spell." he says and starts to charge his magic once more.
( The doors to Sugarcube Corner fling open wide, releasing a torrent of wonderful smells, several balloons, and a pink pony standing on her hind legs. Looming over Shadow Mane as the strands of the spell gather, she bellows gleefully to Applejack and Rainbow Dash, "I MADE MUFFINS!!" )
Derpy peeks out from behind Pinkie Pie, spritely and excited.  Somehow she was there the whole time.
Rainbow_Dash stirs awake at once as Applejack calls out, peering over the edge of the cloud at the earth-mare below. "I told ya, Applejack, they're totally gonna fall together! Yo, Pinkie Pie!"  She waves energetically. Good, now she has a victory snack!
Applejack shakes her head resolutely and takes form her bags a smallish rock and a hefty one. "No way, no how! That don't make no sense! If'n th' smaller one's lighter, it's GOTTA be pulled down slower! C'mere an'- BWAH!" AJ jerks, startled by Pinkie! "Pinkie Pie, where th' hay'd Y'ALL come from!?"
Spell charged, Check. Ready to cast, Check. Under the Cloud, Check. Some pony screaming "I made Muffins!" at the Top of their lungs, Check. Wait what? The shock and fright of someone screaming Muffins at the top of their lungs right behind him, it's enough to break Shadow Mane's concentration by a long shot. His spell not only flubs, it flubs very badly. The spell he casts not only draws on his inner magic, but absorbs energy from the entire area that can be felt. And then with a flash of lightning centered on Shadow it races through the brought cloud shredding it to straight the clouds far into the sky. The Magic bursts into the clouds as Shadow Mane stands there.... The last thing he says... "muffins." and his eyes rolls up, and collapses into a very deep snore. As that happens the clouds in the sky rumble, and tremble... red, blue, pink and orange lightning flashes around. And then dark spots start to form as the first sign of something going wrong occurs. A Muffin flies from the sky to strike a pony right in the face.
It's a Bran muffin. Next a Blue berry muffing hits the ground... following by an apple muffin. At that point the clouds just start to rain... Muffins.
"Totally not!" Rainbow Dash insists, hopping off her cloud and hovering down to AJ's level. "Like, the earth attracts everything the same way. I know 'cause...'cause I read it in a book somewhere!" And books don't lie...or do they? "Plus I did take a whole bunch of- WHAT!?" She gapes as muffins start to fall from the sky, hundreds of them pelting the whole square! "Cripes!"
Applejack frowns! "'Course it do! That's WHY when it attracts th' heavier thing THE SAME WAY, it's gotta attract it HARD-OOF" Apple muffin right to the face! Of COURSE it was an apple muffin. Next there'll be banjo music? No, just WAY MORE MUFFINS! "What in tarnation!? Where'd Pinkie go!? Oof! Watch it! Who th' hay's throwin' -" And she looks up at the cloud which is definitely not having a good day. "oh lordy what in equestria...?"
The clouds form and seem to grow, all over Ponyville, Muffins of every conceivable Muffin is falling, Blueberry, chocolate, cherry, Poison Joke, Well maybe not Poison joke muffins. But the clouds are spreading not only over Ponyville, but also spreading to Canterlot. The Few pegasi who are not laughing their fool heads off at the muffing rain, are trying to clear the clouds, yet they seem to just keep reforming. As the Shower of Muffins is slow and steady... thankfully not like a Thunderstorm....Shadow Mane is the center of ground Zero for this... and for now... he's on the ground just Snoring completely out cold.
Rainbow_Dash is almost knocked to the ground when a bunch of muffins strike her wings, forcing her to compensate by flapping harder. "Whoa, whoa!!" she yells, trying to dodge the cavalcade of confectioneries. "What the /hay/ is goin' on?" As she twists about in midair, the rest of the town is going haywire. Many ponies are rushing inside to avoid the storm, while others of a more opportunistic bent are taking out large buckets for later. The bakery shops on the streets experience a greater calamity: business was going to be ruined!
Applejack dives under a cart as the muffins start to pile up all around! "These here clouds're plumb loco! Can ya clear 'em, Rainbow!? What happened?" From down here, she spots unconscious Shadow Mane... directly under that first cloud, with an ancient-looking scroll and a bit of soot on his horn. She may sometimes think 2+2 is fancy mathematics, but AJ can clearly see at least PART of what happened here, and she scrambles over to Shadow, holding her hat down against the pastry hail! "Shadow! Hay!" - she slaps his cheeks - "Shadow Mane! Wake up! Yer spell did somethin' cockamamie ta th' weather! It's like Discord City all over!"
The Muffins continue to rain. Some seem to explode on contact with the ground into puffs of pink, red, blue, or orange puffs of smoke. Some do Stick around. The Rumbling of thunder erupts from the clouds. The Pegasus who had been helping Shadow is trying to pull him under a cart. Thankfully the muffins as they fall are fairly soft, and won't cause any harm to most. By now the clouds have reached over Canterlot, and there may even be several unicorns pleading with the Goddess of the Sun. As for Applejack... He attempts to get Shadow awake are in vain. He's out, and he's out cold. As he's moved a loud snore comes from his muzzle. Perhaps what ever happened really took it's toll on the poor unicorn.
"...eeeeeeEEEEEEEEEK!" There's a squeak, and a splash, and a flash of yellow, and then Fluttershy falls from above, bouncing off a pile of muffins like a brand new mattress. She lands on all fours and falls to her haunches, latching her hooves around Applejack's neck. Good thing Flutters is nothing next to the weight of a plow. "O-oh, Applejack! Thank goodness! I was so scared! I-I was just up in the sky checking on my flying friends and suddenly a muffin pelted me right in the side," Fluttershy pauses for a beat, then slowly unentangles her forehooves. "S-sorry."
By now, Rainbow has manage to wrest herself past the worst of the muffin assault and rise high enough to be at cloud level with the offensive plumes. "I'll show you, you....things!" She reels back and then springs forward, zipping through the formation of muffin clouds to try and disperse them.
Applejack is just standing up, puffs of muffin crumbs and dissipating mffinmist around her hooves. "Dang it. He ain't gonna be no hel-OOF" and suddenly she's wearing a fetching Fluttershy scarf! She coughs once. "Howdy, Fluttershy! Could ya let go a bit?" When the pegasus does, AJ looks back up at the inappropriately-colorful cloud cover again just as Dash zips by. "Fluttershy... do ya know if'n Twi's in town? Ah reckon this here's gonna call fer some kinda serious hoodoo. HUP!" Applejack made that last noise as she swats away a muffin that was heading right for Fluttershy's little yellow muzzle ... with her tail.
There outside of the Sugarcube corner stand Mr. and Mrs. Cake as the look at the sky and then turn to each other saying, "An to think... all these years we been making muffins the hard way." the entire situation is outrageous. Ponies from the stall watching as the sky rains muffins and some of them absolutely can not resist the urge to laugh out loud. Rainbow dash has some success, as one of the faster Pegasus she is able to disperse more clouds faster. But As the situation sets it of how funny, most of the Pegasus have burst out laughing. Shadow Mane stirs somewhat... as if he is trying to come around. But what ever happened... drained very ounce of his magic and stamina...
"Um..." Fluttershy has to take a minute to remember how to answer a question; she's got muffin on the brain. "I, uh...I-I...I dunno? I think she's here." She gets up and dusts herself off, managing to dodge being pelted by pastries again...for the moment. She does bear blueberry battle-dmage on one wing, though. It's almost fetching.
"You guys are useless!" Rainbow Dash scolds the other pegasi, giving them a grumpy look. "I'm gonna put this down in my report!" That seems to be enough to rouse them to assist. At once, Rainbow Dash gate has about half a dozen pegasi who begin helping her sweep the skies of muffin clouds. The going is tough, and several of them get pelted by numerous muffin types (Rainbow herself is practically a berry bush by now) but they get through it all? Why. BECAUSE PEGASI.
AS Rainbow Dash and the Other Pegasi assist in clearing the clouds, They managed to thin them out, But what ever happened, makes the clouds rumble and then form a wave of light, almost like someone poured four colors of the Rainbow into a water bowl. The Red, Pink, Blue, and orange liquid starts to take of the shape of multicolored clouds. The Muffin Rain does slow down, but doesn't stop. But... it is thinning out. The muffin Rain is starting to slow down. And those areas outside Ponyville start to slowly fade under their own power. Finally under the cart shadow opens his eyes and shouts. "MUFFINS!" Seems the Spell is starting to fade.
Applejack rears up and waves her hat at the pegasi - especially RD! "YEEHAW! That's th' way, Rainbow! Way ta g-oomf!" A blueberry muffin lodges right in her mouth before being spit out! She calms down and replaces her hat. "Ptuh. Way ta go." Then Shadow Mane shrieks his wakeup shriek! "Tarnation! Shadow Mane? What the hay'd ya DO?"
And Fluttershy peeks out from beneath the topiary umbrella she was using as a makeshift real umbrella. "D...did it stop? I-is it safe to come out?"
Rainbow_Dash and her pegasus posse manage to put the pastry pounding it its proper place: away. "Yeah, that's what I mean!" she shouts, circling around the thinning muffin clouds as she brings what's left of them in a tight bundle near the centre of town. "It's nature versus baking, and NATURE WINS!"
( As he lays there The Unicorn stallion pants out right as he struggles to get onto his hoofs only to be hit in the face with a raisin muffin. And he has it impale his horn as he shakes his head. "What, who, Muffins? I have no idea... All I recall is some pony screaming something about muffins behind me." He says and looks at the muffins as they pelt the ground. Maybe fifteen minutes after the storm started... it's finally over. Ponies comes out, to survey the damage and Shadow just collapses. The entire town is covered in muffins. How ever... as time goes on... the Muffins are slowly dissolving into nothing. That is clear because the Blueberry muffin stain on Fluttershy's wing is gone. )
Applejack looks around at the disappearing disaster. "Ah... reckon so, Flutters. Uh..." Bit by bit, everything returns to what passes for normal. Several enterprising citizens check the once-again-empty buckets they left outside and carry them back into their homes. "Rainbow... Ah gotta hoof it to ya, that there was some dang nice wingwork you an' yer team did. If'n yer SURE it's clear... come on down, Ah'll buy y'all a milkshake. You too, Fluttershy?" She grins. "An' THEN we'll see just who's right about this here rock business!"
Fluttershy runs a hoof over her wing, The blueberry is gone. She looks around surreptitiously and folds it up again. "That was some wonderful flying, Rainbow Dash. Way to go." Fluts trots over to her PFFs, and, once she has some understanding of what happened, glances over at Shadow Mane. "I'd love a milkshake, Applejack, but do you think that unicorn is going to be, um...okay?"
Rainbow_Dash descends from the sky to the applause of the townponies! "Thank you, thank you, no big. Just another day's work, heheh." She smiles at everypony, Fluttershy and Applejack in particular, and places a proud hoof on her chest and is surprised to see that the sticky berries that had earlier adhered to her body have now vanished. In fact, all the muffins are vanishing, much to the dismay of the speculators with buckets. There's one business venture down the drain! "Hey, thanks AJ, but I'm still gonna win this bet, you'll see!" She looks over and peers at Shadow Mane, a weird look on her face. "Uh, is he gonna be OK?"
Thankfully he won't have to clean up the Mess, But Shadow tries to Stand only to collapse on his belly. "I haven't...." Of course with the Seriousness, even if it was chaos for a short time, a Couple of nurses from the hospital show up to find out if anypony was hurt. When they Get to Shadow, it's clear to them he caused the little chaos storm. "Yes... " The white Pony nurse says, "He will be alright. When he flubbed the spell, most likely consumed all his magic and stamina. He's just plain and simple utterly exhausted."
Applejack blinks at her friends, then looks over at Shadow Mane. "Uh... Ah ain't rightly sure. Maybe we should take him ta th' hospit..." She trails off as the hospital comes to him instead, and listens. "Uh. okay, Ah... reckon he'll be fine." She heaves a sigh and starts to walk towards that shop with the really good milkshakes. "Is it just me, or is it like some dang thing gotta go completely haywire 'round here like once a week...?"
There's a light flapping heard above. Seeing the /very/ strange weather, Skyheart shows up to check it out. He looks around and lands near a crowd, seeing a few ponies he recognizes. "What happened here?"
"Oh, um...w-well, all--all right then." Fluttershy ruffles her wings again, just to make *sure* there's no delicious breakfast smeared across them. "If you're sure." She's not really equipped to deal with many magical maladies anyhoof. "So...oh, hello, Skyheart. W-we were just about to get some milkshakes." Do milkshakes restore unicorn magic? Hmmm.
Rainbow_Dash blinks as the nurses arrive out of nowhere and explain things. Unicorn magic, that figures. She had actually thought that it was some kind of prank by Discord, or some stray Everfree phenomenon, but those couldn't be correct: the Everfree merely has ordinary weather that couldn't be controlled, and if Discord had been involved there would have been a lot more chocolate. "Hey, you've lived here longer than I have, Applejack!" she says. "Whoa, hey Skyheart! Funny you should come along now, heh."
As the Nurses do try to get Shadow to stand up, when it's clear he can't Of course they will insist he head to the hospital. Just to be safe. Of course the unicorn stallion doesn't really seem to eager, but as he looks around as the last of the muffins fade he says. "At least I didn't cause any damage, and don't have to clean the place up." And it's not long before Shadow is taken on a stretcher out of here.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013